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Blossom – Review

Blossom – BET Her – 3 hours and 0 minutes

Clarisse has nightmares several times a week about the kidnapping of her son, Jaden. Although officers found Jaden safe, Clarisse lives on high alert. Her husband, Walt, believes Clarisse should be over the incident because it happened years ago. However, Walt’s comments make Clarisse shut down emotionally and physically. She sits with her therapist, Dr. Martin, and updates him on her household. She is at odds with her teenage daughter, Allie, and she hovers over Jaden while lashing out at him.

Clarisse works at a Domestic Violence Resource Center to complete her Master’s Degree. She works with a client, Lauren, as Sandy runs in, asking for help. A woman, Cherry Redvine, comes into the center with blood dripping from her wrist. Cherry apologizes for bleeding on the floor while Doris gets the first aid kit. She escaped her boyfriend, Billy, and now needs help. She has family down south but doesn’t want to go until her bruises heal. Clarisse tells Cherry the center can help and gets Cherry comfortable. During the first group session, Cherry introduces herself and tells everyone that Billy calls her Blossom. When Clarisse attempts to get Cherry to open up, Cherry becomes verbally abusive because Clarisse hasn’t experienced domestic violence. This verbal attack makes Clarisse question her ability to help.

Billy enters the center’s back porch late at night and threatens Lauren. He tells Lauren to deliver a message to Cherry. He is back and wants Blossom to return to him. Or Else. Cherry leaves the center without a backup plan. Later, Clarisse sees Cherry begging strangers for money in a grocery store parking lot. Clarisse wants Cherry to return to the center but feels the center isn’t safe. So, Clarisse offers her home to Cherry. Clarisse thinks she is doing the right thing. However, Walt, her children, and Doris disagree. Slowly, Clarisse’s breakthrough becomes a break-in that puts her family’s lives in danger.

This movie’s plot goes all over the place while attempting to make a statement. Cherry displays a bold demeanor but falls into the cycle. Cherry acts strange and oversteps her bounds with Walt, the children, and Clarisse’s job. While it frees Clarisse emotionally, it leaves her without a career and husband. Also, Clarisse dismisses Walt’s feelings after moving Cherry in without informing him. His transgressions are larger than Clarisse’s, but she has no right to ignore his concerns. It’s not until the final scene that Clarisse’s character resonates. She finds her voice and lets everyone know.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I had my son taken from me. It doesn’t get better – Clarisse

It’s called karma. You get what you got coming to you – Walt

You’re ridiculous – Allie

Cherry Redvine, at your service – Cherry

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The Baby Swindler – Review

The Baby Swindler – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Susie is ready to implant the frozen embryos she and her deceased husband, Mike, created before his death. She wants to carry her baby, but her fertility specialist, Dr. Shaw, doesn’t think Susie is a viable candidate to carry a baby to term. Dr. Shaw wants Susie to consider adoption, but Susie wants to have Mike’s baby. Dr. Shaw gives Susie a surrogacy pamphlet. Susie can’t imagine anyone else carrying the child she created with Mike. So she leaves. Susie meets with her brother, Andy, at the park. He reminds Susie that they were both miracle babies. With 21st-century science, they don’t need to rely on miracles. He and his wife, Grace, are attempting IVF again. This time will be their last attempt because the procedure is expensive.

Grace and Susie talk privately about their pregnancy struggles. Grace tells Susie that giving birth isn’t the only way to become a mom. So, Susie calls Dr. Shaw to set up appointments to meet potential surrogates. Susie had five interviews but didn’t connect with anyone. She meets Grace for dinner and notices Andy isn’t there. Grace informs Susie that Andy has had longer hours since Mike’s death because Mike was Andy’s business partner. Then, the doorbell rings. Andy is there with a woman, Lorna. Lorna is Andy’s childhood best friend’s little sister. Lorna remembers Susie and Andy’s parents fondly. Lorna works full-time while attending school without financial aid. Andy drops hints at the table because Lorna is young and needs money. Susie chooses Lorna as her surrogate. Now, Susie will have everything she wants. But will she lose everything to get it?

