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#Superfly and #TagMovie – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Superfly – Review

Superfly – Budget of $16 million – 1 hour and 43 minutes

Trevor Jackson;Jason Mitchell
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Youngblood Priest has been in the game since he was 11 years old under the tutelage of Scatter.  Through the years, he has never been arrested and has opened legitimate businesses in every walk of life.   He has learned that power, the long game, and information can carry you further than any money or gun in the cocaine business.  One night, he is at his strip club relaxing with his girlfriends when they notice the competition “Snow Patrol” are in the club.  While they are competitors, the two crews maintain respect for each other.  However, JuJu of the Snow Patrol hates Priest and uses a gun to make his feelings known.  Although Priest is not shot, he is ‘shook’.  He wants out of the game and thinks one big score will give him that.  He goes to Scatter for more drugs, but Scatter says no.  ‘Priest’ decides that freedom is more important than Scatter and decides to meet the connect.  While Priest is meeting the connection, Snow Patrol is hit.  Now Priest knows his time is running out.  With police, informants, the cartel, rivals, and friends wanting a piece of him, it will take one Superfly brother to get out of this.

A remake of the blaxploitation classic Superfly, this movie lives up to the hype (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It is as intriguing as it is funny.  ‘Priest’ uses the word on the street and the “long game” to keep him ahead of everyone.  With every obstacle, he is able to maneuver a way out.  With 2 women and Eddie by his side, he can do everything.  But at what cost?  While this isn’t a warning about staying out of the hustler’s life (same as its predecessor), it does warn you to be smart.  This movie does have one distracting feature.  The type of shot and camera angle changes too much during the chase scenes.  It goes from movie to TV show to COPS to a movie in one shot.  This movie is not better than the original but it’s just as good.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

The difference between a businessman and a crook is the type of lawyer he can afford – Georgia

We leave money on the table so we don’t get caught – Scatter

All the money in the world can’t dodge a bullet and no car can outrun fate – Priest

You’re soft – Cynthia

I wanna join the winning team – Eddie

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Tag – Review

Tag – Budget of $28 million – 1 hour and 40 minutes

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Rebecca of the Wall Street Journal sits down with Bob Callahan to ask him about the growth of his company.  Then a janitor lunge at Bob and Bob tries to escape.  However, the janitor is to fast, tags Bob, and tells Bob he’s it.  Shockingly Bob knows the janitor as his childhood friend Hogan “Hoagie” Malloy.  Bob can’t believe that Hoagie got a job as a janitor just to tag him but its the nature of their game.  Hoagie explains that the game is on and this time is different because Jerry Pierce is retiring.  Jerry has never been tagged.  They want to get him one last time.  Rebecca, witnessing this exchange, wants some answers to her questions.  Bob and Hoagie explain they have been playing tag with Jerry, Randy “Chilli” Cilliano, and Kevin Sable for 23 years for the entire month of May.  And no matter how hard they have tried, they can never get Jerry.  They plan on getting Jerry within a week of his wedding.  No matter the cost.

Based on the article It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being It by Russell Adams, this movie and game aren’t just about the game of Tag.  It’s about guys staying young and close.  They believe the mantra “You don’t stop playing because you get old.  You get old because you stop playing”.  With a great music score and intense, laughable tag scenes, you are drawn into the storyline.  This isn’t just a guy movie.  Hoagie’s wife Anna Malloy is the most intense tag player ever.  She will do whatever is necessary to get help her husband and make Jerry ‘it’.  And a bonus, during the end credits, you get to see the real men behind the game and a new rendition of Mmm mmm mmm mmm (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This is a great movie at matinee price.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Sign me up – Hoagie

You guys care nothing about my mental health – Sable

It’s showtime – Jerry

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#StalkedByMyDoctor, #HaileyDean, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge – Review

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge – Lifetime – 2 hours and 4 minutes

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

Dr. Beck was acquitted of all charges against him for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Sophie.  He can’t practice medicine but was hired as a professor at Southeastern Arizona University (SAU).  While his conscience tells him to ignore the young students in his class, he constantly fantasizes about them.  He hopes he can start a new life but old habits die hard when he meets an eager student named Melissa.  Meanwhile, in LA, Sophie still has the nightmares of her ordeal and can’t believe the jury didn’t send Dr. Beck to jail.  Her parents hope college will be a new start but she has other plans.  She lied to her parents about attending a local school and will be attending SAU.  She plans to make Dr. Beck’s life a living nightmare.

