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The Hillside Adoption Scam – Review

The Hillside Adoption Scam – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Bethany gives her husband, Terrence, encouraging words before heading to work to deal with an unruly client, Kyle. Bethany was a designer for her father before taking over his company after he died. She misses designing and loathes the business side of the company. Her friend and fellow designer, Desi, deals with the employees and movers daily. 

After avoiding Kyle’s phone calls, Bethany heads home to find Terrence drinking in a dark room. The court had a hearing, and the mother of their adopted son, Gavin, wants Gavin back. Bethany’s heart breaks. They were about to finalize his placement. Terrence reminds Bethany that the courts favor reunification over adoption. They tell Gavin and their daughter, Mila, what will happen in the morning. After returning Gavin to his birth mom, Bethany wants to try to have another baby. Terrence reminds Bethany that her disappointment over losing their babies almost broke them. However, Bethany wants to fill the hole in her family. Then, they hear a frantic knock at the door. A pregnant woman, Georgia, is running from her boyfriend, Puck. Terrence tells her to go to the back of the house and unlocks the door. Bethany wants to help her, but Terrence wants to turn Georgia over to the police. 

Bethany takes Georgia to a hotel as Georgia confesses adoption is her choice for her and her baby. She met with a few couples but couldn’t find the right people. Bethany feels like Georgia is a godwink and offers Georgia a place to stay in her home. When Bethany comes home with Georgia, Terrence is beside himself with worry. Nevertheless, Bethany lets Georgia stay in Gavin’s old room. Soon Bethany hires Georgia as her assistant and takes Georgia to her adoption appointments. Georgia tells Bethany that a potential couple offered to buy her a car, and she wants to take the offer. But Bethany doesn’t think that’s allowed and tells Georgia to reconsider. Bethany wants to adopt the baby and tells Terrence. Georgia wants $30,000 and a car in exchange for her baby. And she wants half the money upfront. Bethany and Terrence agree to her terms and prepare to get their little boy to complete their family. Bethany and Terrence have no idea that Georgia is running a scam, and Georgia isn’t alone. She and her team of grifters will kill to get money.

Inspired by actual events, Bethany’s desire for a family makes her desperate and willing to believe anything. Desi tells Bethany to watch out for red flags, but Bethany refuses to listen. Bethany wants to believe Georgia to complete her family. This movie covers several hard-hitting topics – adoption, egg donation, infertility, miscarriages, and the toll it takes on families. Yes, scammers will prey on families via social media. With adoption being expensive, long, and heartbreaking, families are willing to take shortcuts to circumvent the system. This movie isn’t a platform to change these issues, but the plot uses it as a backdrop for a wild storyline. And yes, this plot is crazy. This story is so off the walls that viewers lose sympathy for Bethany and Terrence. However, everyone learns a valuable lesson in the end. 

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t want to get through it. I want to solve it – Bethany

That’s not fair – Terrence

Look, I like her and everything. But I like you more – Desi

I hope they’re not wrong – Georgia

You’re a sociopath – Puck

Welcome to the club, snowflake – Carmen

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Nanny Dearest – Review

Nanny Dearest – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Taylor screams at her baby, Abby, because Abby cries constantly. Her boyfriend takes the baby, and her mother, Ms. Thompson, scolds Taylor for her temper. Taylor goes to a fertility clinic to donate her eggs. The physician’s assistant wants to say no because Taylor has a 9-month-old baby. But Taylor assures the P.A. that she isn’t breastfeeding. The P.A. approves the procedure and walks Taylor down the hall. Taylor passes a couple, Rebecca and Caleb, in the hallway. Rebecca and Caleb have limited funds but saved for egg implantation. They are ready to start a family after being married for several years, and the P.A. prepares them. 

