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Merry Liddle Christmas Baby – Review

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jacquie and Tyler prepare for the Liddle family Christmas invasion.  But this year, they booked a hotel for Jacquie’s family since she needs a stress-free environment during her pregnancy.  As the Liddles arrive, they have unfortunate news.  A pipe bursts at their hotel, and the family has no place to stay.  Without consulting Jacquie, Tyler offers to let them stay at their home.  Her father wants to enjoy the holiday, but an avalanche stuck Jacquie’s mother, Marchelle, in Utah.  Jacquie’s sister, Treena, and Treena’s husband anxiously wait to hear if their adoption is final.  Jacquie’s youngest sister, Kiara, has a new boyfriend, Chris.  But Kiara doesn’t know Chris is ready to get married.  While he is happy to be a step-father, is Chris prepared to be a father? Keira is pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Chris.  With everything going on, Jacquie questions her abilities to be a mother.  This Liddle family must come together to support each other.

The next movie in the Liddle trilogy does not disappoint.  It provides all the love, laughs, and craziness fans expect.  It’s hard to believe this is the end, but it ends with a surprisingly high note.  This film leaves you with a conclusion on each character, but you will always want more.  With a wild younger sister, high-strung big sister, and compromising middle sister, fans can relate to someone in this family.  And hang on to the end for an awe-inducing surprise (don’t click on the link unless you want a HUGE spoiler).

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I could never do justice to my mom’s cooking anyway – Jacquie

That’s because it’s ice – Chris

Nothing says romance like candlelight and a little MSG – Kiara

It’s gonna be epic – Tyler

Always lead with love – Marchelle

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Making Spirits Bright – Review

Making Spirits Bright – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After Bill and Frank fell out, they started separate exterior decorating companies.  Bill works to keep up with flashy upstarts, but his business grew too fast.  Bill is having trouble keeping up with the expenses.  On the other side of town, all the razzle-dazzle makes Frank’s stomach turn.  Frank thinks the lights are enough without the spectacle.  While he loves design, Frank hasn’t created a Christmas design in 8 years.  With the Bright Nights competition coming up, Bill’s daughter, Grace, thinks the $50,000 grand prize will help.  Frank’s son, Tony, believes a win will inspire Frank to create again.  When Bill and Frank find out each other is competing, it will unleash World War 3.  But their kids, Grace, and Tony refuse to be a part of it.  Together, they work behind the scenes to help each other and their fathers.  They realize to win the competition Frank and Bill will need to work together again.  But Grace and Tony aren’t the only ones pulling the strings.  Can Frank and Bill put their differences aside to win?

This Romeo and Juliet Christmas tale mixed with Grumpy Old Men doesn’t need much attention to watch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You get what you expect within watching the first 20 minutes.  The only surprise is Tony’s solutions to Bill’s money issues.  Unless you are a business or finance major, it will fly over your head.  The rest is predictable from beginning to end.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I appealed to his ego – Tony

Everyone’s acting like we already lost – Grace

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Sinister Switch – Review

Sinister Switch – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

As Kristen validates her author’s book, she gets a phone call from the police.  After six years, the police found her daughter, Olivia, alive.  Kristen and her estranged husband, Justin, wait at the police station and see the police questioning a waif-like figure in a hoodie.  The figure walks into the room, and they run to embrace her.  They bring her to Kristen’s home and give Olivia space.  But when Olivia goes to the guest room, Justin thinks something is off.  Kristen believes it’s a side effect of trauma and ignores it.  When the police want more information about Olivia and other victims her captor took, she refuses the talk.  Over the next few days, Olivia will fight to keep her family.  Too bad they aren’t her family.  What will it take for Kristen to see and accept the truth?

