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Feliz NaviDAD – Review

Feliz NaviDAD – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Principal David Morales has a simple principle in his life: Take care of his daughter and if he has the time to take care of himself, he will.  His daughter, Noël, loves her wonderful father.  But she worries he works too much because they don’t have enough money for her college education.  But David’s sister, Marissa, knows that’s not true.  When David’s wife died, David put her life insurance into a trust for Marissa, so David has plenty of money for Noël’s education.  Marissa knows David works a second job, because he can’t handle his sadness during the holiday since losing his wife.  Noël overhears them talking and decides to get David on a dating app.  Since it was her idea, David agrees.  A few days later, David comes home to see Marissa and Noël jumping up and down.  He has a match for a lunch date.  They give David a few pointers about how to handle a lunch date, what to keep private, what to wear, and don’t eat lunch.  He meets his date for a not-lunch date and sees a familiar face, Sophie.  David has delivered and picked up several packages for her.  They traded a few quips and compliments, but seeing her is a pleasant surprise, especially since she is his date.  They call their date practice dating, but David lets Sophie know they can practice anytime.  As David dates other matches, he can’t keep his mind off Sophie.  He falls head over heels for her, but when he puts himself first, it could ruin Noël’s Frosty Festival bell performance.  Can David learn to balance work and family while not neglecting his needs? 

This movie peacefully blends cultures to celebrate them.  The food and dancing are strong standouts in this movie.  And the witty back and forth between David and Sophie will make you laugh out loud.  While this movie isn’t memorable, it’s a decent watch for Lifetime or Christmas fans. With everything going on, remember this movie comes down to gloves.  You will be surprised that Sophie doesn’t cancel the chance to be in a symphony to be with David.  Instead, they drive to each other’s home.  They both get their dream life.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Life vest protect you from drowning. Sweater vest protect you from ever getting a date – Marissa

Dad, are we poorNoël

Thank goodness someone’s waiting to decorate – David

Wow, someone thinks a lot of themselves – Sophie

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A Taste of Christmas – Review

A Taste of Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Natalie is an event planner, custom wreath maker, calligrapher, dog walker, and has countless other jobs.  She has and does it all.  During the holidays, she takes off and spends time with her cousin Olivia.  However, Olivia calls with a sad update.  A blizzard hit Rome, and she will have to cancel the opening of her new Italian restaurant in her hometown.  Since so many restaurants are closed on Christmas Eve, Olivia wanted to use that day to do a soft opening.  Now, Olivia will have to shut down the restaurant and open it on another day.  This holiday is the first time in a long while that Natalie didn’t spend the holidays with her cousin, but she reassures Olivia by promising to spend the holiday with her friends.  When she hangs up the phone, Natalie gets a burst of inspiration, calls Olivia’s friend, Savannah, and gets all the information about the restaurant.  Natalie walks into the restaurant and sees it needs a lot of work.  Then, she hears sounds in the back.  She finds a man cooking and tries to fight him off, but burns herself in the process.  He grabs her hand and puts it on ice.  He is Stefano, and his uncle bought half of the restaurant but was too old to make the trip to the United States.  So, Stefano will stay and cook for the restaurant if she can get it open in time.  Natalie has a can-do attitude, but with busted pipes, no staff, and a culture-vulture food critic, Natalie will have her work cut out for her.

A Tastes of Christmas is a holiday movie that could have aired anytime of the year.  Not because it’s intriguing, but because Christmas isn’t the backbone of the film.  Just a deadline.  While it has some funny moments, the plot is boring, the acting is average, and the singing could use work.  You will focus on the romance between Tyler and BeeBee more than the main characters.  With so many movies out this year, you will lose this one in the holiday shuffle.  And that’s just fine.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Why count? I’m a Jacqueline of all trades – Natalie

