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Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Review

Pride: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Proverbs 16:18 – 19 NIV – Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit along with the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud.

Ella walks to the door to find the police questioning her father, Joey. Her former employees found her necklace after a robbery and believe she committed the crime. They arrest Ella and bring her to jail. Joey calls his mother-in-law, Birdie, for help. Birdie runs a bakery while filming her reality show. Birdie’s son, Gabe, is working on a deal to get a new location, and Birdie’s niece, Janine, is the head of security. Khalil works on editing while Zoe directs. 

Joey got Ella out of jail but with Birdie’s help. Ella is furious because she hasn’t seen Birdie since her mother’s funeral 15 years ago. Birdie and Ella’s mom, Tasha, argued when Tasha left college to be with Joey after she got pregnant with Ella. They never spoke about Tasha on Birdie’s TV show. Birdie convinces the homeowners to drop the charges if Ella moves from Texas to Chicago to live with Birdie. Ella instantly refuses, especially because Birdie wants to charge Ella room and board. However, Ella agrees because it’s either Birdie or jail. 

Ella starts her first day of work at Birdie’s Bakes but doesn’t want to be on camera. Gabe tries to take a picture of Ella for social media, but Janine makes Gabe delete it. Gabe lets Ella taste Birdie’s Sweet T Potato Pie. Ella thinks it’s ok but becomes vengeful when Gabe tells Ella that Birdie named it after Tasha because it was Tasha’s recipe. Ella runs out during filming and condemns Birdie’s actions. After Ella takes a step back, she makes Tasha’s pie and gives it to Birdie. Birdie is in heaven and wants the recipe. Ella promises to think about it. Zoe loves the moment and wants to reshoot it to make the exchange look presentable. 

Later, Birdie shows her heirloom ring to Ella and promises to give it to Ella when Ella graduates college. Birdie lays in bed and asks Ella to bring her diabetes medication. With Ella on the show, the downloads and streams are up. Ella becomes a series regular and enjoys the limelight. After a successful shoot, Ella relaxes at home and considers taking the ring. But Birdie comes home early and finds her jewelry box out. Ella makes an excuse by blaming Birdie’s age. Ella goes to her room to sleep but finds Birdie on the floor. She went into a diabetic coma but will be ok. Ella looks at Birdie’s pills and notices one of them is different. She tells Janine immediately. 

Ella goes to the hospital to check on Birdie, but a camera crew is there filming Birdie, Gabe, and Gabe’s family. Ella doesn’t want to be on camera, so she hangs back until they are gone. After the film crew leaves, Birdie requests Gabe and Ella stay because she needs to update them on her health. Her pastor enters to help the family pray during this moment. Birdie has leukemia and wants to leave her business to Gabe and Ella equally. Bewildered, Gabe screams that Ella doesn’t deserve it, but Birdie quotes Proverbs 13:22. Ella’s unsure about the inheritance because she doesn’t want to hurt Gabe. Birdie refuses to let her pride come between her relationship with Ella. She made that mistake with Tasha and won’t make it now. Ella must be careful because pride will bring a tire iron, shadowy figures, threatening calls, and death.

Inspired by actual events, this movie, unlike its predecessors, is different from the book but worth the watch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Everyone in this family is full of pride. Ella doesn’t want Birdie’s help because she is sticking up for Tasha. However, she doesn’t know everything that happened in the past. Birdie puts her pride before everything and displays the perfect family on TV. She uses edits, reshoots, and lies to present the ideal family. Gabe refuses to ask for assistance with the new location. He desires accolades but hides his failings. This family is a mess. And you can’t take your eyes off of them. People say pride is the most challenging sin to overcome. And this family is no exception. The script and cast will captivate you. So be ready with your tea and wine in hand.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You’re making me look cheap – Birdie

Let’s just move forward. That’s what Tasha would want. That’s what God wants – Joey

Show me, or it didn’t happen – Janine

Birdie’s favorite child has always been the bakery – Gabe

That’s between me and my momma – Ella

That kind of pride is dangerous – Pastor

Sorry, I didn’t believe you – Khalil

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Infidelity Can Be Fatal – Review

Infidelity Can Be Fatal – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lucy works as a P.I. and typically handles adultery cases. While most of her clients are women, Clive needs her help. He suspects that his wife, Adriana, is having an affair. Lucy and her new associate, August, take the case. Lucy gets a phone call from her best friend, Cami. Cami and Cami’s husband, Charles, want Lucy to go on a blind date for her birthday. Cami believes Lucy’s job has left her too deadened to be in a relationship. But Cami thinks Lucy can find a faithful man, and they have the perfect guy in mind. Lucy says yes and meets her blind date on a double date with Cami and Charles. The date goes well, and Lucy wants to see him again.

