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Secrets in the Basement – Review

Secrets in the Basement – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Barbara found the home of Delilah and Shawn’s dreams.  They both fall in love, but the house without a basement confuses Delilah, a former interior designer.  She sees all the markings of a basement but doesn’t see one.  Barbara tells Delilah that she will double-check the plans and let her know if there is a basement.  Until then, the couple should enjoy their new home.  During a trip to the hardware store, Delilah runs into Jay, the man who designed her home.  He is curious to see what she has done to the house.  Delilah allows Jay to follow her home.  During the tour, the two start to click, and Delilah wants to work for him.  After a few short moments, Jay agrees to allow Delilah to work with him.  As work starts to mount, Delilah is collapsing under the pressure.  Delilah sees figures moving, unknown decor appearing, and cabinets opening on their own.  As Delilah starts to fall apart, Shawn sticks by her side.  As the old saying goes, just because you’re crazy, it doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.  While she is off her medication, Delilah has been right about everything.  Someone is out to get her, and they want her to pay for a huge mistake. 

Secrets in the Basement isn’t what you would expect from the title, but it does cover the Lifetime basics.  You have the over-trusting lead going crazy, the husband trying to help, and the nosy best friend that never disseminate all the necessary information at one time.  While the movie does try to add suspense for the person in the basement, experienced Lifetimers will be able to figure it out in 5 minutes.  The killer’s motives are what drives viewers to watch.  You know Delilah feels guilty about something, but the viewer doesn’t know what it is.  As the plot peels back the layers of the story, you learn the sad truth.  That’s the real mystery of the story.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

No garbage in the house.  No garbage in the soul – Jay

It’s ok to let yourself heal – Shawn

I just worry there’s not enough I can do to make up for it – Delilah

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Psycho Sister-in-Law – Review

Psycho Sister-in-Law – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

At his father’s funeral, Nick spots a young woman standing far away but engaged.  He recognizes the woman is his sister Zara.  Zara is the illegitimate child of Nick’s father, Gavin, and Zara’s mother.  And the affair, Nick’s parents divorced a year later.  Before he passed away, Gavin proposed to Callie, and he happily celebrated Nick and Hailey’s first pregnancy.  Now, Nick and his wife, Hailey, are allowing Zara and Callie to stay in the home until the will reading.  In the will, Gavin left $100,000 for Zara, $600,000 for Callie, and everything else to Nick and his unborn offspring.  Gavin’s last will leaves Zara angry and disappointed.  She can’t believe Gavin treated Callie better than her.  However, Hailey is more understanding.  She and Nick allow Callie to stay and consider giving her the house.  Zara can’t believe Nick is treating Callie like family.  Zara has a plan in store.  She will take over the home and the money.  To see her master plan through, she needs one thing: Nick and Hailey’s unborn baby.  Nick, Hailey, and Callie have no idea how dangerous Zara is.  She killed before, and she will do it again.

Thank goodness for backhanded remarks and twist.  The infighting between the women will have you clutching your pearls and laughing out loud.  While having a twist is expected, the twist itself is a compelling reveal.  Be forewarned: you have to catch this movie from the beginning to see Zara’s first kill.  This kill pulls the entire story together at the end.  These aspects save this movie.  

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You screwed me so I screwed Adam – Zara

I doubt anyone would miss you, besides me – Hailey

I’m here to say hi to Hailey and ruin your perfect day – Callie

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Wedding Every Weekend – Review

Wedding Every Weekend – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Ginny encourages her friend, Brooke, to make this year the year of Brooke.  Over the next month, Brooke will attend a different wedding.  To avoid the singles’ table, old Brook would stay in her boring relationship with Colin.  Now, Brooke will enjoy the single life and focus on creating a physical therapy practice.  During Gretchen and Scott’s wedding, Brooke runs into one of her complicated patients, Nate.  Nate restores cars and loves DIY projects, including medical care.  When Brooke told him his knee would require multiple sessions, he opted to use YouTube to learn how to tape it himself.  She sees him limping around the wedding and asks to see his knee.  With pseudo pride, he shows the horrible tape job he did.  After a stroll, Brooke learns Nate is avoiding the dating world too.  He had a bad break up and wants to focus on his auto body shop.  The next weekend, Brooke and Nate are surprised to see each other at another wedding.  They realize they will be attending two more weddings in 2 weeks.  Each encounter will bring camaraderie and romance for the pair.  But their love doesn’t come without challenges from their past and their present.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this movie.  This movie is one of the most original Hallmark storylines in a long time.  It is well-acted, well cast, well design, well-directed, and enjoyable from beginning to end.  Every character, every wedding, and the overall love story will have you well invested in the movie.  The love feels obtainable because it happens over several weeks.  Be prepared to smile, cry, and fall in love while watching.  Wedding Every Weekend is the instant classic Hallmark movie that Hallmarkies have wanted, needed, and deserved.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Can I do that in life – Brooke

Are there instruction on-line so I can do this at home – Nate

At least you’re not in an unhappy one – Ginny

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