#ShazamMovie – Movie Review

Shazam! Fury of the Gods – Budget of $125 million – 2 hours and 10 minutes

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Billy wants his family to fight crime together, but everyone wants to explore separate interests. Freddy listens to police scanners and confronts criminals alone. Mary has a job, while Pedro focuses on baseball. Eugene searches through the room of endless doors, and Darla concerns herself with unicorns. Mary understands what Billy is going through. In 5 months, Billy will age out of the system, and his foster parents, Victor and Rosa, can barely afford rent. Billy worries without a monthly check, his foster parents may ask him to leave. Mary tells Billy to get a job and contribute or go to college. A therapist also diagnosed Billy with imposter syndrome because Billy feels like the Wizard picked the wrong person. Each time the family tries to save the day, they do more harm than good. The newspaper dubbed them the Philly Fiascos.

Freddy overhears a museum robbery over the scanners. Two women walked into the Acropolis Museum, stole an artifact, and turned the visitors into dust. Later, the Wizard enters Billy’s dream with a warning. The daughters of AtlasHespera, Kalypso, and Anthea – entered Billy’s realm. They want to find the golden apple and use its seeds to recreate the Tree of Life. Centuries ago, human wizards grew tired of the games the gods played with people. So they stole a branch off the Tree of Life, created the staff, took their magic, and trapped the daughters in their realm. They would stay powerless in their realm if the Wizard’s staff stayed intact. Billy meets his family in their secret lair. He remembers having the Wizard’s staff, breaking it in half, and leaving it after their battle with Dr. Thaddeus and the Seven Deadly Sins. The family can’t believe he left it behind. Now, Hespera and Kalypso have it. They need to find the third sister, the staff, and the golden apple to save their realm from the Fury of the Gods.

Welcome, DCEU fans to a sequel that’s better than the first (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Billy introduces the audience to his family and their growth over two years. Billy is a cherished member of Victor and Rosa’s family, but he still can’t call them mom and dad. It’s not necessary to see the first movie to understand the second, but it helps you see the nuances and changes in Billy’s family dynamics. The script never has a dull moment, and the jokes are often sly. Family bonds are at the forefront of this film. The daughters of Atlas struggle with the goal of their mission. This struggle causes a riff in the family. And Billy holds on with all his might to maintain the only family he knows. He always says it’s all of them or none of them before a battle. But his intensity has the opposite effect on them. The graphics are stunning during the fights and doesn’t distract the audience. Also, the CGI department understood when they shouldn’t take the visuals seriously and had fun with the movie-goers. If you are a fan of the first, this movie will not disappoint. So see it with your preteens and stay for the mid-credit and post-credit scenes. And yes, you get a DCEU surprise.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I love you, mom – Billy

Taste the rainbow, mother fu..! – Darla

I forgot how easily they burst. Like grapes – Kalypso

Do not underestimate the judgment of the Wizard – Hespera

Do not go in there – Eugene

I told you I suck at dodgeball – Pedro

Nothing last forever – Mary

The most powerful thing about you is you – Anthena

I chose right when I chose you – Wizard

He’s my sidekick – Freddy

That seems inappropriate now – Victor

What is with our sons and older women – Rosa

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