This movie is a bit wild.  But it is the movie’s crazy nature that keeps you watching from beginning to end.  There is some foreshadowing because Kristen is suspicious of another author’s human trafficking story.  So Kristen knows how to research others but can’t apply the same logic to her daughter.  She is a desperate woman that wants her child back at any cost.  As Kristen does the unthinkable and unravels the mystery, she will find the evil in the truth, and you will watch from the beginning to an oddly satisfying end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Not with stories like this – Kristen

Don’t be mad – Olivia

She was about to eat shrimp – Justin

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Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune – Review

Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Belle’s company booked its most notable client, the U.S. Army, during her high school reunion.  As Belle works to put together the tribute for the troops, her liaison, Troy, meets with her.  Troy’s boss, the Captain, uncovered Belle’s lineage, and he believes her parents will be the best addition to the show.  Belle’s parents are a country duo, Georgia and Joe.  For years, Joe wrote the songs, and they sang them.  But at the height of their career, they broke up, personally and professionally.  Now, they can’t be in the same room together.  If Belle can’t get them, she will lose the job, and the troops won’t get their performance.  So Belle calls Georgia.  Georgia agrees but under the guise that Joe will say no.  Georgia wants Joe to be the bad guy for once.  Belle calls Joe, and he happily agrees to do it for the troops.  Much to Georgia’s chagrin.  Now the embattled exes have to work together for Belle and the troops.  Will anything be left standing?

This movie is funny from beginning to end.  As Georgia and Joe trade shots, they leave nothing on the table except your astonished face.  The secondary love story of Belle and Troy is there to show Georgia and Joe what they missed over the years.  As you watch them go back and forth, you will want them to work things out.  Georgia and Joe make a great duo on and off stage.  However, they have years of disagreements to work through.  This movie will be a favorite of this holiday for the country and non-country fans alike.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I was very lucky once. A long, long time ago – Joe

Oh you have no idea – Belle

What’s with the Georgia face – Richard

Uh oh, you got that Joe look on our face – Duke

You never were that good with your hands – Georgia

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An Unexpected Christmas – Review

An Unexpected Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jamie comes home to celebrate the holidays and his grandfather’s memory.  When he settles in, his family asks about his girlfriend, Emily.  He tells them she has to work and can’t make it for Christmas.  They are disappointed, but they expect her absence.  When Jamie goes to the airport with his sister, Becca, she spots Emily getting off the plane.  Becca greets Emily with open arms and grabs Emily’s luggage.  Jamie admits to Emily that he lied to his family for five months and never told them about their break-up.  Emily agrees to keep up the lie but has a room booked at a hotel to escape Jamie’s deceit.  However, when she tries to check in, Emily gets a shock.  Her boss, Daryl, booked the room under his name, and Emily can’t change the reservation.  She tries to call Daryl, but she knows he is gone for the year.  Jamie extends the offer to stay at his parents’ place again.  She says yes but with conditions.  Her celebrity endorsement fell through for her company’s campaign.  She needs to nail it to get a promotion.  Jamie works as a speechwriter for the governor.  She will lie if Jamie can get the governor for her campaign.  Jamie agrees.  Not only to cover his lie but to prove his worth.  The governor is up for re-election, and Jamie has to make her relatable.  If he succeeds, Jamie will get more opportunities.  With a wedding-focused family watching their every move, can Jamie and Emily keep up the lie?

Score one for Becca.  This funny sister will have you laughing until it hurts.  She, like most sisters, wait for the best and worst moment to comment or quip at Jamie’s expense.  She will have you watching until the end.  And having Becca find love is the icing on the cake.  You know how the story will end but watch for Jamie’s reason for the break-up and the lie.  It allows viewers to see a man’s vulnerabilities.  This insight is refreshing in a Hallmark movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I like big. I like cushy – Emily

Not as far as you think – Jamie

Looks like gravity took the wheel – Becca

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Christmas CEO – Review

Christmas CEO – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chris sits with the CEO of a toy company, Kathleen, to discuss the future.  Kathleen wants to step down, but she has to name a successor for her company.  Kathleen chooses Chris.  Chris is flattered but owns CJ toys.  Kathleen wants to merge the companies and put Chris in charge.  Before Kathleen can hand over her company, the board of directors desires to look over her books and have the articles of incorporation signed by both owners.  Chris stops in her tracks because the 2nd owner is her former best friend, Joe.  Joe hasn’t been involved in the day-to-day operations since he walked away seven years ago.  Chris has no idea of Joe’s location until a nosy Santa hears her talking on the phone.  Santa tells Chris that Joe works in the toy store up the street with his father, Tucker.  Chris enters the store to get a signature and leave, but Joe says no.  He believes Chris should focus on making toys and not the bottom line.  He agrees to sign the document if she is willing to work for his charity.  Being side by side will help them mend the past and find a future together.

