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A Rose for Christmas – Review

A Rose for Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Rose for Christmas

The Bulldozer, Cliff, has been given a mission: oversee the float decorations for his company’s Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade entry. If Cliff gets the float done on time and under budget, he is a shoo-in for the Executive position at the upcoming Shanghai office. Andy, art teacher, has taken on the task of running her father’s company, Sunshine Floats, while he is begrudgingly away on doctor’s orders. Even with Big Al’s, her father, support Andy still worries about getting the float done with little time and even less volunteers. If the float is not complete, she may lose her father company. With weeks until the parade, Cliff flies down to manage the float. His no nonsense, get-it-done attitude will definitely clash with Andy’s happy chaos. These two must come together to ensure Cliff gets his promotion and Andy keeps her father’s company.

Not the best but still pretty good. You know love is in the air with this Hallmark movie, but is doesn’t pushed the main story into the background. This is the movie’s saving grace. You get to know the townspeople, their connection to each other, and how building the float helps them. The jock, parade queen, trucker, and scaredy cat all help and become inspired by building this float. It’s great to see it all come together in the end. This movie is nice to DVR and save for later, but don’t cancel plans.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Excuse me, sir – Cliff

You look too old to be a baby sitter – Andy

It’s a float, how difficult could it possibly be – Cliff

Why do I bother? You never listen to me anyway – Big Al

There’s tough and then there’s rose parade tough. I’m the latter – Emily

Don’t business leaders get where they are by taking risk – Andy

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Mommy I Didn’t Do It – Review

Mommy I Didn’t Do It – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

It was just 4 years ago when Ellen Plainview was accused of a brutal assault she didn’t commit. After a horrible attorney, Ellen decided to defend herself and won. She later found the real attacker and went to law school. Her harrowing story inspired, her boyfriend, Ben’s book, “The Wrong Woman”. Now, Ellen is finishing law school and her daughter, Julie, is just months shy of graduating high school, when the unthinkable happens … Julie is accused of murdering her teacher. She is quickly taken to jail and with the evidence stacked against her.  The found fingerprints in Mr. Dutton’s car, an eyewitness saw her, and she texted him threatening message.  She is given a $750,000 bond, but Ellen knows she doesn’t have the money to pay.  Again, Ellen must work to prove someone’s innocence … her daughter’s.

This The Wrong Women sequel packs more suspense then the first. It’s recommended that you watch the prequel to get a better understanding of the characters, noteworthy lines, and jokes. This movie is updated by using text messages as evidence and is amped up by a murder instead of an assault. Mommy, I Didn’t Do It has twist and turn at every 5 minutes with a missing knife, partial truths, and a shocking conclusion. Halfway through the movie, you may believe YOU did it. It will be easy to get mad at Julie when she snaps at her mom, but remember she is a teen under a lot of pressure. Also, its a Lifetime movie, so all teens are brats. Sit back with your wine and reveal in a sequel well done.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

What’s this about? – Mr. Dutton

I need a ride and you need some exercise – Julie

Gene, do you mind? – Officer Vickie

You know the drill – Officer Hamer

You’ll be fine – Ben

I know guilt when I see it – Mrs. Dutton

You Plainview girls just can’t seem to keep out of trouble – Ed

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A Surrogate’s Nightmare – Review

A Surrogate’s Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Surrogate's Nightmare

Shelley, out of guilt, told her sister, Angela, a huge secret. She had been lying to their mother, Joan, up to the moment of Joan’s death. Shelley never told Joan she could not get pregnant. Shelley didn’t want to disappoint her mother’s excitement of one day becoming a grandmother. Shelley wants to have a baby but just can’t. So Angela offers to be a surrogate for Shelley and David (Shelley’s husband). During the pregnancy, Shelley starts to worry about her marriage because David is cold and distant. Also, Angela’s ex, Curt is trying to reconnect and start a relationship, but doesn’t know she is pregnant. Likewise, Angela is not to fond over David and makes her feelings known. And, David is keeping a secret from everyone … except is co-worker Nora. With all this drama, the questions that remain are: Who Killed Joan and why?

