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Merry Switchmas – Review

Merry Switchmas – BET/BETHer – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Denise sits with Bailee to talk about her future after completing her Ph.D. in engineering.  Denise tells Bailee that she’s ready to leave her father’s company and manage a team at Bailee’s company. Bailee wants to make sure Denise thinks about her decision because Bailee and Denise’s father, Howard, are competitors and former college sweethearts.  Bailee assures Denise if she backs out, it won’t affect Denise’s relationship with her son, Jordan.  Denise says she’s 100% on board.

Denise goes home and tells her identical twin sister, Desiree, that she will leave Howard’s company. But she doesn’t want to face Howard’s disappointment.  So Denise asks Desiree to switch places with her at their parent’s annual Christmas Eve party and break the news to him.  Desiree agrees with frustration and tells Denise to grow up because they will never switch again.  It’s easy for Desiree because she’s closer to their mother.  However, Denise is Howard’s clone.

Denise goes to a coffee shop and sees a woman kiss Desiree’s boyfriend, Justin, on the cheek. Denise runs home to tell Desiree, and Desiree decides to use this switch to her advantage.  Jordan and Justin are identical twin brothers.  During the swap, Desiree will pretend to be Denise to pump Jordan for information about Justin and his suspicious actions.  After the women devise their plan, they get ready for the party.  What can go wrong when they walk a mile in their sister’s shoes.

First, congratulations on finding two sets of identical twin actors to play these four roles.  But it does get a bit confusing to viewers.  Seeing the parents realize they need to repair their bond with their children while taking responsibility is refreshing to see.  With that aside, Desiree points out how ridiculous the swap is because they are adults.  Pointing out the absurdity in the plan makes you realize the plot’s insanity.  Crazy scheme aside, the main characters’ acting is flat and uninspired.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You’re at about a 10.  I need you to bring it down to a four – Desiree

See, the roles have already reversed – Denise

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Twisted Little Lies – Review

Twisted Little Lies – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nick gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend, Brianna.  She graciously accepts and hugs him.  However, Nick’s employee, Christina, isn’t happy for them.  When Nick and Brianna broke up, Nick dated Christina.  But he quickly dropped Christina when Brianna wanted to come back into his life.  Although Brianna knows Nick dated, she had no idea Christina was the object of his affection or how far the relationship went.

When Christina gets home, she airs her resentment to her brother, Cooper.  But he doesn’t care.  He wants to focus on his college courses, especially his writing class with Professor Scott.  After Professor Scott gives Cooper high praise, Cooper drives home and gets in an accident because Cooper was texting.  He received several head injuries, and now Cooper’s doctor puts him on heavy observation.  Then he gets a visit from Professor Scott.  She makes him cookies and gives him her phone number.  Cooper falls in love with her.  For days, he attempts to gain her romantic affection.  But she refuses.

Brianna walks back to her office to find Christina and Nick kissing.  Christina leaves the restaurant, and Nick follows.  Brianna goes home to tell Cooper, but he uncharacteristically snaps at her. Cooper finds her behavior disgusting and looks down on her.  He takes Brianna’s phone and starts texting Nick.  When Brianna considers Nick’s apology, he sees the text messages from Christina and ends their relationship for good.  Nick stands out the window and watches.  His plan to get Professor Scott is in motion because Professor Scott and Brianna are the same person.  Cooper will catfish, blackmail, and murder to get the woman of his dreams.  Can Brianna free herself from his clutches before she loses everything to his false allegations?

This movie has so many people doing everything wrong that it hardens your emotions toward any character.  The T.A. interrupts class to deliver flowers and underwear.  Brianna asks for the sender’s name in class.  Cooper’s drugging, sexually assaulting and photographing Brianna.  Regardless of head trauma, these actions are 100% unacceptable.  When he uses it for blackmail, you are disgusted.  And Nick’s empty apologies will make you want to change the channel.  While this movie wants to be intriguing, it annoys viewers.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t mean to hurt you – Nick

You look incredible – Cooper

Your employees need you? Well, it looks like you’re going the extra mile – Brianna

