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Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Review

Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tiffanie and Damon are days away from their lavish wedding.  Although it’s not the wedding Tiffanie envisioned, it’s what Damon believes she deserves.  Before Damon, Tiffanie was a virgin and dreams of the passion she read about in romance novels.  However, those days are over for Damon.  He wants a loving and proper wife, not the many women he had in the past.  As Damon’s business skyrockets, he assists Tiffanie with her new spa, but he is not as silent of a partner as promised.  He purchases items, changes bank information, and speaks for Tiffanie during meetings.  As Tiffanie’s grandfather pointed out, Tiffanie isn’t honest with Damon about her feelings.  She agrees to anything to please Damon.  As Tiffanie eats yogurt, a knock at the door jolts her and makes her drop a glass on the ground.  She picks up the broken shards and cuts herself.  Tiffanie goes to the door and sees Trey. Trey and Damon were old friends, and Trey recently got out of jail.  Tiffanie forgot to pick him up.  Instead of being angry, Trey wipes yogurt off her lips and licks it off his finger.  This act sends a shiver up Tiffanie’s spine.  Soon, she is fantasizing about Trey and forgetting her responsibilities.  She knows giving in to temptation is wrong, but she can’t get Trey off her mind.  If Tiffanie isn’t careful, lust will be her ultimate downfall.

Based on Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Novel by Victoria Christopher Murray, this movie gives the viewer a lot to ponder (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Trey and Damon talk about an incident in the past that caused Trey’s arrest.  But you don’t know what happened until the last 30 minutes.  And the passion between Trey and Tiffanie oozes off the screen.  Also, it’s frustrating to see everyone warn Tiffanie that she isn’t ready for marriage.  But she won’t listen.  She spends so much time thinking about what she wants that Tiffanie doesn’t notice how much she has.  But the writer ensures the viewer understands her frustration because Damon micromanages her career and offers lackluster romance.  This movie is a commanding start to the book series.  The script provides two bible verses: Ephesians 5: 25 – 30 and 1 Corinthians 10:6.  And yes, double chocolate pudding is real.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Baby, that’s unsanitary – Damon

You’re not going to cause trouble up here are you – Tiffanie

Ok, how bad is it – Sonia

A minute ago you were trying to kick me to the curb.  Now, I’m your hero – Trey

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Faith Heist – Review

Faith Heist – Bounce TV – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rev. Benjamin’s church, Monroe Baptist Church, needs a lot of work and a new van, but the church has a windfall coming.  Under Baxter’s advice, Benjamin invested the church’s money in cryptocurrency, and it’s up 200%.  He plans to cash out and upgrade the church.  After his weekly Lean On Me meeting, Benjamin meets with Baxter to cash out.  But Baxter tells him the money is gone.  Benjamin explains that he borrowed $50,000 against the church to invest.  If he doesn’t pay the bank back, he will lose his church.  In the morning, a sullen Benjamin explains what happened to his wife, Vanessa.  Vanessa grabs her coat and Benjamin and heads to Baxter’s office, Whitcomb Trust Financial.  As they argue with the security officer to let them in, Baxter drives up to the office in his brand new car, suit, and gold tooth.  This Baxter is not the man they have met over the previous months.  Baxter has confidence and bass in his voice.  Benjamin knows it was all a scam.  Benjamin and Vanessa call the authorities, and FBI agent Sherry comes to their home.  Sherry tells the couple that Baxter has been on their radar for months, but they can’t find concrete evidence of his scam.  She came to their home hoping they had more information, but they don’t.  Sherry will add their names to the investigation.  But without evidence, there is little she can do to help get the money back.  During the next service, Benjamin stands in front of the congregation and reveals the truth.  Then, he meets with his support group and gets an idea from a group member, Jack.  Jack is an ex-convict who mentions robbing Baxter in jest.  After the meeting, Benjamin approaches Jack about a robbery, but Jack says no.  Hours later, Jack sees all the good the church did for the community, and he agrees to help Benjamin.  Jack and Benjamin stake out Baxter’s office and cause a diversion to case it.  Jack scopes out the security system, the layout, and a safe.  With their intel, Jack comes up with a plan.  But they need different people for the heist.  They need a Distractor, Tech Support, Getaway Driver, Greaseman, and a Utility Guy.  Benjamin knows where he can fill each of those positions: The Lean on Me group.  But the team has another issue.  When Benjamin and Jack were watching the place, they didn’t see that Sherry was watching it, too.  She knows Jack is an ex-con and warns them that Jack will get his third strike for doing something illegal.  Now, the team has to get their money back and keep Jack out of jail.

