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Sin in the Suburbs – Review

Sin in the Suburbs – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Heather calls Jess with a smile because she got the painting restoration job and $5,000.  Jess demands a celebration, and they go to a local bar.  They have a few drinks, and Heather walks up to the bartender, Marisol, for another round.  Heather admires Marisol’s earrings and walks away.  Heather never saw Tyler sitting at the bar, but Marisol thinks she remembers him from her past.

As Heather restores the painting, she sees her new neighbor, Tyler.  She tries not to stare, but he is gorgeous.  He comes over to ask for a glass of water because his system is not on.  Jess comes in and invites Tyler to brunch with them.  Things are going great until Marisol calls Tyler Robert. Marisol is an inconvenient hurdle in Tyler’s plan to win Heather’s affection.  It didn’t work with the other girls, but Tyler thinks Heather is perfect for him.  Tyler will deal with Marisol or anyone else that gets in his way.

It’s always the pretty ones that give you the most problems.  Let’s be honest.  Tyler has some decent plans, but they are not well thought out.  For instance, Tyler frames someone when they have an alibi.  This movie has cringe-worthy moments but in a good way.  You are supposed to cringe, cover your eyes, or gasp in horror.  You will do all three. And let’s not forget Jess’s funny one-liners.  By the way, you get a shovel.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry – Tyler

Buckle up, Granny – Heather

That’s not weird. That’s just convenient – Jess

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Drowning in Secrets – Review

Drowning in Secrets – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Misha got a promotion and feels giddy.  Then, Misha’s mother, Emma, calls with terrible news.  Misha’s sister, Maya, is missing.  Misha drives to Emma’s home and finds the police interviewing Maya’s friends.  Bree remembers seeing Maya stumble on the boat but lost track of Maya later.  Detective Tom thinks Maya fell off the boat and drowned.  Misha doesn’t believe it because Maya is an excellent swimmer.  Misha leaves for some fresh air, and Peyton, Maya’s boyfriend, startles her.  He tells Misha his version of events and offers to help if she needs it.  Misha tells Tom that Maya left a message last week, and Maya said she was in trouble and needed help.  Tom asks why Misha didn’t say anything sooner because it changes the trajectory of the investigation.  After everyone leaves, Misha and Emma turn in for the night. Misha goes downstairs for water and sees someone in the house.  The masked figure runs out, and Misha calls Tom.  Tom blames it on a rash of break-ins and leaves.  Misha walks in to see Peyton’s dad, Caleb, being extremely friendly with Emma.  They admit they have been dating for a year.  

Later, Misha meets with Peyton, and he tells Misha that he thinks Maya had an affair with her boss, Mayor Peter.  Misha can’t believe Maya or Peter could do that.  Misha declares to find out what happened to Maya and why.  But Misha refuses to acknowledge that Maya drowned.  Misha will discover that everyone in town has a secret they will kill to keep.

Unraveling the secrets will shock you, but the perpetrator will not.  Two engaging twists happen within 5 minutes of each other.  And they save the film from being a typical Lifetime movie.  If you are looking for a mystery, this film isn’t it.  If you like to see juicy secrets exposed, get your tea ready.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I think they were having an affair – Peyton

Then why are you here – Emma

Someone’s got to keep everything moving forward, right? – Misha

How could you – Maya

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A Gift of Murder – Review

A Gift of Murder – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dylan gets in her mom’s car and braces herself.  Her mother, Cindy, lost her job and boyfriend on the same day.  Cindy starts to doze off while driving, and they get in an accident.  Both are ok, but Cindy admits she has a problem with prescription medication.  While Cindy goes to rehab, Dylan’s aunt and uncle, Shannon & Scott, will care for her.  Dylan hates that she has to change schools and miss her 16th birthday, but she wants Cindy to get clean.

