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#BookClub and #ShowDogsMovie – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Book Club – Review

Book Club – Budget of $10 million – 1 hour and 44 minutes

Book Club
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In 1974, Vivian started a book club with her 3 friends.  Now, Vivian, Diane, Carol, and Sharon meet once a month to discuss a book, drink wine, and connect.  Vivian is a smart risk manager who believes love is for suckers and men should be used for pleasure only.  Diane is a widow who’s daughters are treating like a little, old woman.  Sharon is a divorced judge who’s ex-husband and son are recently engaged but she is reserved about dating.  Carol is a married woman whose marriage has lost its spark.   Since it’s Vivian book choice this month, she chooses Fifty Shades of Grey.  The other women are uneasy about the choice but read the book anyway.  The next month they all have an awakening and want to experience the romance and passion of Anastasia and Christian Grey.  Vivian starts to let her ex-boyfriend/failed fiance into her life.  Diane tries to cut the cord with her daughters when she meets a handsome pilot.  Sharon puts herself on Bumble (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And Carol tries to get the spark back in her marriage with some medical help.  These women will find their voice one book at a time.

While this movie mentions the Fifty Shades Trilogy, it’s not just about the women reading the book (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s about them discovering who they are and what the want but they don’t understand what is truly getting in their way.  The book club is the catalyst of their friendship while forcing them to take a hard look into their lives.  They come to the conclusion that age shouldn’t dictate their love or sex lives.  They can still be strong and have romance.  The only obstacle stopping them is themselves.  You will find yourselves rooting for and laughing with each woman in this movie.  See this one at the matinee price. Also, it helps to have read the books first.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Sorry if that sounds judgemental. Hazard of the job – Sharon

Multiple ear-gasms. Who wouldn’t want that – Carol

It says right here, for mature audiences only. That sounds like us – Diane

I don’t need anyone. That’s the secret to my success – Vivian

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Show Dogs – Review

Show Dogs – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Max is a tough K9 in the New York Police department. He investigates crimes on is own because he doesn’t do the master/dog thing.  During a sting operation to rescue a smuggled panda, Max’s bust is scooped by FBI Agent Frank.  Angry that Frank is getting credit for his case, Max takes a bite out of Frank.  However, when the perp tells him the smuggler will be at the Dog Show to sale the panda, Max gets an idea.  Frank and Max will work together to enter into the dog show and stay close to the case.  But Max must follow commands to stay in the competition.  If he doesn’t, they will lose access to the dog show.  As the investigation progresses, Max and Frank discover that the panda isn’t the only victim for this smuggler.

This light-hearted comedy gives a nod to Turner & Hooch and Dirty Dancing will remaining true to itself (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It follows the recipe for buddy cop movie (i.e. 2 different partners coming together to solve a crime but growing up and breaking their shell in the process).  This movie is for kids with slapstick humor but adults will laugh alike.  And while it is about animal smuggling the message isn’t shoved down the viewers’ throat.  So if you want a good family movie, see this one at the matinee price.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Future me forgives past you for present us – Karma

Someone otta put a leash on you – Frank

Do you want one fluffed or folded because I have both in the back – Mattie

I can not polish a turd but perhaps I can roll it in glitter – Philippe

How did you get to be such an alpha – Sprinkles

Is it me or do they all look alike – Max

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#Fahrenheit451 – TV Review

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Fahrenheit 451 – HBO – 1 hour and 40 minutes

Fahrenheit 451

Master Trooper Guy Montag is a star fireman for District 9.  With the guidance of his Captain Beatty, he makes a public spectacle of eels and erases them for their crimes.  The crime of reading or having books, listening to or playing music, or looking at art.  In District 9, the only allowable material is the Bible, Moby Dick, and the ministries (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  All other books, music, or art will be burned at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.  The leaders believe that books are graffiti that will pollute the mind causing the person to become insane.  While Beatty strongly enforces this practice, he still keeps a paper and pencil hidden at home.  He writes his thoughts and burns them.  Montag is starting to have flashes of his childhood but when Clarisse (a convicted eel) tells him that past firemen put out fires, he doesn’t believe her.  During a bust with Clarisse information, Montag and Beatty find an old woman with hundreds of books.  Beatty tells Montag to read one.  Meanwhile, he tells Montag a 2nd civil war almost started because of too much information and not enough attention to detail.  Books were the enemy.  Montag quietly hides a book called Notes from Underground and arrest the old woman (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Later she refuses to move and sets herself on fire with her last word being OMNIS.  Montag is compelled to find out the truth about OMNIS and why a woman would kill herself over books.

