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Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Review

Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Proverbs 14:29 (KJV) He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.

Chastity won a $147 million settlement for her client.  Although she thinks it should be 200 million, her friend, Melanie, wants to celebrate.  Chastity agrees to have one drink.  Melanie thinks Chastity should date more and approaches a man at the bar for her.  Xavier, a lawyer, charms Chastity until one o’clock in the morning.  Xavier gives Chastity his number and promises not to bug her.  

After a month of dating, Chastity tells Xavier she needs to make herself scarce and focus on work.  Xavier goes silent over the phone, but he pretends to understand.  After the week without her, Xavier gets the urge to propose.  Chastity thinks Xavier is sweet and drunk, so she says no.  He laughs it off, but his fury grows.  He starts to watch her.

Xavier shows up late to lunch and sees Chastity talking to a man at her table.  Chastity explains that the man is Roger, her high school sweetheart.  They broke up when he wanted to stay in the suburbs, but she wanted to move to the city.  Xavier sits down after Roger leaves.  He believes Roger still has feelings for Chastity.  Chastity never thought Xavier was the jealous type, but she begins to worry.  

Roger tries to cover up a mistake at work and almost gets fired.  He comes home and yells at Chastity.  He brings up Roger again, and she lays down an early relationship rule.  They don’t take out their office problems on each other.  He flashes into a fit of rage and smashes her phone.  Later, Xavier replaces it.  But Chastity warns him that his wrath will end their relationship if he loses his temper again.  He agrees and hopes to start anew.  Chastity has only scratched the surface.  Xavier is a danger to Chastity, her family, her dog, and himself.  

Based on Wrath by Victoria Christopher Murray, this film differs from Envy and Lust because the lead isn’t the sin-bearer (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She is the victim of sin.  Xavier tries to apologize, victim blame, and gaslight Chastity every time she attempts to leave him.  This manipulation works until his anger becomes violent.  Others try to warn Chastity about Xavier, but his good qualities outweigh his quirks.  Chastity states several times that she has poor luck with men, so don’t be too upset with her.  Xavier is par for the course.  Within six weeks, Xavier goes from a nice guy to a rage-filled monster with a history of violence.  Although he is the source of wrath, Chastity is the bearer of forgiveness.  And that’s the takeaway from this film.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Isn’t my friend here uncommonly beautiful – Melanie

It’s tough measuring up when the bar is so high – Xavier

I’d say you need to get your head examined – Chastity

It’s just a piece of paper, baby – Sarah

I’m serious. Punch me – Roger

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Killer Design – Review

Killer Design – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Roy offers Jodi the interior design job for his restaurant, and Jodi leaves the meeting on cloud nine.  Then, a man grabs her from behind and puts a knife to her throat.  He says he will start with her wallet and take everything else.  Jodi hears a scream and sees a woman pointing a phone camera at them.  The would-be robber runs away.  The woman, Wendy, runs toward Jodi to help her calm down after her horrific incident.  Jodi offers to pay Wendy, but Wendy won’t take the money.  Instead, Jodi reaches a compromise with coffee.

Jodi explains the day’s events with her boyfriend, Eric, and he has something to help her forget the mugging: an engagement ring.  Jodi says yes and runs home to tell her best friend, Monica.  Monica worries that Eric has ulterior motives and that she could lose Jodi.  Jodi tells Monica they will have plenty of time together since she and Eric won’t move in until marriage.

The next day, Jodi meets Wendy for coffee.  Wendy confesses that she moved to town recently because her mother lost her battle with cancer.  Wendy dropped everything because she wanted a fresh start in a new place.  Currently, Wendy is looking for work.  Wendy was an assistant for her mother’s interior design business.  Jodi gets an idea because she needs help with her latest job.  So she considered hiring an assistant for the time being.  Jodi decided to pay Wendy back by hiring her for the assistant position.  Jodi has no idea Wendy will do anything to anyone at any time to make Jodi’s life better.

At times, Wendy is polite, helpful, and caring.  However, you know she is unhinged.  So, all the niceties come at a hefty price.  You don’t feel bad for the first two victims of her killing spree.  Those deaths were a long time coming.  These murders will endear you to Wendy.  But don’t hold on to that feeling too long because it’s a Lifetime movie.  You don’t understand why Wendy has a deep infatuation with Jodi until the last 30 minutes.  It will bring the plot back to the beginning.  While this won’t be a favorite, it’s a fun watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

My heart feels like it’s going to burst out of my chest – Jodi

I made contact with her – Wendy

Maybe he bought the ring to buy some time – Monica

She is not basically a stranger. She is a stranger – Eric

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Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate – Review

Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Goldy got her first job catering the luncheon for the Elk Park Prep fundraiser.  Goldy makes beignets and chocolate-covered shortbread while her friend Laura watches.  When Laura tries to have a serious conversation, Brian walks into the kitchen.  Brian is Goldy’s daughter’s teacher and Goldy’s crush.  He recommended Goldy for the job to Adele.  Adele is a wealthy member of the community and married to Archie.  Goldy makes her rounds at the fundraiser and runs into her ex-husband, Dr. Richard, the minority investor in the Elk Park Wellness Center.  Goldy doesn’t think it’s a good idea because Richard doesn’t know much about real estate.  He tells Goldy not to worry because Archie and Dr. Owen are investors also.  While Goldy doesn’t trust Archie, she respects Owen.  During their conversation, Goldy hears a glass break.  She watches Adele pull Archie away from Marla and leaves the fundraiser.  Laura pulls Goldy aside and asks Goldy to come to her home later to discuss something she discovered.  

Outside, Brian sees a suspicious man talking on the phone.  He’s Julian, Adele’s son from her 1st marriage and Brian’s former student.  Brian walks away with a valid excuse from Julian.  Then, Marla sees Richard talking to Laura in the parking lot.  It looked heated, so Marla walked away.  

