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Fall Girls – Review

Fall Girls – BET – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Fall Girls

Simone Wellington has decided to sale her company and promote the women who helped her along the way.  She promotes Tyra to Head of Programming, Paige to President of Sales, and Lexy to Partner.  All three women are ecstatic for the promotion but stunned about the sale of the company.  Simone explains that she is ready for retirement and wants to spend quality time with her husband.  She needs to make one more goodbye speech in San Francisco; then she will sale the company.  To have one last hooray, Simone invites Lexy, Paige, and Tyra to San Fransico, all expenses paid.  They say yes.  Before she leaves, Paige’s husband Marcus asks if his little sister Kiki could come.  She admires Paige and wishes to be closer.   Paige says yes but gets clearance from Simone first.  The very first night, the ladies hit the strip club, drink to excess, and take pills.  The next morning Paige wakes up in a haze and finds Simone on the floor dead.  Her cries wake up the other ladies and they start to panic.  They worry that people will assume they killed their boss.  So they decide not to call the police.  Instead, they will pretend she is alive by keeping her schedule.  They hope this will give them time to find the killer and clear their name.

A mix between Hangover and Weekend a Bernies, this comedy masked as a mystery is enjoyable and, at times, very funny (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The mystery of ‘Who Killed Simone’ is solved quickly for the viewer but its the two twists that will keep you watching.  It’s always interesting to see how people justify not calling the police when they find a body and these women are no different.  Seeing them handle this crazy situation, helps each woman come into her own.  Record and watch with friends.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I think we killed our boss – Paige

So, I guess you work for me now. This will be fun – Lexy

That woman is my hero – Tyra

No, you really can’t – Simone

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – Kiki

You too tall for this brother. It’s a waste of your life – Marcas

You got some dust on your shoulder – Jerome

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My Mother’s Split Personalities – Review

My Mother’s Split Personalities – Lifetime – 2 hours and 5 minutes

My Mother's Split Personalities

Gail is mourning the loss of her husband. But when her daughter tells her she wants to leave for college, she is overwhelmed.  She starts to cry and locks herself in a room.  Her daughter Julie sees her mom’s breakdown as a progression of current problems.  Later, Gail meets with her boyfriend Warner.  She is happy her husband is gone so she can start her new life with him.  The next morning, Gail snaps and points a gun in Warner’s face.  Unlike Julie, Warner knows why Gail has so many mood swings.   She has Dissociative Identity Disorder (a.k.a. Multiple Personality Disorder).  When she was crying, she was Amy.  Amy is a little girl who views Warner as her dad.  When she’s with Warner, she’s Madeline.  Madeline is a siren that can get every man in the room.  And Sadie is the fighter.  She comes to defense when any of other personalities get in trouble.  Gail has tried to keep this from Julie but she is starting to notice something is wrong.  The more questions Julie asks, the more her life is in danger.  Not because of her mother Gail nor her personalities.  It’s because of the person who killed her father.

While this movie is not a clear representation of people with DID, it is still fun to watch.  Lindsay Hartley’s performance of 4 different personalities looks effortless.  Even as they talk to each other, she flips the spark in her eye, her stance, and the tone in her voice. Her performance alone is worth the price of admission.  And Julie is not a typical ‘Lifetime’ spoiled teen.  She genuinely concerned about her mother and wants to see her get better.  This is one to watch and enjoy.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Everyone in my life, they’re crazy – Warner

Well, you can’t have him all to yourself – Madeline

I want my daughter in my life – Gail

You know, there isn’t a wall between us. It’s just a door – Julie

I’m glad you are going to be my new daddy soon – Amy

My name is Sadie, you bitch – Sadie

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One Winter Proposal – Review

One Winter Proposal – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

One Winter Proposal

It’s been a year since Cara and Ben have traveled to their chateau.  With a new company and a new book, Ben and Cara need the slopes to get grounded again.  Ben is trying to sell his new snowboard and Cara is preparing the finishing touches of her book.  Since Ben will be working, Cara wants to invite Megan on the trip.  Megan is swamped at work but makes time when she sees her boss wants to add a travel section to the magazine.  Incapable of saying no, Megan takes on the travel spread and offers to cover the winter resort.  Happy Megan can come, Cara has ulterior motives.  In the past year, Megan and Shawn’s relationship never started.  Cara knows that Shawn is a doctor at the resort and hopes to play cupid.  Meanwhile, Cara’s signals are getting crossed with Ben.  She uncovered his surprise and knows he is going to propose.  But since she changed the outcome of her book’s characters (inspired by them) from marriage to break up, he wonders if she is having second thoughts about them.  These couples must get on the same page or their love will fall apart like snow.

The sequel for One Winter Weekend is a great stepping stone for each character.  See the first movie to understand how the couples started and get the small quibs.  This movie helps to show that “happily ever after” takes time.  Miscommunication can stop a relationship before it starts or it can tear one apart.  Each character is continuing to grow and learn.   You want to see more.  Hopefully, with this stunning proposal, we will see One Winter Wedding next Winterfest.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t say yes to everything – Megan

I’m going towards leopard print – Cara

She really can’t say no – Ben

She’s definitely gonna find out – Shawn

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A Bride’s Revenge – Review

A Bride’s Revenge – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Bride's Revenge

Ian and Maya look forward to their coming nuptials.  They are both on cloud 9 until Lori shows up.  Lori is the woman Ian left just days before their wedding.  Lori cursed his future but still showed up at the church on their wedding day.  So when she finally conceded that he would not show, she screamed and left.  Now, Lori is back and she is sending gifts.  First, Lori sends her old wedding invitation.  Then she shows up for Ian’s mom’s birthday party.  Finally, she sends flowers.  Maya tries to brush it off until she is attacked by a woman in a bridal gown and a veil.  While she didn’t see the woman’s face, she knows it was Lori.  The police investigate but have proof that Lori was somewhere else at the time of the attack.  If Ian and Maya don’t stop Lori, their friends, family, and marriage will die.

This movie provides plenty of mystery because Lori always has an alibi.  You start to wonder if Maya is crazy.  Maybe she is making up for the attention.  However, as the insanity unravels, the past will haunt everyone.  Also, you will revel in Lori’s craftiness.  But with all the good, the ending falls flat.  You are left wanting something more from the final fight.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Why? Were you talking about me – Lori

You’ll never be happy again – Ian

She would be the first to say good riddance – Maya

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