Shannon and Scott get Dylan comfortable and tell her they will throw a Sweet 16.  Dylan is over the moon.  At school, Julia approaches Dylan and shows Dylan around campus.  In chemistry class, Dylan answers a question right.  And it angers Tiffany.  Then, Tiffany’s boyfriend, Jonah, asks Dylan to tryout for the track team.  Tiffany thinks Dylan is flirting with Johan and uses poison ivy to ruin her tryout.  But Johan and the coach give Dylan another chance.  To help put school issues behind her, Shannon takes Dylan and her old friend to see a local venue, Hartcourt Manor.  Dylan is in awe of the location, and Shannon makes the reservation for May 16th.

Tiffany’s mother, Gloria, tells Tiffany that she couldn’t book the Hartcourt.  When she checked weeks earlier for an opening, they had it.  But she didn’t put down a deposit to hold it.  Tiffany rages at Gloria and demands she fix it.  Gloria says she can’t because a girl name Dylan got it.  This incident is Tiffany’s last straw.  She vows to destroy Dylan’s reputation, family, and education.  Dylan will need help from an unlikely source to overcome Tiffany’s deception.

This title should be A Gift of Manslaughter.  No one is murdered throughout this movie, so the title feels misleading.  Tiffany’s entitled, disrespectful ways may have you reaching for the remote.  Gloria needs to be a parent and not an enabler.  Also, the conclusion is anti-climatic.  With so much drama throughout the plot, you expect more from the ending: a fight, shoot-out, or standoff.  The resolution needed something more.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I noticed – Cindy

Looks can be deceiving – Tiffany

This could be her warning – Julia

This party’s cursed – Dylan

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The Presence of Love – Review

The Presence of Love – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jocelyn finishes her discussion with a student as Dean Robyn walks into the office.  Jocelyn hopes her time as the acting professor will put her in the good graces of the tenure committee.  Robyn tells Jocelyn that the committee returned her paper because she didn’t have any unique discoveries about Samuel Taylor Coleridge (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Also, Jocelyn doesn’t have enough published material or awards to make the qualifications.  Robyn gives Jocelyn two weeks to resubmit her paper and leaves.  Jocelyn’s anxiety starts, and she takes a pill.  

Hearing the update, Jocelyn’s friend, Gwen, sits Jocelyn down.  Before Jocelyn’s mom, Carol, died, she left Jocelyn a gift, an all-expense-paid trip to England with a ticket to the literary festival.  Carol wanted Jocelyn to see her hometown in England, but they never got the chance.  Jocelyn can’t fathom dropping everything and leaving, but Gwen won’t take no for an answer. 

In England, Daniel meets with turbine contractor Felix without consulting his mother, Merryn.  Merryn doesn’t want them.  She wants the family farm to stay in the sheep business.  She approved Daniel’s proposal to add a B&B, but changing the landscape is a step too far.  Daniel, a former finance guy, believes the turbines will save the farm because the B&B isn’t bringing in enough money.  Also, he needs a farmhand but can’t afford it.  His daughter, Tegan, resides their and loves to draw.  

Jocelyn arrives and sees a woman that looks like Carol.  She walks into the street, and Daniel stops her from walking into an oncoming car.  He introduces himself and offers her a ride to the B&B.  Daniel helps Jocelyn in the car and takes her on the scenic route.  When settled in, she tries to write her paper.  But, she focuses on Daniel and Merryn’s strife and Tegan’s struggles.  Daniel and Merryn think Jocelyn should not interfere in their matters.  So, Jocelyn makes Daniel a happy distraction.  That distraction is the first step in their romance. 

