#JourneyBackToChristmas – Review

Journey Back to Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Journey Back to Christmas

Hannah was often sadden by love and newsreels since she lost her husband in the war … WWII in 1945. Hannah, a nurse, worked in a hospital reading to children. A young boy named Toby reminded her about the Christmas comet that came once every 7 decades. It was coming around again just days before Christmas. On that night, a large storm was coming to town, when Hannah found a stray dog. She returned it to it’s owners but on the way back she crashed her car and stayed in a barn for shelter. In the barn, she fell and bumped her head. When she woke up, it was 2016. She has to try to convince the people in her old town that she is not crazy and find her way back home to 1945. This story will take a comet, golden retriever, and “Paris Moon” to make a miracle happen … not just for Hannah but for the town too.

This is a true original story. A little Back To the Future with It’s a Wonderful Life thrown into the mix (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). This heartwarming story shows the Christmas spirit we have all lost because it has not been handed down. The fashion, cars, and technology of the 1940s were on perfect display. The confusion of the same elements in 2016 meshed perfectly well. With a few duds this season, Hallmark has brought their A game with this movie. But no need for the stereotypical snooty neighbor.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Nothing ever got solved blubbering on the sidewalk either – Hannah

Even the smallest stone makes a ripple in the water – Dottie

Most of us don’t – Jake

Maybe you should dance with her some more – Sarah

Would you like to see her – Mr. Cook

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