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Hello – Review

Hello – BET/BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

On a flight home, Alicia can’t help but notice her seatmate’s computer screen with a coffin website. Isaiah explains he sells custom coffins, and Alicia can’t get away fast enough. She walks over to her friend, Nicole, who asks her to work. Alicia laughs at Nicole and reminds Nicole that she is a passenger today, not a flight attendant. Alicia wonders why Nicole gave her a seat next to Isaiah. Nicole thought Isaiah was a cute guy with a job. Alicia decides to hide in the bathroom while Nicole grabs her things and moves them to another seat.

Alicia goes to the bathroom in the back because someone is in the plane’s front bathroom. However, another passenger gets there first, so Alicia waits. Daniel notices ‘Hello‘ playing on her music device. He says hello and points to it. She laughs and explains that Hello is her ‘rock bottom song.’ Daniel says that ‘Lose Yourself‘ is his (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). They talk for a while, and he asks her out on a date. She tells him it’s New Year’s Eve, and she has plans. It’s a lie, but she doesn’t want to look available. He writes his number on a napkin, and they part.

Alicia hears Ms. Valentine practicing Auld Lang Syne for her wild New Year’s party (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Ms. Valentine’s nephew, Officer Stephen, invites Alicia to the party. But being in a room full of police is not ideal for Alicia. Her ex-boyfriend, Troy, was a drug dealer and was murdered in prison. Ms. Valentine asks if she could store some extra champagne in Alicia’s home, and Alicia happily obliges. Alicia goes to her apartment, takes a long bath, and rests before Nicole comes home after one more flight to Chicago. But Alicia gets restless and calls Daniel after some liquid courage supplied by Ms. Valentine. Daniel says yes and tells Alicia to meet him at a local restaurant.

After being an hour late, Daniel tells Alicia to stop with her attitude and chill. He promises to explain if she has one drink with him. He was with his ailing mother and couldn’t get to a phone. She understands, and they have a magnificent date. Alicia throws caution to the wind and invites Daniel up to her apartment. While Alicia slips into something more comfortable, Daniel puts on music. Alicia comes down in a red teddy and suggests a different song. Daniel understands it’s emotional because Troy played it on their first date. Alicia stops in her tracks because she never mentioned her ex-boyfriend’s name. Daniel knocks Alicia out with an elbow to the face. Alicia wakes up tied to a chair, and Daniel has one question: Where are Troy’s diamonds? If Alicia doesn’t tell him, he will kill her and anyone who tries to help her.

This movie will have you on pins and needles when Daniel hits Alicia. Everything before that helps set a running clock for Daniel to get the information from Alicia. Remember, she has champagne in her apartment, a party full of police next door, and a friend coming home soon. So, Daniel will use incel tactics, torture, and persuasion to get Alicia to talk. And you have to watch until the end for the fully satisfying conclusion. The overall plot doesn’t need the subplot between Ms. Valentine and her ex-lover. Now, don’t be phased by that critique, because that’s the plot’s only flaw. The fight scenes, twists, and conclusion were all perfect. And the movie doesn’t end with the romantic cinema cliché. This film is a dynamic addition to BET’s Shocktober and New Year’s lineup.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

At least you know he has a job – Nicole

Yes, it’s a no. But you can categorize it in your brain as a maybe – Alicia

Relax. Let it melt. Swallow – Daniel

I should hit you in the face – Stephen

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The Shoplifting Pact – Review

The Shoplifting Pact – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Shy Sky is returning to traditional education after being homeschooled for years. When Sky was younger, someone hid her inhaler, and she almost died from an asthma attack. Sky’s mom, Nicole, drops Sky off, and Sky runs into an old friend, Marnie. As they walk the campus, Heather, a basketball player, approaches along with her teammates. Heather demands the chemistry answers from Marnie and asks Sky about herself. Sky loves computers and programming. So Heather mentions getting help from Sky. Sky smiles and offers to tutor, but Heather only wants answers. Sky refuses to cheat, and Heather warns Sky not to cross her or other basketball players. For the rest of the day, Sky is alone and anxious. Marnie and Sky come to the practice, and Heather haphazardly says that Sky has computer skills next to their coach, Sandy. Heather thinks Sky would be the best replacement for their score and stat keeper, Sherri. Sandy agrees and makes Sky a member of the basketball team.

Sky enjoys her newfound friendship and all its perks. During a study session, Marnie gives Sky a bag of clothes. Marnie tells Sky that the girls give her clothes to sell on the dark web for Bitcoins. Marnie wants to hide it from her mother because her mother will take her money. Sky agrees to sell the clothes to keep her friendship with the girls. However, Sky doesn’t know the truth. Clueless Sky replaced Sherri’s role in a shoplifting ring after Sherri’s disappearance. And the girls aren’t giving their clothes away. They are stealing them using elaborate yet low-tech ruses. No one knows the puppet master amongst them or how high up it goes.

