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Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding – Review

Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jacquie works side by side with her wedding planner, Garrett, to make her Winter Wonderland wedding come true.  She is ready to marry the man of her dreams, Tyler, but his kids, Coco and Josh, haven’t warmed up to her, although his parents have.  As she sits with Tyler and his family, she gets a text that her family arrived early. Her mom and dad come with a van full of gifts, decorations, and a tree.  Her sister, Treena, and Treena’s husband, Julian, come with their daughter, Ava, but leave their baby at home.  And Jacquie’s baby sister, Kiara, left her dog at home and her son with his dad.  Jacquie pleads with her family to stay on their best behavior and away from Garrett.  Of course, Kiara doesn’t listen.  Within hours, she finds Garrett and insults his archway.  Jacquie mediates the confrontation and promises to keep Kiara away.  Later, Garrett bumps into Kiara and Mrs. Liddle, and they continue to tell him how to decorate.  When Jacquie walks in, Garrett quits and takes his vendors.  Jacquie tries to run after him but smashes into the cake instead.  Seeing the emotional pain in Jacquie’s face, Mrs. Liddle calls a family meeting.  She asks her family and Tyler’s family to band together to create the wedding of Jacquie’s dreams in 3 days.  Can it be done with this family?

This Merry Liddle Christmas sequel is full of the same family hijinks, drama, and love.  But with everything going wrong, Jacquie, as the oldest, attempts to retain her composure.  That is until the unspeakable happens.  It makes her doubt if she and Tyler should get married.  Hearing her second-guessing the wedding gives Tyler pause.  While you will blame one person for being the source of the disaster, that person tries hard to mend everything, figuratively and literally.  Though you may not handle the situation the way Jacquie did, she did it the only way she knows how: with grace, dignity, and love.  And be prepared for a special edition of Santa Baby (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  At the end of this movie, you will only have one question: when will someone start watching those meddling kids.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You are going to need a much bigger car and bring some friends – Mr. Liddle

We all agreed we are gonna be on our best behavior – Mrs. Liddle

I know but I do – Kiera

I love my family, I love my family – Jacquie

Quality alone time, what does that look like again – Julian

You are in my way and on my nerves – Garrett

Don’t be a coward and just disappear – Chris

Not long, I could have filled up 3 books just like that – Tyler

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Five Star Christmas – Review

Five Star Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Benevolent Lucy races home to see her family, but gets a shock first because there is a sign in the front yard that reads, Ralston Inn Bed and Breakfast.  While she and her siblings, Will and Amber, lived their lives, their father converted their family home into a B&B.  As her siblings bicker about Amber changing majors, again, Lucy goes into a panic and demands answers.  Her father, Ted, started to feel alone with them gone, so he created the B&B to get more activity in the house.  With a little nudging, Ted admits the B&B isn’t doing well.  Lucy asks him about marketing, and Ted confesses he has postcards in stores around the town.  Lucy can’t believe it because her job is marketing.  Will asked Ted about an online presence, and Ted responded he needed a domain.  Will is in disbelief because he works in information technology.  All three siblings decided to come together to help Ted get the B&B on track.  Lucy thinks they need Bea Turner to write a review.  Lucy believes she’s in town, but Ted deduces she will be staying at another, more successful hotel.  Plus, how would it look for a reviewer to come to a B&B with no guests? Lucy steps outside with her dad, and he admits he can cover the B&B for two months.  After that, he will lose their family home.  As Lucy devises a plan, a woman rolls into the driveway with a flat tire.  Her name is Beth Thompson, but Lucy sees the initials B.T. on her purse, and she believes the woman is Bea Turner, undercover.  Lucy runs inside the house and tells her siblings to pretend to be guests.  Will and his wife, Susanne, will pretend to be Clayton and Candace, international travelers, and Amber will pretend to be a guest, too.  But Amber wants to be Chef Francesca, and Lucy shoots down her request.  Then, Lucy asks her grandfather to play an all-purpose worker.  The entire family agrees, and everyone, but Amber, plays their role as Beth checks into the B&B.  Instead, Amber introduces herself as the chef.  While performing the ruse, Jake walks into the B&B check-in also.  Lucy remembers Jake from the bakery because they had a knowledge-off about sassafras and candy canes, and he was the winner, but he gave her the sassafras candy cane.  The family will work hard to appease Beth and get a 5-star rating in her review.