After following Adriana for a week, Lucy found zero evidence of cheating. She meets Clive at a bar and reports her findings to Clive, but Clive wants Lucy to keep working. He thinks Adriana will slip up and show her true colors. Lucy sees her blind date at the bar with another woman, and Clive can see her disappointment. He cheers her up with some kind words. When Clive makes a move, Lucy stops him because she doesn’t want to cross a boundary. Her resolve doesn’t last long. She brings Clive back to the office and passionately kisses him. She doesn’t stop until she hears August enter the building. Lucy gets a text message after Clive and August leave the building. It’s a picture of Lucy and Clive outside kissing. Someone is watching her. During her next sting, Adriana approaches Lucy’s car with a warning. Lucy isn’t the first P.I. Clive hired, and Lucy won’t be the last. She warns Lucy to stay away from Clive because he is dangerous. Lucy is sliding down a razor’s edge. She will encounter convicts, gamblers, and killers. But will she discover the truth?

It will be unbelievable, but you must give this movie a shot. It does drag, but it’s leaving breadcrumbs for its biggest twist. The killer’s motives and actions are stunning and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Also, Lucy makes a horrible mistake. She forgets her training and jumps to conclusions. The story left a plot hole. Lucy’s error had zero consequences and no explanation of why she didn’t get in trouble. But you be the judge. Is Lucy a criminal, victim, or both?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Never take fault for someone else’s wrongdoings – Lucy

A wise woman once told me to follow my instances – Clive

She knows what she’s doing – Cami

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Murder at Blackthorne Manor – Review

Murder at Blackthorne Manor – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hayley approaches the Hawthorne manor and sees Victoria leaving in a rage. Hayley speaks to Victoria, but Victoria ignores Hayley and almost hits Hayley with her car. Hayley cycles through the mail before handing it to her boss, Charles. She noticed one of the envelopes if from a law firm. She questions Charles about it, but he dismisses her concerns. Then, Charles applauds Hayley for increasing their visitors. Months ago, Hayley decided to use the manor’s sorted history and turn the bed and breakfast into a murder mystery immersive experience. Every month Hayley creates a new puzzle, and clients love it. Before Hayley meets with the guests, she sees Roy packing his things. Charles fired him. Roy warns Hayley to get away from Charles and Charles’s wife, Victoria.

Guests check into the manor, and Hayley lays down the rules. They must wear the costumes she put in their bedroom to keep the guests in character. They are not allowed to have their cell phone, so Hayley secures the phones in a lock box. The manor is in the same condition as in the days of prohibition. So it doesn’t have security cameras, Wi-Fi, or televisions. Evie, a repeat customer, is ready to solve the crime again. Dwayne brought his boyfriend, Reggie, because Reggie loves immersive theater. Diana is a first-time customer and doesn’t want to leave her cell phone. Then Gordon walks towards Hayley. She remembers seeing Gordon arguing with Charles and desires to kick Gordon out. However, Gordon has a reservation. So she grits her teeth and gives him a key.

After the guests settle in, Charles tells Hayley she is like a daughter to him. His comments shock her because Charles’s stepson, Jackson, is in the room. Hayley apologizes to Jackson for Charles, but Jackson doesn’t care. He knows Charles respects Hayley more than him. Jackson confesses that Hayley enamors him and moves in close to kiss her. Then, Hayley hears a crash from Charles’s office. Hayley gives Jackson a quick peck before walking to Charles’s office. They find Charles dead, with a broken clock on the floor. They run to the gate to get help. But someone locked it from the outside. Hayley goes inside and sees Diana roaming the halls. Diana came downstairs after hearing a splash. Hayley finds the box of cell phones in the fountain. They have no way to contact help and a murderer on the loose. Hayley has to investigate an actual murder without alarming the guests, but which one is Charles’s killer?

Like all mysteries, the plot introduces you to every character, their motive, and their shady behavior. Nevertheless, this story adds another layer because Hayley keeps the game going for the guests while she and the staff look for the killer. Hayley discovers that Charles, a man she admired, has secrets too. He considered selling the B&B before Hayley brought in new clientele with her mysteries. Don’t look for an HMM-level enigma or murder board. LMN gives viewers the twists they expected with affairs, break-ups, and poor business dealings. So, Lifetimers can figure out the culprit before the big reveal. And the killer’s monologue is intriguing.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Well, don’t mind me – Hayley

Nothing at all for you to worry about – Charles

Are you this nosey with all your guests – Gordon

We have to tell her – Jackson

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The Hand That Robs the Cradle – Review

The Hand That Robs the Cradle – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Delondra and her boyfriend, Rob, move into Mrs. Tubbs’s attic apartment. Delondra gets a phone call from her employer. They are moving immediately, so Delondra is out of a job. Delondra works as a nanny while attending medical school. Recently Rob got a promotion. He offers to help Delondra get by until she finds a new job. She is grateful for the help but doesn’t want to be a burden.

