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Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Review

Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Keisha cries on the hospital bed her mother, Daisy, died on that morning.  She grabs her mother’s bible, finds a letter and puts it away.  Then, she throws the bible in the trash.  The nurse picks up the bible and tries to give it to Keisha.  But she refuses it.  As Keisha sits in her car, which is now her home, she reads her mother’s letter to a man named Elijah Wilson.  She looks him up on the internet and sees Elijah’s daughter, Gabriella.  Gabriella is a successful, married mother of Bella, and Keisha decides to hustle Gabriella for money.  Keisha writes a letter to Elijah but signs Daisy’s name.  In the letter, Keisha tells Elijah that Daisy never terminated the pregnancy and he has a daughter.  Elijah gets the letter and explains everything to Gabriella.  Gabriella still loves Elijah, but it’s hard for her to accept that he could do this to their family.  Gabriella sits with her friend and co-owner, Reagan, to talk about Keisha.  Gabriella suggests meeting Keisha in Arkansas, but Reagan wants Gabriella to stay because they have a meeting with their biggest client, Justus.  So, Reagan flies to Arkansas and meets Keisha at her hair salon.  When Reagan tells Keisha that she has a long-lost father, Keisha feigns surprise.  She pretends to mull over going to Atlanta by posing to talk it over with her friend Buck.  Keisha tells Buck to be ready.  As soon as she gets into Gabriella’s home, she will get Gabriella’s bank account numbers, and he can start stealing their money.  During her Atlanta trip, Elijah’s loving nature starts to win Keisha over.  But when she feels belittled by Gabriella, Keisha decides to take Gabriella’s husband, job, money, and daughter.

Based on the novel, Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story by Victoria Christopher Murray, this movie starts like a Lifetime movie but ends like an UPtv movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  In other words, it begins with someone falling down the steps but ends with a prayer.  So if you are expecting a Lifetime knockdown drag-out fight, you will be disappointed.  Everyone played their part to perfection.  You have a guilty father, suspicious friend, and overprotective daughter with secrets.  You must realize that the cracks in Gabriella’s life are there, and Keisha brings them to the surface.  It’s easy to manipulate a wounded situation.  Don’t expect a Lifetime movie with guns, fights, and crazy looks at the end.  But stick around for the drama, falls, and crazy behavior.  And let’s not forget the two bible verses: Philippians 2:3 and Galatians 5:26.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

God forgot me a long time ago. Now, it’s my turn – Keisha

I would never do anything to hurt you or the memory of your mother – Elijah

I’m just trying to reconcile this all with the man who raised me – Gabrielle

I never mention that name – Reagan

So many roads, let’s not go down that one – Mauricio

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Saving My Daughter – Review

Saving My Daughter – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Another nightmare wakes Joanna.  Years ago, Brittany kidnapped Joanna’s daughter, Chloe.  Although Chloe is 18 and safe and sound, Joanna can’t let go of the fear and guilt.  To help her mom, Chloe will spend this anniversary at home having a rom-com night with Joanna while her dad, Tyler, is away on business.  After Chloe leaves for school, Joanna gets a call from Detective Chen.  Detective Chen worked on Chloe’s kidnapping case, and she called to let Joanna know that the parole board decided to let Brittany out early.  This news sends Joanna into a panic.  Chloe goes to school and catches the eye of Javier.  Later, they decide to skip school together.  Soon, the school calls Joanna to inform her of Chloe’s absence.  Joanne furiously calls Chloe and punishes her.  Joanna tells Chloe she is only allowed to go home or to the home of their neighbor, Mandy.  Mandy and her son, Kyle, are friends to the family.  However, Mandy’s drunk and abusive boyfriend, Craig, is not.  Everyone thinks Mandy should leave him, but she keeps taking him back.  After school, Joanne tries to find Chloe, but Chloe is missing.  She fears she has lost her daughter again to Brittany.  Since no one saw the kidnapping, the police won’t list her as a missing person until 72 hours have passed.  Joanna can’t wait for the police to step up, so she goes on the hunt.  She doesn’t know that Chloe found a dead body, and her kidnapper won’t let her go.

The plot lets the viewer know the kidnapper an hour into the movie because the kidnapper has suspicious actions before the reveal.  The story allows the ‘why’ to be the mystery.  But not why Craig died, but why someone kidnapped Chloe.  That’s the reason you will sit and watch.  And that’s not as astonishing as you hope it will be.  The cause is sad, but some would even say it’s pitiful.  The actresses did their best to provoke emotions, but the backing track muffles their voices during crucial scenes.  Save this movie if you need an easy distraction. 