Give it up for Grandma and Grandpa.  These two comic reliefs are worth the price of admission and the snacks.  Grandma is happy to help with the ruse and creates a lively accent for herself.  For a few moments, this family puts on a dinner theater for everyone.  But two surprises come out of this movie: Amber’s talent and Bea Turner.  The script pushes the love story between Jake and Lucy in the background so you can enjoy the family helping Ted.  Putting the love story in the backdrop makes the fast-paced relationship more believable.  But this reviewer wants to know, did you see the twist coming?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Are they really even our rooms anymore – Lucy

Postcards? Is that like a telegram – Amber

What me? Blow it? – Margot

What’s up with you and candy canes – Jake

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Dear Christmas – Review

Dear Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Natalie wraps up episode one of her Dear Christmas segment of her Holiday Love podcast, and she plans to finish it in her hometown, Lake Tahoe.  Until then, she asks listeners to send her stories of true holiday love to examine if love happens because of the holiday or because it’s real.  Her mom and dad, Jenny and Randy, bought a bookstore and her sister, Emma, is due to give birth to her first child on Christmas Eve.  Natalie can’t wait to get home, but on the way, she gets a flat tire.  The tow company sends Mr. Christmas, who has hot cocoa, decorations, and Christmas music in his car.  She believes they met, but he says he has a familiar face.  Back at her parents’ home, Natalie and Emma realize they are simple guests now.  Their parents are turning Natalie’s room into a gym and Emma’s room into a nursery.  Jenny put all their stuff in the basement, and they can keep whatever they want now before Jenny throws it away.  The sisters look through Natalie’s old stuff and find years of diaries, dating back to the 1st grade.  Natalie looks through her 1st-grade diary and reads a history of failed love interest.  On one page, she wrote a boy’s name inside a heart, and the next page is his name scratched out.  For Natalie, this is proof of her romance-challenged life.  In the morning, Mr. Christmas wakes her up because he is putting up Christmas decorations next to her window.  They wanted to open the store on time, so Randy and Jenny hired Mr. Christmas to put up their decorations.  With a budding attraction, Natalie offers to help.  As they work on the house, Mr. Christmas reveals that his name is Chris Massey, and they were in the 8th-grade band together.  She remembers the class but barely remembers him.  Later, at a café, they discover they traveled to the same places but only a day or two apart.  Then, he had to stop traveling because his brother passed away and left behind a wife and two daughters.  Now, Chris works several jobs but maintains his passion for glassblowing.  As Natalie watch stories of true love, she wonders if this is their love story in the making.  Natalie can only get the answer in her 8th-grade diary.  If only she could find it.

This movie is a cute story about star-crossed lovers with little to no drama.  You know the issue will resolve itself in time, so you don’t worry about the characters.  However, you will look forward to the mystery the 8th-grade diary could unlock for them.  As said before, with so many movies this season, this one will be lost and forgotten.  It’s a Hallmark movie on Lifetime, nothing more.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No, I have a million other people do that for me – Penny

Nice pajamas.  Still here – Chris

Nice to meet you, Mr. Christmas.  You gonna bring my sister a present this year – Emma

You sound pretty sure of that – Natalie

How much money does a glass blower make – Randy

You can’t put a price on love – Jenny

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Miss Juneteenth – Review

Miss Juneteenth – BET – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In 2004, Turquoise won the Miss Juneteenth Scholarship Pageant and had big dreams for her future.  In the past, other winners became doctors, became lawyers, or married a powerful man.  But Turquoise didn’t follow this path.  She met Ronnie, a local hustler, got married, had her daughter, and struggled every day since then.  Turquoise wants to enter her daughter, Kai, into the pageant.  She hopes this will be the platform for Kai to do better by getting an education and etiquette lessons.  Kai has different ideas for her future.  She dreams of joining the school’s dance team and getting a scholarship to become a Dancing Doll in college.  However, Turquoise doesn’t believe that type of dancing is appropriate for a Miss Juneteenth contestant.  Turquoise works overtime at Wayman’s Bar and the mortuary to get the money for the application fee and dress.  When Kai applies, both emcees remember Turquoise from her pageant days.  One of the women was her mentor but is disappointed in Turquoise’s lost potential.  The other was her opponent, who politely revels in Turquoise’s downfall.  Whether Kai likes it or not, Turquoise will forgo bills, beg, and drive a hearse to make sure Kai wins.