This movie gives viewers the mending fences storyline with a dash of self-discovery.  As Chris works with Joe, she finds her spark for toy making.  Chris loved designing toys.  But as her company grew, designing became an afterthought.  While the movie isn’t funny, it is sweet for viewers.  This film is an easy watch, because their relationship develops naturally over time.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

We have a problem – Chris

Shh. Not in front of the trees  – Joe

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A Loud House Christmas – Review

A Loud House Christmas – Nickelodeon – 1 hour and 18 minutes

Lincoln worked hard all year to buy a 13-person toboggan for him and his family to enjoy together as a gift.  But his plans get derailed when three of his sisters have other plans.  Luan will be performing at their grandfather’s retirement home.  Lori plans to spend the holidays with her boyfriend’s family, and Leni’s friend invited Leni to ski with her family.  With three kids gone, Lincoln’s parents come up with an idea.  They want to take the family to Miami for the holidays.  Lincoln is heartbroken because the family can’t use his gift in Miami.  Lincoln calls his best friend Clyde for help.  Lincoln and Clyde devise a plan to bring his family home and away from Miami.  But when their idea becomes a media sensation and family devastation, can Lincoln fix it?

Based on The Loud Family T.V. series, this live-action adaptation is charming and heartwarming for fans and non-fans alike (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It stays true to the characters’ looks and temperament.  Of course, it has all the hijinks you would expect from Nickelodeon.  But it teaches a lesson on family and the holidays.  It reminds parents that kids cherish these moments just as much as they do.  And it teaches kids that quantity time with family is not as important as quality time.  This movie is fun for the whole family.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What a rush – Mrs. Loud

The darkness suits me – Lucy

What is going on? This is Christmas – Lincoln

Miami! – Lily

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The Nine Kittens of Christmas – Review

The Nine Kittens of Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Marilee leaves her bustling veterinary practice behind to visit her family.  As she heads out the door, her boyfriend, Miles, gives her the bad news.  He can’t drive down now, but he promises to make it later.  While out enjoying the holidays with her family, it doesn’t take long for Marilee to run into her ex-boyfriend, Zach.  He has a box with nine kittens inside, and he plans on taking them to the vet. Marilee’s sister, Jaclyn, reminds Zach that the local vet retired, and he doesn’t know what to do.  Marilee stops them and takes the kittens.  She assesses that the litter is ten weeks old and needs their shots.  As she examines each kitten, Marilee learns more about Zach’s development.  Zach is a firefighter, and Chief Sam wants Zach to be the next chief after his retirement.  For now, Zach doesn’t feel ready to take the role, but he prepares himself to find the abandoned kittens’ forever homes.  As Zach and Marilee create flyers, pick kitten sitters, and make a billboard, they will spark a flame of romance.  Will that spark go out when Miles comes back?

Based on The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts, this movie is perfect for cat lovers (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You get nine adorable kittens named after reindeers.  Aside from that, this film follows the Hallmark script to the letter.  You will expect the twist.  So the turn will be a straight line.  Come for the movie and stay for the furry felines.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

As long as you respect my boundaries – Zach

You look festive – Marilee

We’re gonna need a bigger box – Sam

I’m sorry I don’t speak old movie – Gabi

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Who is Christmas Eve? – Review

Who is Christmas Eve? – Bounce TV – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas, thirty-one years ago, someone left Eve on a church doorstep with the clothes on her back and a locket with her name.  Her parents adopted her and her brother, Andy.  Every year, her boyfriend, Chris, sees Eve’s mood change as Christmas nears.  He wants to propose, but she can’t marry someone without feeling whole first.  He sees a newscast about Pamela on TV and looks her up on the internet.  Pamela helps people reconnect with lost loved ones.  In the business, people describe Pamela as relentless.  So, Chris hires her as Eve’s Christmas gift.  At first, Eve rejects Pamela’s help because Eve is afraid.  However, Eve gives Pamela a chance to help.  Eve’s search for self will lead her down a path of uncertainty, rejection, sadness, and love.