The third movie in the Stalked by My Doctor series, this movie ups the crazy factor.  It adds a subconscious, murder, and explosion.  With a plot straight from of the ID channel, Melissa takes “ride or die chick” to a whole new level.  While watching this movie, you worry about Sophie.  Not as a victim but a perpetrator.  She gets closer to getting arrested, expelled, or locked in a mental institution each time she goes after Dr. Beck.  If you are a fan of this series, #3 will not disappoint.  However, new fans should watch #1 before seeing #3.  #2 is not necessary.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You said you’d love me no matter what I told you – Dr. Beck

Watch me – Sophie

That is so generous of you – Melissa

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Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder – Review

Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder

Well-respected art dealer Victor dies to leave behind an angry artist and a disconnected wife Christy.  It’s not until Hailey hears Christy arguing over the phone that she starts to look into his death.  Hailey learns the insurance company will not release the payment to Christy until they have a death certificate.  So she goes to her boyfriend Jonas to get the certificate.  Jonas finds out the nurse wanted an autopsy and the files are missing, so a certificate cannot be created.  When Hailey goes to Christy to ask her to request Victor’s body be exhumed for an autopsy.  Christy hands Hailey Victor’s ashes.  Jonas looks through the ashes and finds a bone fragment.  A fragment is loaded with arsenic.  Victor’s death is now a murder.  And by the end of this investigation, Hailey has to decide if she should do the right thing or follow the law.

Based on the Nancy Grace’s Hailey Dean novels, this addition fits in perfectly with the rest of the movies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While this 3 part series of movies focus on Hailey finding out who killed her fiance, each character has his or her own arc of growth.  The bonds between each character grow stronger as you learn how deeply they cared for one another.  And you will get a compelling mystery to boot.  It comes down to the ultimate question of ethics for Hailey.  What would you choose: Right or Law?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m so glad you said that because I was going to make your help me whether you wanted to or not – Sabrina

Just keep buying art – Christy

You’re so understanding, it makes me feel terrible – Hailey

I’m not forcing you to – Jonas

Don’t break the branch Hailey; be the breeze that bends it – Fincher

Ready, for what? – Danny

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The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells – Review

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

Molly has been giving her bridal boot camp for years at the local gym.  But she wants to open her gym of her own.  She is ready to take the next step in her career.  While she makes advancements, Nick has switched from wedding photographer to gallery artist.  His photos will be admired by all.  With everything going on the right track, Nick gets on one knee and ask Molly to marry him.  Without a second breath, she says yes.  The two are happy to start planning their wedding until a mistake gives them only a few weeks to get everything together.  And if things can’t get harder for Molly, she learns the only person who wants to invest in her new gym is Stephen.  The man that left her at the altar.  She must navigate a bumpy present and a messy past while advancing her career.  Will Nick and Molly make it down the aisle?

The Perfect Bride will make your head spend in this new edition.  Often, Molly has fixed the lives of others while ignoring her past issues.  While she and Nick have talked about marriage, it hasn’t been at the forefront of any movie in the past.  Now, the past and present will collide for long awaiting fans.  While this does have its funny moments, it reaches a plateau and fails to entertain.  It takes the focus off of the wedding planning and puts it all in Molly’s relationship with her ex.  It feels as if the writers are trying to make him a major character.  Molly’s past relationship should be just that, the past.  Hopefully, this is the last of Stephen’s storyline.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Where’s Steven – Molly

Wow this guy sound really good looking. I should meet him sometime – Nick

Venue? Molly, I know you better than that – Stephen

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#Incredibles2 – Movie Review

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Incredibles 2 – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 58 minutes