Taylor returns home and shows Ms. Thompson the $8,000 check she got for donating. She offers it to Ms. Thompson for rent, but Ms. Thompson says no. Her mother believes Taylor’s boyfriend owes rent, not Taylor. However, she tells Taylor to keep the money a secret from her boyfriend. Taylor enters the house to find her boyfriend sobbing. He admits to killing and burying Abby. Taylor flies into a rage and stabs her boyfriend to death. The parole board decides to release Taylor after serving a 10-year sentence. Taylor sneaks into the fertility clinic and steals their CPU tower (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Taylor asks a woman she befriended in prison to hack into the computer and get Taylor’s donation records. Taylor reads that her donation resulted in 1 success for Rebecca and Caleb. Today, they have a daughter named Ruby. Taylor combs through nanny résumés online, uncovers Kimberly’s, and creates business cards with that name.

Taylor follows Ruby and Rebecca into the park, drugs Rebecca, and convinces Ruby to leave with her. Rebecca wakes up and panics when she can’t find Ruby. She calls Caleb and shouts at him to help. Moments later, Taylor brings Ruby home. Taylor tells them her name is Kimberly. She found Ruby in the park, got her food, and brought her home. Rebecca comes home and tells Ruby she was wrong to walk away with a stranger. Taylor hands them her fake business card and leaves. Rebecca and Caleb blame each other for Ruby walking away with a stranger. Caleb thinks they should hire ‘Kimberly’ because Rebecca got a promotion with frequent travel, and he is looking for work as a show writer. After checking ‘Kimberly’s’ references, they hire her to be Ruby’s nanny. Taylor completed step one on her list. She goes home and tells Ms. Thompson that she found her baby and she will be a mother again. She only has to eliminate Rebecca and take Ruby.

Lifetimers get ready. This film is the one for you if you want a high body count. Every 30 minutes, someone dies. The plot seems straightforward, but it adds one big twist for viewers. Now, Caleb is one of the worst husbands in Lifetime history. He is jealous, all-consuming, and lazy. Caleb faults Rebecca for falling asleep but hires a stranger to watch their child. His wife goes out of town, and he refuses to watch Ruby. You will want Taylor to kill Caleb before the movie ends. This film is perfect for viewers with bloodlust.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Got to hell – Mrs. Thompson

I’m going to be a mother again – Taylor

I didn’t get lost. I went to the top of the hill – Ruby

I don’t care if she’s Mother Teresa – Rebecca

Bumped into some garbage – Caleb

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My Valentine Crush – Review

My Valentine Crush – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Krystal’s boyfriend, Xavier, has a business trip on Valentine’s day. So, he plans to spend February 13th with Krystal. Krystal’s friend, Jasmine, invites Krystal to her single’s Valentine’s Day party since Krystal will be free. Krystal says no because she doesn’t want to be with lonely women complaining about men. Xavier comes over, and they have a passionate evening together, but Xavier doesn’t stay the night. Krystal wants Xavier to define the relationship, but he won’t. Krystal is furious after Xavier leaves her alone again.

Krystal is working when her internet cuts off. She calls the cable company in a panic, and the operator finds a repair person, Darryl, in the neighborhood to help. Krystal can’t take her eyes off the handsome man and discovers they when to school together. She doesn’t remember him because she spent all her time in the library. He repairs her modem, drinks a glass of water, and leaves. Jasmine texts Krystal to come to the party again, and Krystal agrees.

Darryl enters the party with another woman and shocks Krystal. She assumed from their conversation that Darryl was single. During the party, Krystal goes outside for fresh air, and Darryl follows her. They talk about their hopes and dreams, and Krystal mentions she’s a poet who wants to perform. Darryl finds a club with an open mic night and gives Krystal liquid courage to get on stage. After a welcomed rush on stage, Krystal wants to celebrate with more drinks. Krystal takes Darryl home. But he insists on being a gentleman and holds her the entire night. They spend the morning eating chicken and waffles at Darryl’s favorite restaurant and get an unwelcome visit from Darryl’s ex-wife. After a dismissive exchange, Darryl takes Krystal home. Then Krystal receives a text from Xavier. He is coming over now with some good news. Krystal pushes Darryl out the door and waits for Xavier. He got the contract and wants to go on a vacation with Krystal to celebrate.

