#TENET – Movie Review

Tenet – Budget of $200 – 225 million – 2 hours and 30 minutes

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A SWAT team must extract a CIA operative before the enemy can eliminate him.  The protagonist gives the code phrase and tries to get him out safely.  On the way out, the protagonist finds a unique artifact and grabs it.  He puts the CIA operative in a van, but the enemy is inside and knocks them both out.  When the protagonist wakes up, he is sitting on a railroad track, and a torturer is pulling out his teeth.  In front of him, the protagonist can see another tortured man, laying on the tracks, holding a cyanide pill behind his back.  The protagonist throws himself to the ground and takes it.  He wakes up in a ship’s medical bay.  He has been in a coma for months while medical staff saved his life and his teeth.  However, his SWAT team died.  The operative and the artifact they wanted to save is gone.  They want to invite the protagonist to a program called Tenet.  Tenet’s mission is to stop World War three.  Not a nuclear war, but a temporal war.  The boss sends the protagonist to see Laura.  She will explain this unique mission to the protagonist.  Laura shows the protagonist an inverted bullet.  Instead of shooting a bullet from his gun, the protagonist is catching the bullet fired in the future.  This inverted technology blows the protagonist’s mind.  The protagonist doesn’t know who designed the technology, but he knows who to ask.  An arms dealer in Mumbai, on the top floor of a highly guarded fortress.  The protagonist calls his boss and tells the boss he will need help.  The boss sends Neil.  This temporal war will have the protagonist and Neil face to face with a controlling husband, a plane crash, and the inverted.

Tenet is a movie you will need to see twice.  Not just for the stunning cinematography, but to keep up with the storyline.  With time moving forwards and backward, you see the same scene but from a different angle.  It’s captivating to see how the inverted and the non-inverted interact in the same space.  At one moment, a building is being put back together and destroyed at the same time.  The scene will leave you wonderstruck.  See it in IMAX to take it all in and pay attention to every detail.

I thought I was here to find out what we do – The Protagonist

It was there last week – Neil

That’s my life now – Kat

If I can’t have you, no one can – Andrei

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Quote – Character

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