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Merry Liddle Christmas – Review

Merry Liddle Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 5 minutes


Jacquie Liddle owns a digital media company and a huge furniture company has hired her to head their tech division.  Before they start, they want to capture pictures of her and her family during the holidays. She calls her mom and dad to help her reign in her sisters, Kiara and Trina.  Trina is married to Julian and has two kids – Ava and a new baby boy. She feels like her marriage has lost its mojo.  Kiara is a single mom who knows how to get under Jacquie’s skin with her irresponsibility.  She often disappears in the house when someone in the family is around to watch her son, Royce.  It doesn’t take long for her family to quietly disapprove of Jaquie’s decorations.  It’s gold and white, ultra-clean aesthetics just don’t have the Christmas spirit they know in their family celebrations.  Good thing her mom brought her own decorations.  Queue Jacquie’s eye roll.  Kiara lost her luggage and can’t wait to wear Jacquie’s clothes.  Trina is just trying to keep the peace but Ava and Royce are challenging Jacquie’s wallet.  Before this family visit is over, Jacquie will crack.  Will Christmas and her photoshoot be ruined?

Based on her real family Christmas, sometimes the only thing that can ruin your perfectly planned family Christmas is your family.  Jacquie tries to yoga, buy, and reason through her family problems but just can’t.  You will have a “no-they-didn’t” moment when Ava and Royce ask Jacquie about her lack of family.  And feel your heart pitter-patter when Jacquie finds Tyler.  In those imperfections, we often find happiness and tradition.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

See everything in your life is all coming together – Naomi

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect – Trina

I’m just kidding. But no seriously – Jacquie

Fun or deadly? – Kiara

Where’s your family – Ava

It’s just stuff. It doesn’t really mean anything – Tyler

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Baking Christmas – Review

Baking Christmas – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Patty has owned and operated Patty Cakes for years and she is ready to retire.  During a video call, her three children – Anthony (Tony), Jennifer (Jen), and Angela (Angie) – present Patty and their dad with a Carribean cruise.  Since she has them all together, Patty tells them she is ready to retire and give one of them the bakery.  Jennifer, the middle child, assumes it will be her.  She has worked with her mom since high school to keep the business running.  She is married to Will and they have a son Leroy.  While she loves the bakery, she would love to finish her cookbook.  Anthony, the oldest, owns a firm in New York.  He is married to Brenda and feels he has the business sense to run the bakery.  Angie is a chef in Paris who was awarded the Michelin Star for her baking.  She believes her culinary skills make her the only choice to run the bakery.  Patty comes up with a solution.  The three will compete for the bakery.  They must make their grandmother’s famous Sock It To Me cake.  The winner will be awarded the bakery.  She gives each of them an envelope with the secret step.  They are not allowed to help each other.  After Patty and her husband come back from their cruise, she will determine the winner.  Patty’s husband feels this competition is a recipe for failure.  But Patty has no worries; she writes her predicted winner in an envelope and gives it to her husband.  Let the games begin.

These three siblings have always been competitive but this battle will bring out the worst and the best in them.  Brenda wants to start a family but Anthony has been traumatized by his past.  Angie starts to question if Paris was the right decision over love.  Jennifer wonders what her first priority should be in her career.  With these internal battles, they start to bicker at each other; leaving a trail of pain that allows healing.  It’s an honest portrayal of families in argument and resolution.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