Incredibles 2
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After saving the city from the Underminer, Mr. Incredible (Bob) and Elastigirl (Helen) are arrested because being a “super” is still illegal.  After the Underminer gets away with the cash and property damage is done, the program to hide the “supers” is canceled.  Rick gets enough cash to put the Parrs in a hotel for two weeks but that’s it.   While discussing their plan for the future, Bob and Helen are approached by Lucius (Frozone).  After the battle, an employee for DEVTECH has a job offer for them.  Winston Deavor believes people turned against the “supers” because of public perception.  If he can control how the “supers” are perceived in the media, they will get public sympathy and “supers” could be legalized.  After cost/risk analysis, Winston decides Elastigirl is the most cost-effective to start the initiative.  Although Bob hates being on the sideline, he becomes a stay-at-home dad while Helen goes to work.  If she succeeds, he and the children can lead happy lives saving the world in the open.  All seems to go well until Elastigirl saves a speeding train.  A screen that states “Welcome Elastigirl, Screenslaver”.  While Elastigirl is helping super-kind, Bob is dealing with his own issues at home.  Violet is having dating drama, Dash is learning new math, and Jack-Jack has powers beyond imagination.  Elastigirl’s and Bob’s drama’s come to a head when Screenslaver gets them both under a hypnotic trance.  Screenslaver believes people become lazy when they depend on “supers” or screens and wants the “supers” to become illegal forever.  Now, the kids must fight to save their family.

SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!!!! This movie is a true sequel to the Incredibles because it picks up exactly where the other left off (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While this movie was 14 years in the making, it was well worth every second.  Its ability to mesh real-life scenarios into superhero world is unparalleled.  It’s hard not to get excited when seeing the masterfully animated action sequences.  You forget you are watching an animation because it feels like a live-action action movie.  Also, don’t forget that the family never saw Jack-Jack’s powers, so they don’t know what he can do until Helen leaves for work and Mr. Incredible becomes Mr. Mom.  In addition to giving you a superhero storyline, you are met with the compassion, strength, and love of the Parr family.  This movie doesn’t attempt to do better than the first, because it just is better.  See this movie immediately in every possible format.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You want out of the hole, put down the shovel – Rick

You weren’t much help – Mr. Incredible

It defines who I am – Dash

Don’t be mad because I know when to leave a party – Fro-Zone

What do I say? I don’t know – Elastigril

So mom is getting paid to break the law – Violet

Ba Ba, Ba, Ba – Jack-Jack

#LOVESIMON – Review Repost – In Stores Now!!!

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Love, Simon – Budget of $17 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes

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Love, Simon
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Simon has a normal life with a smart mother, strong father, and culinary enthusiasts sister. He spends the majority of his time with his friends Abby, Leah, and Nick. He has known Leah and Nick since they were all 5-years old. And while he only met Abby months ago, he feels like he has known her forever. With so much love and support around him, he still doesn’t feel comfortable telling anyone he is gay.  One day, Leah calls him to check out a blog post.  In the post, a kid calling himself Blue admits he is in the closet.  Blue feels like he is on a Ferris Wheel going up and down keeping this secret inside.  Simon makes an email account and writes Blue back.  Simon calls himself Jacques.  The two correspond for days.  But when Simon leaves his emails open on a school computer, his classmate Martin screenshots them.  Martin threatens to out Simon unless he helps him get with Abby.  Now he is playing with his friends’ emotions and secrets, just to keep his secret and keep Blue in his life.

Based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, this extremely funny, romantic, and mysterious movie isn’t about ‘coming of age’ (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Simon isn’t a brat, spoiled, or coming from a bad situation. He is a great kid with a good home and a large secret. He isn’t coming of age or discovering himself. He knows who he is but he just hasn’t told anyone else. Simon discovers how much the people around him love him and that everyone has a secret. This movie will bring tears to your eyes as Simon finds his love story.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, maybe not that gay – Simon

I am figuratively dying – Abby

Are you her barista now – Leah

What’s the deal with Abby and Martin – Nick

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#AdriftMovie and #HotelArtemis – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Hotel Artemis – Review

Hotel Artemis – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

Hotel Artemis
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In 2028, Nurse has run Los Angelos’s Hotel Artemis for 22 years but it’s not a hotel.  The only open floor is the penthouse and its a hospital for criminals.  They must pay monthly dues, bring no guns, have no visitors, do no business, and never bring the police to the hotel.  And Nurse keeps everyone in line with an orderly properly named Everest.  Each room in the penthouse has a name and the patient is only referred to by this name.  The current patients are:

  • Nice: A hitwoman who only goes after important people and has an interesting implant
  • Honolulu: A bank robber with multiple guns shot wounds and a stolen pen
  • Waikiki: A bank robber who tried to get out of life but kept paying his dues
  • Acapulco: An arms dealer with a big mouth and something to prove

But two patients will cause every rule in Hotel Artemis to be broken, leaving a bloodbath.