A chef will never let his food burn, not for anything – Stefano

If you heard me ask the question, how could you be deaf – BeeBee

You’re not going to try to cook are you – Olivia

I was just trying to be logical that all – Tyler

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Blood on Her Badge – Review

Blood on Her Badge – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dee’s mother left her alone with an abusive father suffering from war-induced PTSD, and now she is trying to find a job but has little to no hope.  One day, the police come to her door and ask Dee about her brother’s whereabouts.  She refuses to rat out her brother but allows the officers to look through her home.  During the search, Dee inquires about becoming a police officer, and the officer tells her it’s like applying for any other job.  Her father is staunchly against the idea of Dee becoming a cop.  But if she does, he says she can’t tell her family, snitch on her brother, or move her paycheck out of the house.  Against his wishes, she applies.  At the application, Dee meets a new friend, Gloria.  Gloria can’t wait to become a cop and start shooting bad guys, but they have to take a psych evaluation first.  Days later, Dee writes a suicide note and looks at the numerous scars on her arms from self-harm.  She lied on her application and failed the psych evaluation, so they turned her down.  Before Dee commits suicide, Gloria knocks on her door and refuses to leave until Dee lets her inside.  Gloria made it, but she can’t believe Dee didn’t.  The police department is desperate for cops.  When Dee explains her situation, Gloria knows a workaround.  Her cousin failed his evaluation, but he faked a note from a therapist, and they cleared him.  So, Dee does the same thing.  In a few weeks, she graduates from the academy and gets awards and commendations.  With so few cops, Dee often rides alone.  One day, she suspects the group of guys of drug dealing and approaches them.  All, but one, runs away.  She asks why he didn’t, and he explains he has done anything wrong.  He introduces himself as Trey and challenges her to chase him.  On a foot pursuit, she loses track of him.  But when she turns around, he kisses her on the lips.  Soon, the teen is riding in her car and at her home every day.  It’s easy for Trey to visit since her father disappeared.  On her side hustle, Dee acts as a security guard for a restaurant.  The pay is good, and they feed her free meals.  As time goes on, the family that runs the restaurant hires someone else to be the security guard, and Dee is pissed.  Trey has an idea to get them back: Dee should rob them.  But she thinks the family is kind and they should not attack them.  So, Trey considers another angle, rob criminals instead.  Dee and Trey use her cop car to rob, and their robbing spree will lead to murder.  

Based on the real-life story of Antoinette Frank, this movie doesn’t put all the blame on Trey, who is portraying Rogers LaCraze.  The plot allows you to understand Dee had issues long before Trey came into her life.  With Trey, Dee had a kindred spirit for her darker exploits.  He approved, helped her plan, and carried out their rampage.  With everything happening in the movie, you may forget one necessary detail: Dee’s evaluation was correct.  She has an issue with authority and impulse control and needed psychological help long before she met Trey.  This movie is a warning about unhealed emotional scars.  If you don’t take care of them, they will fester and destroy you, and everyone around you.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

This is a love story – Dee

The cops are not our friends – dad

Don’t walk away, ok? – Trey

To anything – Gloria

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The Christmas Doctor – Review

The Christmas Doctor – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Zoey Garner left the army and travels to a different hospital to fill in the gaps during medical staff absences, like a substitute teacher.  She rarely spends the holidays with her family on the holiday’s date, and her home is bare.  Without an assignment, Zoey’s sister, Deborah, plans to spend some time with Zoey.  Then Zoey gets a call from Dr. Raymond Johnson in Willowbrook.  He has to have surgery, and he needs someone to fill in for two weeks at his small-town practice.  Zoey decides to take the job and apologizes to Deborah for missing the holidays again.  She walks into Raymond’s office and can’t find anyone inside.  Then, Zoey sees a man under the desk, speaks to him, and startles him causing him to bump his head.  Luke, a computer engineer, divorced his wife years ago and now co-parent their daughter, Lily.  Lily is coming home from college and studies to become a computer engineer like her father.  Zoey and Luke exchange quick hellos before Zoey meets Raymond and his medical assistant, Gabby.  Raymond tells her about the benefits and disadvantages of being a small-town doctor and prepares her for run-ins with patients.  As they talk, the B&B cancels her room.  With few options left in town, Raymond has a thought.  Luke rents his mother’s old home and is happy to let her stay until he bumps his head again and again because of Zoey.  With day one of fourteen complete, Zoey counts the remaining days.  But when she discovers her connection to Raymond and her love of Luke, Zoey’s count may change.