This movie presents the ‘everybody sucks’ model. Susie becomes obsessed with Lorna and the pregnancy. She attempts to dictate Lorna’s life because Lorna is carrying her child with Mike. Lorna quickly puts her foot down to maintain a healthy boundary. However, there is something off about Lorna. Viewers won’t know what it is, but instinct says she is lying. Grace is too helpful. If you are a Lifetimer, you understand what that statement means. She is the first to come over, the last to leave, and ready to make a phone call. In the Lifetime Universe, helpfulness is a trigger. Andy finding the woman Susie needs out of the blue is a bit sketchy. Everyone has a hustle. So fans will guess until the end.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Your baby? – Susie

Remember Mike’s mantra: Don’t let ‘perfect’ be the enemy of ‘good’ – Andy

He means well, but he is not subtle – Grace

I just wanna get a degree and get on with my life – Lorna

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Rooming with Danger – Review

Rooming with Danger – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Angelina stands in her living room with her friend, Gabby, and Gabby’s co-worker, Diego, as a guard. Angelina needs them to protect her while she packs to leave her abusive boyfriend, Marco. Marco pleads for Angelina to stay, but the bruises on her shoulder are the last straw. While Angelina takes the last box to the car, Marco threatens Diego and Gabby. Angelina moves in with Gabby but tells Gabby it will be temporary. Gabby doesn’t have an issue with Angelina staying as long as Angelina would like. Marco calls Angelina all night and throws a brick at Gabby’s door. Angelina knows Gabby’s place isn’t safe because Marco knows the address.

After work, Angelina looks up apartments for rent online and makes an appointment to meet with Bianca. Bianca is a fashion designer with a large home on the beach. Angelina loves the room and the security door. The door requires a code to enter the house, and Marco doesn’t know Bianca. Angelina hastily packs up her stuff and moves in with Bianca for Gabby’s protection. Angelina believes she has found the perfect place to restart her life. However, Bianca has dangerous and deadly attachment issues. She wants Angelina to replace her sister and will kill anyone in her way.

For a therapist, Angelina misses glaring red flags. Angelina never sets boundaries for her roommate or does a background check. It does explain why she didn’t see the same signs in her relationship with Marco. Angelina is the personification of ‘do as I say and not as I do.’ However, Marco’s abuse gives Angelina a boogeyman to blame when anything goes wrong. Gabby and Diego can see that Bianca is controlling, but they don’t overstep. Bianca crashes Angelina’s date, creates matching dresses, and eavesdrops on Angelina. But Angelina redeems herself. She sets rules and doesn’t accept excuses when Bianca’s behavior goes too far. While the acting is flat, the script will keep viewers watching.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I told you. Don’t ever talk about my sister – Bianca

She’s mine, Bro. Not yours. Don’t think you can touch her – Marco

I don’t want to be weak again – Angelina

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Prom Pact – Review

Prom Pact – Disney Channel – 1 hour and 45 minutes

As the North Seattle High Bulldogs enjoy the pep rally, school counselor Mrs. Chen finds Mandy digging through the lost and found. She reminds Mandy it’s wrong to steal, but Mandy is putting the clothes in the donations box. Mandy dumps the donation back into the lost and found and checks her Harvard application status. It’s still pending. Mandy begrudgingly joins her friend, Ben, at the pep rally and makes fun of the jocks and cheerleaders. They call them Everest because high school is their peak. The cheerleading captain, LaToya, and the basketball captain, Graham, introduce the prom theme. Ben tells Mandy to be quiet so he can focus on his crush, LaToya. Their prom theme is the 80s. Mandy instantly rolls her eyes. She tells Ben and their friends, Zenobia and Charles, that 80s movies, although cult classics, don’t stand the test of time.

Mandy’s parents want her to enjoy her last days of high school. Mandy rebuts that going to the bookstore, eating waffles, and going to the movies with Ben are fun. She doesn’t want to change her high school experience and spend time with people she doesn’t like. At the waffle house with Ben, Mandy witnesses another prom-posal. Ben starts to question his time at high school. He focused on school and work, but no one remembers him. He wants to go out with a bang. So Mandy writes ‘Prom?’ in ketchup and asks Ben to prom. She promises to do all the cliché prom things and have the whole experience.

Before school, Ben encourages Mandy to check her application status. They waitlisted her. She curls into a ball, cries, and pleads for Ben to leave her in the car. Ben refuses and demands Mandy be the strong woman he knows her to be and never take no for an answer. Mandy puffs out her chest and stomps into Mrs. Chen’s office for guidance. Mrs. Chen tells Mandy to get a recommendation letter from a Harvard Alumni like Graham’s dad, Senator Lansing. Mandy sits with Ben to create a strategy. They heard that Graham plans to attend a party and is doing poorly in psychology. Mandy wants to go to the party, befriend Graham, and offer to tutor him. Then, she can meet Senator Lansing and get the letter. On the surface, Mandy’s plan seems easy, but she will get a senior year full of lessons.