If something’s not making you happy in your life, just get rid of it – Christina

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Sugar Plum Twist – Review

Sugar Plum Twist – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Natalia exchanged life on the road as a ballet dancer to become an assistant choreographer at a ballet studio.  Excited, she wants to influence the next batch of dancers, but her boss, Ms. Kat, tells Natalia to relax.  Their star dancer’s ankle hasn’t healed in time to perform the Nutcracker, so Ms. Kat wants to look worldwide for a dancer (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But Natalia wants to find someone local, but only dancers who took their intensives.  They get several applicants, including Viviana.  Viviana works as a teacher in her parents’ Latin dance studio.  While Ms. Kat thinks Viviana is ok, Natalia is inspired.  She loves the flare Viviana brings to ballet.  However, Ms. Kat picks a traditional ballerina.  Natalia goes to Viviana’s studio and sees Viviana practicing her technique. Viviana wants to make a dance reel to apply to dance companies.  Natalia tells Viviana that her method is sound, but her passion needs work.  Natalia offers to help Viviana free of charge because she believes in Viviana.  Viviana says yes immediately because Natalia is her role model.  But with Ms. Kat learns Natalia is working against her non-compete clause, will either of them be allowed to dance again?

This movie takes the time to say what critics have been saying for years: ballet needs to change with the time.  It’s not just a dance for aristocrats.  As more enter the genre, each will add a twist or something special.  That spark shouldn’t be overlooked, shunned, or dismissed.  It should be invited and celebrated.  As long as the core and fundamentals are acknowledged, anyone can add something.  Natalia hears this call, and it revives her passion for dancing.  This movie provides two love stories, but neither will hold your interest.  The romances are a means to an end, nothing more.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

She sounds like something else now.  Did the devil exchange her Prada for ballet slippers – Sophia

That is asking of a lot, even for an angel – Natalia

Dance like yourself – Viviana

If you ever get hungry, though, I’m around.  Check the lighting booth – Mateo

Does everything have to be Christmas with your family – Justin

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Mistletoe in Montana – Review

Mistletoe in Montana – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Merry sets up for her next guests at the Paradise Ranch.  When she and her ranch hands hear Mark and his family are from L.A., they prepare themselves for demanding, internet-addicted whiners.  Hearing they will be traveling with their nanny, Debbie, confirms their beliefs.  Mark arrives with his son, Timmy, and his daughter, Becca.  Timmy is excited to be at the ranch, but Becca is not.  She wanted to ski.  Merry tells them they will have a lot to do there, including the Christmas parade.  If they plan to eat, they need to be up at the crack of dawn or miss breakfast.  After he found a picture of his mom’s visit years ago, Mark got the idea to come to the ranch.  Merry looks at the picture and realizes his mom is hugging her mom.  Now, she is determined to make this the best trip possible.  But Mark won’t stop teasing the farm woman.  They go back and forth, attempting to one-up each other.  Soon, their tenacity sparks a romance.  Will the romance end when Merry’s duties put her life in danger?

This movie will entertain and entice your tastebuds with gingerbread french toasts’mores pancakes, and reindeer chocolate bark.  This film feels typical until Merry is in the middle of a snowstorm.  Merry still hasn’t admitted her feeling for Mark.  And you hope she gets the chance to do it.  While Merry and Mark fall in love, Mark’s children experience growth away from their screens.  While Timmy welcomed the change, Becca fought against it.  So seeing her find the world outside of selfies is refreshing.  Be ready, with food, to enjoy your new holiday favorite.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You’re not pitching hay.  No offense – Mark

Definitely.  You need a bigger hat for that head – Merry

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Christmas by Chance – Review

Christmas by Chance – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chance owns a boutique gift shop but doesn’t have an online presence and knows nothing about social media.  Her friend, Becky, creates business cards and social media accounts to attract more business.  One of those cards floats out the window and onto a flight of steps.  When Ryan drops his papers, he picks them up along with the fallen card.  Ryan is the personal assistant of William Richards, the most eligible bachelor and fashion designer.  William wants to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Leyla, and he wants it to be unique.  So William tells Ryan to put something together. Ryan has no idea what to do, and then he finds Chance’s business card.  William meets with Chance and sees she has a 1st edition copy of A Chrismas Carol (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  He offers to buy it, but it’s her copy.  However, she promises to look for another one.  He believes it would be the perfect gift for Leyla because it holds sentimental value to his family.  William hires Chance to set up the perfect proposal for Leyla.  Chance decides to take the job because William’s payment will cover her shop for months.  But, it’s not long before Chance makes mistakes, like using Leyla’s Instagram page to find her likes and dislikes.  After one unsuccessful gift, Chance decides she needs to get up close and personal with Leyla.  And that means spending more time with William and falling in love with him.