Warning: You WILL need Kleenex to get through this movie.  As Zoey flashback on one unforgettable patient, you will see her caring a nurturing heart that was the driving force behind her career path.  There is one moment you will yell at the screen like you are watching a horror movie.  And like most horror movies, it’s because of a little girl and bad timing.  The film tries to remove foreshadowing to allow the viewer to live in the moment but experienced HMM watchers will see it coming and brace themselves.  When the credits roll, you will hit rewind and watch again. 

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rash on aisle 3, got it – Zoey

She’ll get use to you – Raymond

Don’t you take an oath to do no harm – Luke

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The Christmas Edition – Review

The Christmas Edition – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jackie wants her dream job as an editor and believes it’s within her grasp.  When she sees Melanie Dower, CEO of Dower Media, in her office, Jackie assumes it’s a good thing.  She thinks Melanie will stand behind the newspaper and invest to gain more readership.  The team sits in the conference room, and Florence delivers the news.  Dower Media is acquiring the newspaper, and the paper will go digital.  Over the next few days, Melanie will sit with everyone and see where they fit in the new company structure.  During Jackie’s meeting, Melanie doesn’t believe she has the experience to be an editor.  Instead, she wants Jackie to become a staff reporter.  The demotion stuns Jackie, who promptly quits.  Jackie sits with her dad to discuss her future.  Then, she remembers a barista told her about a small town in Alaska called Juneau.  The owner of Juneau Weekly will give the local newspaper to anyone willing to run it for free.  Jackie decides to take the job and flies to Alaska.  Owner and glassblower, Fin Thompson, meets Jackie at the airport.  His father, Daniel, left Fin the newspaper, but Fin never aspired to be a reporter or editor.  However, Fin doesn’t want his family legacy to die.  Fin thinks Jackie is beautiful the moment he sees her.  He gives her a ride to the paper.  There, she meets Edna, who runs the printing press, and Dolores, the photographer.  Including Jackie, they make up the paper.  Jackie grits her teeth and buckles down to write her first edition of the newspaper.  But the abysmal sales disappoint her.  She has no idea what to write to attract attention, but she gets a clue.  The town loves Christmas, so she decides to write Christmas editions of the newspaper to cover all the Christmas events.  Her first Christmas edition is a hit, and subscribers are at an all-time high.  Jackie’s updated paper caught the attention of local media, Fin, and Melanie.  Edna does everything to make Jackie admit her feelings for Fin as she lives the stories she writes, but Melanie comes calling with the job opportunity Jackie always wanted.

The Christmas Edition has some magic all its own.  Jackie isn’t a scrooge, but she believes a good reporter is an observer.  But she must make the connection to the town to write their news and get their attention.  During the movie, a reporter asks Jackie the most poignant question, “What will you do after Christmas?” It’s then Jackie realizes she doesn’t have a creative idea for her next edition after the holidays.  That moment plants doubt into her mind.  This film is highly enjoyable, and Edna is the breakout star.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You mean if we fit – Kat

It’s one thing to report about something, but it’s quite another thing to live it – Florence

Local news is the heart of our country, no matter how it’s reported – Benjamin

I do get to be editor in chief, right? – Jackie

So, basically the complete opposite of me – Fin

Just a quick intro, not your biography – Edna

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A Timeless Christmas – Review