This film starts like classic 80s movies. The protagonist rage against the system until they need help from the people inside. Once Mandy gets to know Graham, she realizes how much she judged him and his struggles. She had no idea that Graham felt like a disappointment at home while being a success in school. Also, Ben discovers he was never invisible to his crush. LaToya wasn’t a flighty mean girl. She is kind, funny, understanding, and done with high school. However, the setup is the only similarity. From that moment on, the writer fixes the issues with previous movies. Ben doesn’t have to tell Mandy she’s a terrible friend. She figures that out for herself after interrupting his birthday date with LaToya. Mandy doesn’t find love with Ben but maintains their loving friendship. And she sees the error in her ways before taking advantage of Graham. And graduation doesn’t end with a kiss for this group. It ends with Mandy driving away to her new life. This movie is far beyond its years and opens discussions.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m a high school guidance counselor. I’m never happy – Mrs. Chen

That’s not a comedy. That’s an episode of SVU – Mandy

What if this is my peak – Ben

Not bad for a Neanderthal, huh? – Graham

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I Got Problemz – Review

I Got Problemz – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Q finishes his interview while his grandmother, Laura, prays for him with her prayer warriors over the phone. This interview is his 99th, and it didn’t go well. Q is a genius but left school early after his mother got into legal trouble for selling drugs. The 20-year-old wants to return to college but is awaiting scholarships. Until then, he is happy to obtain an internship to get his foot in the door. 

Q goes outside to breathe and sees his crush, Kristina, working out. Then he sees Kristina’s ex-boyfriend, Pop, drive by his home. Pop warns Q to stay away from Kristina and leaves. Kristina doesn’t care about Pop and plans to watch an Einstein documentary with Q. Then, Q sees his best friend, Kevin. Kevin was well-liked in high school and still gets by on his looks. Kevin knows Q likes his sister, Kristina, and thinks Q is the right guy for her. 

Q goes to Kevin and Kristina’s house. After Kevin leaves, they watch the documentary, talk about the future, and laugh. She admits to having a crush on Q, and his heart skips a beat. They kiss, and the lights go out. He helps Kristina create a candle, and they plan to meet again.

Q wakes up in the morning and walks the block. Pop asks Q to follow him and admits that Q’s mom got busted with his drugs. He has Q follow him into a stash house, where he has a man tied up. Pop witnessed Q kiss Kristina and now wants Q to pay for it. However, he doesn’t want to kill Q. He wants to pin a crime on him and ruin Q’s life. Pop pulls out a gun and kills the man in front of Q. Q runs out of the house and hopes everything will be ok. However, Pop spreads the rumor that Q killed the man, and the police are looking for Q. Can Q clear his name and reclaim his life?

This film breaks the 4th wall with quips and insights from Q. This break allows the viewer to understand what’s on Q’s mind. Q is an intelligent guy living in a rough area with zero street smarts. However, his likable demeanor endears him to his friends and family. The film doesn’t delve too far into this topic, but Kristina is a domestic abuse survivor. She escaped Pop. But she is in the 6-month danger zone, and he is lashing out at anyone in her life. While the storyline has mystery, it doesn’t capture your attention. Q is in a troublesome situation, but everything is a joke. You have no desire to hope or care for him. And the missing lenses in his glasses are distracting. This film is background noise with a few laughs.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Can you be intelligent and stupid at the same damn time – Q

We got to go through something, in order to know something – Laura

You like my sister, don’t you – Kevin

So you were playing my husband, and I was competing – Kristina

Or what – Reggie

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Home, Not Alone – Review

Home, Not Alone – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sara left her abusive ex-husband, Frank, and moved into a new house with her daughter, Jordyn, after getting a well-sought-after promotion. Sara got a great price because the previous owner couldn’t pay the mortgage. Also, the house came fully furnished. Kendall, a local real estate agent, drops by to introduce herself. Sara is excited about the changes, but Jordyn is not. Even the indoor pool doesn’t impress Jordyn. Jordyn didn’t want to leave but got suspended for vaping on school grounds. So, Sara thought the move and a new school would be a fresh start. After they move in, Jordyn meets Noah. They will attend the same school, and he offers Jordyn a ride to school the next day. Jordyn says yes with angst and boundaries. 