On the way home, a traffic jam stops Goldy from proceeding.  She calls Officer Mason to her car.  Mason tells Goldy a vehicle ran off the cliff.  As she tries to get more information, she can hear the dispatch officer say Laura is the registered car owner over Mason’s walkie-talkie.  Goldy panics and runs out of her car to check on Laura, but Det. Tom stops her.  He tells Goldy they have one body down there, and he doesn’t want two.  When Goldy hears the word body, she knows Laura is dead.  Tom starts to ask about Laura’s mental state. Goldy says Laura was fine and wants to know why he would ask about it.  Tom states that Laura didn’t attempt to stop.  Goldy knows her friend would never do this.  But when Goldy looks like the killer, she will investigate her friends and pry into Laura’s secrets to find out what happened and why.  

Based on Catering to Nobody (Goldy Schultz Book 1) and Dying for Chocolate (Goldy Schultz Book 2) by Diane Mott Davidson, this movie is a solid contender for your new favorite series (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And Goldy has more than one potential love interest.  Goldy’s job gives her an excuse to be at crime scenes.  One thing sets Goldy apart.  She doesn’t look for trouble; she steps into it.  She can blend in and obtain information, unlike Tom.  As the title claims, she is a curious caterer, not an amateur sleuth.  Set your DVR for this film; you will want to watch it twice.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

There’s not enough shortbread in this room – Goldy

That wasn’t a request – Det. Tom

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She Went Missing – Review

She Went Missing – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maya got magnificent news.  Her boss, Elizabeth, put Maya’s article on the Chicago Collective cover.  It’s Maya’s first cover article, and Elizabeth promises more.  Elizabeth wants Maya to interview the former mayor about an election scandal for Maya’s next assignment.  Maya goes home to do research.

At home, Maya gets threatening emails and becomes hypervigilant of noises around.  She sees her estranged husband, Vince, in the doorway.  It’s his day to collect mail.  He offers to help Maya, but she turns him away.

In the morning, Maya goes to Elizabeth to pitch questions.  But Elizabeth has a change of plans.  She wants Maya to go to her hometown and investigate a missing influencer.  At first, Maya hates the idea until she sees the victim’s face.  It’s her former best friend, Britteny.  Maya takes the next flight out.

In town, Maya heads to the police station to question Sheriff West.  Before Maya enters the station, a man stops her.  She didn’t recognize him at first but remembered it was her old friend, Jamie.  In high school, Jamie got a horrible scar after an accident that killed his mother.  Students teased Jamie, but Maya remained a loyal friend.  He wants to go to lunch, but Maya doesn’t have the time.  However, she promises to meet later.  Sheriff West tells Maya that Britteny could have left.  But her gardener, Charles, was the last person to see her alive.  Before Britteny went missing, she posted a picture online and went jogging.  A determined Maya will do anything to learn what happened to Britteny, even risk her life.

If you are looking for a hard-hitting mystery, look elsewhere.  The moment the perpetrator is on the screen, you know it.  And they continue to do things to make themselves look guilty.  You wonder what takes Maya so long to get it.  This movie doesn’t captivate the audience.  It’s background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

How fast can you get me there – Maya

I still think he owes me money – Sheriff West

Keep your money, and I’ll keep my peace – Charles

Keep your day job, Mariah Scary – Elizabeth

People only hurt other people because they’re wounded themselves – Jamie

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A Royal Runaway Romance – Review

A Royal Runaway Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After a whirlwind romance with her painter, Wes, Princess Amelia wants to see him again.  However, Wes lives in Chicago, and she lives in Bundbury.  She approaches her mother, Queen Ava, about Wes, but Ava thinks Wes is not the right man for Amelia.  Then, Amelia remembers her uncle, Andreas, is having a birthday soon, and he lives in LA.  She calls her Andreas and talks about a visit to celebrate.  Andreas convinces the queen to let Amelia come to LA along with Amelia’s lady in waiting, Camille.  At first, the trip excites Amelia.  But when she sees how far Chicago is from LA, Amelia becomes worried.

Ava, Amelia, and Camille arrive in LA, and Andreas introduces them to Grady.  Grady is Andreas’s head of security.  Andreas has assigned Grady to watch over Camille for her stay.  She attempts to protest, but Andreas won’t hear it.  She calls Wes to find out if he can see her instead, but he has an art show.  Since Ava took Amelia and Camille’s passports, they know that flying is not an option.  So, Amelia resorts to thievery.  She steals Grady’s keys and waits for daylight.  Amelia opens the car but doesn’t know how to drive.  Then, she sees Grady in the passenger seat and screams.  He knew she took his keys, and he got Andreas’s approval to take her to Chicago on a road trip.  Andreas and Camille promise to keep the trip from Ava.  Amelia will learn the difference between passion and love on the road trip.

It’s not hard to see where this road trip will lead for Grady and Amelia, so the overarching love story isn’t attention-grabbing.  However, the side stories are compelling.  Amelia uses this trip to help Grady mend family bonds and his broken heart.  Also, you see that Ava is a benevolent future queen.  She takes time to listen to people and understand their issues.  She feels compelled to use her wealth to help.  You know her transition to the throne will be flawless.  Seeing how they complement each other, you hope Ava will understand their love.  This film is like most road trips.  The destination isn’t the best part; it’s the journey.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Where there is a purpose, there is a path – Amelia

You don’t mind that I am not royalty – Wes

A stiff neck will be the least of your worries when you become queen – Ava

Anything fo your dear – Andreas

Well, how far  is Chicago from LA – Camille

Others do, and I am sure they’ll recognize you as well – Grady

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