A Timeless Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In Cutter Springs, New York, on December 18th, 1903, Charles outbids the other men and bought an antique Christmas clock for his bride-to-be, Eliza.  When he retrieves his lot, Charles is face-to-face with his nemesis, Harold.  Harold and Charles are both revered as engineers, but Charles doesn’t believe they are on the same page.  Charles thinks he invents while Harold steals the idea.  Charles unabashedly makes his feelings for Harold and Harold’s feelings towards Eliza know to Harold.  At home, Eliza asks Charles to come to her parents’ house to celebrate the holidays.  He refuses to go because he doesn’t understand all the fuss about a meaningless holiday.  Charles wants to stay home and work on his next invention.  As he works, his maid, Rosie, walks in with his nightly Sherry.  She scolds him for working all night and tells him to enjoy today.  But he focuses on the clock because it’s not working.  He doesn’t want to give Eliza a broken gift.  Then, Rosie spots an inscription that reads ‘Wind once at Christmas moon, true love will find you soon.’  Neither is clear on what the message means, but Rosie leaves Charles to fix the clock.  When Charles repairs the clock, he winds it and falls to the floor.  Charles wakes up, and someone encased his desk in a glass.  He comes downstairs to see people in his home and a woman calling herself Rosie.  He tells them to leave, or he will alert the sheriff to remove them.  The people smile, point things at him, and ask for a photo.  A woman calling herself Eliza ushers everyone to the kitchen.  After the guest leaves, everyone assumes Charles is from the agency.  Charles doesn’t know, but it’s 2020, and his home is a museum dedicated to his life, his work, and his mysterious disappearance in 1903.  In the live-action museum, Megan plays Rosie.  She feels connected to the woman because Rosie is her great, great, grandmother.  Her friend, Amber, plays Eliza, and Amber’s husband, Dan, plays Fredrick, the butler.  And Kenny is the operations manager and assistant director.  Kenny discovers the agency didn’t send the man to play Charles and calls the sheriff to have Charles removed.  Before Charles’s removal, Megan notices a scar on Charles’s hand and recalls her Ph.D. dissertation.  She knows he was injured, but he never allowed anyone to paint the injury in his portraits.  Charles tries to make her believe he is really from 1903, and as the sheriff takes Charles away, he tells Megan to look under the floorboards in his office.  There she will find a notebook with his inventions inside.  Curious, Megan finds Charles’s items in the indicated location and runs to the sheriff’s office.  She tells the officer the agency made a mistake and forgot they hired him.  She grabs Charles and promises to get him back to his time and Eliza.  But did the clock do its job?

Based on A Timeless Christmas by Alexis Stanton, this film has humor, history, and a romance for the ages (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With nods to A Christmas Carol, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and The Time Machine, this story will capture your heart and keep your attention from beginning to end while teaching you a little history too.  Seeing Charles discover the everyday comforts and hearing Megan’s attempt to explain them are hilarious.  Like Journey Back to Christmas, you will enjoy the nostalgic charm of Charles with the modern woman of Megan.  This movie is a Hallmark classic you will re-watch every year.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You’re always living for the future, Charles – Eliza

Rosie, what was in that Sherry – Charles

He seems harmless  Megan

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Mistletoe Magic – Review

Mistletoe Magic – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Meteorologist Harper Hart doesn’t believe in magic and considers herself a scrooge.  However, her family is holiday fanatics, and Harper will visit them during the holiday.  Too bad her boyfriend, Brad, won’t be able to make it.  The network managers want to take Brad out and discuss a promotion, so he cancels holiday plans with Harper and her family.  Harper heads home and loves seeing her family, especially her sister Holly.  Holly has terrific news.  She believes her boyfriend, Mark, is ready to propose, but she needs the family mistletoe.  For years, every couple that kissed under the Hart mistletoe got engaged, got married, and stayed together.  The Harts believe it’s magical.  Holly wants to continue the tradition and kiss Mark under the mistletoe before they get engaged.  Only one small problem: Harper had the mistletoe last.  Harper promises Holly to get the mistletoe as soon as possible.  But Harper’s neighbor, Elle, leaves Harper in a panic.  Months ago, Elle wanted to clean their storage space, and Harper told her to get rid of anything.  Harper forgot a box of Christmas ornaments, including the mistletoe, were in storage.  Elle remembers she gave the ornament box to a thrift shop, so Elle and Harper go to the thrift shop and find the manager, Luke.  Harper tells Luke the story, but Luke’s focus is on Harper.  He remembers her, but she doesn’t recollect him.  Luke looks through the camera footage and discovers he sold the box to his aunt.  Intrigued by mystery and magic, Luke decides to help Harper with her search for the Magical Mistletoe.  They will find love, the Christmas spirit, and Santa along the way.