After a crazy trip, Krystal returns unhappy, and Xavier leaves her alone again. She calls Darryl, and they have a passionate night together. Darryl makes his intentions known before leaving for work. A few hours later, Xavier drops by for a quick romp and sees two cups in the sink. Now, he wants to stay the night and have a relationship. Darryl knocks at Krystal’s door, and Xavier answers it with her. She introduces Darryl to Xavier as the cable guy, and Xavier blows Darryl off by shutting the door in Darryl’s face. Both men end their relationship with Krystal. Krystal thought she knew what she wanted in life. Xavier has the wealth, looks, and business sense she thought she wanted but had one foot out the door. Darryl is loving and kind, but he doesn’t know him as well. Krystal has to determine if she wants to choose Xavier or Darryl before losing them both forever.

This movie starts as the typical rom-com with the crappy boyfriend with one foot out the door and a fear of commitment. Then, it morphs into a comedy when Krystal meets Darryl and openly drools over him. Next, it becomes complex as the couples discuss gender roles in relationships, and Krystal recites her poetry. Finally, it stays serious when Krystal contemplates her future with either man. Darryl’s final argument feels unbalanced. He is irate that Krystal let Xavier talk down to him but doesn’t acknowledge he let several women openly disrespect Krystal. At this point, viewers would rather Krystal be alone than with either of these men. The script tries to save itself by implying that Darryl had a high school crush on Krystal but doesn’t explore the topic again. This movie has a typical setup, complex middle, and a flat ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I rebuke that – Krystal

What do you want from me – Xavier

I see patience isn’t one of your strong suits – Darryl

He’s somewhere, minding his business like you should be – Jasmine

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Spring Break Nightmare – Review

Spring Break Nightmare – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kayla beat her friend, Ally, in a surfing competition. With this latest win, Kayla can go pro and get sponsors. Kayla celebrates with her mother, Michelle, her best friend, Becky, her boyfriend, Nick, Ally, and Ally’s friend, Sarah. Ally expresses bitterness, but that subsides when she brings up their upcoming trip. Sarah rented a beach house for spring break and invited Ally and Kayla to come. Michelle pulls Kayla aside because she wants Kayla to focus on the upcoming competition, not drinking, partying, and flirting. Kayla tells Michelle she wants to go to get a break from surfing. Michelle inquires why Becky isn’t going if Kayla wants to relax. Kayla says Sarah planned the trip, but she will invite Becky to go. Michelle gives Kayla the surfing paperwork and tells Kayla to read it on her vacation.

The girls arrive at the house, change, and go to the beach. While Ally and Kayla surf, Zeke and Dean approach Sarah and Becky. They invite the women to a bonfire that night, and Sarah accepts. The four women get dressed for a night out on the town and meet Zeke and Dean at the bonfire later. After a few drinks, Zeke and Dean want to take them to a tourists-free club. The men take the women to the beachside bar and everyone except Becky dances and drinks. Becky decides she wants to return to the house and lets Kayla know. Kayla decides to go with Becky. Kayla forcefully obtains her phone from Ally and calls a car, but Becky wants to walk and get some fresh air. During their walk, Becky and Kayla argue and part ways. Two men with mask jump and grab Kayla. Becky fights one of the men, pulls off his ski mask, and sees Dean’s face. Dean pushes Becky, and her head violently hits a rock. Zeke and Dean put Kayla into their awaiting van. And they leave.