This movie is funny, captivating, and thought-provoking. It mixes American Greed, Saints and Sinners, and Leverage, and you will love it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you watch diligently, you will spot each group member’s skill before Jack lists the people he needs for the job.  For this church, you want to see it all come together.  Of course, with every heist, something doesn’t go according to plan.  Their solution involves soap, double dutch, and a switch.  While the graphics aren’t the best, the plot more than makes up for it.  Save this one on your DVR.  You will want to watch it again.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Last time I had one of Gabby’s brownies, my stomach was speaking in tongues – Rev. Benjamin

You know what they say, god and gold are the only things that don’t depreciate – Baxter

More like a false prophet turning false profits – Vanessa

I wasn’t playing – Nas

Everything’s got a secret compartment – Skipper

What you doing man? This is a stake out, not date night – Jordan

Have you lost your mind? You know I got priors – Marge

And that’s suppose to make us feel better – Jack

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Color of Love – Review

Color of Love – Lifetime – 2 hours and – 0 minutes

Vice Principal Monica watches her students like her kids, Leah and CJ.  Monica’s boyfriend, Theo, wants to get a home together, but Monica admits to her friend, Connie, that she doesn’t want to lose the house she and Charles bought together.  After losing Charles in a routine traffic stop five years ago, Monica reached acceptance and opened her home to foster children.  In the middle of the night, Monica gets a knock at the door.  Social worker Stephanie stands on Monica’s doorstep with siblings Rachel and Peter.  Rachel and Peter ran away from another foster home.  They didn’t want to go back or go to a group home, so Stephanie asks Monica if they can stay with her until she finds a better fit.  Without hesitation, Monica opens her door for them.  They stayed at Monica’s home several times, but this time something feels different.  Monica wants to adopt Rachel and Peter, and she tells her family.  All the kids are excited to become a family, but Theo feels differently.  Theo, who grew up in foster care, tells Monica that a black woman adopting white children will cause problems.  Monica doesn’t believe skin color should matter, only love and stability.  Luckily, Stephanie agrees.  But as Monica goes through the adoption process, she will learn that several people share Theo’s reservations, and those feelings start to affect the kids.  When narrow-minded thinking stands in Monica’s way, she will use her voice to show the world the color of love.

This movie talks about racial issues without politics.  And both sides of the spectrum, black and white, have a problem with Monica adopting the children.  Her mother, Gladys, and Theo air their grievances.  Gladys speaks about the public perception of Monica adopting the children.  However, Theo’s problem stems from being a black child that no one adopted.  Although, he saw children that looked like Peter and Rachel leaving the group home every day.  Also, Stephanie is for the adoption, but her boss, Bill, notes the race differences.  So, the script is careful not to place the concerns on one group of people.  Adoption should be about love and stability, never about race or politics.  Let’s not forget, this movie sheds light on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, at least I’m on brand – Monica

Money has never dictated your moves – Connie

I’m here.  I made it – Theo

No, I like having a sister – Leah

What happens if you change your mind? What happens if we become too much? What happens …? – Rachel