To each their own, momma – Jennifer

Nothing’s wrong with a little sugar at Christmas – Patty

You only say that when you’re losing – Anthony

Daddy, that’s actually Italian – Angie

Grown folks talking.  Eat your salad boy – Will

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Staging Christmas – Review

Staging Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Laurie stages houses in October for Christmas.  Houses staged with the holiday feel have a 60% better chance of being sold.  Her boss, Lexington, is looking for someone to head their recently established New York City branch.  Laurie is confused when she is 1 of 3 candidates for the job.  She always believed she would be the only candidate.  But she knows what to do to push her over the edge.  She overheard her boss saying he lost the venue for the Lexington Christmas Party.  She says she will find a venue and decorate it.  Lexington is relieved she is taking on the challenge and tells her he wants it to have an elegant yet homey feel.  Laurie starts to believe she has bitten off more than she can chew when no venue is available.  Then, she gets a strange call.  A man, who bought one of her staged homes, wants her to recreate the decorations.  She remembers the residence.  It was elegant, yet homey.  She decides to ask him if they could have the party at his house.  She is greeted at the door by the man’s daughter, Maddie.  Then Maddie calls her dad, Everett.  Laurie remembers him because he spilled soup on her when they bumped into each other.  Everett owns Laurie’s favorite coffee chain, King Roaster’s Coffee.  He agrees to let her have the party if she decorates his house.  This handshake deal will change all three of their lives forever.

While it’s a Lifetime movie, it follows the Hallmark format.  With the help of Maddie, it does offer a lot of heart.  She is still coping with her mom’s death.  So, holidays with mother-daughter activities is rough for her.  She also notices her father is hurting too.  He doesn’t smile as much and he is always working.  She misses her mom but she is missing her dad too.  Seeing her life come to a beautiful resolution is the best part.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Don’t even get me started how many different kinds of tinsel there are – Laurie

Oh good, more charts and graphs – Everett

Sorry my dad is a klutz – Maddie

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My Father, My Kidnapper – Review

My Father, My Kidnapper – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Over a decade ago, Jane and Charlie ran from Charlie’s father.  When he caught up to them, Jane hid Charlie.  Jane tried to seduce him but it didn’t work.  Luckily the police showed up in the nick of time.  Eight years ago, Charlie’s father, Timothy, kidnapped, raped, and imprisoned Jane.  During those 8 years, he forced her to give birth to his child.  Now free, Jane and Charlie entered the witness protection program and changed their names to Lena and Casey.  They try to live a normal life until Detective Bishop knocks on their door.  Three women have been kidnapped and killed using Timothy’s methods.  The dates they were taken are significant dates for Lena and Casey.   This visit triggers Lena’s PTSD, Casey abruptly ends the interview and tells him to leave now.  Casey wants to forget it all until her mother goes missing.  She will answer questions, find fanatics, use social media, and come face to face with evil to help save her mother.

This movie is easy to believe with the stories of J. C. Dugard and the Cleveland Kidnappings.  Being held in captivity for years is a horror story onto itself, but the after-effects are felt for years.  After experiencing Casey’s nightmares, you see she is putting on a mask for her mother.  Casey still feels the trauma today.  Casey gets a deep understanding of Timothy’s twisted sense of family and how it affected others.  However, this movie proves that tragedy can bring good things too.  Like real, supportive, and strong love.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t think this can happen. I’m sorry – Casey

You can barely stand period – Bishop

The apple doesn’t fall far – Landon

What a drag – Jacob

I’m gonna be fine – Jane

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My Father, My Kidnapper

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Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy – Review

Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy – Hallmark – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Christmas in Evergreen Tidings of Joy Final Image Assets

Katie travels to Evergreen to clear her mind and get inspiration for her new book.  She read about the town a magazine and believes it’s too good to be true.  She even describes the Evergreen Express as the Polar Express meets the Hogwarts Express (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She literally bumps into Ben on the train.  He is to coming back to Evergreen after visiting the city for a job.  Ally is headed to Paris to meet up with Ryan and Lisa is still running the General Store.  Michelle is the newly elected mayor and the old mayor has found a job in a new city.  Katie can’t believe how friendly everyone in the town is and wonders what happens when Christmas is over.  Does Evergreen just disappear? Once settled in, Katie calls her mother.  She wants Katie to write another article.  Katie remembers hearing people talk about the town’s Christmas time capsule, that was supposed to be opened on this year’s 50th Annual Christmas Festival.  But they still can’t find it.  Katie’s mother tells her to write about the town, the time capsule, and the people.  Katie’s first draft is written in the eyes of a cynic.  Can the town of Evergreen change her mind?