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Is it? Is it really that complicated – Tyler

You said it would be different his time. You promised me – Craig

I can’t see you goofing off in high school.  You are always so serious – Chloe

I’m fine. It’s just something that happens sometime – Mandy

Yeah, not enough – Joanna

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Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead – Review

Crossword Mysteries: Riddle Me Dead – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The producers of Riddle Me This, a Jeopardy-like game show, invited Tess to tape segments presenting clues to the contestants.  Tess shakes off her stage fright and gets high praise from the show’s writer, Hunter.  The show will hit a milestone with their reigning champion, Matthew.  In a few shows, he will have the longest winning streak in the show’s history.  Hunter walks Tess around the studio and offers to invite her aunt Candace to the next taping.  Riddle Me This is Candace’s favorite show.  So, Tess jumps at the offer for Candace.  Before Tess leaves, she hears a commotion coming from the host, Aiden’s, dressing room.  Someone hit the security guard over the head after the guard noticed an unconventional scene.  The guard doesn’t know who attacked him, but the show decides to increase security.  The next day, Candace and Tess enjoy a great taping with Tess’s TV debut.  Tess can see Aiden arguing with Graham before the show but ignores it.  Later they meet the producer, Dana, Dana’s husband, and the show’s editor, Graham, and Aiden.  While others were kind, Aiden didn’t live up to the hype.  He leaves his dressing room but lets them stay.  Candace and Tess found him to be rude, condescending, and phony.  As Hunter walks them out, they hear a call over the walkie-talkie.  The security guard found Aiden dead on the ground after someone strangled him with a red scarf.  Logan runs onto the scene minus the flowers he secretly bought for Tess.  He has a murder on his hands and needs to narrow down the list of suspects.  If not, Tess could be the next victim.

Put another feather in HMM’s cap.  They have put together a top-notch mystery with a nod to the show’s fans at the end.  Sleuthers get the scene they have been waiting for since episode one.  For Monk-o-philes, you will get a sense of déjà vu when Tess reveals how someone cheated on the show.  There are plenty of suspects, and some are guilty of other crimes.  While having a common motive, the show will push you in another direction with Tess’s ex’fiancé.  This installment deserves a second watch.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s easy to be mean when you’re hiding behind a screen name – Tess

You know they say some people know how to play the game – Logan

I’ve beaten him just like I’ve beaten everyone else. On the level – Matthew

I can set your reputation on fire with just a few phone calls – Aiden

I can explain – Hunter

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Beware of the Midwife – Review

Beware of the Midwife – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After getting a good bill of health from their OB/GYN, Sarah tells her doctor that she wants to have a home birth.  Her sister, Danny, did the same thing, and she feels it’s the better option.  Sarah’s doctor strongly disagrees with her decision.  Then, the hospital has a code pink.  Sarah goes home, and against her husband, Kevin’s, wishes, she looks up midwife services online.  The next day, Sarah goes to Rose’s home to have a free consultation about Rose being her midwife.  Rose tells Sarah that she will be on a strict diet and should get her home prepared to give birth.  During the consultation, Anne, Rose’s daughter, walks into the room to tell Rose she has another appointment.  Anne can see Rose’s anger rise, but Sarah does not.  Sarah leaves with assurance she is making the right decision.  She comes home and tells Kevin she will have a home birth and puts her OB/GYN on notice.  After Sarah gives birth, her home becomes a battleground, Kevin will be in handcuffs, and baby Mary will be a missing child.

You will be talking to the screen from beginning to end.  You won’t believe the things Rose dares to say to everyone, including Sarah.  From a diet of kale and pink lady beats to becoming indignant about formula, nothing will stop Rose’s mouth.  She will leave you amazed and dismayed at her actions.  With all your awe for Rose’s behavior, you will feel unadulterated sadness as Anne gets the brunt of Rose’s abusive venom.  You will not believe what you just watched, but you will be glad you did.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I wasn’t challenging her.  I was generally curious  – Kevin