Turquoise is a stage mom, except she got the crown.  She is not living through her daughter for the tiara, but Turquoise is doing it to live the future she wanted through Kai.  Turquoise always dreams of riding down the street, waving, while everyone admires her.  She tells people how to strive for more because it’s what she always wanted for herself.  However, her life is falling apart around her.  Her daughter is unhappy, her bills are past due, and she loves a man who does the least possible but expects everything.  This movie proves the most complicated thing for people to do is follow their advice.  But when she sees Kai, the phenomenal woman, for the first time, Turquoise will understand her mistakes and misguided nature.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

She my dream now – Turquoise

It’ll be good for her to see her momma and daddy together – Rodney

Not in this world. Not if you know how to use it.  Looks is all a woman needs – Charlotte

Daddy just go.  Let her be – Kai

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Christmas by Starlight – Review

Christmas by Starlight – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Family attorney Annie is angry at Holt Enterprises for ruining her town and not renewing her parents’ café lease.  The Starlight Café has been their pride and joy for years.  Although Annie doesn’t work there, she is proud to be a part of the business.  She decides to head down to the Holt Enterprises headquarters and talk anyone into saving Starlight Café.  At Holt Enterprises, Will got a stern visit from his dad, the CEO.  He worries that Will has never shown leadership skills.  His latest mistake was putting a building on top of a historical 400-year-old bush.  Now, the historical society filed suit against Holt.  His father tells Will to hire a legal babysitter to watch over his deals.  If Will doesn’t show leadership skills, his father will sell the company instead of passing it on to Will.  Will asks his receptionist, Lyle, how many people would want to babysit him.  Lyle point down the hall and several candidates wait to interview.  Will grabs his things and tries to run away but bumps into Annie along the way.  He assumes she is another candidate for the position and runs, but she follows him to the street and mentions her profession.  Before Will can shoo her away, his father spots them and wants to know why Will is leaving when Will should be doing interviews.  Will tells his father he hired Annie to watch over him.  Happy, his father walks away.  Will hires her to be his legal babysitter for a week, but Annie will only do it under one condition.  He must save the Starlight Café.  Will agrees to do it and then tells Annie her job starts now.  She must sit with Will while he uses his razzle-dazzle to schmooze the historical society.  In the meeting, Annie sees Will’s razzle-dazzle isn’t working. So she chimes in to offer a compromise.  They will throw a fundraiser for the historical society, and they can use the funds to help the community.  Will doesn’t like Annie butting in, but the historical society meets her suggestion with high approval.  And Will’s father agrees with the historical society because it will get rid of the lawsuit and bring great PR to the company.  Will readies himself to hire a team, but his father stops him in his tracks.  He wants Will to do the work and warns Will that finding a location is difficult this time of the year.  Annie suggests having the party at the Starlight.  Will agrees and tells her to get it done in a week, and if it’s successful, he will renew the café’s lease.  Annie will show Will the meaning of Christmas, that fun outweighs status, and love is everywhere.

After Wedding Every Weekend, these actors pair again for another movie, and it’s gold.  As Annie enters Will’s world, she feels out of place, but she fits right in with them.  With her ugly Christmas sweater, cereal bars, and doggy clothes, she brings the joy high society misses (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s Will that’s out of sorts.  He is always late, misses meetings, and enjoys the fruits of life without having to work for them or aspire to do better.  When Lyle sees their connection, he warns Will that he could lose Annie if he doesn’t change his ways.  This plot proves love can change people for the better.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Being danced to death – Annie

So, you’re hiring me a babysitter – Will

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Good Morning Christmas – Review