So when Lifetimers see “…’s Nightmare” in any title you make assumptions. Don’t. This movie is not what you think. It has more misdirects than most Lifetime movies, however the killer is giving within the 1st hour. But that is not where the “Nightmare” ends … it’s just getting started. A Surrogate’s Nightmare has more family secrets than a Tyler Perry movie. You will end this movie saying WTF. This movies only problem is Poppy’s accent going in and out. It’s hard to determine if her character is foreign or not. It became quite distracting. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy a fun trip.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I am optimally cautious – Shelley

You don’t think we rushed into this, do you? – David

It was complicated … our relationship – Angela

I’m sorry. I’m sorry – Joan

I know about my damn record, all right – Curt

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#WhenCallsTheHeartChristmas – Review

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]When Calls the Heart Christmas – Hallmark – 1 hour and 30 minutes

When Calls the Heart Christmas

A great storm hit the town of Hope Valley and several people lost their homes. Elizabeth promised those stranded that they will have homes built by Christmas, which is in 7 days. Also, Elizabeth is heading the Christmas Committee and told the children there were be a Nativity Play, Christmas Fest, and toys for all. But with derailed trains, rotting wood, and a bitter mayor, Elizabeth’s dream Christmas is falling apart.

Serving as the 4th season’s 1st episode, this is a great intro for new watchers. It has all the drama of a soap opera and the comedy of a sitcom with a dash of Christmas magic. Be prepared to see shade and sip some tea with a great deal of laughs and warmth.  This is just a feel good movie with a scrooge and a fairy godfather. This is a must see for hearties, hallmark fans, and new comers.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Christmas is the season of miracles – Elizabeth

Ha, speak of he devil – Abigail

You would dear – Rosemary

And yet you have it – Henry

Bring on the apron – Bill

Did they say anything about heartburn – Lee

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#AChristmasToRemember – Review

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A Christmas to Remember – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas To Remember

Jenny is a “Martha Stewart” type host of her own TV show. She is looking forward to getting away from the stress of her job and spending the holidays in a nice spa. On her way to the spa, she crashes and gets amnesia. She is found wondering in the road by Dr. John Blake, veterinarian. Since the roads are bad, he decided to take her to his place, where he and his 3 children live. The children – Jamie, Kyle, and Daisy – are fascinated with the new arrival. However Jenny, is unsettled because she doesn’t remember her name, her family, or where she is from. The family decides to name her Maggie, while the sheriff attempts to solve her identity. But, the more time Jenny spends with John’s family, the more she fears remembering her past. She loves her new life with the children; and she worries that will change when her memory is restored. How long can Jenny live the dream of Maggie before reality hits?

This is a fun movie with a familiar concept. Women loses memory but gains love for holidays and relationships. You can see the ending within the first 15 minutes, but you are curious about how and when Jenny will get her memory back. Also, you wonder how long it will take for someone to look for her. Jenny is not a bad person, but her lack of and need for family will drive this movie. If you have two hours to kill, this is a nice way to do it.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

So, no pressure, is what you are saying – Jennifer

Sometimes you have to forget about everything and get away – Paula

It’s an interesting consistency – John

So, what we gonna do with her? – Kyle

The pretty lady woke up – Daisy

So, am I driving you or not – Brad

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#SleighBellsRing – Review

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Sleigh Bells Ring – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sleigh Bells Ring

Parks and Recreations has a surplus this year. So much they can afford the Christmas parade again. Howard ask Laurel, a single mom, to put the parade together in 2 weeks. Feeling the pressure, Laurel (with the help of her assistant Betty) get help from her neighbors and the next town over. While driving home with her daughter Scarlet, Laurel finds a huge sleigh that needs a lot of work. She convinces the owner, Mr. Winter, to let her borrow it for the parade. He concedes, as long as she returns it immediately after the parade. While traveling, the sleigh gets unhinged and almost runs over Alex … Laurel’s ex and “almost fiance”. Alex is drafted to fix it but Laurel says no. Then the sleigh disappears … and reappears in front of Alex’s aunt’s store. Alex swears he didn’t move it, but offers to help fix it again. There are still sparks but Alex is afraid to tell Laurel that he has a promotion waiting in New York. His job opportunities ended their relationship in the past. Alex is connecting to Scarlet and Laurel. He has a decision to make and fast. Will these two ride the sleigh into the sunset together?

Cute concept with a little magic thrown in. But it seems everything that can go wrong with this parade, does go wrong. With a missing sleigh, bad tree shipment, and a vacationing Santa, you will be more concerned about the parade, than the couple. And when the love story takes a back seat, sometimes the plot suffers. The ending is predictable and only a few laughs. This is a movie to watch in the background while completing other task.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

No time to waste – Howard

Anyone seen the reindeer that go with this – Alex

Anything worth wild usually does – Laurel

How do you know my mom – Scarlet

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#MyChristmasLove – Review

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My Christmas Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My Christmas Love

Cynthia is headed to her sister’s, Janet, Christmas wedding without her scheduled plus one. Jason decided not to go because meeting her family during a wedding at Christmas was too much pressure. Cynthia leaves the relationship … but not the cupcakes or her gift.  Cynthia decides to ask her best friend and illustrator Liam to be her plus one. Luckily, he doesn’t have plans and decides to go. While in town she meets 2 old boyfriends, Scott and Grant. Then, she starts getting gifts that are inline with the 12 days of Christmas song. And the sender is a mystery. She is determined to figure out who is her mystery Christmas Love.