Based on the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, this movie serves as a warning to the future (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With days of fake posting, headline-only reading, miscommunication, and book banning, it’s easy to see how this world is possible.  And once the books were gone, history could be re-written to hide the truth. This is the type of movie that makes you want to read the book to learn what details were removed or changed.  With strong visuals and a dynamic cast, this is a great starting point for this production company.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You too pretty anyway – Captain Beatty

You dream about hiding from me, you better wake up and apologize – Montag

How come he always makes you wait outside like a little dog – Clarisse

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#PsychoExGirlfriend, #ARoyalRomance, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend – Review

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Kara works in a bar but does community service as a therapist for her local church.  One day Isabelle walks into her office and states that she is tired of being the good girl.  She misses her days of sex, drugs, and rock & roll with her ex-boyfriend.   Kara warns Isabelle that communicating with anyone from her past will cause issues with her sobriety.  But Isabelle just doesn’t care.  During Kara’s shift with her fiance Tyler, Kara enquires how Tyler knows the chief of police.  Tyler admits he used to date his daughter Elle.  When Elle sits down, Kara recognizes Elle as her patient Isabelle.  Kara decides to keep treating Elle but things get complicated when Elle convinces Tyler’s boss to let her work at the bar.  Now, the couple sees Elle day and night.  And believe that she will make her presence known: one dead animal at a time.

While this movie’s plot thickens in the first 20 minutes, it stays on a slow fizzle from that point on. As you watch, you will determine that the couple should be more proactive instead of reactive.  They need to block numbers, change numbers, find a new job, and even move.  They just don’t do anything for too long and allow Elle to have power over their relationship.  This movie has a strong setup, the lack of follow-through weakens its potential.  This movie is background noise for a busy day.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Whoa, someone took a cheap shot – Isabel

Stranger things have happened – Tyler

Why are you defending her – Kara

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Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance – Review

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance – Lifetime – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance

Meghan Markle has been outspoken since she was a child and she has used that passion to become an actress on the T.V. show Suits.  So when her blind date shows up 40 minutes late, she doesn’t want compliments, just apologies.  And this Prince puts on the charm because he is a Prince.  Her blind date is HRH Prince Harry of Wales.  With a divorce and several bad dates, Meghan is not hopeful.  And after being used for celebrity status, Prince Harry is not hopeful as well.  But after a date that lasted all night long, these two make a vow to see each other again.  As Prince Harry watches Suits and Meghan reads up on Princess Diana, Prince Harry takes Meghan on a special date.  A date to one of his places in the world: Botswana.  As the two live in their own bubble, they fall deeper in love.  But when the bubble pops, can the pair make it?

This love story is a true fairy tale that went against all the rules.  No more long engagements, no more royals only, and no more barriers.  You will see these two connect through the feeling of being outsiders.  Meghan as a biracial child and Prince Harry as a child who’s red hair made people question his paternity.  While Prince Harry and Meghan are used to cameras, they will come under scrutiny like never before.  While Prince Harry does everything to keep Meghan save from paparazzi and bigots, Meghan has to fight an inner battle between tradition and modernism.  Even though you know the ending, this movie will tug at your heartstrings.  And don’t worry, you will get your chicken proposal.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t care about that. I only care about one thing. Is he nice? – Meghan

Have you ever had a blind date work out – Prince Harry

Do you think you’re really ready – Queen

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A Daughter’s Revenge – Review

A Daughter’s Revenge – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Daughter's Revenge

Elle developed a tight bond with her mother after her father left.  And that bond continued to get stronger when her mother married David.  Her mother confided that she believed David was cheating on her.  After confronting and arguing with David, Elle’s mom kills herself.  Elle’s rage turns into a thirst for revenge.  She wants David to die but doesn’t want to go to jail.  She needs to be able to pin the crime on someone else.  She gets the opportunity when she realizes her friend Anna is in jail for a DUI.  With a delusional vision of her mother, Elle decides to keep her friends close and her enemies closer.  Elle convinces her stepdad to hire Anna and she offers Anna a place to say.  Anna believes Elle and her family is a godsend.  But Anna will see how evil Elle can truly be.