Sara decides to come home early and hears something behind the walls. She believes it’s a rodent. Then, she hears a knock at her door. It’s Colin, the previous owner. He is a contractor and gives Sara a brief history of the property. He offers to help her with repairs because he knows the home inside and out. She inquires about the sounds behind the walls, and Colin offers to put down traps. When things go missing or moved, Sara blames Jordyn. However, Jordyn claims she isn’t doing anything wrong and holds Colin responsible. Sara decides to ignore the issue and settle into her new home. And she is home, but not alone.

First, Sara will infuriate you. She ignores every blaring sign that something isn’t right in her home. Second, Sarah is quick to blame everyone but her new boyfriend. She points the finger at Jordyn and Noah without proof. Finally, Sara refuses to listen to Jordyn’s pleas because of Jordyn’s issues in the past. It’s enough to make any viewer turn the channel. But don’t give up on this movie. It has an intelligent and understanding cop who takes Sara’s concerns seriously. The last five minutes will give you hope in the script. The film has a curveball that few will suspect. That last five minutes save this movie from the Phrogging: Hider in My House script of predictability.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, at least you guys agreed on one thing – Jordyn

I’m just doing what any mother would do – Sara

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Beverly Lewis’ The Confession: Musical – Review

Beverly Lewis’ The Confession: Musical – UPtv – 3 hours and 0 minutes

Katie and Daniel secretly write and sing songs. The bishop told Daniel to get rid of his guitar once the bishop baptized Daniel into their Amish faith. However, Daniel asked his secret girlfriend, Katie, to hide his guitar in her attic. Katie’s best friend, Mary, alerts Katie that her father, Samuel, is coming because the community needs help raising a barn. Before Katie and Daniel assist, Daniel tells Katie he is going on a fishing trip soon. And when he returns, he plans on asking for her hand in marriage.

Katie’s mother, Rebecca, comes to Katie with a sad update. A storm capsized Daniel’s boat. They couldn’t find Daniel’s body and declared him dead. Katie falls into a depression for two years and runs to the attic to cry and play Daniel’s guitar. After playing, Katie goes through an old trunk and finds a fancy baby gown with the name Katherine Mayfield embroidered inside. Rebecca finds Katie in the attic and tries to take the dress away. But Katie wants to know who Katherine is because the dress is too lavish to be Amish. Rebecca admits they adopted Katie after Rebecca had a stillbirth. A 16-year-old girl gave birth simultaneously and decided to give the baby up for adoption. Rebecca saw this as a sign from God. She and Samuel adopted Katie and raised her in their Amish faith. Rebecca admits that they got a letter from Katie’s mother, Lauren. Lauren is sick and looking for Katie. However, Rebecca doesn’t remember the address. Only that Lauren was in New York or Canada. Katie wants to see her biological mother, but Rebecca says Katie can’t. Katie is on thin ice with the bishop for singing and playing secular music. If she leaves, the bishop could shun her. Katie chooses the find her biological mother. The bishop says Katie can’t return, the community can’t talk to her, and they mustn’t speak her name.

Lauren sits on her chaise while her maid, Rosie, and house manager, Fulton, care for her. Lauren updates her will and asks Rosie to put it away. When Lauren leaves, Lauren’s husband, Dylan, finds the will and reads that Lauren cut him out of it. She left everything to her only child, Katherine. Dylan hires an actress to be Katherine and rob Lauren before Lauren dies. He has to ensure the actual Katherine doesn’t show up and ruin his plans. When Katie calls, he says she has the wrong number and hangs up. With Lauren’s worsening MS, Dylan must fast-track his plan to get her wealth. Everyone will have to confess because there are more secrets to come.