Good Morning Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Brian Bright and Melissa Merry host ‘Today with Bright and Merry Live,’ and their ratings are through the roof.  Brian is a former football player, turned reality star, and now co-host.  He’s currently dating a famous actress, Chrissy, and loves to leave the teleprompter behind to shoot from the cuff.  Melissa is a seasoned journalist that likes to prepare for every aspect at work and home.  Brian continually going off script and taking her lines, feels unprofessional and frustrating to Melissa.  As they announce the ‘Show Your Town’ Competition, Brian goes off script again and tells the audience he is not a Christmas kind of guy.  After the show, their producer, Jennifer, pulls them into her office.  The network approved Brian’s contract release, and they will announce it on the last day of the competition for the live broadcast.  The news stuns Melissa because she believes the show will fail without him.  Between now and then, the studio will send audition tapes of potential co-hosts that she can select.  Their next show is in the winning town of Mistletoe.  Mistletoe has a week of competitions, food, and Christmas celebrations that the show’s judges loved.  After their first segment, Brian reveals that Christmas wasn’t a big deal for his family because they were poor.  So, Melissa has vowed to help him get the Christmas spirit.  But with the end looming, Melissa will try to keep Brian at arm’s length, but his carefree charm is rubbing off on her.  With a girlfriend near, Brian will keep his growing Christmas spirit under wraps.  Good thing they have Jennifer to bring the magic.

Yes, this movie does follow a holiday format, but it also provides a real-life fairy godmother in the form of Jennifer.  She uses her producer power to get Brian and Melissa to work together, spark their passion, and reveal the truth.  It is her last bit of magic that will bring out the romantic in you.  And the characters’ romance is believable.  And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the secondary couple.  You will love them too.  While this one won’t be a classic, you will play it again.  So have your DVR ready.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Could you please stick to the teleprompter – Melissa

It’s not on the teleprompter but can I hit the button – Brian

Stay close and don’t talk – Jennifer

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A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado – Review

A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Erin is the Director of Community Development for Brooklyn, Colorado, and her father, Raymond, is the mayor.  In the latest staff meeting, Erin expresses she wants to use the massive tree lighting to make Brooklyn the holiday destination.  With the influx of tourists, local businesses will make more money.  Being on schedule has Erin delighted until there is a bump in the road.  The intern, Steven, forgot to send Erin an email alerting her that the tree has a root disease.  So she has to find another 40-foot tree before the lighting on the 23rd.  Erin goes to her friend’s house, and across the street, Erin sees a beautiful tree next to a poorly constructed snowman.  She takes a picture of the tree and talks to the homeowner, Kevin.  Kevin is a firefighter and single dad to Claire.  He adopted Claire when she was five-years-old.  Erin helps them fix their snowman and posts the tree picture on social media.  At the firehouse, Kevin gets distressing news.  The mayor cut their budget again, so no overtime, and the boss has to cut their hours.  Kevin feels the mayor doesn’t appreciate frontline workers as much as he loves PR because the budget for the Christmas lighting is up but not their pay.  Kevin’s friends rib him about becoming a model since his picture has so many likes.  He goes to the town’s social media page and sees a picture of himself, Claire, and the tree.  When Erin appears at the firehouse, he has a bone to pick with her.  Quickly, Erin apologizes.  When the picture ended up front-page news, she discovered she put the photo on the town’s social media page, by mistake, and not her private page.  Erin apologizes for the error and asks him for a favor.  She wants to cut down his tree and use it for the lighting.  Kevin promptly says no.  As he’s guiding her out the door, Erin continues to fight her case.  Later, Kevin comes to the town Pavilion to check it out and finds numerous code violations.  She thinks he would be great as a consultant for the Christmas celebration.  So, he agrees to help on two conditions: first, he gets a meeting with the mayor. Second, she can’t ask him about his tree.  Erin accepts his deal, but she is determined to get that tree.

As you watch this movie, you will see two heartbreaks.  First, Kevin painstakingly holds on to the tree until the bitter end.  Second, Erin discovering what damage her role causes to the community.  Erin had hopes of being a teacher like her mother, but her father steered her to politics.  Kevin’s parents adopted him when he was eight-years-old.  So he is determined to give Claire a stable life, and that life includes the tree.  This movie won’t become a classic, but it does grab your attention at critical moments and doesn’t end the way you expect.  And that allows it to set itself apart from the rest.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He’s structural unsound – Erin

I didn’t mean to offend but it’s true – Kevin

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Heart of the Holidays – Review

