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Twinkle All the Way – Review

Twinkle All the Way – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Single-mom and wedding planner, Cadence believes in organization and prioritization.  She gets a feeling of accomplishment each time she checks off a box.   As she sits in a parent’s volunteer meeting for the school’s pageant, Henry walks in 5 minutes late.  The single-father, widower, and designer, Henry loves to paint and feel his creations before they come to fruition.  They are assigned to work on the set design together for the pageant.  Henry has a few ideas but Cadence has a color-coded plan.  Henry likes her ideas but he wants to add a sleigh.  She says the school doesn’t have the budget.  He says he can help.  He has a sleigh in his workshop.  Henry works for Twinkle All the Way, founded by his mother Twinkle.  They have several sleighs Herny and Cadence can use for the play.  As they work together, they see the beauty in planning and going with the flow.  This comes in handy on Christmas Eve.  Cadence’s client moved her wedding up so she could be married on Christmas Eve.  Cadence plans for everything, except a blizzard.  With the town snowed in and evacuated to a shelter, can Cadence pull off this wedding after leaving Henry behind because he didn’t fit into her plan?

This movie pulls off some stunning designs with cute kids.  However, that doesn’t make up for a lack-luster script.  With the bland plotline, you don’t feel connected to the characters or their story arch.  As Lex gives advice and Twinkle gets sick, you want more to come from these incidences.  But, these story points are not developed or engaging.  This movie can be skipped or background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Did I miss a meeting? – Henry

Is there anything better than a good checklist – Cadence

As your business partner, I am telling you it’s work playing the lottery again – Lex

I’m hearing a twinkling following you. Just tell me you hear it too – twinkle

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Carole’s Christmas – Review

Carole’s Christmas – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes (2 parts – 1 hour each)


Carole and Marcus met in college before Christmas break.  Carole dreamed of a career that would allow her to be part of the solution, not the problem.  Marcus wants to start his career as an accountant but hopes to open his own landscaping company someday.  One marriage, 2 kids, and several bills later, Carole and Marcus are still happily married.  They are active in their children’s lives and have themed nights.  Marcus’s landscaping business is new and he hasn’t had a client in a while.  Carole runs a United Neighbors Assistant to create affordable housing.  If she doesn’t receive $10 million by the end of the year, she will lose her job and the organization.  Carole is stressed about affording the house and the car while planning the annual Christmas Eve party.  She wonders what would her life be like if she chose a different path.  Thanks to Iris, she will see first hand.  Will Carole chose her new life or her current life?

This is not a new story.  In fact, it has been told for different holidays.  Entering an alternate life to decide if you made the right choice.  It has even been done on TV shows.  In the end, the message is the same: appreciate what you have.  You know what will happen and how Carole will choose.  You watch to see how her financial problems will be fixed.  Despite the stellar cast, this plot is overdone.  While it shies away from the love story format, it just doesn’t grab your attention.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Just follow your own advice. You practiced, you worked hard, and you’re ready. Plus you had an awesome breakfast – Marcus

Try helping others to save yourself – Donavan

I wish I would have taken a different path – Carole

You sure about that? – Iris

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The Magical Christmas Shoes – Review

The Magical Christmas Shoes – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Every year Noelle’s grandmother sends her shoes with candy inside.  Following a dutch tradition, Noelle has been told the shoes are magic.  Noelle loves the shoes, but bad things have happened to her each time she wore them.  Years ago, during an internship, she wore her shoes.  She lost her boyfriend and her job.  Today, she wears her bubble gum pumps and head to her favorite candy store, Reid’s, to get peppermint rings.  Her grandmother told her those pumps would get her out of any sticky situation.  Maybe that’s why Noelle stepped in gum right in front of Reid’s candy shop and learns the store is closing.  John offers to help and cleans the gum off her shoes.  See makes a comment that whoever is closing the store is an idiot.  Then, John introduces himself as John Reid.  With egg on her face, Noelle apologizes.  She’s hurt the store will be gone.  It has meant so much to her family.  Her grandparents met and got engaged in front of that store.  And her grandfather bought a peppermint ring to propose.  John wishes the store could stay open but the numbers don’t support it.  Good thing Noelle is an accountant.  She offers to look at the numbers.  After thoroughly looking through everything, Noelle has a suggestion: change the window display.  If the display is inviting, people will come into the candy store.  John offers to hirer someone, but Noelle offers to take the job. In the past, she worked in interior design.  She has always wanted to find her passion for it again. Jason gives her the job with the hope she can produce better numbers.  They produce so much more but are her shoes helping or hurting.