This movie mixes The Bling Ring and The Pregnancy Pact with mystery sprinkled into it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The script uses the mystery of Sherri’s disappearance to keep you watching. Otherwise, this film would be about bored, spoiled bullies picking on the new girl. The writer cleverly made everyone despicable, causing you to second-guess all of them except Sky and Nicole. Viewers will piece together all the clues you miss when the script reveals the mastermind. The motive is lackluster, but the mystery is compelling. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You’re supposed to be the responsible one – Heather

I didn’t lose it. Someone hid it – Sky

She knows about the clothes, Heather – Marnie

Surprise – Nicole

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Mid-Love Crisis – Review

Mid-Love Crisis – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mindy’s 50th birthday is in 10 days, and she is not handling it well. Her therapist friend tells Mindy to feel her emotions instead of fixing them immediately. Mindy chooses to day drink and shop instead. Mindy’s car breaks down on the way home. She sits on a bench, puts her head in her hands, and feels her feelings. Sam walks by and offers comfort, but Mindy says no. Then she looks up and sees it’s her high school sweetheart, Sam. Sam sits and catches up with the divorcée, but they part ways before exchanging numbers. 

Mindy’s daughter, Rita, is coming to town with Rita’s girlfriend, Emily. Rita is 23 and dropped out of school, much to her parent’s disappointment. When Emily and Rita mention that they are inviting Emily’s uncle to the party, Mindy’s friend thinks Emily and Rita are trying to ‘parent trap‘ Mindy and Emily’s uncle (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Mindy divorced Mark 2 years ago after he left to find himself. Since then, he started dating someone new that is similar to her. 

Emily and Rita arrive to plan Mindy’s party, but Mindy tells them she is not in the mood to celebrate her birthday. Then, Emily’s uncle enters. And to Mindy’s surprise, Emily’s uncle is Sam. Sam raised Emily after her mom died. Rita pulls Mindy aside and informs Mindy that she hasn’t changed her mind about school. Rita wants to buy an RV, go to Burning Man, and marry Emily. Mindy thinks Rita is wrong for leaving school, getting married, and living life on a whim at 23 years old. As Mindy spends more time with Sam, she decides to make drastic changes and have fun with her life. This change is at the best time because Emily confesses her plans to propose to Rita. Mindy enjoys her mid-life crisis with Sam until she gets a human reality check: her ex-husband, Mark. Rita invited Mark to attend the surprise engagement. However, he wants Mindy back, Sam gone, and Rita in school. 

Let’s start by being honest: Rita and Mindy are adults. So telling their parents anything is a courtesy, not asking permission. So, Mark and Mindy need to relax and keep their opinions to themselves. However, this movie is about Mindy finding herself and seeing her mistakes. She did everything in her life plan but wasn’t happy. Then, her divorce rocked her world. This new sense of self is refreshing. She eats what she wants, discovers new things, and finds her first love. But she must make peace with Sam and Mark. Mindy is proof that you can grow at any stage of life. Enjoy this entertaining watch with a nice bottle of wine, but expect some lulls throughout the script.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Day drinking – Mindy

I can actively feel your disapproval – Rita

Ok, I think it’s time for me to go – Sam

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Infamously in Love – Review

Infamously in Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Pop star Ivy Rose wants a say in her career but her manager, Naomi, wants Ivy to sing, wear, and date what’s popular. Ivy goes to a restaurant with her boyfriend, influencer Becker. When he gets on one knee, Ivy assumes it’s a proposal, but it’s a stunt for a prank show. Ivy leaves in disbelief and breaks up with Becker. 

Darren owns a record shop and sells music created before 1983. Darren’s girlfriend, Karen, comes in with exciting news. She got tickets for an intimate concert featuring Ivy Rose. Darren rolls his eyes at the pop princess’s name and uses work as an excuse not to attend. Karina offers to take care of the store so Darren can go out and have fun. 

During the concert, Becker comes on stage and asks Ivy Rose to forgive him. Everyone in the crowd cheers for them except Darren. Darren can see how much being in the spotlight hurts Ivy and begs the crowd to stop. Ivy sees Darren’s compassion and pulls him on stage. She pleads for Darren to kiss her, and he does, causing Becker and Karen to leave. To Naomi’s shock, Ivy jumps off the stage and waits for Darren in the alley. Ivy apologizes for coming in between him and Karen, but Darren isn’t sorry. He tells Ivy about the store and his town. They depart and go to their respective homes. Ivy checks her social media and gets a slew of insults from her fans for breaking Becker’s heart. Ivy decides to get away from the fans, Naomi, and her record label to get in touch with herself. She finds where Darren’s store is and rents an AirBnB in the area. 

Ivy walks into Darren’s store, but he doesn’t recognize Ivy without her signature purple wig. She tells Darren and Karina she is hiding from her management, the record label, and her fans and wants to use the time away to create music that represents her. She wants to have a regular job at Darren’s store. With some pushing from Karina, Darren hires Ivy. Ivy works under the name Jamie, which is her birth name. Jamie wants to do more for Darren because he is so welcoming, but Darren doesn’t want anything. Jamie keeps thinking of ways to help until she walks into Darren’s office and sees a stack of overdue bills. She offers to help by creating marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Also, Jamie works with Karina to find her voice. While Karina is accepting, Darren resists. Can Jamie help Darren, or will Ivy’s life come crashing down on them?