Inspired by the work of Pamela Slaton, the story of Eve will have you feeling every emotion.  You will take each setback and triumph personally.  And allow Chris and Andy’s unwavering support to inspire you to help others.  With a boost from DMC, Eve decides to stop living her life on chapter two and finds the beginning of her story.  And this movie doesn’t give you an easy finish.  It allows viewers to see the truthful ups and downs of these reunions.  Not the glossy Hollywood version.  If you can handle something a bit heavier this holiday season, this is the one for you.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m sorry – Chris

How am I supposed to start a family when I don’t know my own – Eve

You need to let me be the big brother once a while – Andy

You got any coffee – Pam

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Christmas Down Under – Review

Christmas Down Under – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

With continuous Christmas mishaps, Ellie doesn’t look forward to the holiday.  This holiday is no different because someone smashed into her car.  When she tries to explain her misfortune to a police officer, he walks away from his desk.  As Ellie fills out the form, the officer’s phone rings, and Ellie picks it up to hear Aaron screaming on the other end.  Someone robbed Aaron and ran away.  Ellie explains she isn’t an officer, and the two start to talk.  When the line disconnects, Aaron runs to the police station to find her.  Today, they are married and have money troubles.  With low funds, they can’t visit Aaron’s family in Australia.  Aaron thinks Australia is a dangerous place, but Ellie wishes she could go.  Seeing his wife is disappointed, Aaron gives her a puppy for Christmas.  He hopes it will be good practice for the future.  The puppy pulls birth control pills out of Ellie’s purse while they argue about having a baby.  Aaron is dumbfounded because he thought she wasn’t taking contraception.  While they argue, Ellie takes a phone call.  Angry, Aaron writes a note and leaves for Australia.  At first, Ellie decides to give him some space.  But when she sees of picture of Aaron with his old crush, Shannon, she embarks on an exhausting expedition to get her man back.

This movie is something you need to DVR first and play with the remote control in your hand.  A lot is going on with thick accents and local slang.  While Ellie deals with endless layovers, broken phones, and lost luggage, she finds the magic in Australia.  This movie has plenty of funny moments, but it takes a while to get the joke because there are so many terms you may not understand.  Google will be your best friend throughout this movie.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Aaron, I didn’t lie – Ellie

Don’t pretend that I don’t know what stress is – Aaron

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Baking Spirits Bright – Review

Baking Spirits Bright – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Varma’s fruitcakes are not having a good year.  So Avi hires a top-tier advertising company to handle their ad campaign.  However, they didn’t tell their daughter, Mira, because she would overreact.  Brady arrives at the fruitcake bakery and hits the ground running.  If he does well at this job, a promotion is around the corner.  But Mira goes to Avi with concerns.  Avi tells Mira to let Brady handle the campaign, but it’s her job to make Brady understand the company and its lineage.  She meets with Brady and tells him one day with the family isn’t enough.  He has to take part in the family traditions.  He promises to take part and not move forward with a campaign until she approves it.  As they work side by side, they start to admire each other.  But when a promotion calls, will Brady answer it.

While this movie has a lot of insight about fruitcakes, everything else is the typical holiday movie.  This movie could be on any other network, and it would blend in without effort.  It offers little to the season, and with so many like it, this movie will fade into the holiday background.  Keep this on when you need background noise during your holiday festivities.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

The Christmas madness has begun – Brady

Oh, now go ahead and tell her I love her more than the day I married her – Avi

I am not overreacting – Mira

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A Kiss Before Christmas – Review