Using the premise of a millennial not understanding social media is an uncomfortable stretch by today’s standards.  If you watch these romance movies, you know it’s a matter of time before William and Leyla agree they aren’t right for each other.  You sit and wonder how long it will take. The story is a slow burn to a predictable ending.  You watch to see Chance’s aloof nature to any situation.  Put this on your DVR for when you need something to watch.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

But, I am who I want to be.  Aren’t you – Chance

I am very approachable and festive.  When it’s required – William

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The Enchanted Christmas Cake – Review

The Enchanted Christmas Cake – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Everyone in town wants Joyce’s Enchanted Christmas Cake.  Since Joyce died, Gwen, her granddaughter, hasn’t been able to make them.  She has a recipe card, but the secret ingredient is missing.  All Gwen has are the letters M and A.  As she tries cake number 27, Becky comes in and asks Gwen how’s it going.  Gwen gives Becky a glum look.  As more orders pour in, Gwen gets a call from Gavin, Dining with Danté’s producer.  Danté wants Gwen’s cakes for his frozen food line because Oprah said Gwen had one of the top 5 bakeries.  Also, Joyce’s enchanted cakes helped people fall in love.  She only has to give Danté her family’s secret recipe. 

Gwen says no because Joyce would never want her to give it away.  Gavin calls Danté with the new information but promises to work on Gwen for the Christmas special.  Gavin knows Danté needs this hook because his ratings are slipping.  Gavin travels to Gwen’s bakery to persuade her for the secret ingredient but secures room and board for Danté, Gavin, and Gavin’s daughter, Michelle.  Gavin didn’t want to produce a cooking show with an egomaniac.  He wanted to create documentaries that detailed a food’s history.  He vows to help Gwen find the missing ingredient but won’t release it without her approval.  With Michelle’s guidance of Romeo and Juliet, they discover the secret (DON’T CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT A SPOILER).  But can they keep Danté from exposing it and ruining Joyce’s legacy (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)?  

Danté and Michelle are the standouts of this movie because they are fun and challenging at the same time.  Your interest will perk up during their scenes.  Once Gwen discovers the secret, the audience learns Gwen’s struggle was without merit.  You lose interest in all romantic pursuits quickly.  This movie will get lost once you look up the recipe.  

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

You can stand in the glow all you want and still not learn how to shine on your own – Gwen

Yeah.  But then you lost it all when you beat Celine Deion you could beat her in an arm wrestle – Gavin

I’m doing the eyebrow thing – Danté

Buzzkill – Becky

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Ghosts of Christmas Past – Review

Ghosts of Christmas Past – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ellie goes home to the judgmental eyes of her family.  She has ghosted another guy, Kevin.  Her brother, Hunter, set them up, but she stopped talking to Kevin after he asked to meet.  Hunter’s wife, Caroline, and Ellie’s mom, Paula, think Ellie has a ghosting problem.  Ellie ignores them and goes to her office Christmas party.  During the festivities, Ellie leaves to work on her video game.  Charlie sees her working and calls her Scrooge, so Ellie joins the party.  She visits the fortune teller and gets a warning.  Ellie must make amends with the ghosted men by Christmas Eve.  Or she will never find love.  