Viewers will witness a well-acted love story, but it won’t be your focus.  It’s the connection each of them shares with Tegan.  She gets tea lessons from Merryn, and Daniel has an undeniable love for Tegan.  But Jocelyn uses her teaching expertise to see Tegan’s struggles and brilliance.  As they come together for Tegan, the presence of love will overcome you.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Ok, mom.  I’m here.  Now what? – Jocelyn

Like what, kill a sheep? – Gwen

Sharp minds have sharp tounges.  Consider yourself warned – Daniel

We have an industry, sheep – Merryn

Are you afraid of her – Tegen

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Cheating for Your Life – Review

Cheating for Your Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kayley, her best friend, Monica, and her boyfriend, Jackson, study hard for the SAT.  They plan to meet up for another study group when Kayley sees Sebastian drop his practice test with a 1070 score.  Kayley checks social media and sees her old friend, Clea, with the rich kids, including Sebastian and Millie.

After the SAT, the proctor runs after Kayley to return her phone.  Then, Kayley sees the proctor talking to someone in a black SUV for a long time.  It seemed a bit suspicious, but Kayley forgets it.  Two weeks later, everyone gets their scores.  Kayley got 1280, but Clea and her friends scored above 1400.  And Millie received 1480.  But she is more concerned with a phone call than her score.  The person on the phone is upset, but she calms them down.  Then Millie calls her dad, Steve.

Kayley and Monica attend Millie’s celebration party, and Kayley sees Millie and Clea arguing.  Clea says she wants her mother’s ring returned, but Millie tells her the deal is complete.  Kayley walks over to comfort Clea, but Clea yells at Kayley.  Later, Kayley and Monica prepare to leave, but they can’t find Clea.  Kayley finds Clea’s purse and knows she must be at the party.  They find Clea dead below the balcony.  The police think Clea had a drunken fall, but Kayley tells them Clea had an alcohol allergy.  The police confirm Kayley’s information and rule Clea’s death a murder.

Kayley sees the list of students who scored over 1400.  Millie, Clea, and Sebastian are on it, along with eight other students.  Kayley remembers Sebastian’s practice test score and knows the 400 point jump is impossible.  She goes through the list with Monica and Jackson.  They believe only four scores are legitimate, but everyone else cheated.  Kayley believes uncovering how they cheated will reveal who killed Clea.  Will digging into the mystery put Kayley in her grave?

First, Jackson is the best boyfriend ever in a Lifetime movie.  Don’t be surprised if you swoon over his willingness to help, encouragement, and kind words.  Now, be patient with Kayley.  She will make a lot of unnecessary mistakes, but it’s genetic.  The movie gives viewers a red herring, but experienced Lifetimers can spot it before the 2nd half.  So watch for the drama but stay for Jackson.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Love is so gross.  I need to go to bed – Monica

Maybe I’m just naturally smart – Millie

Take that Ryan Gosling – Jackson

If there’s anything to find out, it would be on that laptop – Kayley

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A Honeymoon to Remember – Review

A Honeymoon to Remember – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ava and Brett dated in high school.  But when he brought another girl to prom, they broke up.  Ten years later, Ava knows Brett will propose tonight.  So, she made a reservation months ago and hired a videographer to record the proposal.  With a bit of finagling, everything goes according to Ava’s plan.  Ava starts to go over wedding plans less than 24 hours after the engagement, but she knows what she wants.  She doesn’t desire Brett’s beach wedding or rustic honeymoon.  She booked a venue and purchased an all-expenses-paid honeymoon with activities.

Ava brings her sister, Bonnie, to her wedding dress fitting.  But Ava isn’t trying on dresses because she bought one three years ago.  She came to the dress shop to make sure it still fits.  As Bonnie gazes in amazement, Brett walks in.  Ava jumps behind Bonnie so Brett won’t see her in her dress.  Brett tells Ava the wedding is off, and she gives back his ring.

After some time, Bonnie checks on a heartbroken Ava.  Ava doesn’t understand what went wrong and pulls out her relationship spreadsheet to prove they were a great couple.  Bonnie sees the honeymoon brochure and suggests Ava go on the non-refundable trip.  Ava doesn’t want to go alone and see happy couples, so she asks Bonnie to come.  Bonnie says yes.

