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The Hate U Give – Budget of $500,000 – 2 hours and 12 minutes

The Hate U Give

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Starr Carter is of two worlds but feels she has no home.  At home, she is Starr Version 1.  She lives in a predominantly African American community that struggles with gangs, drugs, and gun violence.  Her father, a former gang member, owns the local grocery store.  When Starr was 9, her brother Seven was 7, and her brother Sekani was 1, their dad Maverick gave them The Talk and the 10 Point Program by the Black Panthers.  It was the blueprint he used to raise his children after Starr’s friend was killed in a drive-by shooting.  Starr’s mother Lisa wanted to leave the community, but Maverick wanted to stay.  The compromise was to put Starr and Seven in a predominantly white high school called Willamson.  There Starr is Version 2.  She doesn’t use slang, is non-confrontational, and never gets loud.  She doesn’t want anyone to call her ghetto or know where she lives.  At Williamson, she has a boyfriend Chris and her friend Hailey.   However, after school, she decides to go to a party with Seven in their neighborhood.   Starr doesn’t feel like she belongs their either.  It’s there she sees Khalil.  She and Khalil were friends for years.  However, rumors about him upset Starr.  As Khalil starts to explain himself, shots are fired at the party.  Khalil helps Starr out of the party and offers her a safe ride home.  Khalil pulls over to have a one on one talk with her about their past, present, and future.  That future is short-lived when Khalil is shot by a police officer who mistook his hairbrush for a gun.  With Starr being the only witness, Khalil’s family wants her to testify, her family wants her to be safe, the local gang wants her to keep her mouth shut, and the police are harassing her family.  Starr’s worlds collide leaving her to question everything she is and does.

Based on The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, this movie gives the most striking, honest, and accountable view of police accountability, black-on-black crime, no snitching mentality, white privilege, black prejudice, white prejudice, Black Panthers, family, friends, love, and T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E  (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The Hate U Give Little Infants, F**K Everyone (T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E) has a meaning for Starr at the beginning of the movie but as she sees this acronym comes to life, she asks her family, the police, and the gangs one strong and powerful question that will strike a nerve in anyone who watches this critical scene.  Everyone has an opinion on what happened to Khalil and what Starr should do.  From her police officer uncle to her ex-con turned grocery store owner father to her protesting friends to her rioting friends to her Christian-schooled mother to her boyfriend, but it’s Starr’s regrets from her past that will shape her decision.  With so much heavy topics to cover, this movie adds a fair amount of laughs and heart-tugging moments.  This is a film to watch and discuss just walk in with an open and closed political opinion.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ya’ll better not be doing anything in there – Seven

I see you – Chris

Know your rights, know your worth. You understand? – Maverick

We’re moving – Lisa

How’s that domestic life working for you – King

I just can’t be quiet – Starr

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