The third installment of the Christmas in Evergreen series continues with the magic of the snowglobe.  If you have been watching over the years, one sound will shatter your heart.  The sound of the snowglobe breaking. Hanna makes a wish and drops the snowglobe.  Nick admits he nudged her a bit but she can’t believe she dropped it.  Of course, everything in Evergreen happens for a reason.  And in case you were wondering, here is the recipe for Christmas Kringles.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, you’re in luck because scenery we do have – Ben

If it were perfect, it wouldn’t be charming – Michelle

Welcome to Evergreen.  People are a lot friendlier than you would imagine – Ally

Snowglobe, don’t let me down – Katie

Yes. It’s a date – Hanna

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A Christmas Wish – Review

A Christmas Wish – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes


The town of Ponchatoula is magical. Every year, the town sets a Wish Box near the town tree. Everyone writes their wish on a piece of paper and hopes it comes true. Some wished are granted by divine intervention but most are covered by the Christmas Committee. Because Faith’s mother is on the committee, Faith doesn’t believe in the magic of the Wish Box. After teaching her art class, Faith is asked to come to the principal’s office. The school board has decided to stop funding the art program to update their computer program. By the end of the year, Faith will be out of a job and the art room will become a computer room. Faith can’t believe the art class is gone. Not for her but for the students. She knows how much the class means to the students. They don’t have to be perfect, they have to create. Faith tells her best friend Wyatt, the music teacher, and her sister Maddie. Maddie comes up with a plan and drags Faith to the Wish Box. Faith writes a wish to save the art class. But Maddie tries to hide her wish from Faith. Faith finesses it from Maddie and reads it. Maddie wishes Faith could get true love’s kiss for the holidays. Faith laughs off the wish and they place them in the box. The next day, Faith has 3 men after her. When Wyatt declares his feelings for her, is it the truth or just another wish?

With a predictable ending, this movie throws in a mystery:  this mystery of the stolen Christmas Wish Box.  The mystery doesn’t last long but it piques your interest in a very typical holiday movie.  This movie comes to a normal, holiday ending.  But it’s great to see Faith’s mom fulfill a young boy’s Christmas wish.  It will bring a tear to your eye.  So keep tuning in for a wonderful payoff.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

We do not make mistakes my friend. Only happy accidents – Faith

I don’t think I want to live in that world – Wyatt

I don’t need Ryan. I want Ryan. That’s the difference – Maddie

You two have more chemistry than an atomic bomb – Grant

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Christmas at the Plaza – Review

Christmas at the Plaza – Hallmark – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Dr. Jessica Cooper, an anthropologist, has been hired by Amanda Clark to give an archival history presentation about The Plaza hotel for Christmas.  She leads Jessica to the records room and Jessica’s eyes grow large.  The paper files have never been scanned or categorized.  Also, they are not available on the internet.  For help, Amanda asks Jessica to work with the Christmas decorator, Nick.  Jessica and Nick got off to a bumpy start, so working with him is embarrassing.  After working in the archives, she thinks this is a waste of time and her talents; she goes to Amanda to quit.  Desiree, Amanda’s assistant, says Amanda is tied up in meetings.  Then Jessica notices a Finial d’Arbre (Christmas Tree Topper) on Desiree’s desk (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Desiree tells her the Plaza has a new one every year.  Jessica is inspired.  She gets Nick’s help to find pictures of all the past Finial d’Arbre.  In her search, she finds one is missing.  The 1969 Finial d’Arbre is missing in the photos and the archive.  She and Nick can’t believe The Plaza didn’t have one, so they are determined to find the truth.  Searching for the past will help Jessica come face to face with her present.