The next day, Ellie comes into work and her boss, Lana, has a new assignment.  Their client heard about her holiday-themed game and wants it for their company ASAP.  Lana tells Ellie to partner with Charlie to help her stay focused.  At their first meeting, Ellie tells Charlie about the fortune teller’s prediction, and Charlie thinks Ellie should find the guys she ghosted and get closure.  And Charlie offers to help her.  She makes a list of all the guys, but there is one that sticks out: BlinkyPinkyInkyClyde.  Ellie only knows his screen name and thought they were hitting it off.  But she got scared and ghosted.  Out of all the guys, he is Ellie’s only regret.  They have five days to get through her list, but can Charlie let her find the last guy while he’s falling for her.

If you don’t know, ghosting is when someone abruptly stops communicating with someone without giving a reason or saying goodbye (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It doesn’t matter if the communication was face-to-face or virtual.  It’s all ghosting.  While the movie follows the typical path, you will enjoy the reaction of the men Ellie ghosted.  Some are sad, some don’t care, but most are hilarious, especially one moment in particular.  In the end, Ellie discovers the reason for her behavior before she finds the man of her dreams.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Hey, I thought this was a judgment-free zone – Ellie

I know I wouldn’t text you back – Charlie

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A Christmas Stray – Review

A Christmas Stray – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

On December 23rd, Ethan heads to Summit Escapes to present Gordon Everett with a consulting strategy.  Ethan loses his signal while driving and swerves to miss a dog.  He wrecks his car and waits on a tow truck.  Connie, the tow truck driver, makes small talk and offers Ethan cocoa, but Ethan doesn’t want anything but to get to his meeting.  Seeing his lacking patience, Connie loads the car, and Ethan gets in the passenger seat.  And to Ethan’s surprise, the dog jumps in with them.  The closest body shop is in Beacon Hills.  Connie takes a frustrated Ethan on the scenic route.  She tells him about the Jingle Ball Bash, but he doesn’t plan on being in town that long.

Ethan gets to the body shop, and they say it will take a day to fix his car.  In a town with no rideshares or taxis, now Ethan’s only option is the bus.  But the bus to Summit Escapes doesn’t start again until after the holiday.  After offering strangers money for a ride, Ethan takes the dog to the vet.  Dr. Foster Price looks the dog over for Ethan, but he explains it’s not his dog.  So Ethan leaves the dog in her care.  While Ethan thinks Foster is beautiful, he doesn’t plan on seeing her again.  But the dog has a different plan.

This film is a predictable movie with a gender twist.  Usually, the woman leaves big-town, overworked city life and falls for the small-town, relaxed stranger.  But this movie switches those roles to have Ethan change his perspective for Foster.  While you don’t have any idea how Ethan’s decision at the end affects his life, the audience will be happy with the overall conclusion.  The ending is predictable, but this movie is a calming, easy-going watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And where do you think you’re going – Ethan

Where did you come from – Dr. Price

Well, well. Who finally punched you – Connie

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Let’s Get Merried – Review

Let’s Get Merried – VH1 – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After catching her boyfriend, Thad, cheating with her friend, Trish, under their Christmas tree, Zoe doesn’t treat the holidays, men, or relationships the same.  Zoe jumps from one meaningless hook-up to another and hates Christmas.  After work, as an elf, Zoe goes to a graduation party for her friend, Emma.  Their friends believe Emma will be the next one to get hitched.  Zoe asks her friend, CJ, to borrow her wedding ring during the party.  She pretends to be an unhappily married woman to attract an ill-intention guy.  

A few days later, Emma comes to Zoe’s with an engagement ring on her finger.  Emma wants ‘The Coven’ to go on a bachelorette weekend together to celebrate her engagement.  Emma hopes this will be a dry run of the wedding because the weekend and wedding will happen on the winter solstice.  The winter solstice is the longest night of the year, allowing them more time to party.  At first, Zoe declines.  But after she’s fired for being a selfish and miserable elf, Zoe joins ‘The Coven’ on their road trip.  With Emma, CJ, Abby, and Layla by her side, Zoe makes herself have fun.  They go to a bar, and Zoe bonds with the DJ, Fin, over their hatred of Christmas.  While singing karaoke, Zoe sees Thad and Trish enter the bar.  She hides in the back while ‘The Coven’ runs after her.  They try to help her through it, but Trish finds them.  When Trish describes her wedding plans, they realize she stole all their ideas and Zoe’s business.  Zoe decides to get payback by marrying someone before Trish gets married in 24 hours. 

