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Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation – Review

Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Gwen Shamblin steps off the scale with frustration. The nutritionist can’t understand why she is gaining weight. Not being able to help herself affects Gwen’s ability to assist others in their weight loss journey. A friend, Emily, stated that she ate because she felt empty and not hungry. The word ’empty’ stuck in Gwen’s mind. Her husband, David, brushes it off before going to church. 

Gwen wakes up in the middle of the night, tries to avoid the fridge, drinks water, eats cake, and prays for guidance. She had an epiphany that Emily’s lack of food didn’t cause her to feel empty. It was a lack of God. Gwen approaches Emily with her new method, and it works for Emily. Gwen creates the Weigh Down Workshop, and her followers grow. While writing her first book, Gwen notices a trend. People outside of her husband’s church gain the weight back. She witnesses another church’s sermon and believes it doesn’t align with her teachings. Gwen decides to build off the success of her program and her book to create the Remnant Fellowship Church. She believes it will bring more soul to God through fasting. But it will create a cult that will force marriages, kill a child, and leave lifelong mental and physical scars on its members.

Based on a true story, Gwen turned from dietitian to cult leader in a few years. For cults, they give new members a test to prove their loyalty. Gwen used her diet as the test. If she could control their diet, she could take over their mind. Some viewers may believe Gwen started with good intentions. However, it was an eating disorder. Her diet plan did not consider a person’s genetics, health problems, and psychological issues to weight gain. As Gwen gained power, she became an all-knowing hypocrite. She told her parishioners to stay in unhealthy marriages but divorced David for Joe. Gwen told her daughter, Elizabeth, to put on a ‘happy face’ at church after Elizabeth’s baby died. Then she blamed the baby’s death on Elizabeth’s looming baby weight. This movie will horrify, disgust, and anger you, but you will not be able to look away. And this film only covers the tip of the iceberg. Watch The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin on HBO Max for a comprehensive understanding of Gwen and Remnant (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). 

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Maybe what they’re saying is glory to Gwen – David

Emily, did you go along with this – Carmen

I believe in Gwen – Emily

Everything sucks – Michael

Well, I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem – Joe

I’m doing God’s work. Not mine – Gwen

I’m leaving the church. I’m taking my son, and you’re not going to do a damn thing about it – Adrienne

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Secrets in the Marriage – Review

Secrets in the Marriage – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kat and her sister, Alex, celebrate Kat’s promotion with drinks at the bar. Kat is a step closer to becoming mayor with this advancement. A man, Richard, comes over to buy them another shot. Although he purchases congratulatory drinks for both of them, he eyes Kat. Kat and Richard strike up a flirty and gently combative conversation.

One year later, Kat and Richard are married and will soon celebrate their first anniversary. Kat’s phone rings with no caller ID, and she answers it. A woman, Sue, claims to have dated Richard for six months and is pregnant with his baby. Sue apologizes because she didn’t know Richard was married. Richard grabs the phone and tells Sue to take her medication and call her new doctor. He tells Kat that Sue is a patient with an unhealthy attachment. He offers to call his receptionist to back up his statement. But, Kat trusts Richard and forgets the phone call.

Kat’s recent promotion will move her to her hometown. Years ago, Kat left after prom under scrutiny and never looked. Richard and Kat meet their new neighbor, Vivienne. Kat thinks Vivienne is sweet, but Richard doesn’t trust her. As they unpack, Kat finds pills in Richard’s belongings. He tells her they are sleeping pills, and she can take them if she wants. She worries that it’s unethical, but he laughs because he is a psychiatrist. Kat and Richard believe this is the start of their new life. However, they will end up on opposite sides of the court. As Kat accuses Richard of assault, he says she is a murderer.