This is a story that comes full circle to fix the present and the past.  It even gives you a glimpse of the future.  The Finial d’Arbres are beautiful and lost artforms in today’s mass-produced ornaments.  With its lead characters finding love, Reginald, Kenny, and Cassidy are great supporting characters that become the linchpins of this story.  They will make you laugh, clap, and believe in holiday magic.  This isn’t a classic but it is a standout this holiday season.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not as important as it sounds – Jessica

Like that one – Nick

A Christmas story. That sounds perfect – Amanda

Why don’t you just fake it – Cassidy

And the past, she’ll set us free – Reginald

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A Very Vintage Christmas – Review

A Very Vintage Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Dodie’s father warns her before he heads on vacation: No more money, either succeed or fail.  Her parents have given her a lot of money to start her Very Vintage Antique store.  She must make it on her own now.  Dodie and her co-owner Olivia are ready to prove themselves.  Dodie loves to create stories for every object she has as she prepares it for display.  She starts to clean a wardrobe when she finds a box with small momentoes of a past romance (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She wants to find the owner.  Inside, there is a picture of the couple with Santa, a key, a dried rose, a movie ticket, and a Christmas Tree pin.  As she decorates the store for the grand opening, Ed helps fix things.  He gives her the first hint to the mystery box.  They decide to look for the owner together.  The more time they spend together, the less Ed understands her.  He feels she has a fear of the future, so she looks towards the past.  She thinks he is too modern to appreciate the time and skill it took to make things of the past.  Opposites attract.  As they find love with each other, they find the love of Carl and Ginger.  And all signs lead back home.

Based on A Very Vintage Christmas by Tilly Tennant, this is a sweet story that is played out in costumes and set designs (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Dodie isn’t a historian, she truly immerses herself in the music, style, and technology of the past.  She loves to find the story behind the objects she sells.  Even if she has to make it up.  Of course, you know the mystery of the box has to come full circle in a Hallmark movie.  But they have the insight to throw you a doppelganger before revealing the truth.  This is a Hallmark Christmas movie plus an HMM mystery minus the dead body.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

First time for everything – Ed

What is wrong with you – Dodie

You have a story for everything – Olivia

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The Christmas Club – Review

The Christmas Club – Hallmark – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Christmas Club Final Image Assets

Miss Maggie’s Dance Studio was a haven for Olivia growing up.  Now, Olivia is getting the dancers ready for the Christmas Day recital.  Maggie, the owner, is retiring because she is getting surgery.  Instead of finding a successor, she has decided to sell the studio to developers.  Olivia goes to the bank to ask for a loan.  She and Edward find a woman crying inside.  The woman was bumped outside the store and all her money flew away.  They go outside to look for it but can’t find the money.  They look in their wallets and they have just enough between them to give her the money.  They pretend to find it and give the cash to her.  Their are sparks between the two but they keep losing touch.  Their good deed keeps drawing them together.  How will Olivia feel when Edward’s client wants to buy the studio from under her.

Inspired by The Christmas Club by Barbara Hinske, this movie has the heart-warming story of Pay It Forward with a romance thrown in for fun (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Since romance is in the background of the story, you will be focused on the Christmas wishes of others coming true.  This is a sweet film for the whole family.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Even master criminals have to get old – Edward

I love how you say fixins like you’re from the south – Olivia

I promise. You’re going to be ok – Maggie

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Check Inn to Christmas – Review

Check Inn to Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 3 minutes


Julie heads back to her family’s inn, Crest Ridge, located in Colorado.  The town has a Christmas Celebration all month long.  While the activities are for the kids, adults seem to have more fun.   This year, Julie’s dad is having a hard time celebrating.  Karen of Edgestone Resorts is trying to buy all the property in the town.  Edgestone has put 3 family-owned resorts out of business.  Ryan Mason is concerned about Edgestone too.  He wants to update the family inn to modernize it.  His family owns a competing resort across the street.  Julie’s family and Ryan’s family have been mortal enemies for generations.  When Julie and Ryan learn their fathers both got offers from Edgestone, they ask the families to come together to take a stand.  Good luck they find love along the way.