When smart girls go crazy and kill.  This movie sets itself apart because you see Elle set up Anna each step of the way.  Normally the setup is played in flashbacks when the manipulation is explained.  You see the spiked drink, journal entries, and changed calendars.  You get to see Elle’s descent into madness.  This is one Lifetime movie that you root for the victim and not the crazy person to keep yourself entertained.  Also, Elle didn’t need to be high tech to set Anna up.  Just resourceful and cunning.  So DVR and watch when you have time.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

So what was that about – Christine

I’m on my own – Anna

Perfect timing. You may be just what I needed – Elle

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#Deadpool2 – Movie Review

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Deadpool 2 – Budget of $110 million – 1 hour and 59 minutes

Deadpool 2
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With the power of Deadpool, Wade’s mercenary work has gone international.  He travels to Hong Kong, Thailand, and more to kill worse bad guys.  But in a moment, Wade losses everything and wants to commit suicide.  After a failed attempt, Colossus picks up Wade’s pieces and brings him back to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.  Wade ignores Colossus’s invitation to the X-Men until Colossus repeats words Wade heard in a premonition. Deadpool becomes an X-Men trainee.  The first job is the Essex orphanage for Mutants.  A mutant called Firefist (real name Russell) is having a standoff with the staff.  As Deadpool talks to the kid, he realizes the child is being abused.  Deadpool decides to settle the dispute with bullets.  After being overpowered, Deadpool and Firefist are fitted with collars which impair their abilities.  Firefist sees him and Deadpool as a team but Deadpool wants to be left alone to die.  Firefist holds out hope until a man blast through the prison with a metal arm.  Cable had come back from the future with one goal.  Kill the kid to save the world.  During a battle between Cable and Deadpool, Firefist hears Deadpool say he doesn’t care about him.  Heartbroken, Firefist becomes friends with the biggest guy in the yard.  Not for protection but to exact revenge on the staff that abused him.  Once Deadpool knows the Firefist in trouble, he will do anything to save him.   But Deadpool knows he can’t stop Cable on his own.  It’s time to get X-Force together and make the chimichanga.

While it’s hard to believe Deadpool could be topped, this one does it with more wit, battles, and visual effects.  Like it’s predecessor, Deadpool knows this is a movie.  Deadpool goes into detail that this movie is a “family” movie.  And of course, most family movies start with a murder.  Don’t they?  This movie pokes fun at itself, Marvel movies, the DC universe, and Frozen (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It even takes a swipe at Logan for riding its coattails and creates an HFS opera.  The visual effects are creative, daring, and awe-inspiring.  While the dialog is unlike any other.  Deadpool continues to be in a class by itself with this sequel.  While paying homage to Stan Lee, it steals a classic scene from Basic Instinct and provides an ending no one will see coming (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s going to be impossible to top this.  Oh and stay past the 1st end credits, not the second.  Deadpool will be doing what we have all wanted to see him do.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Give him a chance – Negasonic Teenage Warhead

I’m gonna need a bus to get all you kids out – Domino

Is your hand small again – Alice

I should go back to the car – Dopinder

They both have handles – Weasel

I have something in my jail wallet – Firefist

You’re welcome, Canada – Deadpool

#BlackPanther – Review Repost – In Stores Now

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Black Panther – Budget of $200 million – 2 hours and 14 minutes