These two have a whirlwind romance, but something isn’t quite right. The script exposes one of Richard’s secrets but slowly unveils Kat’s. Viewers won’t doubt the real culprit in this movie, but you watch to understand what Kat is hiding and why she ran years ago. The writer uses Kat’s past to make the audience doubt her and give credibility to Richard. The last 30 minutes are about seeing how the protagonist will get out of trouble. There is one twist about Richard, but experienced Lifetimers can figure out the rest. This film intrigues viewers, but you shouldn’t cancel plans to watch it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am so sorry. I have no idea how she got your number – Richard

I’m not jealous – Kat

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Vacation Home Nightmare – Review

Vacation Home Nightmare – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Danielle broke up with her husband, Craig, after discovering his affair. Danielle’s friend, Alesha, thinks Danielle needs a girls’ trip to get over Craig. Alesha finds a vacation home in close proximity and calls their friend, Hannah, to join them.

They get the key, enter the home, and settle the room arrangements. Then, they toast to friendship and go to the beach. Alesha notices a guy, Jack, staring at Danielle and convinces Danielle to talk to him. Their conversation goes well, and they make plans to go out later. However, Jack never shows up for their date. Danielle assumes he ghosted her and calls Alesha and Hannah. Alesha and Hannah planned to eat dinner out. They offer to return and spend time with Danielle, but she tells them to have fun. Danielle returns to the vacation home, and a man in the dark attacks her. She fights him off, and he runs away. Danielle gathers her thoughts and calls the police. Detective Greer arrives and takes their statements. Then, two men, Mike and Anton, come to the door. Mike and Anton work for Escape Pads’ security team and want to question the women too. Detective Greer kicks Anton and Mike out of the house and promises to work on the case. The women decided to cut their losses and return home.

It doesn’t take long for Anton and Mike to find Danielle and ask her to sign some paperwork. She scoffs at signing something without reading it. Danielle and Alesha tell Mike and Anton to leave because they want to look it over with their lawyer, Hannah. Anton leaves and blames Mike for the women not signing. Mike is worried because this is another home invasion attack in a string of murders in Escape Pads’ properties. Anton tells Mike to do his job because he will ensure Danielle signs the paperwork. When Detective Greer finds out about Anton and Mike’s visit, she thinks they are up to no good. Danielle agrees. But they have no idea how deep the deception goes.

Bring on the incels. Anton is a disgusting creep with issues. He hates all women because of one. And Danielle’s ex-husband, Craig, is no different. Let’s put that aside and applaud an intelligent cop on Lifetime. Detective Greer takes the assault seriously, investigates, and offers tips. Viewers will wish that Anton’s motives are far from the truth. However, the dark side of the internet will prove you wrong. This movie shines a light on this subgroup and their disgusting thoughts. This movie is fun to watch but not a favorite.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He’ll get what’s coming to him. I know it – Danielle

Well, be to single women, in their prime, against 1 – Alesha

You want a compliment – Hannah

That would make it difficult – Anton

She seems reasonable enough – Mike

Enjoy this while you can, Mr. King – Detective Greer

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Finding Love in San Antonio – Review

Finding Love in San Antonio – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Adela hosts Alta Cocina, a cooking show specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine. The widow struggles to balance her job and raise a child, Fabiola, alone. Adela completes the season’s finale episode and tells her manager, Matias, to talk later because she wants to catch Fabiola’s soccer game. He stops Adela and reminds her that she has an interview with a food writer, David, from her hometown. Adela sits for the interview, but it’s a hatchet job. David calls Adela out-of-touch and only for the elite. Insulted, Adela defends herself before Matias ends the conversation.

Adela misses Fabiola’s winning goal but offers to purchase ice cream instead. Fabiola doesn’t accept the gesture but is glad her grandmother, Soccorro, came. Fabiola looks forward to their trip to San Antonio for the summer. Adela and Fabiola will see the updates Soccorro made to her Mexican restaurant, Romeros.