This is how Romeo and Juliet should have ended (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Even with a common goal these too families still go at each other throats, putting Ryan, Julie, and their love in the middle.  The battle between the two families will have you laughing as they play get-back.  This is a funny story with a tough, but well-written romance.  Not a classic, but highly enjoyable.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

No news is better than bad news – Melissa

I think it’s enough – Julia

Look at debate team paying off – Frank

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A Christmas Duet – Review

A Christmas Duet – Hallmark – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Avery runs the Blue Spruce Inn.  She was a singer in a duet but gave up the business years ago.  Jessie Collins is a singer who had a few hits but recently his sales have declined.  He checks into the Blue Spruce under an alias.  It’s not long before both Jessie and Avery are recognized.  They were the duet that sung the hit single “It Wouldn’t Be Christmas”.  Jessie and Avery try to ignore each other and focus on their tasks.  Jessie has to write to keep his contract.  After a flood, Avery is in charge of the Yule Tide Festival.   While planning, Avery notices that Phillis checks in.  Phillis from a top travel magazine.  Every year they pick the top hotel.  That publicity will give Avery’s Inn new business and better opportunities.  Avery has to handle a tough balancing act.  When the Inn is doing good, the festival is having problems.  When the festival is doing good, the inn is having problems.  When her friend, co-owner, and chef, Suzie is put on bed rest, Avery will need to depend on Jessie to keep her keep the inn and the festival running.

While this story is a predictable watch, it still has some humor to keep you entertained.  And yes, that song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  For fans of these actors, it may be the first time you hear them sing.  You will be pleasantly surprised by their singing and playing abilities.  This won’t be a Hallmark classic, it’s nice for this season.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

What kind of coffee did you put in your cup this morning and can I have a cup – Avery

Who doesn’t like unaccounted guests for the holidays – Phillis

I feel fine. Healthy as a horse – Susie

Listen to that. I got their love to get me through – Jessie

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Our Christmas Love Song – Review

Our Christmas Love Song – HMM – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Melody sings her new holiday song at the Grand Ole Opry and it’s an instant hit.  She is called into her manager, Piper’s office the next morning and expects to hear good things.  Instead, her mentor Connie is suing her.  Connie believes her new song Heart of Christmas sounds like her song Heart of Tennessee.  Melody can’t believe Connie thinks she would steal from her.  Melody says she wrote Heart of Christmas with her father years before she met Connie.  Connie’s manager and husband, Bert, gives her until Christmas Eve to find the original music or they will sue.  Melody goes to her home town to find family, love, and the truth using her dad’s words to lead the way.

You are more driven to the love between Melody and her father than the love of Melody and her ex Chase.  Seeing them reconnect over saving the town’s Christmas show, you know how the story will develop.  It’s Melody reminiscing about playing and singing with her father that will make your heart melt.  Her mother remembers how much her father loved the time they shared together creating.  It will bring up fond memories for you too.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

This is my song – Melody

Because I made so many wishes. I knew it had to come true eventually – Lucy

You’re not invited – Chase

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Christmas 9 to 5 – Review

Christmas 9 to 5 – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Jennifer uses her finesse to convince her boss not to fire and give her a daily story.  She pitches being a floater in Desmond’s Department Store – the last family-owned store in town.  She will report on different departments every day in 500 words.  On her first day, Rose pins Jennifer as the one who will be tardy.  Jennifer thinks she has things under control but quickly learns she is dead wrong.  When a customer’s pre-ordered gift is missing, Jennifer finds it at another store.  The customer walks away.  That customer was the owner of the Desmonds.  He can’t believe she tried to ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘ him (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  At the end of the day, Jennifer wants to curl in a ball and cry.  The owner’s son, Jack, calls her to his office.  He explains she made a mistake and tries to fire her, but Jennifer uses her finesse to keep her job.  Each day, Jennifer’s article becomes the voice of the employee.  Often disrespected, ridiculed, and disregarded during the holiday season, these employees keep a smile on their faces.  As word spread that Desmonds may be closing its doors for good, Jennifer has to save the store while trying to bury the lead.