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Black Panther
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After watching his father T’Chaka die at the U.N. conference, Prince T’Challa isn’t worried about becoming the king.  He is saddened to do it without his father.  However, his mother Ramonda tells T’Challa his father has been looking forward to the day his son would take the throne.  However, before he can take the throne, other royals from other tribes are allowed to challenge him to a fight.  Stripped of his Black Panther powers, T’Challa is challenged by a member of the Jabari tribe.  In a battle of strength and wit, T’Challa wins.  He is graced with the Black Panther power again starts his rule.  His rule’s first threat is the theft of one of their vibranium relics by Ulysses Klaue.  Decades ago with the help of T’Chaka’s brother N’Jobu, Klaue snuck into Wakanda.  Klaue stole a large stash of vibranium and set off a bomb that killed many Wakandans.  T’Challa and the Wakandans have been looking for him and feel this is their chance to make him pay for his crimes.  T’Challa, Nakia (his ex), Okoye (his general), and Shuri (his sister and technical designer) go undercover to find the relic and Klaue before he can sell it to an American buyer.  After a long fought battle on the streets of South Korea, they believe they have Klaue in their clutches.  But he is aided in an escape by a masked man.  T’Challa notices something special about this man, he is wearing the same royal ring T’Challa wears.  This masked man will bring chaos to Wakanda with the hope of world domination. But it’s the masked man’s history that will leave T’Challa questioning everything he knows about his father, their history, and Wakanda’s place in the world.

Wow.  Just Wow.  The attention to detail in each costume, makeup, and scenes will leave you in awe.  This complex storyline will leave you choosing sides like Professor X and Magneto.  Both men want Wakanda to thrive but have different paths on how it should develop.  One man believes the tradition of keeping Wakanda’s abilities a secret because the world can not handle it, should continue.  He wants to help by defending other nations when needed but always in secret.  The other man wants Wakanda to thrive by sharing its knowledge, those who don’t yield will be broken.  This movie covers issues of colonization, self-help, and community/global involvement.  While 3D is not needed to enjoy this film, Dolby is a must.  With everything to love about this movie, the beginning felt extremely rushed.  It when through Wakanda’s history and Erik’s motivation in 10 minutes.  It was a lot to absorb.  10 more minutes to allow the viewers to delve into deeper should have been granted.  This should go without saying but stay past the end credits. And don’t worry, Stan Lee makes the party along with Eric Killmonger’s mask.  Also, if you miss the first 10 minutes of the movie, you will miss everything.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

This never gets old – Black Panther

Show him who you are – Ramonda

Naw, I’m just feeling it – Erik

For Wakanda, without question – Okoye

A father who has not prepared their child to go on without him has failed as a father – T’Chaka

This corset is tight. Let’s say with get this over with – Shuri

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#BreakingInMovie, #LifeOfTheParty, and more – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Breaking In – Review

Breaking In – Budget of $6 million – 1 hour and 28 minutes

Breaking In
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After her estranged father is killed in a hit and run, Shaun goes to his vacation home in Wisconson to settle his estate by selling his home.  She has not spoken to him in years but she knows he is not perfect.  Her two children, Jasmine and Glover travel with her but her husband will be joining the next day.  As the three walk around, they see a few things out of place.  A broken picture, cut wires, malfunctioning alarm system but ignore it because no one has been in the home for months.  Also, they notice the vacation home is now a fortress with a sophisticated alarm system, retractable window shades, and cameras everywhere.  While Glover is playing with a drone he is grabbed.  When Jasmine goes to find him, she is grabbed.  While Shaun attempts to order pizza in the driveway, she is attacked but fights back.  After the fight, she sees her children locked inside the fortress at the mercy of strangers.  She must find out what they want to save her children.

This movie shocks from beginning to end.  You will see Shaun risk life and limb, like most mothers, to save her children.  However, she doesn’t make typical movie mistakes.  Like wearing heels in the forest or calling for her kids in the dark.  She is smart and uses her knowledge of the house to her advantage.  The irony is the house meant to keep them safe is the same house that becomes a prison.  So how far would you go for your children?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I am your mother. Is there a difference? – Shaun

So what does that make you, slightly paranoid – Glover

I’m your big sister. It’s my job to worry about you. Not your job to worry about me – Jasmine