Viewers can compare this movie to watching the Hangover while it happens with Girls Trip thrown in (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As these women take drugs, party, and debase a Christmas-themed adventure park, they make no apologies.  Their risqué behavior may not be your cup of tea, but it’s a break from the conventional holiday movies.  In the naughty or nice series, this movie is definitely on the naughty list.  The film’s soundtrack features some of the best breakup songs of this generation, including Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, Axim, and ALMA.  If you want a raunchy, wild break from the typical holiday movie, this is the one for you.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If one more person smiles and says Merry Christmas, I swear I will legit lose it – Zoe

I wish she would.  I’m exhausted – CJ

I’m not doing this to you. I am doing this for me – Emma

You should apologize.  It goes a long way – Fin

B***h got jokes – Abby

You heard that – Layla

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Maps and Mistletoe – Review

Maps and Mistletoe – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emilia is the lead cartographer but never travels.  While her family is in New Zealand, she creates a holiday treasure map for her nephew, Tristan.  When her boss, Horace, comes in, he takes notice of her map.  He would like her to create an interactive one of the North Pole.  Kids can follow the clues, and X can mark the spot of the ultimate Christmas gift.  Since people don’t buy paper maps anymore, Horace hopes this interactive map will bring new customers.  So he gives Emilia 3 weeks to get it done.

The next day, Emilia walks to work, and everyone looks at a man taking pictures on a fire escape.  It’s Drew, an internet-famous explorer of remote areas.  While Emilia knows Drew, she doesn’t believe it’s him because Crescent Cove isn’t distant.  At work, Horace tells Emilia that he got a great idea.  Since she has never been to the North Pole, Horace thought someone who has should help her make the map.  She turns and sees Drew.  Horace brokered a deal with Drew to bring fun facts to Emilia’s accurate map.  She says no to Drew, but he offers a trade.  He will help her if Emilia shows him an authentic Crescent Cove Christmas.  She agrees.  As their deal grows into something more, someone wants to tear them apart.

This holiday movie leaves little to remember with few North Pole facts and a non-threatening antagonist.  You never worry about Emilia and Drew’s relationship because you are never fully invested.  You want to know more about the map, but the script focuses on Crescent Cove’s holiday traditions.  This movie is another victim of the holiday shuffle and won’t resonate with the audience.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Did you just give my peppermint latte to a stranger – Emilia

Besides, what good is a map if you never go anywhere – Drew

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Sister Swap: Christmas in the City – Review

Sister Swap: Christmas in the City – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Meg goes back to her old stomping grounds to visit her parents and Uncle Dave’s theater.  Then, she goes into the city to surprise her sister, Jennifer, and nephew, Simon, playing her tuba in the band.  Jennifer tells Meg that her restaurant entered a contest with a grand prize of $25,000 for a charity of their choice.  They chose the Big Mountain Food Bank to receive the funds.  Meg looks forward to her Parisian trip because she knows the next step of her life isn’t in Hazelwood.  To help her parents, Jennifer will go back to Hazelwood but worries about the restaurant while she’s gone.  Meg offers to stay longer to assist the general manager, Joe, and keep things on track for the contest.  It’s not long before Meg implements changes to liven up the restaurant.  As things get more complicated in Hazelwood for Jennifer, Meg has issues with the restaurant.  But Meg doesn’t divulge how messy things are to her sister.  So they decide to do a sister swap.  Jennifer will stay in Hazelwood to help her family, and Meg will stay to help the restaurant.  While there, Meg will lose their chef, bond a family, and find love.