Score one for the holiday workers.  Jennifer instantly becomes the voice of the people.  She sees how hard they have to work to keep their customers feeling like kings.  In an age of YouTube/World Star Hip Hop’s viral holiday store fights, the true meaning of Christmas is often lost.  With the loss of the holiday spirit slipping, department store workers normally take the brunt of the abuse.  They are people and deserve respect.  As the customer, you may be king.  But you are not a God.  This movie will remind you that store attendants, clerks, and workers need respect too.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

How does she do that – Fenton

Just remember her bark is worse than her bite – Manny

This looks like Jurassic Park (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer) – Jennifer

You’ve been shopped – Rose

Everything old is new again – Jack

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Christmas Belles – Review

Christmas Belles – BET Her TV – 2 hours and 30 minutes


Portia and Delilah are best friends with the same problem: their family keeps asking them why they aren’t married.  Delilah ignores them but Portia FaceTimes her boyfriend Gabe to prove she got a man.  She is stunned to see him kissing another girl.  By the next day, she sees Gabe is engaged to the other woman.  She discovers all their pictures where at night or in the house.  Portia was the side chick.  The two go to church and learn the new, handsome, single pastor is looking for a new choir director.  Both women want the job and him.  They go to war to get both with their moms in their corner acting as love coaches.  Who will come out on top?

This movie has the humor of Girls Trip with the hijinks of Bride Wars (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will laugh and say, “No she didn’t” several times.  They believe they are single because they are too busy.  In reality, they and their families are the biggest obstacles.  Once they start navigating and claiming their own lives, they find true love and friendship.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Oh, not at all. Life’s tough – Porsha

Porsha, you need to hang up – Delia

We’re all a work in progress – Donovan

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Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 – Review

Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2 – Hallmark – 2 hours and 2 minutes


It’s been a year since Darcy ran into Aiden causing him to lose his memory.  This happy accident was the catalyst for their love.  Today, they are still head-over-heels for each other.  They have his dog Bailey and live together.  Aiden is a local teacher and Darcy owns the book store.  The book store has recently fallen on hard times.  A big chain store has moved around the corner.  They offer coffee and bigger named artists into their book signings.  To help turn her mood, Aiden is anxiously deciding the perfect gift for their first Christmas together.  As they decorate their home, Aiden sees Darcy pull out a little village.  Each building was handcrafted by her father for her mother as gifts.  The buildings all had a special meaning to her mother.  Her father planned on making the house they lived in but he passed away before he could finish it.  So Aiden decides to make a companion village for Darcy.  One of the buildings in the village will be the home she grew up in.  This present will come just in time.  The mayor, David, has decided to close the local rec center.  Darcy will do anything to stop him.

The sequel to A Gift To Remeber and based on A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill, this movie will bring a tear to your eye like the first one (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With two heartwarming gifts and a homecoming, you will need to keep a box of Kleenex nearby.  Aiden’s gift proves that money isn’t always the best decider for a gift.  It’s the heart.  You will want a village of your own by the end of the movie.  And be prepared for part 3.  It will be coming.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Watch out, those bingo players mean business – Darcy

We really are just Bailey’s people – Aiden

This is starting to sound like a mushy love story – Marcus

I honestly thought one of those loaves would be for us – Monica

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A Christmas Recipe for Romance – Review

A Christmas Recipe for Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Jason is still reeling over the loss of his brother but he must restore is reputation as a chef.  He checks in to a hotel and sees smoke coming from the kitchen.  He finds Abby “cooking”.  He scolds her and turns off the stovetop.  Immediately, Alice, Abby’s grandmother, recognizes the famous chef.  Later, Abby and Alice sit and talk.  Alice’s doctor gave her some awful news.  She has Parkinson’s Disease.  If that’s not bad enough, she is in danger of losing the Inn, which doubles as her home.  To help, Abby decides to enter a national cooking competition where amateurs go against professionals.  When Jason learns she is going against his rival, he offers his help.  She believes she can save the Inn and help Jason get his reputation back.  But who will do anything to destroy him?