This movie is Marry Me combined with bad lip-syncing, no wedding, and an average plot. Viewers will not care about any of the characters and lose interest in a foreseeable conclusion. If you watch this movie, you have to watch the beginning. It gives an Entertainment Tonight recap of Ivy’s rise to fame, issues with her label, and relationship woes with Becker. This movie is your best option for background noise for two hours.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I know this is going to sound crazy, but can you kiss me? Right now – Ivy

I’m Darren – Darren

That’s your real hair – Karina 

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Stalked Within – Review

Stalked Within – BET/BET Her – 2 hours and 20 minutes

Recently-widowed Sarah moved to Atlanta with her son, Jalen, and has a security system installed while they unpack. The technician runs the specs and mentions the indoor cameras. Sarah questions having camera’s inside her home, but her mother, Nora, convinces Sarah that the cameras are necessary. Sarah works as a realtor but hopes to return to school to earn her MFA and become a teacher.

Gary moved to Atlanta to escape the Chicago cold and applied for a job at Safehouse Security. He started as an installer at his last company, and they promoted him to the call center. He wants to run the command center at Safehouse and become a Vice President. They hire him on the spot because of his previous work. He trains with other workers for months and learns the ropes. He even impresses his instructor with his depth of procedural knowledge.

Sarah looks online for property listings for her clients, and a man breaks into her home. Gary gets the alert and sees the intruder on the interior cameras. Gary commands the robber to leave, calls the police, and stays on the intercom with Sarah until the police arrive. The police capture the robber thanks to the image captured by her camera. A few days later, Heidi, the VP of Safehouse marketing, calls Sarah. They want Sarah to recount what happened in a commercial. At first, Sarah says she is too shy. But Heidi tells Sarah that Safehouse will pay her $10,000. She needs that money for her car repairs and MFA, so Sarah says yes. Sarah gets a surprise during the commercial shoot; Gary walks in. He confesses that saving Sarah was his first day on the job. They laugh, chat, and Sarah calls Gary her hero. However, Gary harbors a deep obsession, and he’s latched on to Sarah. He will use his job to watch her, control her, and interfere in Sarah’s love life. And he will do anything to keep her to himself.

Get ready for a wild and comical ride. This movie keeps you intrigued every step of the way by using modern technology, current crime dramas, and everyone’s deepest fears. Today, people spend more time on camera than off, and someone must watch it all. The script does an excellent job explaining why Gary passed his background check and Gary’s dark past. Also, when Gary’s co-worker, Trina, believes Gary is dangerous, Safehouse takes the wrong, but the current response of putting optics before customers. This ShoctoberBET movie has something for everyone.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Not yet – Nora

Oh no, it is that serious – Gary

I hate it when she’s right – Kelci

Our secret – Sarah

Where you are don’t change who you are – Romona

Yeah, he’s a little intense – Frank

Got your ass fired, huh – Trina

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Pumpkin Everything – Review

Pumpkin Everything – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amy’s publisher will release her third book in the series soon, and her manager, Carla, is setting up a national tour with TV spots. Amy gleams with pride while receiving a call from her mother, Lillian. Her grandfather, Tom, ran into a coffee shop with his car and hurt his wrist. Amy tries to talk to Tom about his injuries, but he says he’s fine and hangs up. Since the tour will be non-stop, Carla tells Amy to take a break. So, Amy drives to Autumnborough to check on Tom. It’s been years since she came to town. Tom wanted Amy to use her scholarship to go to business school so Amy could run the family store called Pumpkin Everything. However, she decided to go to writing school instead. Amy and Tom got into a hurtful argument and barely talked.

Amy comes to town and wants to help Tom at the store and his house. However, Tom has assistance in the store, Kit. Kit and Amy knew each other in high school but never cemented their relationship before she left town. Amy wanted Kit to go, but his family needed him. Amy gets a blast from the past when she lays eyes on Kit. Amy and Kit believe Tom should slow down but know that Tom’s pride will be an issue. Amy goes to Tom’s home and sees a huge mess. He tells her not to clean it because he will get to it later. For Amy, this mess is more proof that Tom needs help. With the short time Amy has with Tom, Amy will attempt to convince Tom to give up the store and move into a retirement community. But will her help come too late to help Tom or too soon for his pride?

This movie starts slow and cliché, but one moment will make your heart skip a beat. Tom wants to keep going because no one is there to fill his legacy. Lillian is a realtor, and Amy writes books. He hoped that one of them would take on his store. A store he worked tirelessly over the years to build. This film doesn’t have an antagonist because everyone has an understandable perspective. This generational story will hit home with viewers on so many levels, and the last 30 minutes will have you concerned, relieved, and in love.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, you and mom need to work on your definition of fine – Amy

We say ‘goodbye’ in this family, dad – Lilian 

She probably had me mistaken for some other good-looking fellow – Tom

Yes, I missed you. But I never expected you to fix me – Kit

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