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Psych 3: This is Gus – Review

Psych 3: This is Gus – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 36 minutes

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With his baby on the way, Gus wants to do the honorable thing and marry Selene with his family and friends before the birth.  However, Selene won’t give Gus information to divorce her estranged husband.  Selene tells Gus to let her handle it, and he does.  But Shawn won’t.  The next day, Shawn goes to Jules for help doing a police search on Selene, but Jules refuses.  She wants to be the godparent and won’t let Shawn’s antics jeopardize it.  Then, Shawn goes to Chief Karen Vick for help.  Karen doesn’t help but knowingly leaves her computer unlocked with Shawn in the room.  Shawn looks for Selene in the database and finds nothing.  On a double date, Shawn gets Selene’s purse and goes through it.  He finds an imprint of another ID.  With Gus’s track record of dating killers, Shawn wants to investigate to protect his friend.  Gus wants to prove Shawn wrong.  Gus remembers that Selene had a sister, Whitney, and they drive to meet her.  At Whitney’s home, Whitney pretends not to know Gus, sneaks in her car, and drives off.  After a spirited chase, Gus and Shawn catch up to Whitney and learn that she is an actress.  She tells Gus and Shawn that Selene and her husband are dangerous.  And Gus should stay away.  Will the real Selene please stand up?

Wait for it! This movie feeds its Psych-Os yet again while allowing the characters to grow (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Gus is the perfect groomzilla, with Shawn being the worst man and best friend at the same time.  Chief Lassie questions his ability to be a cop after his stroke in Psych 2.  And Karen battles with work-life balance after making it to the top.  It’s great to see these characters stay grounded while their cases remain crazy.  The only thing you will miss is texting with other Psych-Os while you watch.  Yes, it helps to view the other movies and TV show because they make jokes from the source material.  Also, keep watching until the post-credits because fans get a glimpse of Psych 4.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

That’s right, I’m back. Drink it in – Lassie

I think he told you to flame suck it – Buzz

Hey dad.  Hey Shawn.  Hey magic head – Lilly

You can’t give him false hope. You understand? – Henry

What’s the point of having a memory if you can’t choose what to remember. This is America – Shawn

I came to say good night Shawn.  Good night – Gus

I am not changing my name – Karen

Oh, don’t be a Karen, Karen. – Woody

And why don’t you stay there until you grow up – Jules

This is for god’s eyes – Selene

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Red Notice – Review

Red Notice – Budget of $200 million – 1 hour and 58 minutes

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Detective John Hartley is a criminal profiler with the FBI.  He is on the hunt for Nolan Booth, the most wanted thief in the world.  Interpol got a tip that Booth wants to steal Cleopatra’s second egg.  While other officers attempt to stop Booth, John knows Booth is there and has already stolen it.  When John proves the display egg is fake, he spots Booth and chases him.  Before John can get a hand on Booth, Booth slips away to his safe house.  Exactly where John is waiting for him.  Interpol takes Booth in one van and the egg in another.  John believes his work is complete until someone says the egg is fake.  John thinks it was Bishop who swapped it, but Interpol gets another tip and arrests John.  They lock John up in the same cell as Booth.  Before the fight, the captain pulls Booth and John out of their cell to talk.  The person sitting across from them is the mythical Bishop.  She has the first egg and expects to get the 2nd in 48 hours.  She wants to know the location of the 3rd egg and questions Booth.  He says he doesn’t know, but Bishop knows Booth is a liar.  She offers Booth 10% for the third egg, but if she gets the 2nd egg first, the deal goes to 5%.  Booth sticks to his story.  So Bishop leaves.  John tells Booth that if Booth helps him catch Bishop, then Booth will be the #1 thief in the world and John can clear his name.  These strange bedfellows go on a worldwide mission.  But in a world of cons, who can you trust to act like a pro.

Let’s be honest.  Within the first 15 minutes of Booth and John on the screen, you know there is more than meets the eye.  You know not to trust these movies if you are an Ocean’s fan (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With that aside, the comedy and comedic timing is gold.  This movie tries to be an action movie, but it’s more comedy.  You have seen the stunts, explosions, and even the action before.  It’s the comedy that will keep you glued to the screen.  You will be happy to watch, but once is enough.  With the success of this movie and the ending, be ready for Red Notice 2.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You’re right. I am the bad guy – John

It’s nice to meet a fan – Booth

You can have excuses or results. Not both – Bishop

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Home Sweet Home Alone – Review

Home Sweet Home Alone – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 33 minutes

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As potential buyers go through their home, Pam and Jeff answer their questions.  While Pam is helpful, Jeff sabotages.  Jeff lost his job months ago and hasn’t been able to find work.  They can no longer afford their home.  As time slips away, Pam and Jeff protect their kids from the truth and hope to save their home in time.  When Jeff goes upstairs, he sees Maxwell come out of the bathroom.  Maxwell’s mom, Carol, pretended to be interested in the home so Maxwell could use the restroom.  Maxwell sees Jeff pull a box of dolls from the closet and annoyingly asks questions. One doll is an ugly little boy with an upside-down head.  Carol, looking for Maxwell, comments that the dolls could be worth a lot of money.  After everyone leaves, Jeff looks up the dolls on eBay.  And the little boy doll is a rare mistake worth $200,000.  Jeff runs to the box, but the doll is missing.  He believes Maxwell stole it.  Remembering their names, Jeff finds Maxwell and Carol’s addresses.  At Carol’s home, there is a lot of commotion because her entire family is there.  And they will be leaving for Tokyo in the morning. 