Based on Recipe for Redemption by Anna J Stewart, this movie has a slow plotline (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If you hang in there, the shady side to Jason’s rival will keep you in your seat.  As Abby and Alice fight dirty to win, Jason must learn to experience food without judging it.  This movie uses Christmas as a background character.  Not a major plot point.  It helps it stand out in the sea of holiday movies.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’ll call the fire department. Give them a fair warning – Brad

I didn’t think smoke inhalation was part of the service – Jason

Well, that explains the ego – Abby

$43,000 is an awful lot of shuffling – Alice

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Holiday Hearts – Review

Holiday Hearts – HMM – 2 hours and 1 minute


Peyton wants to prove to her parents that she is more than an accountant.  She wants to be an event planner.  So they hired her to plan the 25th annual Christmas party.  She has been keeping the theme under wraps from the entire town.  Mostly because she doesn’t have a theme.  Dr. Ben Tyler has an interview in Honduras for Doctor’s Care International.  His parents are both philanthropist and he wants to follow in their footsteps.  Peyton drives to pick up some items and Ben drives to the airport.  They both see a reindeer and almost crash into each other.  Ben’s car doesn’t start, so Peyton offers him a ride.  On their way to the airport, Ben gets a call.  Ben’s best friend, Ford, hurt his knee and he needs someone to watch his daughter Lilly.  Lilly is an energetic little girl who is full of Christmas spirit.  She remembers both Ben and Peyton fondly.  Ben stands by Ford’s bedside while he gets good and bad news.  Good: his knee can be fixed.  Bad: he needs to have surgery.  Ford asks Ben to watch Lilly and keep the traditions going.  Lilly lost her mom and the holidays are always a hard time.  Completing her mom’s traditions make her feel better.  Ben says yes but soon realizes he is not up to the task.  So he asks Peyton for her help.  Over the next few days, Peyton’s love for Ben will be rekindled, Lilly will get the Christmas of her dreams, and a theme for the 25th Christmas party will be spawned.

Based on A Christmas Wish by Barbara Antrum, this movie can’t be saved by a cute kid (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The plot has been done in this season by its sister station. Hallmark and HMM have become a victim of its own programming.  Since you know how this movie will end, you look forward to the party and Lilly getting her dad back.  The rest of the movie will get little to none of your attention.  The dad puns will give you a chuckle but everything else falls flat.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, cause most of your accidents are so smart – Ben

I need you to be the Christmas guy. Can you do that for me – Ford

Please, please stop with the puns. Keep us in the dark – Peyton

You guys like each other? – Lilly

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Turkey Drop – Review

Turkey Drop – Freeform – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Lucy is leaving her college in Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She has noticed her boyfriend Jordan has been acting distant and “wants to talk” when she gets home. Lucy’s roommate tells her she is being basted and buttered for a Turkey Drop. Lucy looks up ‘Turkey Drop’. Turkey Drop is when a long-distance couple sees each other over thanksgiving break and one of them breaks up with the other. Lucy believes Jordan is the love of her life and doesn’t want to be Turkey Dropped. She is determined to get her relationship back on track. If that isn’t hard enough, Lucy’s father thinks Lucy’s mom is cheating on him. Her brother, Leo, is bringing Mean Dean – a guy that tormented Lucy in school. And her sister, Lydia is keeping a big secret from the family. With everything going on, it will take a kiss to bring Lucy’s life into perspective.