Based on The Heritage of Lancaster County Series by Beverly Lewis (Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3), this movie has the drama and comedy of a daytime soap opera (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Yes, this is a musical, but it’s for everyone. There is one song with Katie, Lauren, and Rebecca that will move you to tears. The lyrics allow you to sympathize with each woman’s plight. Shunned, Katie wants to connect to the only family she has but still urns for Rebecca. Dying, Lauren wants to find Katherine and make peace. Hurt Rebecca wants Katie back in her life but doesn’t want to lose her community. This one song captures it all with stellar voices. Let’s not overlook the comedy of Fulton and Rosie. They will have you laughing every moment they are on the screen. Even if you are not a fan of musicals, you will find something in this movie to love.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Don’t worry. When the time’s right, all the words will come – Daniel

We’re lucky it wasn’t my dad – Katie

Good girls don’t keep secrets – Samuel

I know our Katie. She’s a good girl. She will listen – Rebecca

Maybe, just a little – Rosie

But if you are risking the one who gave you her life -Mary

You don’t look very Amish to me – Dylan

Then that makes me perfect for the job, doesn’t it – Alyson

Will you pray with me – Laura

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A Picture of Her – Review

A Picture of Her – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Beth is the first mate on a fishing boat with her father, Captain Mark. She got a degree in environmental studies and moved to L.A. to change the world. However, she returned home after her ex-boyfriend betrayed their ambitions. Mark gets a call from his sister, Dody. She broke her ankle and needs assistance. Dody wants to hire a nurse, but Mark thinks Beth is more equipped to care for her aunt and knows L.A. So Beth travels to L.A. and works with Dody in Dody’s greenhouse. Dody’s doctor tells Beth that Beth can leave when Dody can go down their stairs without assistance. Dody brings some of her flowers to the local market to sell. They have a lovely day together, smelling roses, walking the neighborhood, and eating.

Jake gets a call from Janice. She spotted a rock star out with a gorgeous woman, not his pregnant wife. Jake runs to the restaurant and quietly snaps a few photos, but other paparazzi get there too. Jake pays Janice for her information. Jake goes home to edit the images and send them to Los Angeles Culture magazine. Later, Jake gets a call from the feature editor of the magazine, Candace. Candace’s boss, Vern, wants to do an article about Springtime in the City. And he wants candid shots of the local farmers’ market because Vern thinks it will be romantic. Jake agrees and goes to the farmers’ market to take a few pictures. He spots a beautiful woman smelling roses, points, and clicks. Jake goes home to edit the photos and gets a call. He accidently highlights the woman’s picture and sends the bunch to Candace. Candace sees the image of the woman and puts it on the cover.

Jake promises to care for Candace’s dog, Princess, while Candace is at a conference. Jake takes Princess to the park to play. Jake gets hit in the head with a tennis ball and sees the woman from the market. She apologizes and introduces herself as Beth. She is at the park to take care of Dody’s dog. Jake works up the courage to ask Beth out, and Beth obliges. They have a great first date. Jake tells Beth he is a freelance photojournalist after she expresses disdain for the paparazzi. During their date, Janice calls Jake with a tip, and he leaves the date early with Beth’s understanding.

Later, Beth walks down the street with Dody, and Dody spots Beth’s face on a magazine under the name Shutterbot. People swarm them and take pictures. Beth goes to the magazine’s offices and demands to know the identity of Shutterbot. Candace won’t tell Beth but gets Beth’s information for the photographer. Jake calls Candace after seeing the magazine. He never meant for them to publish Beth’s image. Candace tells Jake that Beth came to the office, but she kept his identity a secret. Also, the picture is beyond L.A. and viral. Beth and Jake go on a date, and both have revealing information. She wants to stay in L.A. to pursue acting jobs, and he got steady employment. But he doesn’t tell Beth why. Jake lives on the edge of his secret and knows it’s a matter of time before the loose lips of L.A. rat him out. Will the truth end his picture-perfect romance?

Let’s start with kudos on the classic dad fish jokes. This movie plays with the clichés but finds a way to create a compelling ending. After Beth leaves L.A., she finds a way to connect with Jake. And Dody, being the protective mother figure, understands that Jake made a mistake and hears Beth call for help. Jake tries to make the classic declaration, but Dody intercepts, and finding Beth on a boat would be too difficult. This ending puts the power of love and forgiveness in Beth’s hands. While this movie shows the predatory side of photographers, it gives them a heart too. That job was never someone’s dream. They may have other ambitions that fell short. The main characters have spectacular chemistry and will make you fall in love with their passions. This movie is a perfect start to 2023’s Spring into Love season.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You think I’m missing something – Beth

Hey Beth, how do you know if a guy’s a real fishing man – Mark

I brought you some dancing ladies – Dody

This sounds concerning. Is it not – Jake

Why don’t you just tell her – Janice

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