A Kiss Before Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Twenty years ago, Ethan walked into his job with his co-worker, Sean, and argued about the land deal proceedings.  Frustrated, Ethan let Sean get in the elevator without him.  As he mulled things over, he heard a woman’s voice ask if he was going up.  Ethan got in the elevator, and Ethan and Joyce got stuck on the 18th floor.  Now they are happily married with two children, Tricia and Colin.  While their marriage is strong, their finances aren’t.  Joyce’s car breaks down every week, and Colin and Tricia want to go to ivy league schools.  When Ethan looks up the cost, he discovers that Joyce wants to leave work for law school.  Then Sean walks into his office with a proposal.  He needs a 3rd generation newspaper stand to leave a property he wants to buy.  Lottie prevents a billion-dollar project from starting.  If Ethan can convince Lottie to go, then Ethan will get a promotion.  Ethan meets with Lottie, and they come up with a win-win deal for everyone.  Lottie will keep her current lease and come back when they finish construction.  Ethan presents the offer to Sean, and Sean hates it.  With Lottie keeping her current contract, they will lose money on the rent.  Sean wanted Lottie to leave.  Since Lottie is still there, their boss will uncover that Sean didn’t complete the work and make Sean look bad.  Ethan asks for a 2nd chance to get it right.  Sean agrees, and Ethan sits in the lobby.  Ethan tells a Santa that he wonders what his life would be if he never got on Joyce’s elevator.  When Ethan gets up, Joyce’s number isn’t on his phone, and everyone calls him ‘sir.’  He has all the success but doesn’t have a family.  At work the next day, Ethan sees Joyce.  She only knows him as a hard-nosed real estate mogul and her opposition.  Joyce is fighting to keep a community center open, and Ethan is in her way.  She is ready to go toe-to-toe in court if they don’t compromise.  When she walks away, Santa explains to Ethan that he has a lesson to learn.  If he doesn’t, he will be stuck in this life and forget he was married with children.  Can Ethan make it back to the life he never knew he wanted?

Everyone wonders what if but seeing someone live it out will affect you.  While this movie is reminiscent of others, it feels different.  At first, Ethan is excited about his office, suit, car, and home.  But it’s empty and void of holiday spirit.  When he starts to lose his memory, it breaks Ethan’s heart.  He starts to realize that money was never his issue but appreciating his life was.  And seeing Ethan woo Joyce again makes you fall in love with their love.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m quality control – Tricia

It’s about appearances Ethan and you’re making me look bad to her – Sean

Do you have someone waiting for you at home – Ethan

Oh, and Shawn always gets what Shawn wants – Joyce

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Christmas on 5th Avenue – Review

Christmas on 5th Avenue – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Eva and her partner, Paige, created a personalized concierge service called Urban Genies.  Although the operation has grown, Eva likes to handle some of the clients herself.  One of her first clients, Mitsy, has a special request after Eva walks Mitsy’s dog.  Mitsy’s son, Lucas, is stuck in Vermont writing his new book.  He will come home in time for Christmas, but he won’t be able to decorate.  She wants Eva to cook for Lucas and decorate Lucas’s home before he arrives, and money is not an issue.  And while Eva decorates, she can stay in the apartment on 5th Avenue.  Eva jumps at the chance because her parents couldn’t afford to fly to see her.  So she gets to stay in a lavish penthouse while making extra money renting her apartment on Airbnb.  Eva goes to Lucas’s apartment and meets the doorman, Charlie.  She warns Charlie that a lot of packages will come.  Eva walks around but hears sounds coming from upstairs and finds a man sitting in the office.  She threatens to call the police, and so does he.  Then she remembers him from the book jackets.  The man is Lucas, and he is in New York.  She explains his mother hired him, and Lucas tells Eva to leave.  Eva warns Lucas if Mitsy sees the apartment bare, Mitsy will know he lied about being in Vermont.  If Lucas allows her to stay and finish her job, Eva will keep his secret.  He agrees, but she needs to be quiet and stay out of his way.  When Eva tells Paige, Paige mentions that Lucas’s wife died around Christmas, and it all makes sense to Eva.  The holidays hurt for Lucas, but Eva is determined to make him happy.  In a world of misery loves company, will Lucas’s holiday pessimism bring Eva’s holiday spirit down?