Delondra walks to the kitchen to give Mrs. Tubbs their first rent check and update Mrs. Tubbs on her situation. Mrs. Tubbs thinks Delondra would be the perfect choice to watch Danny. She watches Danny sporadically because Danny’s mother, Melody, is busy at work, and Danny’s father, Joel, is sick. It’s been exhausting for Mrs. Tubbs to keep up with Danny. Delondra is happy to take the job, and Mrs. Tubbs takes Danny and Delondra to the park to get acquainted. Melody runs up to Danny, screaming because she doesn’t know Delondra. Mrs. Tubbs introduces them, and Melody explains her screaming episode. Seven years ago, someone kidnapped Danny while his nanny took him to the park. Danny’s kidnapper left him at a fire station, but the police never caught the culprit.

They return to Mrs. Tubbs’s house. And Melody hires Delondra after apologizing. Soon, Delondra and Danny are inseparable. Delondra takes Danny to the park to play hide-and-seek, but he goes missing. She finds him in a swing with a sore-ridden woman, Carla, holding onto him. Delondra gets Danny to safety and goes home. Then, Delondra finds Carla inside the house and scares Carla away. She informs Melody and Mrs. Tubbs. Delondra worries it could be the kidnapper, but Melody doesn’t know how it’s possible. Melody and Joel move every two years and never post on social media. Delondra admits to posting a photo of Danny on her social media page. Melody flies into a rage and fires Delondra.

After the police arrest Carla, Melody decides to hire Delondra again. However, Melody doesn’t feel safe. Mrs. Tubbs offered to let Melody, Danny, and Joel stay at her cabin. Melody wants Delondra to come because it will give Danny a sense of normalcy. Roy is unhappy to be alone, but Melody thinks this is the best way to spend her summer vacation. Although Delondra is not into the outdoors, Delondra looks forward to peace with Danny. She will find murder, mayhem, and the truth.

Melody’s fears and concerns are justified because she suffered through Danny’s kidnapping. So viewers are not surprised to see her lash out when Danny is in danger. Yes, we live in a camera-ready culture, but posting pictures of other people’s children is never ok. However, Melody’s emotions for Delondra change so fast. It will give you whiplash. Towards the conclusion, Melody switches to the get-your-manager mode. After the first hour, you seek the kinks in Melody’s armor, and you want to know the complete story of Danny. However, Delondra refuses to accept any story and questions everything. She is the nanny you want because she will put Danny above everyone, including herself.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

She said scaring people isn’t a game – Danny

No, I think you’re a good mother. I probably would have reacted the same way – Delondra

You’re like the younger sister I never had – Melody

People break promises all the time – Rob

What’s the use of sinning if you can’t be forgiving – Mrs. Tubbs

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Love in the Maldives – Review

Love in the Maldives – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rae returned from her trip to the Liberian rainforest and came to work with muddy boats and a green mamba encounter. Rae writes monthly columns for ICON magazine about her adventures as a solo traveler. Rae’s boss, Shelley, asks Rae to come into her office for an update. The magazine is going global with a British partnership. She wants Rae to write a column that will appeal to a broader audience and generate more hits. Rae has a loyal readership, but it’s not for older, sophisticated women. Rae spitballs ideas, but Shelley turns them all down. Instead, Shelley wants Rae to go to The Marata in the Maldives and learn to enjoy herself. Rae takes a deep breath, agrees, and packs a bookbag for her trip. 

Jared left the medical field behind to find inner peace and happiness. He started working at The Marata and created a yoga seminar called Clarity Connection. It’s a series to help people calm their minds and find themselves. He wants to make his classes global but needs a writer to boast about his work. Jules, the PR manager, tells Jared that Rae is coming to write an article. So he should organically introduce himself and his classes to her. 

Rae arrives and looks up adventures on the internet. She wants to learn more about The Legend of the Vakkankurun. Jared tells Rae the history. It’s a ship that sank 100 years ago with looted treasure aboard. The monsoon season moves the wreck, so locals call it the wandering shipwreck, but no one can find it. Jared suggests his classes, but Rae shoots him down. She wants to know the nearest trails and nothing more. Rae goes on a solo hike and writes the article for Shelley. However, Shelley doesn’t desire an adventurer’s solo guide to the Maldives. She wants Rae to enjoy the beach and the spirit of the island. Rae will need Jared to show her how to connect to new readers. And he has something in mind. But will she find a way to him too?

This movie expresses the upside of solo travel without condemning Rae for being alone. She helps another traveler, Debra, eat alone and take dance classes. Debra made a vision board after her husband’s death. It’s been five years, but Deborah still has trouble doing things alone. So, Rae and Debra spend time alone together. Rae isn’t alone because she dislikes people. It’s easier to travel solo with her wild escapades and dangerous encounters. Others would slow her down. However, Jared lets her find joy in quiet and calm moments. Rae, like many people, believes that life on the go is the only way to have fun. Jared teaches her to expand her concept of fun. And it can help you too.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Smile, Rae. You’re packing your bags for paradise – Shelley

That’s quite the arm you got – Jared

My inner-self and my self-self are in complete agreement – Rae

I’m starting to feel a little guilting about eating fish out here – Debra

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