  1. Jason – most recent her ex
  2. Liam – her friend and business partner
  3. Scott – her first boyfriend
  4. Grant – her senior year boyfriend

With so many possibilities around her, it is hard for Cynthia to see what is in front of her.

The best Hallmark holiday movie by far. When Cynthia leaves a room angry, hold on to your stuff. This movie will make you laugh out loud. Liam and Tom (Cynthia’s father) have the best one-liners. It is an absolute joy to watch. You need to watch this mystery twice to see what you missed. This movie proves that funny and quirky is better than sappy. This is how a holiday movie should be done. It is obvious, Hallmark left the best for … close to last. And be prepared to cry when “The Christmas Love” is revealed.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You are so lucky I do not have plans – Liam

Janet’s awesome but scary sometimes – Liam

He gives me that speech every day – Roger

But if you do any designs on my daughter, just keep this in mind, I’m a hunter and a good one – Tom

No you need to draw faster, I’m on a roll – Cynthia

You haven’t changed a bit – Grant

I’m not going to wear mom dress. I’m just not ready – Janet

I can’t complain. And if I did, who would listen – Esther

If you don’t go, it’ll hurt my feelings – Scott

Don’t let doubt and fear get in the way – Grant

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#SoundOfChristmas – Review

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Sound of Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sound Of Christmas

Lizzy, a former Juilliard student, teaches piano to a small but caring community. Her friend Sam, who owns the school, tries to encourage Lizzy to play in front of people again. But her 1st bad experience on stage has soured Lizzy to playing in front of an audience. Just weeks before their Christmas Concert (that seconds as a fundraiser for their scholarship program), a rumor spreads that the building is being sold. If the building is sold, Lizzy and Sam fear their new landlord will raise their rent, which will force them to close their beloved school. To earn extra money and get her mind of the rumor, Lizzy starts giving private piano lessons. Her first student is Abagail. The two bond over the reason they started and stopped playing the piano. During the lesson, Lizzy meets Brad, Abagail’s father. There is an instant attraction. But when Lizzy discovers, Brad is behind the sale of her building, can the spark or the building last?

Not a favorite, but still good. This movie has a great pace in character development and tries to create a twist at the end. But Hallmark fans will pick up the twist within the 1st hour. It is fun to watch Brad be absolutely clueless in love, but great in business. Be prepared for a backstab … which is also predictable. This is good to have in the background while doing something else. But listen when Earl speaks business smarts for anyone and everyone.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Never let them take the ball. And if they do, take it back – Earl

Where words fail, music speaks – Lizzy

See that will make me want to go there – Lizzy

Being psychic was part of the job description – Megan

So much for the father of the year award – Brad

I can teach someone to balance a check book, but not in front of thousands of people – Sam

You said it, not me – Abagail

Always negotiate on your turf. Never go to them and give them home field advantage – Earl

Brad, its not what you think – Cynthia

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#ANutcrackerChristmas – Review

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A Nutcracker Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Nutcracker Christmas

Lily is a hard working ballerina that has made it to a top New York dance company. Her sister, Beth, and niece, Sadie are her biggest fans and encourage her to leave Georgia to make her dreams come true. The best part: She will be dancing in her favorite ballet, the Nutcracker. She started as a snowflake but suddenly, she got her dream part and love. She meets Mark, a dancer in the same ballet company and they start dating soon after. On her first night as the Sugar Plum Fairy (her dream part), she gets the worst news imaginable. Her sister died in car accident. Lily decides to leave NY, dancing, and Mark behind to take care of Sadie. A few years later, Sadie is a ballerina. She has won a spot in a Philadelphia Dance company and as Clara in the Nutcracker. Lily has apprehensions but decides to go with Sadie to fulfill Sadie’s dreams and potential. On the first day, Lily meets Sadie’s new dance artistic director, Mark. Yes, Lily’s ex she left behind. Now, Lily must face her past while trying to hide it from Sadie, the other ballerinas, and the dance moms.

This movie spends the first hour ensuring you connect to each character and their passions. When Lily gets the bad news about her sister, Beth, you honestly feel for her. As Lily finds her new place in life, Sadie does too. They are trying to understand why they are good enough to be “chosen”. And as Mark tries to connect with both women, you cheer for him. This is a genuinely movie with a good story and strong characters. A must see.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Just remember one plie at a time – Beth

Dream or no dream, this is were you are safe – Mrs. Jameson

What’s not fair is you taking this dream from me – Lily

What happen’s now – Sadie

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