Based on Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan, most will understand Lucas’s pain of celebrating a holiday after losing a loved one (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But it’s our friends and family that pull us through it all.  This love story develops believably, but the conclusion is a bit too fast.  Using the book as a base, you feel that the movie removed or montaged some of the chapters. While this movie may not be a favorite, it will give you the urge to read the book.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

No wonder your mother thinks you need my help – Eva

You can’t call the police on someone being in their own home – Lucas

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Five More Minutes – Review

Five More Minutes – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

When Clara was a little girl, she admired her grandfather, Jerry, who owned Candy Cane Confectionary.  Now, her mother, Bonnie, tries to keep the store together with a mountain of notes and zero procedures.  With the added stress of running the store, Bonnie wants to cancel Christmas, but Clara won’t hear it.  She will be traveling North Carolina and promises to help the moment she arrives.  Before traveling, Clare has dinner with her boyfriend, Blake.  When an engagement ring drops on the ground, she panics and pulls out a letter from the school board to read.  The school board decided to cut the art department, and Clara will lose her job at the beginning of the year.  After the bad news, Blake chooses not to propose, and Clara leaves for home.  At the confectionary shop, Clara finds Bonnie confused and burning cookies.  She tells Bonnie that she ran into her old friend Logan.  Years ago, they dated but broke up when Clara left for college.  Seeing him again brought back feelings, but she has a boyfriend.  Now, Clara will focus on helping Bonnie with the shop and finding a job.  As Clara attempts to go through Jerry’s system, she wishes she had five more minutes with him.  Then Clara puts out a help wanted sign.  Before she sits down, Jay walks into the store with the sign. He desired to help last year, but Jerry told him there was no need.  Clara accepts all the help she can get.  As Jay helps organize, he finds a journal.  In the journal, Jerry writes about his first love Martha.  Clara remembers that Martha is not her grandmother’s name.  To get to know Jerry, she will continue to read his words and find his first love with Logan by her side.

Inspired by Five More Minutes by Scotty McCreery, this movie tugs at the heartstrings, but it doesn’t take much for viewers to figure out what’s going on (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  However, you watch to find out what happened to Martha.  This movie provides a mystery, but Clara and Logan decide to solve it in the most analog way.  Nevertheless, viewers get a worthy conclusion for their viewing commitment.  Give this movie a try if you want to feel some Christmas magic.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

A wish is when you say out loud what’s in your heart – Jerry

About the house, don’t judge – Bonnie

How did you know that dad was the one – Clara

Clara, what’s in your heart – Logan

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Abduction Runs in the Family – Review

Abduction Runs in the Family – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

When Alyssa was a child, Miles kidnapped her and changed her name to Sophie.  While he didn’t harm her physically, the mental scars remain.  Rescuers found Alyssa and returned her home.  The court sentenced Miles to decades in prison for the kidnapping.  Now, Alyssa hosts a podcast called Daring To Be and talks about her past.  Also, she will release her book in a few weeks.  However, people are more interested in her kidnapper getting out of prison than in her book.  But Alyssa handles it with a stride in public.  At home, she feels the effects of PTSD.  She will only let her best friend, Grace, near her daughter, Emma.

Emma’s father, Tony, sees Emma sporadically, and Alyssa’s boyfriend, Grant, wants to make a stronger connection to Emma.  Alyssa’s editor, Sarah, scheduled a meeting that’s running long.  Afraid she won’t get Emma from school in time, Alyssa calls Grace, but Grace is busy.  She has no choice but to call Grant.  Grant happily says yes and keeps Alyssa up to date.  But when Grant doesn’t answer Alyssa’s texts, she panics.  He tries to explain that he left his phone, but Alyssa won’t hear it.  She wants to cancel all her dates to keep an eye on Emma.  At the park, Alyssa watches Emma as Sarah tells Alyssa to relax and thinks things over.  Then Alyssa answers a phone call.  Five seconds later, Emma is gone, and Alyssa’s worst fears come true.  To get Emma back, Alyssa needs to think like a kidnapper.  And she knows who to go to, Miles, the man that kidnapped her.