Michelle calls Kayla and Becky several times, but neither picks up their phone. So, Michelle calls Ally. Michelle calls Nick when she uncovers that Ally is the only person who returned from the party. Michelle and Nick go to the police station to file a missing person’s report. The attending officer, Deputy Poulet, tells Michelle that Kayla is probably avoiding her and ignores the mother’s pleas. Michelle darts past Poulet and finds Sarah in the drunk tank. Michelle and Ally use Sarah’s information to track Becky and Kayla’s last whereabouts. Michelle finds Kayla’s phone, and Ally makes the gruesome discovery of Becky’s body. Michelle won’t sit idle and wait for the police. She searches for Kayla until the kidnappers call with demands. They want Michelle to leave town without contacting the police, or they will kill Kayla. Now, Michelle has to search for Kayla under the radar before they kill Kayla.

Experienced Lifetime viewers will have a sneaking suspicion that there is more to this story than meets the eye. And you are right. Someone in Kayla’s orbit has a dastardly plan. The writer understood the audience and wrote Michelle’s character to voice your concerns. Michelle quickly questions and suspects the people in Kayla’s inner circle. This plot performs a magician’s trick and diverts your attention to another suspect and a host of shifty characters. This movie’s backing track packs the same excitement as the script but sometimes drowns out the conversations. Also, Kayla isn’t a cowardly victim crying in a corner. She constantly fights back with words, fists, and weapons. This movie is a fun ride with a slightly predictable ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You don’t want me to win – Kayla

I wasn’t invited – Becky

Doing nothing is not an option – Michelle

Yeah, we’re definitely going – Sarah

She doesn’t have any other friends – Ally

She is not your friend – Dean

Yeah, I do – Zeke

I’ll figure it out – Nick

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The Reading – Review

The Reading – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Sky talks to the dead to help her clients connect to their deceased loved ones. Her friend, Jessie, monitors her vitals during the session while Randy records them for their website. Her boyfriend, Greg, finds the clients, books appointments, and help gets the room ready. While Sky can connect with the dead, she uses the readings to get more money from her clients. Sky pays for school and her mother’s apartment. Sky tells Greg she doesn’t want to do them anymore because the last spirit almost touched her. Greg knows that Sky doesn’t have enough money, and her school load is too heavy to work. He wants her to sleep on it and tell the group together.

Greg calls a meeting. Sky believes it’s for her to tell the team she’s quitting. However, Greg found a new client for $20,000. If they play their cards right, they can turn it into $100,000. The client is Emma. Four people broke into Emma’s home and killed her daughter, son, and husband a year ago. They brutally beat Emma and cut off her finger. Today, Emma has a noticeable limp and delayed speech. She wrote a book about her family and her life after the invasion. Furious, Sky leaves the table because she feels Greg is making her the bad guy if she says no. Sky goes home and hears her mother exchange sexual favors for money to make the rent payment. So Sky calls Greg and tells him to make Emma’s appointment. 

They meet Emma’s sister-in-law, Ashley, at the door. Ashley is Emma’s P.R. and admits she booked the reading to get more hype for Emma’s book. Emma gingerly descends the stairs and offers the group her dining room to prepare. Randy notices the house is a dead zone, and his phone only works in one spot. Also, the house, not surprisingly, has top-notch security. Emma walks Sky around the house to tell Sky more about her family.

Afterward, Jessie hooks Sky to the monitor, and Sky starts the reading. The reading starts to get intense, so Emma leaves the room. Ashley follows and convinces Emma to return and finish for the sake of Emma’s book. Sky begins the reading again, but something changes. Jessie sees veins bulge from Sky’s face, Sky’s blood pressure elevates drastically, and her temperature goes up. Greg wants to pull Sky out of the trance, but Jessie says it’s too dangerous. When Sky sings the song that played during Emma’s invasion, Emma gets up and turns on her security system. All the doors and windows lock, and Emma won’t let them out. Emma wants to know the truth about Sky’s reading, even if it kills them.