Heart of the Holidays – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sam closes out her job at the last second of the evening and starts a new job tomorrow morning. It’s at her dream company, Castleton Investments.  With their help, she will be able to focus on independent startups for investment opportunities.  Her boyfriend, Will, stops by with an early Christmas present.  She is excited to see a ring box, but her face falls when the jewelry inside is a necklace.  Before she could say anything, Will has to leave for business, and she excuses him without argument.  The next day, she walks to Castleton Investments with a smile on her face and bright ideas running through her mind.  But Sam can’t help but notice the number of people leaving with boxes.  She knocks on her new boss’s door, and sees Will standing there.  Without telling her, he bought the company, and he’s her new boss.  He decided to restructure but made sure her job will be safe.  Sam is beyond angry because everyone will believe she doesn’t deserve her job.  After all, she is dating the boss.  Also, Sam knows Will won’t allow her to work on startups.  She only has one recourse for action, quit.  She walks out and, with one text message from her mom, decides to come home for the holidays to figure things out.  Sam’s mom, Tammy, is ready to stick to their traditions since Sam hasn’t been home for the holidays in years.  Sam doesn’t tell Tammy anything about losing her job and job hunts in secret.  Their first tradition is getting a Christmas tree.  But on the way there, Sam notices Tammy is driving in the wrong direction.  The tree lot’s owner moved the tree selling to the cafe, the cafe where Sam’s ex-boyfriend, Noah, works.  It’s been eight years since Sam saw Noah, and it’s obvious the wounds are still fresh for him.  Before she left for New York, Sam never told Noah.  Sam just left.  During several town events, Sam hears about the Magical Christmas Eve soiree at the food bank, and she wants to help because donations have fallen behind and more people need help.  Sam resolves to make the soiree more festive and bring in more food and money donations.  She wants those in need to have fun, and she asks Noah to help.  But Will has an offer for Sam that she may not be able to resist.

It takes a while for this story to pick up and become interesting.  Even when the script adds drama, you aren’t worried about where Sam will end up, but you will watch her get there.  While this movie has a hopeful message of community, so does most movies this time of the year.  With an intriguing setup, the rest of the movie fell flat.  You can use this movie as background noise during the holidays.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Not the best of timing I know, but hey what can you do – Will

You know the last time we baked cookies, it didn’t end well, for the cookies – Sam

If you can see some green, add more sheen – Tammy

Yeah, keep your head down and stay out of the way – Noah

Ok, let’s go eat some cookies – Tessa

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A Godwink Christmas: First Love, Second Chances – Review

A Godwink Christmas: First Love, Second Chances – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Godwink: A new word in the language for those little coincidences that aren’t coincidences, but come from divine origin.  Godwinks are always a sign of hope.

Years ago, Margie and Pat were high school sweethearts who deeply loved each other.  She worked for a local chain store, and Pat spent his time finding her lost jewelry.  But when Pat got an offer to work in Hawaii, he asks Margie to come with him.  She said no.  Now, Pat is a divorced father of two boys, PJ and John, with primary custody.  Pat lost his job, so he moved back to his hometown to find work.  The boys miss Hawaii, but they are happy where ever their dad is happy.  Margie still loses her jewelry everywhere and depends on her receptionist.  She has a long-distance relationship with Scott, but that distance will be a lot shorter.  Scott is in town to be trained by Margie.  Margie heard a rumor that a regional VP is leaving.  She believes Scott is next in line for the job.  If he gets it, he will move to town, but Margie has reservations about that.  Margie’s boss, Willa, points out that Margie keeps men at a distance, but when they get too close, she bails.  Margie drives down the street and sees a familiar car.  She honks, but no responses from the driver until she bumps him.  Pat gets out and recognizes Margie instantly.  They catch-up over coffee and congratulate each other for their successes.  This bump is the first of many Godwinks for this second chance at first love.

Inspired by a true story, based on the book, and the third installment to the series, this is a movie full of Godwinks (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you are not sure if you are seeing a Godwink, listen for the jingle.  And don’t let bad news deter you, they are just setting you up for Godwinks.  Like after hearing a second rumor, Margie believes she is at risk of losing her job.  And when Pat finds a job, he worries it will pull him away from Margie again.  While this isn’t the best movie in the series, it can stand alone, and it is highly entertaining.  And make sure you stay tuned for the picture and current status of the real-life Margie and Pat.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Please, never leave me – Margie

Mom, can I have some whip cream too – Pat

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The Christmas House – Review