However, in the holiday melee, the airline split Carol’s family into two flights.  Now, Maxwell won’t be flying with her but with his cousins.  As she tries to straighten things out, Maxwell keeps bothering her.  So she shoos him away.  Upset with the crowded house, Maxwell escapes to the garage, gets in a car, and falls asleep watching TV.  In the morning, Jeff comes to Carol’s house.  But the family says Carol and Maxwell left.  Jeff overhears the alarm code and sees them hide the spare key.  When the family leaves, Jeff considers breaking in but changes his mind.  Until he looks inside and sees Maxwell’s coat with a noticeable bulge; the doll is in Maxwell’s coat pocket.  And with the family out of the house, Jeff has a chance to get it.  When Jeff tells Pam, she believes he has lost his mind.  But she changes her tune when she thinks about all the Christmases her family spent in that house.  Pam and Jeff go to an empty home to steal back the doll, but they discover someone is still inside.  It’s Maxwell.  His family didn’t realize he wasn’t on either flight and left him home alone.  He overhears Jeff and Pam talking about stealing the ugly little boy and selling him to an old lady.  He assumes they mean him.  With the boy in the house, Pam and Jeff need to devise another plan to get the doll, but Maxwell will be ready for them.

The sixth installment to the Home Alone series changes the script.  The kid is ultimately the bad guy in this story.  The change in dynamic makes you sympathize each time Pam and Jeff get hurt.  They are desperate people trying to save their homes.  Something a lot of people understand.  This movie references the first two by mentioning they left Kevin at home twice and having McCallister security signs.  And let’s not forget our favorite redhead.  While it’s not the classic, you can use this film to get your kids to watch the first two (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh, I got it. You’re one of those guys – Maxwell

No, he doesn’t look like Frankenstein.  He looks like Frankenstein’s monster – Carol

Oh, what a McShame – Jeff

I will you ugly little boy – Pam

Nobody’s been able to tame this wild stallion – Bud

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The Harder They Fall – Review

The Harder They Fall – Budget Unknown – 2 hours and 19 minutes

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Years ago, two men walked into Nat Love’s home and killed his mother and father.  The man with the scorpion tattoo held Nat down while the other man took out a knife and carved a cross on Nat’s forehead.  Today, Nat is a grown man, and he killed the man with the scorpion tattoo.  With the carver, Rufus Buck, in prison for life, Nat is ready to live the rest of his days with Mary.  Mary owns several saloons and handles her customers with an iron fist.  With the past dead and locked away, Nat can be with the woman he loves.  Nat crosses the bouncer, Cuffee, the door and heads to Mary.  As they talk, a fight breaks out, and Cuffee breaks it up.  But U.S. Marshall Bass Revees arrest Nat for the standoff.  Bass tells Nat that Rufus got a pardon with the help of Trudy and Cherokee Bill.  Rufus plans to return to his old stomping ground and take out the current sheriff, Wiley Escoe. With the man who made him an orphan free, Nat finishes his revenge with a trail of blood, bodies, and money behind him.  

While the story is fiction, the people are not.  As this bloody western tale of revenge plays, don’t be surprised if you look them up online and see their torrid past.  Using made-up stories with real characters isn’t new.  But this movie delivers.  At no point is it slow or has an unnecessary scene.  At times, it is uncomfortably funny.  However, it’s the mix of modern and western slang that throws the movie off.  With so much attention to detail for the costumes and scenery, the dialect, not the dialog, feels neglected.  At any moment, you don’t know if a rotary phone or a cell phone will ring.  Even if the story isn’t true, writers need to have respect for the period. 

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m worth 10 – Nat

You must be the hero – Bill

Everybody but him – Rufus

A rock and a hard place is what we call Monday – Trudy

Then I’m sorry you had to hear that – Cuffee

Trudy’s mine – Mary

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Passing – Review

Passing – Budget of $10 million – 1 hour and 39 minutes

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After shopping, Irene takes a cab to a restaurant to escape the sweltering heat.  Inside, Clare spots Irene, but Irene doesn’t recognize Clare.  They knew each other in college and parted ways as they got older.  They have one thing in common; they are black women who ‘pass’ for white.  While Irene does it around predominately white towns, Clare does it every day.  Her white husband, John, doesn’t know the truth.  Clare invites Irene up to her hotel room, and the two women catch up.  Irene is married to Brian and has two young boys.  Clare has one young daughter whom she prayed wouldn’t be dark.  When John comes to the room, Irene sits on pins and needles.  She relents to his disparaging comments while Clare laughs.  Before John can say anything else, Irene makes a hasty exit.  Irene can’t understand how Clare is so unhappy in a world of everything.  Clare writes Irene a letter stating that she hopes they can spend time together in Irene’s home in Harlem.  Irene ignores the letter and continues with her life.  As Irene gives instructions to the maid, she gets an unannounced visitor.  It’s Clare.  Clare misses Irene and wants to be herself.  She can do that in Harlem and not look over her shoulder.  While Irene is uncomfortable with Clare’s presence, Brian welcomes her.  As Clare spins more time with Irene and her family, Irene goes into a downward spiral of self-reflection, bitterness, and jealousy.  Can these women survive when Irene’s reality clashes with Clare’s truth?

Be prepared because Passing is a dialogue-heavy movie.  If you favor something fast-paced and funny, you will be disappointed.  When Irene speaks of Clare, backhanded comment or a polite disregard accompanies it.  Like most southern belles, Irene’s venom is sweeter than ice tea but deadlier than a viper.  At first, you think Clare’s constant passing repulses Irene.  However, you see the women both envy each other.  Based on Passing by Nella Larsen, this film has an ending that will stun you.  The last 10 minutes slam everyone’s storyline into one gut-wrenching moment (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Now don’t run away – Clare

It isn’t charity work if they’re paying you for it – Irene

Who’s satisfied being anything – Brian

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