If you are a fan of John Wick, this is right up your alley.  This movie gives you enough back story on each character to see how they are all interconnected as friends, lovers, and enemies.  It’s hard to understand how this Hotel has stood the test of time.  However, with the rules and security, everything stays in place.  Also, you will get the added bonus of learning the truth about Hotel Artemis’s start by Nurse making a deal with the devil.  Be warned there are some violent moments, so younger children should not attend.  This is going to be a cult classic and it is possible for a part 2.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I may be a professional but she is the business – Waikiki

Don’t cross my line – Nice

I am not fat – Everest

Get your hands off the Guc – Acapulco

Those things will kill you – Nurse

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Adrift – Review

Adrift – Budget of $35 million – 1 hour and 36 minutes

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Grifter Tami Ashcraft just drifted to Tahiti.  She has no job, direction, nor money.  Her plan is always the same.  Find a job, save money, and go to the next place.  While painting a boat, she sees Richard coming ashore.  Their connection is instant and strong.  After a few magical days together, Richard asks her to sail away with him.  She agrees.  But before they can get away, Richard is offered a job.  Sail a man’s yacht to San Diego and earn $10,000 and 2 first class tickets back to Tahiti.  Tami doesn’t want to head to San Diego because it’s home.  She is not ready to go home just yet.  However, out of fear of holding Richard back, she agrees to go.  The first few days are lovely but when a hurricane hits, the loving couple will be tested in faith, strength, and love.

Based on the novel Red Sky in Mourning by Tami Ashcraft and Susea McGearhart, this is the harrowing survival of 41 days adrift supported by true love (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  After Richard is injured, he guides Tami into sailing them to safety.  However, when they realize that California is too dangerous, the sail to Hawaii.  For them, it will be like hitting a moving target.  And if they miss, the closes land is Japan.  So with little water, little food, no power, no radio, and injuries, they have to fight to live.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Did I just ask you to marry me using my dead mother’s voice – Richard

Whatever job pays enough to get to the next place – Tami

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#GirlInTheBunker, #HaileyDean, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Girl in the Bunker – Review

Girl in the Bunker – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Girl in the Bunker

Elizabeth Shoaf was a happy, loving older sister that took care of her brother after school.  So when she didn’t come home one day, her mother got a sick feeling.  At that moment, Mrs. Shoaf had no idea Elizabeth was in trouble.   Elizabeth decided to walk the quarter mile home instead of getting into a cramped car.  On the way home, Elizabeth was approached by a man impersonating a police officer.  He told Elizabeth she was being arrested for marijuana plants behind her house.  Then he put a device around her neck and told her it was a bomb in case she ran.  After they walked past her home and deeper in the woods, the man told her the truth.  His name was Vinson and he was kidnapping her.  He created an underground bunker with explosive devices and booby traps all around it.  If she tried to escape, he would kill her.  Elizabeth will be tortured, raped, and beaten over a period of 10 days with only her wits to help her.

Like I Am Elizabeth Smart and Girl in the Box, it’s easy to blame the victim.  But you should only villanize one person in this movie, Vinson.  He is the sick person that kidnapped Elizabeth because she was the easiest target.  She was alone and trusted authority.  You will quickly get angry at all the police missteps and Vinson’s accomplices.  As Elizabeth is trapped in the bunker, she never loses hope or strength.  She uses her brain to gain compassion and leave clues to outsmart her kidnapper.  This based on a true story movie did not have to happen, but this movie and Elizabeth’s ordeal can be a teaching tool for your children. Watch it with them and teach them how to stay safe.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

If that’s the attitude your gonna have maybe don’t bother coming home – Mrs. Shoaf

You need to calm down and accept the situation here – Vinson

Are you gonna kill me – Elizabeth

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Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder – Review

Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder

Naomi just got a big promotion and ran a successful fundraiser to save her school.  So everyone is shocked when she emails her boss stating she turning down the job and not coming back.  Everyone including Hailey.  However, when Hailey’s niece Parker tells her aunt that Naomi wanted to talk to her at the fundraiser because Hailey once worked for the DA, Hailey starts to investigate.  Hailey Dean considers Naomi to be missing until she finds Naomi’s jewelry with blood.  Now, the police believe this missing person case is a murder investigation.  Hailey is determined to uncover the truth no matter who it hurts or who is hurt.