If my mom said it, it’s true – CJ

I really hope we get to live here – Peter

Whoa, so did you – Stephanie

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When We Last Spoke – Review

When We Last Spoke – UPtv – 2 hours and 30 minutes

After their father, James, left to fight in the Vietnam war, Juliet and Evangeline fight like cats and dogs, much to the chagrin of their mother, Marguerite.  One day, Marguerite calls an old friend.  She is sick of the small-town life and wants to move back to New York to sing, but she doesn’t want to bring her girls.  So, Marguerite drops the girls off at James’ parents’ home and drives away.  Walt and Ruby tell Juliet and Evangeline their parents will come back and help the girls settle into their home.  Thirty years later, Juliet is a disc jockey on Fireside radio and calls out to Evangeline over their airwaves.  Walt is sick, and she wants Evangeline to see their grandfather before he passes away.  When Juliet doesn’t hear from Evangeline quickly, she starts to reminisce with her listeners.  With an open microphone, Juliet will open up about their family, secrets, and toilet paper.  

Based on When Last We Spoke by Marci Henna, you don’t understand the full scope of the plot until the last 30 minutes (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And if it doesn’t feel like the story is complete, that’s because it’s not.  There is a second novel for the Cranbourne family with so many more stories to tell.  While it’s a sweet story with emotion, everything is predictable, except the Elvis car. 

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

This can’t be good – Ruby

I bet you $5 and an eskimo pie she’s got a lot of boyfriends – Juliet

I’m gonna go shear those sheep.  Let me know if I need to add these two to the mix – Walt

Is she coming to get us – Evangeline

Well, then you have the potential to fulfill your destiny – Mother Cranbourne

They simply don’t make children they way they use to – Selma

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One Perfect Wedding – Review

One Perfect Wedding – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ben and Cara have successful careers but have yet to get married.  They tried once but had to call the wedding off due to scheduling conflicts.  So Ben gets a crazy idea to get married today.  Cara and Megan met Ben at the courthouse, and he is ready to tie the knot.  But Cara can’t do it because her father, Ray, is not there.  Ben understands and says he will wait as long as she wants.  Later that night, Cara gets an idea and calls the Clara Lake Resort, the place she met Ben, and tries to book their cabin.  However, the concierge tells Cara someone booked it for a wedding as a surprise.  The renter owns a snowboard company, and his fiancé is a writer.  Cara knows the concierge is talking about her and Ben.  Ben tried to keep it a secret, but now it’s out.  In ten days, Ben and Cara will marry at the same resort they met, and Cara knows who can put it all together, Megan.  Megan will have double duty as the maid of honor and wedding planner, but she has a glue gun for any tasks.  However, Megan doesn’t have Sean because he is working overseas and can’t come.  Megan loved living in the moment with Sean, but she wants a plan for the future.  She wants to travel the world but needs to know their relationship is going in the same direction.  Cara understands how Megan feels because Ben keeps secrets from her, and Cara feels he has more.  She is right.  Ben knows that Sean is preparing to propose to Megan.  And Ben discovered that the owners of Clara Lake want to sell the resort, and the prospective owner wants to change everything about it.  Ben decides to buy the property but keep it from Cara until it’s a done deal.  Ben’s sneaky behavior catches Cara’s attention, but she focuses on her next novel and the mystery of Clara Lake Resort’s founding couple.  With so much going on, will Cara and Ben make it down the aisle? Well, let’s ask the snowstorm, the dress, and the missing cake.

Following One Winter Proposal, this movie is the best of the trilogy.  It offered two relationships in different stages, but both with issues, a love mystery, a buyout, and secrets galore.  This movie has so many moving parts, it’s hard to imagine how the plot will come together.  But the writers pulled the conclusion together effortlessly.  This installment offers more sophistication, laughs, and intrigue for the viewers to enjoy.  With such an intricate plot, this movie can stand on its own.  And it makes you look forward to Megan and Ben’s wedding.  Let’s cross our fingers that the writers will give their wedding the same treatment as Ben and Cara’s.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I never said courthouse – Cara

Are we still talking about the shoes – Megan

I was trying to surprise you – Sean

The first time was kinda quiet, can you say it again – Dr. Ben

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