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Brittany Runs a Marathon – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 43 minutes

Brittany Runs a Marathon

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Brittany, 28, wakes up at noon, works as a greeter for a local theater company, drinks, does drugs, eats crap, and smokes weed.  She tries to score Adderall at the doctor’s office but the doctor is on to her scheme.  Instead, he tells her to eat right, sleep better, lose 45 to 55 lbs, and supply her family’s medical history when she comes back for a follow-up.  With a little effort, Brittany attempts to run around the block.  She makes it but cries on her apartment floor.  When Catherine hears Brittany crying, she tries to help her. Misguided, Brittany thinks Catherine is there to gloat about her life but she invites Brittany to her running club.  At first, Brittany says no but she shows up.  Much to Catherine’s delight.  During the first run, Brittany meets Seth.  The married, father of two, wants to be healthier for his sons.  They start running regularly. Catherine tells Seth and Brittany she signed up for the New York Marathon a few years ago but had to drop out because she got pregnant.  Brittany has an epiphany.  They should run the New York Marathon together.  Since entering the marathon isn’t free, Brittany takes on a second job to pay the lottery entrance fees.  Running this marathon gives Brittany a purpose, guidance, and strength but will it change her attitude towards herself and others in her life?

Brittany must learn running the marathon isn’t about her weight or even winning.  It’s about setting a goal and accomplishing it.  When a setback hurts her physically and mentally, the old Brittany rises to the surface and lashes out.  While it’s rough to see Brittany make this decline, it’s realistic.  In this inspiring film of self-discovery and determination, you are treated to a romantic comedy.  Brittany finds love with Jern, discovers a real friendship with Seth and Catherine, and fortifies her bond with her sister and brother in law.  This movie is smart and funny while challenging the new social norms of acceptance.  With so many quick-witted, genuine responses, it’s easy to believe the actors were allowed to adlib most of the scenes.  Watch this movie and be inspired to try a 5K of your own.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Guess you totally missed the point of those Dove ads – Brittany

I think you call me Money Bags Martha – Catherine

Don’t throw away your fat clothes – Gretchen

You don’t do it to win it. You do it to finish it – Seth

My family wanted to adopt a white girl, so they go her – Jern

Click on a vendor to purchase (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
Only on Amazon Prime

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