OMG, this movie is superb and worth a second look. It’s as funny as it is scary. As the antagonist paces the house, they give a monologue worthy of a comedy night stage. The plot has plenty of jump scares, near misses, and brutal deaths to keep you watching. Lee Daniels’s latest installment into the horror genre is a credit to his tremendous resumé. The backing track will make your heart beat faster and pull you into the action sequences. The fight scenes are well-timed and perfectly choreographed. And the special effects makeup enriched the plot with realistic bruises and blood. Watch this movie until the end, because one look will make you question everything you just saw. Get BET+ now and watch this movie without commercials (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). 

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I don’t want people to see me as a victim. I just don’t want the death of my family to fade away – Emma

She is. She says don’t question her – Sky

What is it you’re not telling me – Greg

This is a whole new level – Jessie

Can you stop, please? – Ashley

Just stay here. I’ll be right back – Randy

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The Surrogate Scandal – Review

The Surrogate Scandal – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amelia watches her favorite cooking show, Eat Hardy, on the couch. The host, Alex Hardy, finishes his dish and asks his wife, Grace, to come on set. Grace is pregnant and announces she will be taking time off the show for the rest of her pregnancy. Then, Amelia gets a phone call from her daughter, Beth. Beth tells Amelia she is pregnant and wants to come home. Amelia can’t believe the revelation because she and Beth haven’t spoken for a year. But Beth is ready to return home. Amelia tries to get information from Beth, but the call ends.

It’s been months since Grace went on TV, but Alex wants her to take her time. Their surrogate gave birth to their baby, Matilda, six months ago. While the audience would welcome Grace back with open arms, Grace still has dizzy spells, sleepwalks, and blackouts. Her medication works sometimes, but Alex thinks it’s too dangerous for Grace to work. Grace needs more help because her sister, Molly, will leave for Boston soon. Molly was Grace’s assistant, but she found her dream job as a reporter. Grace confides in Molly that she hated deceiving her fans with a fake pregnancy, but Alex and Molly believe it was better than the alternative. Grace is happy to have Matilda but regrets their surrogate lost her life giving birth.

Amelia meets with her lawyer, who has information about Beth. He tells Amelia that Beth died after giving birth to a baby girl for Alex and Grace Hardy. Amelia can’t believe her favorite TV personalities faked a pregnancy. With no one left, Amelia believes their baby belongs to her. It’s the last piece of Beth she has left. The lawyer explains that Amelia has no rights to the baby because Beth signed the necessary paperwork. Amelia believes that biology trumps the law. Her lawyer says Amelia’s only chance is to have the Hardys declared unfit to get the baby back. Amelia watches the Hardys from afar and sees Grace talking to a man alone. She assumes that Grace is having an affair. Amelia doesn’t know it’s Grace’s brother-in-law, Luke, asking for money to buy drugs.

Amelia leaks to gossip rags about the pregnancy lie, and the fans and sponsors turn on Grace and Alex. Amelia steps in like a fallen angel when one fan confronts Grace with Matilda. Amelia tells Grace she is early for her nanny interview. Grace brings Amelia inside the studio and presents Amelia to Molly. Molly doesn’t have Amelia on the list, but Amelia is ready to offer an agency email as proof. Grace doesn’t care because she likes Amelia. Alex and Grace decide to hire Amelia, and she grins. Not because Amelia got the job but got her foot into their world. She can investigate the Hardys, get them declared unfit parents, and take Matilda.

Now this one has a lot of twists and turns. So make sure you watch it from the beginning to the end. Everything you see and hear is a clue. Everyone in Grace and Alex’s life has an angle. So viewers don’t know which way is up. Beth’s death is only the tip of the iceberg for these family secrets. And the body count rises slowly as each nugget of truth reveals itself to the audience. This film is fun and packs all the Lifetime plot points in one movie. It has lies, cheating, money, blackmail, nosy maids, and social media. This movie is like watching a celebrity fall from their pedestal, and you have a front seat for the slow-motion train wreck. So fasten your seatbelt, darling. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You weren’t protecting me. You were lying to me – Beth