The Christmas House – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bill and Phylis call their competitive sons, Brandon and Mike, with good news.  They have decided to turn their house into the Christmas House, one last time.  Mike and Brandon are excited to bring back the family tradition, but they worry about the timing.  In the past, it took one month to prepare for the Christmas House.  They only have two weeks. Phylis believes, with her military tactics, they could get it done.  Mike’s happy to see his family, but he carries a heavy burden.  Mike doesn’t know if the network will pick up his show, Handsome Justice, for another season.  He doesn’t want to be another out of work actor.  Brandon has burdens too.  He and his husband, Jake, tried several times to adopt a baby, but it hasn’t gone through.  They are patiently waiting for the adoption agency to call again.  Also, they are exhausted from overseeing the renovations of their bakery.  This time with Phylis and Bill will be a busy but necessary break.  But Phylis and Bill have hidden secrets too.  As the boys work on the home, they will uncover their family’s pain under the smiles.  As they expose more, Mike relies on Andy.  Andy and Mike were best friends and performed magic acts together.  When one trick goes awry, Andy starts to date someone else, and Mike escapes to Hollywood.  Now, Andy has a son named Noah and divorced her husband.  This family will learn secrets can’t ease fears or heal wounds, but only love does that.

Have tissues, tea, and wine nearby when you watch this movie because you will need it all.  Every character has a purpose and a fully-written backstory.  As Andy and Mike flashback on their past, you will see how everything went wrong.  And wait for the script to tell you both sides of the story because perspective is everything.  One important flashback proves there are three sides to a story: Andy’s, Mike’s, and the truth’s.  This movie is an instant favorite and on the fast track to becoming a classic.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Has anybody ever died from suspense – Brandon

You’re out of order – Mike

Mike Mitchell, you’ve gone totally Hollywood – Andy

I hope you both have sons one day – Phylis

Absolutely not – Jake

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Homemade Christmas – Review

Homemade Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The city knows Megan as the holiday fixer.  With her tool belt of crafts and a lot of imagination, Megan can fix any birthday party, company party, or storefront in record time.  While writing a holiday blog, Megan created Christmas for Hire.  Megan gets a call from Trinkets and Toys to fix their storefront Christmas tree to draw more customers.  She walks in and starts working on the tree.  In the back of the store, Kurt and Mike have a heated debate.  Mike hired a consultant to increase foot traffic so they can convince an investor to help them expand.  Kurt does his best to stay open-minded, but he believes ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’  The consultant’s name is Megan too.  When Kurt goes downstairs and sees a woman looking at the tree, he assumes it’s the consultant Megan, but it’s holiday Megan.  They introduce themselves, and he tries to give her a brief rundown, but the potential investor, David, arrives.  David says a quick hello and wants to hear Megan’s plans now.  She gives him a game plan, but it’s about tree decoration, but David believes it’s about marketing.  David likes her proposal, wants a presentation by the end of the week, and agrees to work on it, but only with Megan.  After David leaves, consultant Megan shows up and asks Kurt to catch her up before David arrives.  Kurt realizes he made a mistake, and consultant Megan tells holiday Megan to leave.  Mike stops holiday Megan because she’s the one David wants.  So, the consultant leaves them.  Mike begs holiday Megan to stay; however, Kurt’s passive-aggressive comments went too far, and holiday Megan leaves also.  Every day, he tries to communicate with her, but she ignores him.  Then Kurt hires her for a job on her app and changes his name to Raul.  When she shows up for the job, he offers her $5,000 to start, and $5,000 when it’s over.  She doesn’t say no, but she doesn’t say yes either.  After hearing about her friend’s charity, Megan decides to do it, but it has to be $15,000.  As they work together, he offers to help her with her blog, and she offers to help him unwind.  When they both sell out, can their budding romance survive?