Emma’s kidnapper is a bit obvious, but the motive takes some unpacking.  And it takes the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ to a whole new level.  Because you figure out the kidnapper, you only watch to prove yourself right.  However, with all the craziness in the movie, it comes to a realistic end for Alyssa and Miles.  It establishes that you can forgive without forgetting.  While there could be a part two for the movie, one is enough.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Your signals are landing just fine – Alyssa

I hurt for you – Miles

Then let me help you – Grant

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A Christmas Together With You – Review

A Christmas Together With You – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Megan planned on getting married tomorrow, but she broke up with her fiancé six months ago.  She wants to put the past behind her and focus on work and her friends.  At the café, Megan sees her favorite customer, Frank, with a photo.  He tells Megan the picture is him with his first love, Claire.  While Frank won’t elaborate on the relationship, the recent widower thinks about Claire often.  At the day’s end, Megan sweeps the café floor and finds the picture of Claire and Frank.  She gets on her computer and messages a classmate that had Claire tagged in a photo.  To Megan’s surprise, the classmate writes back with Claire’s last known location.  Megan tells Frank and convinces Frank to go on a road trip to find Claire.  At the first coffee stop, Steve bumps into Megan and makes her spill her drink.  He tosses some money her way, grabs his dog, and walks away while talking on the phone.  She couldn’t believe how rude Steve was to her, although his dog was kind.  When they approach Claire’s door, Frank looks inside the window and sees it empty.  Frank wants to give up, but Megan finds a realtor’s brochure in the mailbox.  So they drive to the agency’s town to get more information, but Megan almost has an accident.  Frank tells Megan to pull over at a local lodge so they can find a place to sleep.  There, Megan can’t believe the man who stands at the concierge counter.  It’s Steve.  He apologizes for his actions earlier and offers his help. With Steve’s help, Operation Claire is afoot.  But is it too late to make a love connection for Frank or Megan?

While this movie does serves some tea, it drags in the middle as Megan and Steve connect.  Since the focus is on Claire and Frank’s love, you will have little interest in the subplot.  Their love story is inconsequential to the main storyline.  Therefore, you will tune out.  However, the love story of Frank and Claire will warm your heart and save this movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, that’s one way to do it – Frank

You know you’re more than just another customer – Magan

Well, that should fix it for a month or so – Steve

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A Rich Christmas – Review

A Rich Christmas – BET and BETHer – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Valerie walks into her father’s office to finalize her holiday party during their Aspen vacation.  Her father, Marshall, gives her surprising news.  They are not going to Aspen this holiday.  Instead, they will stay in D.C. and celebrate at their charity, Rich Family Haven, a shelter for needy families.  Marshall decided to sell it.  Now he wants to spend a holiday there before the new owner takes over.  Valerie throws a fit and demands Marshall to take her to Aspen to spend time with her friends.  Marshall tells Valerie that if she wants to go, she has to get the money herself.  So, Valerie goes to her boyfriend, Tyson, and asks for the money, but he doesn’t have it.  However, Tyson suggests Valerie steal it from Marshall.  Valerie convinces herself that she will only borrow the money and replace it later.  Tyson and his friend use the information Valerie gave them and break into Marshall’s office to still $50,000.  Within the hour, all three are behind bars.  Marshall comes to bail Valerie out but with conditions.  He talked to the judge and got Valerie’s sentence down to community service at the shelter and with no financial help from him.  Marshall hopes a little hard work and a dose of reality will change his spoiled princess into a benevolent one.  But with her heart open, Valerie realizes the shelter is in trouble.  The buyer lied to Marshall.  The firm wants to tear down the haven and create luxury condos. To save it, they need to outbid the new owners.

This Christmas movie doesn’t focus on Valerie becoming a better person while finding a love interest.  The writer understood that Valerie has to love herself first.  As the shelter director, Carolyn walks Valerie around, Carolyn explains some of the occupants’ stories.  Valerie recognizes her judgemental ways and sees the carefree life Marshall provides her.  When she takes the spotlight off herself, she sees the shelter is in trouble and jumps into action. However, she doesn’t do a complete turnaround because some of her indulgent life helps.  Sit back and enjoy the audacity and transformation of Valerie.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

And that news segment will make me look like the grinch that stole Christmas – Marshall

But Santa is a saint – Lauren

Whatever you say, I am not the one closing it – Valerie

Damn already – Tyson

It’s gonna be a long day – Carolyn

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