Fear, I can manage. Desperation is a whole other thing – Eddie

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Life of the Party – Review

Life of the Party – Budget of $30 million – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Life of the Party
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Deanna has dropped her daughter Maddie off at the sorority house for Maddie’s senior year.  The school would have been Deanna’s alma mater but she left her last year. When she got pregnant, she and her husband Dan decided only one of them could afford to go, him.  While she regrets not finishing, she is proud to see her daughter go the distance.  As Deanna and Dan pull off, Dan says he wants a divorce, marrying a real estate agent, and selling the house.  In tears, Deanna goes to her parents’ house and looks through old photos.  She sees a photo of her in the archaeology club and gets an idea.  Deanna goes to Maddie’s sorority house to tell her about he divorce and enrolling in school.  At first a little nervous, Maddie sees this is a good thing for her mom and cheers her on.  Now Deanna has to navigate through the complicated world of college and divorce while maintaining a relationship with her daughter and getting her degree.

This is a love letter to mom’s who wondered if they could finish.  You will get the answer to your question.  However, it’s not without some well-earned bumps in the road.  While Deanna is trying to move forward, she is being dragged down by her ex and Mean Girls.  However, what makes this movie different is the relationship between Deanna and Maddie.  In most movies, Maddie would not accept her mom until the end.  But in this movie, Maddie takes a deep breath and accept her mother going to her school within 2 minutes.  This mature look at college women is a great contrast to the girls in Deanna’s class.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You are like my sexual Dumbledore – Jack

Wow, that’s a lot of text – Deanna

Mom, what are you doing – Maddie

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Overboard – Review

Overboard – Budget of $12 million – 1 hours and 52 minutes

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Widowed, mother of three Kate is working two jobs while in nursing school.  She tries to balance motherhood between studying, delivering pizzas, and cleaning carpets.  One day she is called to clean a yacht’s carpeting after a hard night of partying.  When she starts to clean, she bumps into Leonardo.  Leonardo is a playboy and heir to a construction fortune.  When Kate refuses to get him some fruit, he fires her; then throws her and her equipment off the yacht.  Kate is fired from her carpet cleaning job and her mom can no longer watch her kids.  Kate feels her dream of nursing going down the drain.  Then she reads a news article saying that Leonardo washed ashore and has amnesia.  Kate’s best friend Theresa comes up with a plan to trick Leonardo into thinking Kate is his wife so he can do all the heavy lifting while she studies.  Theresa sees it as payback for getting her fired.  With apprehension, Kate decides to do it.  Now Leonardo believes he is a married, sterile, recovering alcoholic, poor, construction worker.   However, his sister Magdalena wants Leonardo to stay gone.  She hopes to convince his father that Leonardo has died so she can inherit the company.  It’s only a matter of time before Leonardo learns the truth about Kate, Magdalena, and himself.

With a nod to the remake, this version has a role reversal (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Even with the reversal, it’s still as funny and heartwarming as its predecessor.  Leonardo and Kate come off as convincing adversaries and a couple.  This movie had genuine laughs about everyday life.  And it was great to see that even with Leonardo loss of memory, he did not lose his taste in food, style, and music.  Now be warned, there are some subtitles.  But hearing the jokes in Spanish actually makes the comedic timing better.  So sit back and enjoy for an easy going, not vulgar laugh.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am not being selfless.  I am thinking of myself less – Leonardo

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#DidIKillMyMother, #MommyBeMine, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Did I Kill My Mother? – Review

Did I Kill My Mother? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Did I Kill My Mother

After passing the LSAT, Natalie can’t wait to share the good news with her father.  With a few joyful seconds, her world is turned upside down. Her father was found murder and police have no leads.  After a year, Natalie decided law school was too much pressure and she staying home to party and drink.  After a booze-soaked night, Natalie and her mother have a huge fight.  Natalie decides to move out after she sleeps off her drinks.  The next morning, Natalie walks downstairs to see he home ransacked and her mom’s body on the floor.  With an argument, condensation, and noisy neighbors, Natalie will end up in handcuffs and wonder what she did that night.

