#KidWhoWouldBeKing – Movie Reviews

The Kid Who Would Be King – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Kid Who Would Be King

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Alex receives detention after refusing to tell the principal why he tackled and pummeled Lance. Alex was defending his friend Bedders against the school bullies Lance and Kay. Before leaving detention, Lance threatens Alex. So the moment detention is over, Alex runs to find safety in a nearby construction site and looks for a weapon. There he finds a sword in a stone. He pulls is out and runs home. Later he and Bedders notice an inscription that marks the sword as Excalibur. The two boys laugh, learn about the sword’s history, and Alex knights Bedders.  Then, they get ready for school in the morning. The next day, the class is introduced to a new student name Mertin. He keeps his eyes on Alex for several classes. Since Mertin is weird, Alex believes the bullying will only get worse if they befriend him. But Mertin will not be ignored. Mertin tells the boys that the sword is real, Alex is the true king, and his real name is Merlin. And in 4 days, during the total solar eclipse, King Authur’s evil half-sister Morgana will take over the earth and make all humans her slave. Alex must band his knights, finds the portal to Morgana’s entombment, and kill her. That won’t be easy because each sundown, Morgana’s minions will try to kill Alex and anyone he has knighted.

This movie entertains kids while speaking on today’s ills. Morgana is only able to rise because England is divided and heartless. While it does speak on these issues, the movie is careful not to point fingers for whom caused it. Another interesting moment is when Morgana points out the weaknesses for each of the main characters. This is character flaws they will have to overcome to obtain growth and maturity in this movie. For the parents, you will get a good laugh from Merlin. His quirks, hand gestures, and posture will leave a permanent impression. Also, the graphics are effortless when characters move from reality to fantasy and back. At the end of this movie, kids will learn about perseverance and honor. Adults will never look at cherry cola, ice cream, or chicken nuggets the same again.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh look, it’s the Lego Minifigure guy – Lance

They are divided, fearful, leaderless – Morgana

Don’t you realize? The mortal realm after sundown is lethal for me – Merlin

Maybe, Burger King – Kaye

No. You always tell me to stop talking. I am always right – Bedders

He never cared – Alex

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