Adding shoes to the Christmas mix is not new, but adding the Dutch tradition is a change of pace.  It’s compelling to see Noelle brush off the shoe’s magic when something good is happening.  But when something bad is happening, she is quick to blame the shoes. She states she doesn’t believe in magic but she still gives a pair of shows power over her life.  In the end, Noelle finally decides her opinion about the shoes and her grandmother.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s not the first sticky situation I have gotten out of – John

Numbers, they never lie – Noelle

No, don’t they know that is a landmark of love – Allison

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His Secret Marriage – Review

His Secret Marriage – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kelsey wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of her husband Jason.  He tells her they recently eloped and got married.  They were on the way to their honeymoon before they crashed.  Kelsey calls her mom to update her and her mother is shocked she got married.  Jason says she needs her sleep so Kelsey and her mom end the conversation.  Soon, Kelsey is cleared to leave.  Jason offers to take her home but reminds her of the honeymoon in a stress-free, noise-free, and cell phone free environment.  It’s the best way to recuperate.   Kelsey remembers the place and decides to go there instead.  Driving to their honeymoon, Kelsey falls asleep and has a nightmare of her and Jason fighting over the steering wheel of the car before it crashed.  She wakes up.  Jason assures her the nightmare is just that, a nightmare.  To ease her into married life,  Jason offers to get a separate room.  Kelsey is relieved.  The concierge is happy to help but he mentions Jason has changed his room arrangements several times.   Jason cuts off the concierge and asks for his room so Kelsey can sleep. As Kelsey’s resolve crumbles, she sees another side of Jason.  When her memory starts to come back, the truth about Jason will leave her stunned and bloodied.

A slow build to a “REALLY” moment.  As a viewer, you know something is off about Jason.  You just don’t know how the two know each other and what really happened.  LMN viewers will believe they have this one pegged based on past movies.  But this adds a layer of creepiness that blows your mind.  It is the saving grace of this movie.  So, save this one on the back burner until you need to kill 2 hours.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Why do I remember her and not you – Kelsey

How about you stop trying to fit me into a past you can’t remember. Think of this as a new beginning – Jason

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A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love – Review

A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love – HMM – 2 hours and 2 minutes

A Godwink Christmas Meant for Love Final Image Assets

Godwink: A new word in the language for those little coincidences that aren’t coincidences, but come from divine origin.  Godwinks are always a sign of hope.

Alice runs her father’s old store and wants to expand to the newly cleared space next door.  But, a national coffee brand has put in a bid.  This mom and pop town would love a coffee shop but not a national chain.  While her offer will be lower, Alice hopes she can convince the owners to give her the store space.  She closes the store and rushes to her mom Olga’s home for a Christmas party.  It’s not along before Olga is asking her to attend the Schooner’s Gala.  There will be lots of single men there.  Jack is on the fast track to promotion and works hard to prove himself every day.  However, his boss reminds him to have fun.  So, he decides to attend the company Christmas party.  As Alica and Jack enter the party, the staff are still setting up and Jack follows some ill-placed signs.  He attends the Shuooner party by mistake.  Before he realizes his mishap, he and Alice start talking and discover they will be attending the same wedding. Alice gets a text message before Jack leaves for his company party.  Her ride for her wedding fell through, so Jack offers to drive her.  With so many Godwinks leading them, will Alice and Jack let an illness stop their love?

Based on a true story and inspired by a book, this Godwink sequel will have you reaching for a Kleenex (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  At some point, you know divine intervention is putting these two together.  Not just for themselves, but for their families.  Seeing the real couple’s pictures at the end is the cherry on top.  It’s hard to believe this love story is real until you see it in their eyes.  Keep this movie close to your heart.  And watch out for Godwinks in your own life.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Why did they have to sit him on the bride’s side during the ceremony? Nobody got
a chance to talk to him
– Olga

You’re still holding my hands – Alice

You know what? This is all your fault – Jack

That’s 1 down, only 40 more Mironos to go – Charlie

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Random Acts of Christmas – Review