This film features a scavenger hunt with several mysteries and love connections along the way.  As the mistletoe moves through the town, it joins a new couple together.  However, Luke and Harper are falling in love without the mistletoe, but Brad and her potential promotion are a hurdle.  It’s a well-written and flushed-out story, but it doesn’t command your attention until the last 30 minutes.  That’s when you start to worry Harper won’t find the mistletoe, and Holly won’t get her magical proposal.  Until that last 30 minutes, use this movie as background noise.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No, it’s science not magic – Harper

Well, it says more about you than it does me – Luke

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Meet Me at Christmas – Review

Meet Me at Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Joan and Beau have a romantic Christmas Eve together but don’t exchange names.  They ride the Ferris Wheel, eat gingerbread donuts, and compete in a snowman competition.  Joan explains that the town decorates the tree with personal ornaments before the lighting ceremony at 7 pm.  Beau and Joan promise to meet at the Christmas tree with their hand-made ornament and, only then, will they exchange names.  At 7, Joan stands by the tree and waits, but he never shows up.  A young man notices the logo on her hat; it’s his college logo.  He invites Joan to hang out with him and his friends until her date arrives.  Twenty-eight years later, Joan is a widowed mother to Liam, and Liam’s wedding is days away.  His bride-to-be Katie stresses because their wedding planner just canceled, and she has a list of things left to do.  Katie introduces Joan to her uncle, a famous photographer, who offered to take pictures of their wedding.  Katie splits the list in half, giving one half to Joan and her uncle.  As Joan and Katie’s uncle work together, Joan learns he is a lone-wolf that travels the world and dislikes Christmas.  While completing their wedding list, Joan sees Katie’s uncle’s pocket watch, and she remembers it.  Katie’s uncle is Beau, the same Beau that stood her up at the Christmas tree 28 years ago.  Joan can feel the pain of his rejection rise in her heart again.  But she tells Beau to keep their past quiet.  For years, Liam believes his parents met at the Christmas tree lighting, and it was love at first sight.  Liam didn’t know Joan was there to meet another man.  Beau promises to keep the past quiet but will his heart be able to do the same.

This film has all the feels. And watchers, don’t worry, you will find out what happened to Beau at the reception.  Of course, you won’t get it in this review.  This reviewer has to get you to watch somehow.  When you hear what happened, your heart will break, but everything happens for a reason.  When Beau didn’t show, Joan met her husband, and they had Liam, her pride and joy.  And Liam discovers the part of the past from photographs, but he learns about Joan’s feelings from her.  This second-chance-at-love movie will become a fan favorite and stay with you long after the movie is over.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

By the way, you’re lens cap is on – Joan

Moms can read minds – Liam

I don’t really do Christmas – Beau

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Young, Stalked, and Pregnant – Review

Young, Stalked, and Pregnant – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Audrey blows out the candles on her 18th birthday cake and wishes to get into her top pick school, Whittendale.  Her proud parents, Jennifer and Mike, believe she is a shoo-in but try to prepare her just in case she doesn’t get in.  Sam, Audrey’s boyfriend, wants her to be happy but worries about what moving out of state will do to their relationship.  One day, Sam drops Aubrey off at home and sees Jennifer is hiding a big envelope behind her back.  As Aubrey and her mom walk into the house, Sam can see Audrey open the letter with pure joy and excitement.  She got into Whittendale, leaving him at community college.  At school, Sam shares his fears, but Audrey believes they can make it work.  Reassured, Sam leaves an ‘I love you’ note on her car.  Back at Sam’s home, Sam’s grandmother, Karen, hears a knock at the door and answers it.  It’s Sam’s mom and her daughter, Casey, and she needs a place to stay after losing her job.  Karen turns her down, and Casey kills her.  When Sam finds Karen dead, he texts Audrey.  This news compounds the sick feeling in Aubrey’s stomach.  After missing her period, Audrey takes a pregnancy test, and it’s positive.  She hides the pregnancy test from her parents but drops the instructions on the ground.  She tells Sam she’s pregnant, and he’s excited.  He wants to get married and start their life together.  But she has different plans.  She wants to put off school for a semester and give the baby up for adoption.  Sam can’t believe she didn’t consider him.  Before the funeral, Casey shows up to comfort her son, but he’s reeling over Audrey’s decision to adopt.  When Casey learns Audrey’s parents are Jennifer and Mike, people she went to high school with and are rich, she tells Sam to fight for his child.  Casey will manipulate Sam, stalk Audrey, and kill anyone who stands in the way of her and the baby’s child support.