You don’t have to carry a child to be a mother – Molly

She was faking – Amelia

I know what I need – Luke

That’s not fair – Grace

He’s family – Alex

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Unexpected Grace – Review

Unexpected Grace – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Toni and her mother, Noelle, have tea, and Toni asks Noelle for money to make a wish at the store’s fountain. Noelle gives Toni two nickels. Toni wishes for her parents to get along and for a best friend. Toni thinks the girls at school try too hard to impress each other. She wants a more meaningful friendship. Noelle buys a cupcake balloon and lets Toni tie a note to the end. Toni doesn’t tell Noelle the message because it’s for her new best friend. They let the balloon float away.

Grace is unhappy her father, Jack, moved them in the middle of her school year for his job. She isn’t doing well in school and finds it difficult to make friends. Also, breast cancer took Grace’s mom when she was younger. Jack convinces Grace to play a little one-on-one basketball. Her phone rings in the middle of the game, and she checks it. Jack makes a sly comment about teenagers’ preoccupation with their phones and never looking up. So Grace sarcastically looks up and sees a deflated balloon in their tree. Jack tells Grace he will take it down later, and they go inside for dinner. After a tiff, Grace goes outside for air and gets the balloon out of the tree. Grace considers writing back to the address on the note but decides to make a trip in the morning because it’s close.

Grace walks to Noelle’s house and leaves a basket at Noelle’s door with a cupcake and a note for Toni. Noelle comes home and gasps at the message. Grace put her email address on the card for Toni. So Noelle answers it herself. Noelle offers sage advice, and Grace assumes Noelle is Toni’s sister. Noelle keeps responding, but her friend tells Noelle that it’s not healthy for her or Grace. Toni died almost two years ago from an illness a few months after sending the balloon into the air. As Noelle contemplates telling Grace the truth, a courier serves Noelle with divorce papers. Noelle must tell Grace the truth, but can she handle losing the last bond Toni created?

This plot will pull at your heartstrings multiple times. Grace is a teenager who understands that she unnecessarily lashes out at Jack. But even she admits that she doesn’t know why she does it. As she talks with Noelle, Grace unpacks the underlying issues. Noelle is a woman mourning an earth-shattering loss while going through a divorce. Grace is a reminder to celebrate life, not dwell in pain. This script doesn’t focus on the love story between Noelle and Jack. They have a meet-cute, but the plot is the connection between Grace and Noelle. Jack and Noelle’s love story develops naturally in the background because the storyline centers on grief. And don’t worry. The plot doesn’t keep the reveal to the end. It gradually unveils everything to Grace in a loving and nurturing way. So have your tissues ready.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s called inflation, mom – Toni

Grief makes 1 hour 10 – Noelle

Look up and appreciate the world – Jack

You do whatever you want to do, Jack – Grace

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Game of Love – Review

Game of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Daily, Audrey plays a mobile word game with the handle GamerGirl against someone called FreeHugz while giving each other advice. Audrey walks into work, and her boss, Susie, calls a meeting. The board for Play It Cool Games wants Audrey to design a new board game about love for the tabletop awards in 4 weeks. Audrey starts to panic because she typically has eight weeks to make a game and knows nothing about love. Susie tells Audrey to relax because their new marketing consultant, Matthew, is there to help. And Susie signed up Audrey and Matthew for a love seminar for ideas. Matthew introduces himself, but he can see that she likes to work alone. However, Matthew needs this job to go well. Play It Cool is his first client since he decided to branch off. He will do everything to ensure Audrey completes a game everyone loves about love. But will the game work on them too? 