Random Acts of Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes


There is a Secret Santa going around giving out gifts to the neighborhood.  Whether its free bus passes, poinsettias, or toys, everyone loves Secret Santa, including the news.  Sydney freelances for the local paper but aspires to get a permanent position.  She just doesn’t write the hard-hitting journalism the boss wants.  So she comes up with an idea: to expose who is behind the Secret Santa.  The boss likes the idea and Sydney starts doing research.  The next morning, Sydney finds out she is stuck in traffic because Secret Santa is giving out cakes.  She sneaks around to one of the vans and finds Cole.  Cole is a freelance reporter looking for the identity of the Secret Santa too.  He thinks they should work together and share the byline.  Ever caution, Sydney slowly agrees and heads home.  Sydney doesn’t know that Cole is actually Colin Hauer, owner of the largest ornament manufacturer in the country and the Secret Santa.  He hopes to stop her from discovering his true identity but helping her see the real reason behind the actions.  Can he do this while falling in love?

An endearing movie but hard to believe in today’s cynical society.  In a time where everyone’s intentions are questioned, it’s hard to believe a Secret Santa, even with all the money in the world, could do this without intense scrutiny.  Nevertheless, this is the Christmas life our world deserves.  A world of true kindness, giving, and holiday magic without judgment.  Sit back and enjoy a world we hope to live in one day.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Tis the season to be overwhelmed – Sydney

Sorry to disappoint – Cole

Good idea. It will give you time for baking – Howard

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Write Before Christmas – Review

Write Before Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Click on the character’s name link to see their respective card.

Jessica’s boyfriend Wes isn’t in the holiday spirit.  So, she buys 5 cards.  She plans on sending him the cards just before Christmas, one a day.  The night before she starts, Wes breaks up with her.  She goes home and starts to take down her decorations.  However, seeing the cards gives her an idea.  She takes each card and writes a special message for every important person in her life.  First, her music teacher Mrs. Miller. She inspired her to play the cello.  She hasn’t played in a while but Jessica owns a music shop.  Second, her best friend Mimi.  She has been there for Jessica every step of the way and encouraged her to reach for her dreams.  Third, her brother CJ.  She’s sad her brother will miss Christmas but she is proud that he is serving his country and became a strong man.  Fourth, her aunt Lila.  Lila took care of Jessica and CJ after their parents died.  Fifth, the lead singer of her favorite boy band, Jax.  Jax has been broken up with his band for years but their music got her through her parents’ death.  Jessica has no idea the ripple effect these cards will have on her and the people she wrote them too.

At first, this feels like a 2-hour ad for Hallmark cards.  As you watch the movie, it becomes a testament to the lost art of card writing.  While e-Cards have grown in popularity, getting a handwritten card is something special.  You can feel the thought and love in every word.  Also, the time it took to pick the right card for the right person.  It may inspire you to write a card of your own.  That amount of care can truly have an impact on some else.  And impact so small like a phone call or writing a card back, similar to what Luke did for Jessica.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You can never have enough Christmas – Jessica

When did fans become followers – Jax

What just happened – Luke

You can’t keep picking the wrong guys just to avoid being hurt – Mimi

No, I’m married to a restaurant and we have a pretty good relationship – Primo

A private and it’s private – CJ

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Christmas Cupcakes – Review

Christmas Cupcakes – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Kim and Gina return to their father, Luchiano’s bakery, with their uncle Mario, after their father died.  An elderly woman sees the lights on and comes in for egg bread. They give her the last loaf Luchiano made.  Kim asks Gina to stay and help run the business.  Gina says she can’t because she has too many work obligations.  Her mind changes the moment she goes back to work.  Gina quits her job to help run the bakery.  Kim, Gina, and Mario have to decide who will make Luchiano’s famous egg bread.  They ask the elderly lady to judge the contest.  Of the three, she picks Gina’s.  It’s decided: Gina will make the egg bread, Mario will make everything else, and Kim will handle the finances.  With good foot traffic, Gina believes everything is going well.  However, Kim tells her the truth.  Luchiano took out a 2nd mortgage and small loans to cover the bills and they are deep in debt.  They need to get $240,000 in two weeks.  If they don’t get the money in time, they will lose the store and their mom will lose her home.  And to make matters worse, they discovered Mario has been sleeping in the store for 25 years.  If they lose the store, he will lose his home too.  Lee – Kim’s daughter and newly hired bakery techie – has an idea.  They should enter into the Dessert Grand Prix.  The top prize is $100,000.  Last year’s winners have a store around the corner.  So, they go incognito – at least Kim does – to check them out.  Gina is given two big shocks.  First, Andrew, a guy she went on one date with, is behind the counter and still bitter she stopped returning his calls.  Second, her new love interest, Nick, is Andrew’s sous chef.  This competition is going to get dirty fast.