As Shelby and Natalie sit in a bar, they go over the suspects.  They even name themselves suspects.  So it’s easy to see how the viewer will get tripped up.  Now, understand this is a mystery with a small body count.  If you are looking for the “friendly psycho” stories with a death every 15 minutes, this isn’t the movie for you.  This is a murder mystery with several suspects and a twist at the end.  Give it your full attention so you can keep up with every intense moment.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well that was fun – Shelby

The alcohol – Natalie

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Mommy Be Mine – Review

Mommy Be Mine – LMN – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Mommy Be Mine

As Summer open the car door during a fight with her mom Lianne, she accidentally hits Cara with it.  To make up for her mistake, Summer shows Cara around the school.  Cara had to leave her old school after her mom passed away.  Feeling some sympathy, Summer invite Cara to hang out at her home with her friends.  They have a great time and Cara offers to tutor Summer in Spanish.  Later, Summer asks Lianne if Cara could spend the night.  This decision will leave Summer screaming for the hills.

It doesn’t take long for Cara to be crazy.  Bit by bit you can see her slowly devolve and attach herself to the family.  Although his hard to decide if she wants to be Summer’s sister, Lianne’s daughter, or both.  At times it seems like Cara is trying to win Summer over.  And other times, it feels like she is pushing Summer away.  Experienced Liftimers will know how this movie will end and you are right.  So watch when you have a chance but don’t cancel plans or open the wine.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I know right. Which it’s so weird, it feels like she’s been irritating the crap out of us forever – Tori

Maybe if you were home for once in your life – Summer

Ok well, I’ll text you – Cara

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The Wrong Daughter – Review

The Wrong Daughter – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Wrong Daughter

After a failed IVF treatment, Joseph will do anything to make his wife Kate smile.  So he goes on the internet and finds the daughter she gave up for adoption 16 years ago.  The young girl is named Danica and Kate is surprised to learn she was never adopted by the loving couple she left Danica to after giving birth.  With 8 rough drafts, Kate finally messages Danica and in a few moments, Kate is shocked and elated to have Danica write back.  Danica says she wants to see her too and has been looking forward to this day.  Kate arranges to meet Danica at Kate’s new restaurant and get to know each other.  However, Kate doesn’t know that Danica is really Samantha.  Samantha is a volatile young woman with attachment issues that lies, cheats, steals, and kills to keep anyone in her life.  And she has stolen the real Samantha’s laptop and pretends to be her to get a new mother.  Now Samantha will happily be Danica to keep Kate in her life … and only Kate.

This thriller follows “The Wrong” movie series to a tee.  With the unsuspecting loving parent, the nosey friend, and the crazily attached person, it’s easy to see where this movie is going.  You sit and wonder how long it will take for Kate to see what her best friend Melissa realized from the moment she saw Samantha.  Joseph and Kate make it all too easy for Samantha to weave herself into their lives.  So its only fitting they end up with the wrong daughter.  If you are a fan of “The Wrong” series, sit back and enjoy.  Otherwise, this is background noise.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Break a leg – Samantha

Just stop. So now what – Joseph

I think I’m on draft eight – Kate

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Darrow and Darrow: In The Key of Murder – Review

Darrow and Darrow: In The Key of Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Darrow and Darrow: In The Key of Murder

Miles and Claire decides to not “talk shop” for a week to focus on their relationship outside of the courtroom.  This pact is broken on their first date when Miles’s sister Pheobe is arrested for killing her producer Terry.  With gunshot residue on her hands, motive, and a witness to the murder via telephone call, it seems like Pheobe will be in jail for a long time. Even with all the evidence, Claire believes Pheobe didn’t commit the crime.  Now Miles and Claire will be on the same side to free his sister and find the real killer.

As evidence starts mounting up, it’s hard for even the seasoned viewer to believe in Pheobe’s innocence.  But with an unlikeable victim, it’s easy to see how anyone could have shot him.  And that’s what gives the story its bark.  Now to understand the reasoning behind the murder, you must pay full attention to the movie.  It’ssuspensefull and keeps you hooked.  Also, the subplots are strong and touching .

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I swear if you do that, you’ll be sorry – Terry

It’s call mindfulness, you should try it so time – Claire

Oh, you poor thing. You think this is normal – Joanna

Not yet – Miles

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