I’m sorry, but you don’t know what’s safe – Rose

Really, for me? – Anne

Something changed.  I don’t trust her – Sarah

So, when are you ready for round 2 – Danny

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A Love to Remember – Review

A Love to Remember – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

For a year, Tenley has communicated with Jared on a sustainability forum.  But they never met face to face.  Her best friend and roommate, Cami, gives Tenley courage to call Jared and ask to meet him in person.  After Jared says yes to a coffee date, Tenley dances in the street, and her phone slips out of her hand.  Thankfully, a handsome stranger catches it.  Before they can exchange name, Tenley walks away.  When Jared doesn’t show up on time, Tenley calls but a doctor answers. Jared got into an accident and needs surgery.  Tenley relays so much information to the doctor that he assumes they are married, and the doctor invites her to see Jared.  When Tenley comes to the hospital, she tries to explain they are not married, but the doctor keeps giving her papers to sign.  Tenley sits by Jared’s bedside and talks to an unconscious Jared.  Then Jared’s family walks into the room.  They are stunned Jared didn’t tell them he got married, but they are happy Tenley saved his life.  Tenley’s confused by this statement.  The doctor tells her that one of the forms she signed gave the hospital permission to continue the treatment.  And that saved his life.  Lynn, Jared’s mother, invites Tenley to stay with the family.  While Lynn and Jared’s family are happy to learn about Tenley, Jared’s best friend and her phone catcher, Everett, is not.  Everett can’t believe his best friend got married and didn’t tell him.  So, he quizzes Tenley about Jared, and she passes the test.  The family invites her to stay the night.  Tenley walks through the house and overhears Everett talking to Jared’s dad, Ronnie.  Jared and Everett own a business together.  If they don’t come up with a plan soon, the board will sell their company to a conglomerate.  The conglomerate will get rid of a large portion of the staff and do away with their environmental protocols.  Everett has always been the finance guy and left the products up to Jared.  He has no idea how to do this alone.  Then, Tenley trips into Ronnie’s office.  Since Tenley is Jared’s wife and understands environmental issues like Jared, Ronnie suggests that Tenley should handle Jared’s portion of the business and presentation until things get better.  She agrees but calls Cami.  She explains the situation and the legality of it if the family finds out.  Cami tells her to confess because they sound nice.  Then Tenley hears someone at the door.  It’s Jared’s little sister, Betsey, and she heard everything.  Betsey tells Tenley not to inform the family because Ronnie and Lynn mortgaged their home for the business.  If Tenley doesn’t help Jared and Everett keep the business, Ronnie and Lynn could lose their home.  This web of deceit will put Tenley in the middle of two men, an ex, and a company in distress.

Be ready to laugh out loud and quote this movie for days.  It’s 1-800-Too-Funny and 1-800-Hard-Truth.  You will get it when you watch it.  Each time Tenley tries to tell, more shenanigans pop up.  Deep down, you will see she is a good person stuck in a situation due to mishaps and misunderstandings.  With everything Tenley is going through, she realizes Jared never mentioned her to his family.  That truth leaves her stunned.  She spent one year telling Cami about him, but he did reciprocate.  This painful realization is something everyone can understand.  It’s tough to have a one-sided relationship.  But don’t fret.  It will all work out for Tenley in the end.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It was a cute happy dance.  I like the spin – Everett

It’s true your options are dismal. You dress like you could have a job interview at any moment – Cami

That’s what I signed? – Tenley

You’re in deep lady – Betsey

Who are you – Jared

Hey, that is mom to you – Lynn

This is so absurd – Larissa

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As Luck Would Have It – Review

As Luck Would Have It – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lindsey’s boss, Mr. Krispen, decided to take her off her current project and put her in charge of the Kilabbey Hotel project.  The Kilabbey project is in Ireland, and it hit a snag.  The town wants to keep the castle and won’t consider any building plan without it included.  The old fashion castle doesn’t blend with their sleek modern style hotels.  If Lindsey doesn’t close the deal, they will build in Dublin.  Lindsey does a little research and finds out that the town has a matchmaking festival in a few days.  She hopes to meet with the locals before the festival and close the deal.  On her first day, Lindsey travels to the castle and finds Brennan dancing with a broom.  She laughs after catching him off guard.  He tells her that it isn’t open for visitors and only used for the last day of the festival because it needs lots of renovations.  The castle’s owner started the matchmaking festival after meeting the love of her life in the small town.  Lindsey tells Brennan about her hotel proposal, and he tells her to meet the town council to present it.  To Lindsey’s surprise, Brennan is on the council board.  And after sitting through mundane town changes, Lindsey’s proposal is up for review.  They take a glance at it and reject.  She can’t believe they didn’t go past the first page.  But Lindsey gets an idea: she will join the festival to win over the townspeople.  When her project comes up for a vote again, they will pick her company to tear down the castle and build the hotel.  As she spends time knitting, making soda bread, and uncovering the secrets of an Irish trifle, will Brennan and the people of Kilabbey change her mind? Let love guide the way.

This movie follows the Hallmark format, but it adds majestic scenery and beautifully crafted history to the mix.  Also, having the movie shot in Ireland makes the movie magically.  This film brings plenty of laughs as the townspeople set her up for failure.  Although, one failure is 100% her fault.  With all the Hallmark clichés, Lindsey doesn’t just fall in love with Brennan.  She falls for the town, its people, and its history.  Enjoy this on a rainy day.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I was going to say uneventful – Lindsey

You’re really trying to impress, aren’t you – Brennan

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