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Sorority Secrets – Review

Sorority Secrets – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After her college defunded her scholarship, Cassie is looking for an alternative to stay in school.  Debra, Cassie’s mother, promises to take on extra shifts to keep Cassie in school.  The last thing Cassie wants to burden her mother, so she is looking up every opportunity on campus.  She walks past the Kappa Eta Lambda sorority exhibit and overhears the sorority offers housing and tuition assistance.  She approaches them for a flyer, but they tell her no.  Cassie walks away, but runs into a classmate named Lisa.  Lisa says the Lambdas’ ‘no’ was a test.  The Lambdas expect her to come back and ask again.  She goes back, and they give her a flyer.  Soon, Cassie is the newest Lambda, and Monica is assigned to be her big sister.  Cassie proudly helps around the sorority house, but Wendy treats other girls better.  A sister tells Cassie those girls are part of the social committee.  They get money to go shopping and travel, and they don’t have to do chores.  However, the social committee is only for juniors and seniors.  When Wendy, the house mom, sees Cassie’s interest in the social committee, she invites Cassie to the white party to meet with benefactors.  At the party, Cassie gets dizzy and sick.  The next day, she confronts the bartender, Charlie, and asks if he slipped her something.  Charlie explains he did not and gives her tips on how to avoid being drugged again.  When Cassie arrives at the sorority house, Wendy has astonishing news.  One of the benefactors liked Cassie and wants to sponsor her.  Wendy wants Cassie to join the social committee.  Cassie’s life on campus is debt-free and chores-free.  Cassie doesn’t know the social committee is a front for prostitution.  After several sisters die, Cassie vows to put an end to it all.

Give this movie a chance.  With the setup, it’s easy to dismiss it as background noise.  During the sting, it becomes a full-blown mystery, twice.  This movie will pleasantly surprise you with its compelling twist.  Cassie will blossom from a timid, naive girl to an intelligent, strong woman within two hours.  Sorority Secrets is worth giving a try.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t think a sorority house could be this big – Debra

No, this is lambda.  Too much just means we’re getting started – Monica

I’m a hugger – Wendy

I’m a passionate man – Simon

This is just so hard to believe – Cassie

The timing is awfully suspicious – Charlie

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Ruthless Realtor – Review

Ruthless Realtor – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Meg shows Annie and Ralph Savage around a gorgeous home.  She lets the couple know the house isn’t listed, and there is only one buyer.  But the home can be theirs if they want it.  As they leave, Lynette, shows up on the doorstep, demanding Meg to give her some answers.  Meg promised Lynette that home and kept it off the market for her.  Meg doesn’t believe Lynette is the right fit for the house; however, the Savages are the perfect fit.  Angered, Lynette leaves while the Savages make an offer.  A few weeks later, the Savages are moving in, and to their surprise, Meg is there with treats in hand.  They feel Meg is out of order, but try to keep up appearances and be kind to her.  Meg tells Ralph Annie is pregnant before Annie has a chance.  Meg is ecstatic for them, but they want her to leave.  The next day, Meg is cooking in their kitchen and bearing gifts.  She mounted Annie’s pregnancy test.  They can’t get her out of the house fast enough and agree to keep her out.  Meg comes to Annie’s job to apologize, but things quickly get out of hand, and Meg is pulled away by security.  She starts to send threatening texts to Annie and warns Annie the police will never find her.  Next, Meg reveals another secret.  She lied so they can get the house.  If they aren’t going to accept her, then they don’t deserve the house.  Annie and Ralph will put their lives on the line for the home of their dreams.

Keep your eye on this movie.  It takes you down a familiar path of Lifetime movies but gives the experienced watcher a fun twist.  If you are paying attention, you will hear the truth the plot sprinkles along the way. In can be in passing or a full conversation or a blurb, but the plot gives clear clues to the audience.  The actors did a great job of misleading the audience by playing into the Lifetime characters we know, love, and hate.  All Lifetime watchers will enjoy this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Maybe I’ll just steal on of these from you – meg

Look hun, meg made us dinner – Ralph

I’m her lawyer – Annie

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