The second half of the Sister Swap saga will feel you with pure optimism for the holidays.  With each obstacle Meg faces, she looks for more than one path to the solution.  While Joe comes off as a killjoy, he’s not.  The script points that he wants her to focus on the big picture.  When Joe shows Meg the food bank, she has a newfound determination.  And it leaps off the screen.  With both episodes out, make sure you record them and watch them back to back.  You can appreciate how the writers intertwined the stories.  These films are an instant Hallmark classic.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Also, I’m never giving back this coat – Meg

Yeah, but for how long – Joe

I see a lot more than people give me credit for – Simon

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People Presents: Blending Christmas – Review

People Presents: Blending Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma gets a letter that states the owners of Hacienda De La Sierra will sell the property.  Emma remembers the fun times her family had there, and she gets sad.  Although she hasn’t been to the resort in a while, Emma thought she would take her family to keep the tradition going.  Emma’s boyfriend, Liam, looks up the property and gets an idea.  Liam works as a junior analyst for Emma’s dad, William, a commercial real estate broker.  Liam creates a proposal about the resort so William will buy it and keep the property as-is.  First, Liam asks for William’s blessing to marry Emma, and William approves.  Then, Liam gives William the proposal.  William sees the land is worth a fortune now, and Liam wants to go there to look at it.  But it won’t be the average business trip.  Liam wants to invite his and Emma’s families to the resort for a vacation and their proposal.  His family includes his mother, Michelle, and aunts, Tina and Valerie.  Her family comprises William, and her uncles, Brian, John, and Andrew.  How could this secret proposal go wrong with this bunch and a hidden business agenda?

This classic T.V. reunion will be a holiday season highlight for adults while bringing in younger viewers with the traditional holiday storyline.  And let’s not forget the all-knowing helper, Nicole, giving Emma and Liam advice throughout their stay.  The story is predictable.  But with this many family members in one place, the hijinks and quips are worth the watch.  Get the whole family together to enjoy this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Isn’t that why you hired me – Liam

What’s a zoom – Michelle

That is a heck yes – Emma

Don’t you ever let Emma hear you say that – William

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A New Lease on Christmas – Review

A New Lease on Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Becky Turner works in real estate, but business is down.  She shares an apartment with her best friend, Nicky.  Although Nicky has a degree in restaurant management, she works as an elf in a mall.  Every day, Becky throws on a coat and walks across the street to get her favorite coffee and pastry at Jake’s Coffee Shop.  Jake is the final hold-out on the block.  A real estate developer, Robert, bought all the shops on the block to build a mall.  Jake doesn’t plan on selling, but he’s having trouble paying the mortgage.  Jake’s daughter, Payton, hears the staff talking about the store closing, and she quickly extinguishes the rumors.

When Becky gets back to her home office, she receives a message from Robert.  He wants Becky to deliver legal documents to Jake.  The deal is to take over Jake’s outstanding debt and the café.  Robert believes it’s a great deal.  Becky attempts to deliver the document, but she falls deeper in love with Jake each time.  Can Becky help Jake keep the shop? With Santa, anything is possible. 

This movie will require your full attention.  Viewers will have a lot to keep up with because it breaks the fourth wall, has complicated family ties, and Santa is in therapy.  As Becky and Jake’s romance takes center stage, Nicky and her love interest, George, have something to offer the plot too.  Although the storyline feels overdone, its sprinkle of Christmas magic and interwoven stories make it authentic.  Enjoy this movie with anyone over 14.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You work there – Nicky

I’d still watch those tutorials. Unemployment may be in your future if you guy just keep standing around cleaning the same table for an hour – Payton

I’m not a bad person, right. I’m a good person – Becky

You know this wasn’t what I had in mind when I got you that camera when you were 7 – Santa

I can’t wait to see what you have planned for my birthday – Jake

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Fixing Up Christmas – Review

Fixing Up Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Holly works for Encore Events and does overtime with a promotion in her sights.  Each time she thinks about saying no to a job, her boss, Eve, tells Holly about a possible advancement.  Holly’s best friend, Blair, suggested Encore Events for her company’s party with Holly at the helm.  They took Blair’s advice and hired Holly.  Holly never knew Blair put in the good word, and Holly is overjoyed.  She thinks this company Christmas party will put her over the top.  There is only one hitch.  Holly has to make sure the owner’s son, Theo, works with her to put it together.  