With the competition filmed like a real cooking show, you can’t help but watch it.  However, have some cupcakes nearby.  Seeing their tasty creations will have you salivating.  And the honest ending is a true deviation from the holiday movies.  This family comes together when most fall apart while giving you an easy laugh.  Although this movie isn’t a standout, its still fun to watch this season.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t hate Christmas. I don’t really have a use for it – Gina

Don’t mess up her coffee – Kim

Oh yeah, how come they make a kitchen in the house. Huh smart guy – Mario

Now, Christmas feels like it comes out of a catalog – Nick

Thank you – Andrew

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My Sister’s Deadly Secret – Review

My Sister’s Deadly Secret – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Dr. Sharon’s sister, Raven went missing when she was 5 and Raven was 15.  Twenty-seven years later, it still haunts Sharon.  Sharon’s boyfriend Dev is ready to move their relationship to the next level but she is afraid to start a family.  To help ease her fears, Dev asks his brother to look into Raven’s disappearance.  His search turns up something wonderful: Raven.  Dev tells Sharon the good news.  Sharon looks at the woman’s picture and compares it to an old picture of Raven.  Sharon believes the two look alike and Raven is only an hour away.  Dev tells Sharon she should introduce herself face to face, not on the phone.  Sharon makes the drive and sees Raven in the yard.  Sharon introduces herself, leaving Raven in tears.  They hug and Sharon invites her to visit. Over the next few days, Dev and Sharon’s best friend Jill think something is wrong with Raven.  But Sharon won’t hear it.  Sharon will need a hole, computer history, and 2 gunshots for her to seek the truth.

As Dev said Sharon is making excuses for all of Raven’s weird and disruptive behavior, Sharon believes he is trying to find something wrong.  No matter what anyone tells Sharon, she is quick to defend her sister.  She believes that Dev and Jill are looking for problems with her new relationship.  Even though Dev found Raven and encouraged the relationship, Sharon still believes he is against her.  There are just too many Lifetime mistakes to swallow.  While Sharon’s inability to see the truth is frustrating to watch, this mystery of Raven is very intriguing.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Can we talk about this after I kick your butt – Sharon

Is that rhetorical – Dev

Your past can be a prison cell until you realize you have the key – Jill

Would you like to find out – Raven

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Christmas Under the Stars – Review

Christmas Under the Stars – Hallmark – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Julie wants to restore Christmas.  Her father died and her son Matt is still reeling from the loss.  Her father loved Christmas and made it a celebration for Matt every year.   Julie works hard to continue the traditions but she is drowning in medical debt.   She paid the bills but she was charged twice and her debt was bought.  They are threatening to take everything if she doesn’t pay.  On the other side of town, Nick is confident in his future in finance, until he got fired.  He doubled down on a bad investment and the customer wants someone’s head to roll.  So, Nick is out.  Clem sees Nick walking down the street and asks Nick to help him set up the lights.  Nick helps and Clem offers him a job.  Nick laughs and declines.  A few days, later Nick takes the job.  That day, Julie and Matt visit Clem.  Clem and her father were friends.  When Nick lays eyes on Julie, he is all smiles.  Nick will learn about Clem and Julie’s financial issues, his hand in causing them, and how he can fix them.  These lessons will help him grow into a better man and prepare him for love.

Based on the soon-to-be-published book, The Christmas Tree Lot by Rick Dunlap, this movie gives a love story with today’s issues.  Debt buyers and medical bills are problems most people deal with today.  Wrapping it up in a holiday love story is the icing on the cake.  You will get misty-eyed and applaud the happy couple.  This movie will be an instant holiday favorite.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You heard of red tape. This is red quicksand – Julie

Don’t get ahead of yourself, now. I’m the chief salesman. You would be the muscle – Clem

What makes you think I need a job – Nick

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