The concierge reminds Ava of the honeymoon suite and experiences she got, but Ava doesn’t want the reminder.  She wants to stay in the room and sulk, but Bonnie tells Ava to go out and mingle.  After a bunch of duds, Kyle approaches Ava.  He wants to ask her out but offers her a jetski ride instead.  Embarrassed, Ava starts to walk away, but Kyle stops her.  He apologizes for being nervous and asks Ava on a date.  While on the date, Brett calls, and Ava hands the phone to Kyle.  Kyle tells Brett that Ava doesn’t want to talk and hangs up.  Brett regrets breaking things off with Ava.  Brett leaves to find Ava and win her back.  Not if Kyle has anything to say about it.

Wow, this movie will throw you for a loop.  It’s shockingly funny because Bonnie is quick-witted and will put Ava in her place.  Next, Ava is Type-A on overload.  She schedules everything five years in advance, and we are not talking about a vision board.  It’s a detailed plan with reservations, dresses, and vacations.  Third, well, let’s not ruin it for you.  But don’t be surprised if Ava scares you like a horror movie villain.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You are impressive – Brett

Planning is how I make things happen – Ava

First things first, you need to take a shower – Bonnie

Oh, I don’t want to talk to him – Kyle

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Feeling Butterflies – Review

Feeling Butterflies – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lepidopterologist Emily performs at Amanda’s birthday party.  She teaches the kids about butterflies and releases them at the end.  Emily left the corporate world to follow her passion.  While it can be laborious running her business, Emily’s assistant, Derrick, always lends a helping hand.  During Amanda’s party, Emily spots her competition, Mandy, at another party across the street.  Emily booked both parties, but Mandy won the other party because she promised to have more butterflies.  As the women get into a release competition, Adam walks up for a polite conversation and to thank Emily.  But Emily is laser-focused on Mandy.  Amanda says she wants to learn more, and Emily offers to teach Amanda anytime.  Emily thinks Adam is cute but changes her mind when he gets a phone call from Jill.  

Later, Amanda comes to Emily’s flight house and learns about butterflies for her class project.  Derrick can see the bond Emily and Adam share.  But Emily doesn’t want to proceed because of Jill, Adam’s girlfriend.  Adam took time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but his father wants Adam to join the family business in New York.  They talk more, but Emily gets a call from Rebecca.  Rebecca is a well-known social media influencer and wants butterflies at her wedding.  She asks Emily to drop by to talk about logistics, and Emily says yes.  With Rebeccas’s following, Emily can double the size of her business and replace dying equipment.  

Emily walks into Rebecca’s office and sees Mandy.  Rebecca called both of them to compete for the job.  Rebecca wants 500 butterflies released at her wedding in 3 weeks.  Whoever can get the most butterflies will win the job.  Emily tries to tell Rebecca this will be a daunting task, but Mandy says she can do it.  Feeling the opportunity of a lifetime slip through her fingers, Emily says she can do it.  Later, Emily admits to Adam that her flight house needs repairs to house 500 butterflies.  Adam offers to help in any way and cover her parties with Amanda.  Emily and Adam work together and connect.  But when Jill and a parasite interrupts, Emily will make a deal with the devil and release love.

This film entertains while it teaches about butterflies and the unrealistic demands of influencers.  Any hardcore rom-com expert can see that Jill is not an issue.  You will watch to see if Emily can pull off the wedding, how Emily will get it done, and how they fall in love.  All three factors are entertaining.  While this won’t be a favorite, it’s worth recording and watching later.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Nope, I am the one who will do it – Emily

Daddy, she was asking us – Amanda

You’ve gotta be joking – Mandy

Bingo – Adam

I don’t believe in impossible – Rebecca

Everything is a butterflies with you – Derrick

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  1. The Presence of Love was so good I kept forgetting it was Hallmark. I’m serious. Her paper was on Wordsworth though, try to keep up……. 😉


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