When they get to San Antonio, Adela has to stop at Tacos Rapidos. She orders food for the family, and a man behind her says he is getting the same thing. Adela turns around to see David. Adela is furious and walks away. Adela, Fabiola, and Soccorro go to Romeros and love the new decor, but Adela notices the kitchen has no upgrades. Sandra, the assistant manager, takes offense to Adela’s comments because the decor upgrades were her idea. Sandra tells Soccorro the cook is sick, and Soccorro asks Adela to take over for the day.

David comes in during Adela’s shift, and she wants him to leave. Soccorro tells Adela that David is a regular who gives the restaurant outstanding reviews. Soccorro reminds Adela that David worked at the restaurant when Adela was a line cook. Then, Adela remembers him. Later, Soccorro informs Adela that she will close the restaurant because business is down. Adela believes she can fix things with an updated menu, but Soccorro reminds Adela that it has to be within budget. Adela commits to working at the restaurant for the summer until Matias calls. The network wants to give Adela a new show with European chefs as the focus. It’s a summer show that starts filming in 10 days. Adela doesn’t want to uproot Fabiola, but it would be great for Adela’s career. Matias tells Adela that Fabiola can train for soccer in Europe. Adela asks Matias to give her a day to convince Fabiola. However, Adela must convince herself because she is falling for David.

It’s pretty easy to see how this movie will end because it has layers of mom guilt and a widow. Viewers watch to see how Adela decides life for her and Fabiola. The film tries to misdirect viewers with a compromise, but it doesn’t fool anyone. The food will make your mouth water and have you scouring the internet for recipes. And don’t write Fabiola off as a brat because she has a legitimate reason to be upset and a caring nature. This movie will make you hungry, but it doesn’t require your full attention.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Aren’t you supposed to make my life easier – Adela

Have you forgotten where you came from – David

I had an assist, Abuela – Fabiola

I had better – Soccorro

Keep telling yourself that – Sandra

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Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance – Review

Love in Glacier National: A National Park Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Heather Lawrence planned to go to Maui with her sister, Riley, but she got a call for help from her friend, Eric. Eric owns the Fernie Ski Resort at Glacier National Park and wants to open the backcountry. However, he wants Heather to install her forecasting equipment and train the mountain rescue team about it. This installation will be good exposure for Heather, and it can lead to more research grants. Heather calls to cancel the trip but invites Riley to Fernie upon hearing Riley’s disappointment. 

Heather and Riley arrive at the snowy wonderland and meet with Eric. Eric warns Heather that the director is tech-phobic and will give pushback on the forecasting machines. Heather watches the rescue team’s demonstration. She meets Chris, Chris’s daughter, Samantha, and their avalanche dog, Mogul. When Heather answers questions and talks about her research, Chris dismisses her as another city person with no knowledge of the mountain. She can’t understand why Chris is so condescending towards her. 

Eric calls a meeting before the work day to let Heather introduce her machines. It’s then that Heather discovers that Chris is the director. Heather will schmooze Chris to change his mind about her technology. But will this self-declared single-for-life woman find love instead? 

For 80% of this movie, Chris is a jerk to Heather. He is rude, condescending, and dismissive. Chris never asks Dr. Heather about her credentials, education, or hobbies. He brushes her off as a city girl who read a few internet articles about avalanches. Seeing her try to gain his approval is annoying. However, Chris’s interactions with Samantha redeem him for a brief moment. The plot takes too long to explain his tech phobia. Viewers won’t care why because he was so disdainful towards her for so long. Writers should have revealed the reasoning to the audience in the first 30 minutes but let Chris divulge the truth in the last 30 minutes. The audience would have more compassion for Chris’s behavior. This movie gives lots of survival tips, but it makes you angry before you fall in love.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Still happily single – Heather

I have never met a mountain woman from the city before – Chris

Don’t mind her. She’s just directing my husband’s swimmers. If you know what I mean – Riley

Oh, I don’t change nothing but my underwear – Eric

Please, please, please, let this be for one night – Samantha

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