It’s a fun concept with interesting characters, but this movie is not an instant classic.  We all have that one creative friend like Megan.  She can make anything with anything at any time.  Plus, she always has some crafts on hand, just in case.  Megan is that reliable, crafty friend.  The best aspect of this movie is that it throws a good curveball when she meets Chase.  At first, there are some real sparks, and he does all the sweet things women like.  As Chase and Megan start to date, his true colors begin to show.  This film is an enjoyable movie to relax to if you need to kill a few hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I got 99 emergencies, a date ain’t one – Megan

Nice to be hit – Chase

Stop using your calendar like a suit of armor – Jen

Are you passionate about this – Kurt

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Dashing Home for Christmas – Review

Dashing Home for Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily does everything she can to leave work, on time.  She needs to catch her flight to see her sister, Grace, who will have a baby any day.  Emily promised to be there for Christmas and the baby’s birth.  As she runs out the door to catch her rideshare driver, Simon stands in her way.  As they try awkwardly to get around each other, her driver leaves.  Since Simon is going to the airport too, he offers to share a ride.  She jumps at the opportunity to make her flight, but she had no idea how talkative Simon is.  Simon plans to meet his friends for a guy’s trip over the holiday, but Emily ignores him while answering work texts on her phone.  At the airport, things get worse for Emily.  

  1. The TSA is lagging because Emily gets an extra bag check.  
  2. Since Emily was late boarding, they gave Emily’s seat away. 
  3. Emily got a seat on the plane, but it’s next to chatty Simon.  

Emily believes this will be the end of her woes.  But she is sadly and surprisingly mistaken.  Emily and Simon will go by plane, car, train, and make stops at several hotels, but will she make it home for Christmas.  Grace believes anything is possible for Emily with handsome Simon by her side.

This movie rolls every bad travel moment into 2 hours.  Between lost wallets, poor timing, and delays, Emily slides down a razor’s edge of unfortunate luck with each step.  And each time she tries to rid herself of Simon, he becomes her knight in shining armor.  One of the funniest moments is when Emily learns “platinum status” means nothing without ID and money.  This movie isn’t National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation funny, but it has a few good laughs, like reading Journey to the West (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Honey, do you have some cash – Emily

You need to open up more to people, Em – Grace

I’m glad you’re comfortable enough to be like this around me – Simon

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The Angel Tree – Review

The Angel Tree – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Years ago, Rebecca and Matthew went to the angel tree in Pine River.  Every year, the angel tree pops up, decorated, in the town square.  People put wishes on it, and a generous benefactor, only known as Angel, grants some of the town’s wishes.  Some of the town’s wishes are small, but a Gala Wish, the biggest of all, takes the entire community to grant it.  Today, Rebecca writes about the tree for Aspire Magazine, and her boss loves it.  Her boss wants Rebecca to go to Pine River and find the benefactor.  If she exposes the benefactor, Rebecca will get a weekly column to write the stories she wants.  Rebecca packs up herself and her daughter, Cassie, and they drive to Pine River.  It’s not easy for her to come back, but Rebecca loves the town.  In the past, she wrote a wish that her family wouldn’t move and she could stay in Pine River forever.  Her friend, Matthew, wished the town would save his family’s diner.  The benefactor granted Matthew’s wish but not Rebecca.  Now, Rebecca and Cassie stay with Rebecca’s aunt, Mimi, and they promise to give Cassie an authentic Pine River Christmas.  Rebecca goes to the Pine River diner and sees a caring but untalkative young man behind the counter, and it’s Matthew’s nephew, Owen.  Matthew comes out of the back with a big smile on his face.  He can’t believe Rebecca’s back.  In the corner are Mimi and her friends with Cassie and Owen.  Rebecca reveals she came to town to discover the real identity of Angel, and they all have reservations.  They believe the mystery gives the Angel Tree its magic, but Rebecca wants the promotion.  As she looks for Angel, Matthew offers to assist.  As they get closer, Angel grants several wishes, and Rebecca plays a part in it all, but when she discovers the truth about Angel and love, which will she reveal?

Based on The Angel Tree by Daphne Benedis-Grab, dedicated Hallmarkies will be able to figure out the identity of Angel very quickly, but don’t ruin it for the newbies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Rebecca doesn’t take the thought of revealing Angel lightly.  After she wrote the first article about the angel tree, she sees the tree has twice as many wishes in 1 day as they do all year.  Her article attracted people to the tree, and Angel has more town wishes than one person could ever handle.  If she reveals Angel’s identity, people will go to Angel directly for wishes.  Seeing the love, dedication, and community working together is enough to make you believe in real magic.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Guess, I’m going back to Pine River – Rebecca

Um, a magical tree that grants wishes; isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – Cassie

