#JUMANJI: The Next Level – Movie Review

Jumanji: The Next Level – Budget of $125 million – 2 hours and 3 minutes

2457642 - J19

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Bethany is exploring the world and building houses in other countries.  Anthony, aka Fridge, is doing two-a-days as a student-athlete.  Martha is having fun at college and no longer feels like an outcast.  But she and Spencer have taken a break from their relationship.  Spencer attends NYU but his asthma and fears have multiplied.  He feels hopeless at his job and alone at school.  The four go home for winter break and plan to meet up at Nora’s cafe.  Spencer’s grandfather, Eddie is staying with Spencer and his mother to heal after a hip surgery.  Spencer tries to explain to Eddie why he broke up with Martha and he gets an idea.  He wants to be brave again, so he gets the game console from his basement and tries to fix it.  The next morning, Milo comes to visit Eddie.  Eddie is underwhelmed, to say the least.  Eddie is angry about their past and expects Milo to apologize, which Eddie pledges to never accept.  When Spencer doesn’t make their brunch date, Martha, Bethany, and Anthony go over to Spencer’s house.  Anthony introduces the ladies to Eddie.  Then, Eddie bluntly introduces everyone to Milo.  They start to look for Spencer and they hear the drums.  They see the game console in the basement and deduce Spencer went back in the game.  Martha says they have to go back and get him.  Bethany agrees and Fridge is pissed.  Martha grabs the controller, it shocks her, and they get pulled into Jumanji.  In the game, Martha is Ruby Roundhouse, killer of men with one extra strength.  But something has changed.  Anthony is Prof. Shelly Oberon and he has new strengths and weaknesses.  Eddie is Dr. Bravestone with his first weakness.  Milo is Mouse Finbar with one new strength.  They notice Bethany is missing.  Bethany, unlike the others, was never pulled into the game.  So, she goes to an old friend to help her get into Jumanji.  Inside the game, Nigel Billingsly tells them Jurgen the Brutal, the man that killed Dr. Bravestone’s parents, stole the Falcon’s Heart causing a drought in Jumanji.  They need to get the Falcon’s Heart from Jurgen and expose it to the sun.  After saving Jumanji, they must call out its name.  Simple enough, right?

The sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has ostriches, mandrills, and camels, oh my.  This movie is as funny as the first and adds more layers to the characters.  Everyone’s personal issues cause problems within the game.  The original group has more personal struggles than struggles with each other.  But Eddie has a problem with Milo that has spanned decades.  Like video games, the writers expanded the world of Jumanji with new environments, powers, avatars, and clothes.  You will get the characters you love and be introduced to new ones. Seeing Jack Black play 3 characters in one movie is amazing.  He changes the walk, speech, and mannerisms for all three.   Other characters play dual roles within the movie with ease.  You will be laughing at the generational gap and overall antics.  The action outweighs the first movie with a car chase and revolving bridges.  See this one today.  Like Nigel said, everyone does not make it out alive.  Stay for the post-credit scene but don’t stay after the end crawl.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Don’t tell your mother – Eddie

And yes, I would like a cup of coffee. Thanks for asking – Milo

It’s complicated – Spencer

I don’t think he went out. I think he went back in – Martha

I need your help – Bethany

Ho, Ho, Ho – Anthony

Did I kill Eddie by talking too slow – Mouse Finbar

Nothing to see here – Dr. Bravestone

Man, it was like the first thing I did – Ruby Roundhouse

I just have to do 5 burpees – Prof. Shelly Oberon

I bet your friend Ming can’t do that – Ming

Now, that is cool – Seaplane McDonough

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