Talk about desperate and messy. Lucy is hard to watch in the beginning. She has done and will do anything to keep Jordan. She faked an allergy for years, pretended to be a runner, and ran out of a moving car. All for some guy. As the movie continues, you realized she fell into the trap of her fantasy. As she gets stronger, she makes the best decision for her and not just her fantasy.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Look it up – Amanda

Apparently, your mom has undertones – Ron

Graduate student, she got a B+ – Nancy

I need to go shower my eyeballs – Dean

So Lydia gets to have a girl in her room, and I don’t – Leo

He’s like a stray dog we should have never fed – Lucy

You faked a food allergy for 5 years because of some guy – Anna

He’s not a vampire – Lydia

Little miss innocent acts like she can still Jordan away from me – Katie

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My Husband’s Secret Twin – Review

My Husband’s Secret Twin – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Melanie and Derrick have a caring and loving relationship. He designs websites and creates algorithms; she sells upscale furniture. While Derrick was out of town, Melanie and her business partner, Alisa, meet with a potential new partner Raymond. While they both like the deal, Melanie still wants to discuss it with her husband. So she waits until he gets home, Raymond makes a trip to their house to discuss the deal. Derrick thinks the deal is great. The next morning, Derrick leaves a note for Melanie and gets in his car. A man in the back seat stabs Derrick with a needle. Derrick wakes up, handcuffed to a bed in a basement. He looks across the room and sees his twin Alex. Alex has sat on the sidelines watching Derrick’s life bloom with possibilities. He has the house, the car, the job, and the wife. Now Alex wants all of Derrick’s money. Just to torture Derrick, Alex set up cameras in his home so he can watch everything. Alex goes to Derrick’s home and pretends to be him. He hopes Melanie won’t be able to tell the difference while he steals all of Derrick’s money. Will Melanie ever see the difference?

First, seeing Alex’s initial reaction to Melanie is hilarious. Melanie does notice some things about Derrick is off but they can be explained away. It’s the small things he forgets that causes alarm. Those small moments between a husband and a wife. Rest assured, this thriller gives a good body count with a nosy best friend. Second, the overall ending is predictable, it leaves you with one big unanswered question at the end. Who’s the daddy?

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You are in so much trouble – Melanie

Take over what? – Derrick

A front-row look to the end of your life as you know it – Alex

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Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays – Review

Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays – Hallmark – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Finally, Harper is stateside after being in Europe for 3 years as a museum curator.  While home, she plans on interviewing for a job as an international curator for the Brooks Museum.  But first, she wants to see the lights at Graceland.  When she takes her nieces to Graceland, she is approached by her old boss and Priscilla Presley.  While in high school, Harper gave Graceland tours.  During her time in town, Harper’s old boss asks her to give a private tour to a few kids.  Owen approaches Graceland with his 2 daughters and his son.  Harper’s old boss introduces Harper as the children’s guide.  Harper takes her 2 nieces and Owen’s children on a tour.  Hours later, the kids are leaving Graceland singing.  Owen needs help with the children while he prepares for a product launch party.  He asks Harper to be an au pair.  Harper request to think about it.  Of course, being the woman who can’t say no, Harper says yes.  On the first day, she can’t believe how scheduled the children’s life is under their father’s care.  Over the next few days, Harper and Owen learn they can count on each other to make beautiful music.

Another addition for the Christmas in Graceland series, this is another sweet tale of one organized person and an unorganized person finding each other.  Since it is Graceland, some Elvis Presley Christmas songs are added to the backing track (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The kids are cute, the music is fun, and the cameos are unique, the storyline loses its luster after 15 minutes.  Keep this movie on the back burner for the holidays.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

So, I’m a multitasker – Harper

I created this with you and even I’m falling asleep – Owen

Harper, welcome home – Priscilla Presley

Jet lag doesn’t count – Maggie

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