Let’s admit that a board about love is a hefty task for anyone. Adult stores typically sell games about love, not toy stores. So making a love game that anyone can play will not be easy. This movie introduces board game cafés along with the gamer lingo. These tabletop games have a vast subject matter and appeal to an array of audiences, and this film shines a light on the creators, designers, marketing, and 3D modelers. While the plot is predictable, it gives compelling advice on love through Indigo’s 5 Love Connectors. Love has many forms for us to give and receive, and it’s beautiful that the writers acknowledged this.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Why would we make a game about love – Audrey

In today’s world, they are one and the same – Matthew

The universe has a beautiful sense of irony – Evie

Backtracking. Interesting – Robbie

At the expense of what – Mike

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Infidelity – Review

Infidelity – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Shayla worries her husband, Marcus, of 7 months, isn’t attracted to her anymore because she is six months pregnant with their first child. Marcus tries to ease her concern and tells Shayla that his issues aren’t with her. Marcus’s club, Flirt, will have its grand opening in three weeks, and he and his business partner, Swiss, have a lot of work to do.

Marcus meets Swiss at the club, and they discuss the paint color. The sales rep, Rocky, enters to cement a deal for the alcohol distribution. To Marcus’s surprise, Rocky is short for Raquel. Marcus asks Rocky to meet him in his office, and both men admire her beauty. When Raquel sits, she spies the picture of Shayla on Marcus’s desk and inquires about Shayla. Marcus explains who Shayla is, her condition, and how much he loves her. Rocky and Marcus finish discussing the numbers, and he loves her bid. But Marcus’s timeframe shocks Rocky. So she gives him a list of numbers and contractors he can call to get help at a fair and affordable price. Marcus thanks Rocky and invites her to the grand opening.

Shayla’s best friend, Tamika, comes to visit. Shayla confides in Tamika about her dwindling self-confidence and marriage issues. Tamika asks Shayla if she is attending Flirt’s opening, and Shayla says no. Tamika demands that Shayla get off the couch, get cute, and go to the club. Upon arriving, Shayla sees Marcus talking to women, including Rocky, and makes her way to the bar with Tamika. Marcus walks to Shayla and hugs her. Two women approach and charm Marcus in front of Shayla. Shayla gets angry and leaves. Afterward, Rocky makes a pass at Marcus, but he turns her down and goes home.

Marcus apologizes to Shayla for putting her and the baby on the back burner, and they make love. Shayla walks in the morning with a spring in her step and calls Tamika to express her joy. Then, the line goes dead. Shayla and her unborn child were the victims of a hit-and-run, killing the baby.

Months later, Marcus gives Shayla a grief flyer because she is still depressed. Shayla feels that Marcus abandoned her because he didn’t answer his phone while she was in the hospital. Marcus tries to explain his side, but Shayla won’t listen. He threatens to leave if she refuses help, but she doesn’t care. Shayla changes her mind and decides to go to a support group. The counselor helps Shayla identify her depression. Shayla goes to the club to work things out with Marcus but catches him cheating with Rocky. Shayla runs out of Flirt in tears, and Rocky grabs Marcus. She pleads with Marcus to leave Shayla. Rocky believes that she and Marcus will be the next power couple. Unlike Shayla, Rocky proved her worth by helping him grow his business. Rocky says divorcing Shayla could be the first step in building their empire. Marcus profusely rejects Rocky’s advance, but she is not done with him yet. Rocky has done too much to lose the man of her dreams, and she won’t let Shayla stop her again.

This movie is a slow and steady ride on the crazy train. This writer’s decision to go through the emotions helps display the different ways people grieve. Marcus buries himself in work to cope with the loss of the baby. So, Shayla wonders if he cares. If Marcus slows down, he will break. Shayla’s world crumbles around her. She eats, showers, and sleeps. She lashes out at everyone. They deal with their pain by falling into the arms of others, and their marriage self-destructs. The end comes so quickly that it feels like a disappointment until a phone call in the last 30 seconds. That movie-saving phone call will make you sit up and swear.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And just where do you think you’re going dressed like a male thottie – Shayla

You’re my front, back, side, and only chick – Marcus

Only the ones l like. And I like you, Marcus – Rocky

Girl, I was gonna say self-care – Tamika

You need to chill out – Jamar

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