Before Molly’s first meeting, she tries to buy Christmas Blend coffee for Theo.  But she gets in a tiff with another man over it.  She wins the coffee and brings it to the company.  It shocks them both when Holly discovers the coffee man is Theo.  He laughs and proudly takes his favorite coffee.  Then he finishes his pitch for the City Center.  The city center will be the company’s first attempt at commercial real estate.  So Theo works day and night to create the perfect pitch to show the mayor later.  Theo’s father appreciates the effort, but he doesn’t think a flashy pitch will wow the city.  He wants Theo to build a model.  Theo believes his dad is wrong.  That is until the mayor repeats those sentiments and says he looks forward to the Christmas party.  Theo works with Holly to create the model and put on the party.  When he sees Holly’s effort, he thinks her company takes advantage of her.  Will Theo feel the same when someone says Holly stabbed him in the back? And just as he was falling in love with her.  

After several weeks of Christmas movies, this film falls into the predictable category.  The only thing you feel poorly about is the model.  Viewers can predict every character arc and solution within the first 15 minutes.  This movie is holiday background noise.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I won’t dream of it – Holly

Gotta innovate to stay relevant – Theo

I don’t know. Build it – Eve

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A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love – Review

A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Godwink: A new word for those little coincidences that aren’t coincidences, but come from divine origin.  Godwinks are always a sign of hope.

After finishing nursing school early, Joy has an interview for nurses internationalShe dreams of nursing abroad like her mom.  Each time Joy’s boyfriend, Danny, calls, he wants to move to the next step in their relationship.  But she drags her feet.  After her interview, Joy picks up a flyer for Advent of Oshkosh.  They encourage volunteers to help themselves by helping others in need.  She calls and volunteers with their next project.  

Eric is a writer, but his articles don’t fulfill him anymore.  He wants to do human interest pieces that inspire change.  He attends a seminar for Advent of Oshkosh and signs up for the program.  The program accepts Joy, Eric, Adam, and Sadie.  They will help to Romero family build and set up their home.  Tony Romero, his pregnant wife, Emily, and their son, Charlie, lost their home in a fire.  The team works together to turn their house into a home with current and future memories.  During their time together, Joy and Eric have a string of Godwinks to build their future.  But will Eric live to see it after a truck runs him over?

Inspired by a true story, based on the book and the fourth installment to the series, this installment feels like a typical holiday movie until the last 30 minutes (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will wait with bated breath as Eric clings to life.  Don’t be so quick to write off this movie.  While it feels typical, remember that a real-life couple inspired this story.  So watch and count your Godwinks.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You’ll never know what’ll happen if you open up space for something new – Angelo

She called them her hidden blessings – Joy

We could have met as kids – Eric

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A Royal Queens Christmas – Review

A Royal Queens Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After leaving the military, Dee Dee isn’t sure about her next step in life.  Now she works at her friends’ bakery in Queens and runs the children’s Christmas pageant.  During the midday rush, the bakery gets a request for a samples order.  A hotel had a disaster in the kitchen and lost its desserts.  And Rossi’s Bakery came highly recommended.  If they get the samples to the hotel chef on time, the bakery can cater to the International Children’s Charity Ball.  Dee Dee offers to get the food to the hotel for the job.

Prince Colin likes to sneak away and spend time with the commoners in dive bars playing the piano.  His parents, Queen Alexandra and King Sebastian, want him to stop fooling around because they want to retire and name him the new King.  And they selected a queen for him, Duchess Adriana.  His parents send him to New York to look over their charity ball.  At the hotel, Colin finds a piano and runs to play it.  However, he smashes into Dee Dee instead.  He offers to buy her pastries, but that infuriates her.  She assumes Colin is using his money and accent to pay her off.  She grabs the smashed food and goes to the meeting.  Although Colin smashed the desserts, they get the job.  As Dee Dee leaves the kitchen, her dad, Nicky, calls.  He hurt his hand towing a truck and can’t play piano for the pageant.  Then Dee Dee gets an idea after seeing Colin play the piano.  She approaches Colin to pay her back with services.  If he plays the piano for her pageant, she will forgive him.  He says yes, but he wants a tour of Queens too.  She agrees to their first note of love.