While watching this movie, you will feel like you are watching an episode of Deadly Women or Snapped (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The film quickly establishes in a conversation between Casey and Karen that Casey emotionally harms Sam.  When Cassie kills her, Sam’s protection from her negative influence is gone.  It’s not without saying that Sam isn’t intense on his own.  Audrey has reassured him about their relationship all the time.  His insecurities make him an easy target for Casey’s manipulation.  You will watch this on the edge of your seat and feel fury as a mother plays puppet master with her son.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

But I love her Gram – Sam

Can we just try to enjoy the time we have here – Audrey

Well, it’s good to know you stuck with something, for once – Karen

Maybe, now, she’ll appreciate the importance of family – Casey

Well, that makes the difference. What a mature 18-year-old – Michael

Thank you for sharing your thoughts – Jennifer

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Christmas in Vienna – Review

Christmas in Vienna – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jess is living her dream as a violinist in Vienna for a Christmas concert, but she still has a lot of tourist things to do and see.  She walks around the city but gets lost trying to find her friend, Tori.  She asks a man if he speaks English, and he smiles and says he is an American.  Amused, he directs Jess to the children’s section of the square.  Jess quickly spots Tori, who is working for a diplomat by taking care of his three children, Julian, Summer, and Isla.  The eldest, Summer, practices for her first singing solo daily and her nerves are showing.  The middle child, Julian, loves Vienna and wishes to call it home.  The youngest, Isla, is sweet and smart.  Tori wants to sell her handmade ornaments in a booth on the square while caring for the children.  But merchant booths are hard to come by.  Jess tells Tori about the cute guy she met, but they didn’t exchange information.  However, Tori tells Jess to put herself out there and keep trying, especially at the ball.  Jess sees the same guy at the ball and extends an invitation to dance.  He politely rejects her offer and leaves Jess embarrassed.  The next day, Jess goes to Tori’s boss’s home to help.  Tori got an offer to share a booth and sell her ornaments during the day.  She needs someone to watch the kids on the days she sells her wares and chooses Jess.  Then, Tori introduces Jess to the children’s father, Mark, the man she’s met twice before.  They acknowledge each other, and Tori leaves the uncomfortable pair.  As Jess bonds with the children, she learns more about their wants, needs, and fears.  Seeing her bond with them makes Mark take notice of Jess more each day.  Until he gets good news, Mark got a promotion, which will put him on the fast track to becoming an ambassador.  The downside is the family will have to move again.  Jess knows the children want to stay.  Also, Jess got an offer to play with the Vienna Philharmonic.  The downside is she lost her love of playing the violin.  Now, she dreads picking up the bow.  Mark and Jess have to decide between their passion and the children.  At least they have Vienna.

First, the Sacher-Torte cake looks delicious.  Second, learning the history of Vienna, its architecture, and its connection to classical music is stunning.  Third, this charming movie gives you a twist to the typical ending.  As an avid Hallmark watcher, you wonder if Jess will leave the violin behind to follow Mark to his next assignment.  But the script changes by allowing them to do what is best for the kids and Jess.  Jess cares about all the children, so much that Mark believes they are too attached, and he thinks that’s a reason to leave.  Jess sees Mark’s need to run stems from losing his wife.  Trying to outrun the hurt is a race Mark will never win.  Watch this movie with some candy or cake nearby.  You will need it.  And see if you can spot the Gremlins reference (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

So, would you like to make a scandal – Jess

So, you’re saying I’m not charming – Mark

Don’t be scared, kids are just small people – Tori

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