In true Hailey form, she is a step ahead of everyone.  But once again, she puts herself in harm’s way and almost gives Fincher a heart attack.  With this crime, Fincher and Hailey solidify their unique and strong friendship over a taco truck.  All the while, Hailey is dealing with a friend of her late boyfriend.  This is the first movie in a 3-part movie series, so a lot is left open-ended.  Instead of getting a list of possible suspects with an unlikeable victim, you adore the victim and there are no real suspects.  It’s not until the end that you get the final and only criminal.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Fincher, if you were missing, wouldn’t you want me to come looking for you -Hailey

Yeah, like I said more fun – Fincher

I have to fix this – Jeff

Now, who’s changing the subject – Sabrina

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Marrying Mr. Darcy – Review

Marrying Mr. Darcy – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Marrying Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth is floored when her boyfriend Donovan Darcy ask for her hand in marriage. She is excited to plan a small, outdoor wedding with all their close family and friends. She even decides to forgive Donovan’s Aunt Violet and ask her to attend the wedding. Donovan loves this idea, but Elizabeth regrets it instantly. Violet takes over the venue, date, guest list, food, flower, and even her dress. Soon Elizabeth doesn’t recognize herself or her wedding. She holds her tongue and keeps going until Violet tells her she will need to quit her job to be Mrs. Darcy. Newly hired Elizabeth panics and wonders if she is marrying her loving fiance Donovan or his job as Mr. Darcy.

This is the first Hallmark movie that will make you angry. As Violet takes over with “more suitable suggestions”, you will get frustrated.  But not only at Aunt Violet, but at Elizabeth’s lack of strength.  She just refuses to stand up for herself.  And it affects her engagement to Donovan.  While is infuriating to watch, it is a compromise some women and men make to appease their families.  Now like all Hallmark movies, this comes to a promising end, but with this promise comes the ultimate compromise.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And they say wedding planning is hard – Elizabeth

You really have to thank Elizabeth for me being here. “Family” is really important to her – Donovan

So, I’m not our best friend – Brandon

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Nightclub Secrets – Review

Nightclub Secrets – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nightclub Secrets

Zoe Harrington happily teaches creative writing to her students and loves reading the classics.  However, her secret passion is for crime novels.  But when her sister Rachel commits suicide, she accepts the police findings.  Even when her alcoholic mother says otherwise,  Zoe believes her sister was unhappy.  However, when Zoe starts reading her sister’s journal and Rachel’s friend dies, Zoe decides to investigate.  Zoe believes the best place to start is Rachel’s job at a nightclub.  There, Rachel was a bottle girl who sold expensive bottles of alcohol for a 20% cut.  At first, Zoe is ignored but when she uses her sister tips written in the journal, she gets the job.  Soon, she is the #1 bottle girl and #1 target.

Talk about a slow burn. This movie sizzles for an hour and a half about the mystery of Rachel suicide, then it really gets going with a big reveal. This reveal will expose multiple crime syndicates going on in the nightclub. Although the perpetrator is exposed early in the movie, the motives and accomplices are not. So stick with this movie for a surprising and strong ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Still obsessed with books I see – Rachel

This is what she does. She uses people – Zoe

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#StandByMe – Review – #ThrowbackThursday

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Stand By Me – Budget of $8 million – 1 hour and 29 minutes

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Stand By Me
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As Gordie, Teddy, and Chris play cards, Vernon has one question for them.  Do you guys want to see a dead body? Vernon heard his brother and his brother’s friend talking about a dead body they found while stealing a car.  They can’t admit to finding the body because they would have to talk about the stolen car.  So they swear to keep it between the two.  But Vernon can’t wait to tell his friends.  The boys all their alibi straight for the weekend and follow the train track to a dead body.  As the 4 boys make their trip, they will open out and share pain, joy, sadness, and strength.

Based on The Body by Stephen King, this is not a coming of age film (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This is the step before coming of age.  This movie’s point is for the boys to realize their own mortality and respect life.  While they have dealt with death, abuse, and neglect, they saw it through the eyes of a child.  After this trip, they are no longer boys, but young men who understand that the world is larger than their small town.  This is one to watch with your preteen or teenager.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You guys wanna see a dead body – Vernon

Chris isn’t a thief – Gordie

You wanna be the long ranger or the Cisco kid – Chris

I don’t need on babysitter – Teddy

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