This prince-out-of-water tale isn’t new for the holiday season.  There are several fairy tale movies each Christmas.  Each one gets more predictable, and this film is no different.  The threat of the Duchess doesn’t worry viewers because she is nothing more than a convenient distraction.  If you have seen this type of movie, you can skip it this season.  Otherwise, use it as a backing track to your holiday.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I love my job.  I love my job – Whitbey

And you look slightly flushed – Queen Alexandra

And barely on time – King Sebastian

Yeah, what can go wrong – Zoe

You never let me have any fun – Prince Colin

How do I know your not one – Dee Dee

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Dangerous Snow Day – Review

Dangerous Snow Day – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie got accepted into the Connecticut State College master’s program.  She rejected the offer in the past because classes would interfere with her au pair job.  But now, Maggie wants to go.  She approaches Fredrick and Kristen about reducing her hours for school, and Fredrick is livid.  He asks to speak to Maggie alone in his office.  Fredrick offers Maggie more money and sex to stay on the job.  Maggie slaps Fredrick and leaves while he fires her.  Maggie wants to stay with her friend, Hannah, but can’t reach her on the phone.  Maggie tries to find her wallet, and a car attempts to hit her.  Maggie goes to the police, and Deputy Hayes takes her case.  Maggie tells Hayes she thinks Fredrick tried to run her off the road, and Hayes closes his notebook.  Fredrick is the most powerful man in the county, so coming after him with circumstantial evidence is dangerous.  Maggie understands and asks Hayes to note her complaint, and he does.

Later, Maggie interviews for another au pair job, but Fredrick ostracizes her.  As she leaves, someone chases her out of the building.  Maggie doesn’t think staying at Hannah’s house is safe.  So, she tries to get a hotel room, but can’t find her wallet.  She calls Fredrick for the wallet, but he lies and throws it in the trash.  After finding the wallet, Kristen offers to return it.  Maggie tells Kristen to leave her husband, but Kristen doesn’t feel strong enough.  Maggie walks away, thinking that she will never see the family again.  But she’s wrong.  One snow day will expose secrets and murder.

Score one for Maggie.  She doesn’t back down to a powerful man and scolds those who do.  She stands up for herself and refuses to be a victim.  Of all the fictional LMN characters, Maggie is the strongest.  This movie provides a twist that some may figure out, but, for most, it’s jaw-dropping.  Save this one on your DVR to watch it twice.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You expect Kristen to take care of the kids while you’re busy – Fredrick

You don’t think I can handle it – Kristen

Maggie, this will keep you safe – Kaeden

When you stop being scared of Fredrick and wanna start doing your job, let me know – Maggie

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The Holiday Fix Up – Review

The Holiday Fix Up – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sam hosts a home improvement show but lost a magazine cover to her nemesis, Hailey.  Sam’s producer tells Sam that Hailey is more active on social media.  Sam needs to post more and attract followers to stay ahead of the game.  Sam decides to visit her mom in Florida and post about it on her days off.  However, her mom is on a cruise with her fiancé.  Then, Sam gets a call from Jack while seeing the news about the Bell Harbor Inn.  A storm caused a tree to fall on the Inn and damaged it.  It will take a miracle to get the Inn repaired for Harbor Fest in 2 weeks.  Jack will have to cancel Harbor Fest for the first time since his wife, Rita, died without the Inn.  Sam tells Jack she will be there in the morning.  

Sam visits the Bell Harbor coffee shop first and sees her ex-boyfriend, Cooper, in line.  He asks her to sit and catch up, but Sam leaves to meet Jack.  When Sam looks at the property, she observes the tremendous damage to the kitchen and knows it will be a complicated job.  She asks Jack if he has any other crew members, and Cooper walks in.  These past lovers will have to work together to get the Inn ready in 2 weeks.  But will their childish nature get in the way of the repairs and a second chance at love?

Make sure to have a slice of hot cocoa pie and tissues ready.  While this movie feels ordinary, the last 15 minutes will leave you in a ball of tears.  Cooper and Sam don’t just focus on the kitchen.  They show their love and appreciation for Jack and Rita.  It’s something you won’t forget and want to emulate.  Keep a pen and pad ready to take notes for your contractor.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Look, my home is my suitcase – Sam

Are you in – Jack

If that’s what you wanted some by me – Cooper

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