You hear that, you’re my squad now – Mimi

Is your daughter a wizard – Matthew

I tried but he’s impossible – Owen

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Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies – Review

Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hanna is a straight-A student, captain of the cheer squad, and class president.  She is on the shortlist to receive a full-ride scholarship.  Madison is a failing student that drinks, parties, and does drugs.  She hates school but loves to manipulate people.  After another failed test, Madison’s father, Michael, tells her she must raise her grades if she wants to go to college, but Madison never wanted to go.  At school, Madison pays for other students to write her paper, ditches class, gets drunk, and totals her car.  At the hospital, her aunt Amanda stitches her wounds and tries to offers some guidance.  But Michael furiously walks in and demands answers, and he doesn’t care what his sister-in-law, Amanda, thinks.  Michael can’t understand why Madison can’t follow the rules.  As punishment, Michael decided to replace Madison’s car with an SUV, not the sports car she had previously.  If Madison doesn’t get into college, he will cut her off and take away her trust fun.  She will have zero financial support from him.  He doesn’t understand why Madison can’t be more like her cousin, Hanna.  That gives Madison an idea.  She invites Drew over to do her homework and invites Hanna over to try on her clothes.  She will allow Hanna to keep what she wants because she has to clean out her closet.  Madison goes downstairs and makes mocktails but drugs Hanna’s glass.  Drew, who has a crush on Hanna, sees Hanna’s attitude change and questions Madison.  He smells and taste the drink but doesn’t detect alcohol.  So, he believes Madison and drives home.  Hanna passes out, and Madison takes provocative pictures of her.  The next morning, Hanna wakes up with a massive headache and no memory of the night before; until Madison shows her the photographs.  Madison tells Hanna to take her college entrance exams, or she will put the pictures on the internet, ruin her chances at the scholarship, and have her shamed on the internet.  Hanna agrees, but this won’t be the end because the more Madison gets, the more she wants.  It’s not Hanna’s good grades, but it’s Hanna’s life.  Madison will do anything to prove she is the smartest person in the room.

For someone trying to prove how smart they are, Madison makes some very dumb mistakes.  Like driving her car to a crime scene in broad daylight, not checking who will proctor an exam, and going too far with manipulation.  In the end, Madison’s feud with Hanna stems from jealousy.  Not jealousy over grades, jealousy over the family bond Hanna has with Amanda.  You start to believe she is doing this for the trust money, but in reality, Madison is doing this for her daddy’s love.  She is a sad, misguided girl with too much time and too much money.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Don’t daddy me – Michael

Why is it so hard to get into college – Madison

Madison, what are those – Hanna

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A Nashville Christmas Carol – Review

A Nashville Christmas Carol – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Vivian juggles the network, the artists, and crew while she produces a country Christmas special with the top country acts.  Her little sister, Georgia, assists her, and her former best friend, Gavin, manages a singer named Belinda.  She works day and night and hopes to produce a music award show.  That award show will be a feather in her cap.  As she wraps up on set, someone delivers a music box.  She opens the box, and it plays O’ Come All Ye Faithful, but no one else can hear it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As she walks the halls of the studio, she hears the same tune coming from the props room.  Vivian opens the door to find a Christmas-decorated bar.  After the door closes behind her, she tries to open it to the hall, but it’s now a snow-covered street.  The sight of her old mentor, Marilyn, dumbfounds her because Marilyn died years ago.  Once Vivian gains her wits, Marilyn tells Vivian that she puts work first and she needs to enjoy people more.  So, Marilyn hired some friends to show her the way.  On average, they have one night to get this done, but this time, they have five days.  Vivian will examine her life and learn where she went wrong.

Inspired by A Christmas Carol, this movie isn’t an updated copy with modern names from the original tale (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It revamps the story for a new audience and lands on a different lesson.  Vivian isn’t a Scrooge because she cares about people and wants the best for them.  She just chooses to work over everyone, including herself.  Also, Vivian works so much that she is ignoring what people around her dream and their lives.  This version of the holiday classic is a great watch.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Even when the business is personal – Gavin

I just told a young girl what she needed to hear – Vivian

You can do it, 4 letters, starts with D – Marilyn

It’s just humans have more heart than sense – Pat

Don’t asks me. I’m just the spirit of Christmas present, not the last six and a half months – Christmas Present

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