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Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Review

Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Proverbs 15:17 NIV – The greedy bring ruin to their households, but the one who hates bribes will live

Zuri, an interior designer, walks up to Viv’s home, astonished by the wealth.  Viv saw a nursery Zuri worked on and asked Zuri to consult her drawing room design.  Zuri tells Viv that she is dating an artist named Stephon.  Although he graduated from the top art school in the country, Stephon works at a construction site to make ends meet.  Viv warns Zuri that Stephon’s ‘for right now’ construction job will become permanent without ambition.  Viv offers Zuri the job with no budget or oversight.  

Zuri volunteers at the Baltimore Literacy Foundation.  As she teaches, her boss brings in their new chair for the board of trustees, Godfrey Anderson.  Godfrey tells them his vision for the future and praises their tireless efforts.  When Zuri uplifts her student, Tyron, Godfrey takes notice of the beautiful teacher.  Later, Zuri calls Stephon from the parking lot.  She doesn’t have enough time to come home and get dressed for their friends’ party.  But she has an outfit in the car and needs him to bring the shoes.  Zuri zips up her dress and hears a knock on the vehicle’s window.  It’s Godfrey.  He wanted to meet her face to face and invite her to the charity masquerade.  She explains that the party is only for the big wigs, but he promises to change that today.  He talks about his cousin getting work done at her home with an interior designer.  Zuri tells Godfrey about her job, and they compare notes.  They realize that his cousin and Zuri’s client are the same people: Miss Viv.  Zuri leaves but with a smile for Godfrey and his card.  

At their friends’ gathering, Zuri mentions that Stephon has the talent but not the ambition.  When they get home, Stephon erupts at Zuri.  Her comments embarrassed him.  He feels like she is fake and resolves to sleep on the couch.  Zuri meets with Godfrey to consult about his home.  He loves her ideas but wants her more and kisses her.  Zuri calls Stephon to end their relationship.  When Zuri goes home to pack, she finds an engagement ring.  Stephon tells her to keep it, but she tells him to sell it for the money.  Blistering with rage, Stephon tells Zuri that she doesn’t love Godfrey, only his money.  She storms out and builds a new life with her new man.

Later, Zuri is comfortable in her life, man, and business.  Godfrey surprises her with a trip, and she doesn’t hesitate.  Godfrey informs Zuri that he wants her to be on the board.  With a seat, Zuri can payout money faster to the foundation.  Godfrey gives Zuri the paperwork, and she signs it without a second thought.  Zuri never asked where Godfrey and Viv got their money, but she will find out.  Zuri’s greed got her in a hole too deep to get out unscathed.  That hole includes fraud, overseas accounts, ruthless attacks, and Fentanyl.

Based on Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Novel by Victoria Christopher Murray, the strongest of the Sin series starts and ends with a bang (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The plot shows the viewer the source of Zuri’s greed but rightfully doesn’t make you sympathize with her.  While many come from a difficult beginning, it doesn’t excuse sinful behavior.  Viv and Godfrey spot Zuri’s need for more and tell her it’s okay to aspire to have those things.  But don’t tell her how they got it.  In the end, the biggest gangster makes themselves known with a gun, fire, and one well-timed cigarette.  Give this one your full attention with your wine and tea next to you.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

The people in your life either give you weight or wings. Which one is he? – Godfrey

You can never have too much – Zuri

The money’s not important. Never was. Never will be – Stephon

Zuri, do you really want to know that – Viv

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Killer Rivalry – Review

Killer Rivalry – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Coach Megan calls the sand volleyball team inside to give them some devastating news.  Someone found Southwestern University star player Hilary Horn dead and buried in the volleyball sand.  Gable University’s Charly starts to cry.  She and Hilary were friends in the past, although they are rivals now.  Then, Megan informs them that she hired a new equipment manager Becky.  The two teams are at the top of their game, and some players hope to make the Olympic team.  Since the two teams played pranks on each other, the police interviewed them.  The tops players are Kiki, Annika, Charly, and Hilary.  With Hilary dead, the final three race to the top.  Charly and Kiki are roommates and teammates.  They try to keep the Olympic competition out of their personal life.  As Kiki hazes Becky, Charly befriends the new girl.

Southwestern’s Annika tries to push Jeff out of her life, but he refuses to take the hint.  Jeff sleeps with Becky.  However, he can’t get over Annika.  When he approaches Annika with a gift, she threatens to take out a restraining order.  And she makes good on her threat.  The police officer warns Annika that Jeff decided to get one too.  She tells the officer that she has zero plans to spend time with Jeff so he can start as many orders as he wants.  Kiki, Annika, and Charly try to focus on the game.  When someone else dies as Charly becomes the next target, they need to figure out who is behind it all and why.

Stick with this movie.  It gets better and throws you for a loop with one 30-second conversation.  And don’t give up because the killer gets what they deserve.  This film feels like the typical Lifetime mystery with a black hoodie in the shadows.  However, it manages to surprise you with an unexpected twist.  The lead doesn’t try to find the culprit because Charly’s only focus is the game.  She never knowingly puts herself into a dangerous situation or argues with a cop about justice. Keep your ears open and be ready to have your socks knocked off.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I can’t help it if I win before I even try – Charly

Not to kill, only to win – Annika

Clean it – KiKi

You’re caught in the crossfire, huh – Becky

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Small Group – Review

Small Group – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mary and Scott move with their daughter, Casey, from California to Georgia for Scott’s new job opportunity.  After his first movie flopped, Mr. Nelson, a producer, called Scott to direct a documentary.  Mr. Nelson wants Scott to join the Cornerstone Church with spyglasses to expose the hypocrisy within the religion, church, and its members.  At first, Scott is uncomfortable gathering information on his neighbors.  Then he gets some surprising news that Mary is pregnant.  But they worry because Mary gave birth to Casey at 31 weeks.  And Casey was in the NICU for a while.  Scott brings up terminating the pregnancy, but Mary won’t hear it.  With strained finances, Mary and Scott need the money with the baby on the way.  So Scott takes the job.  In the end, Scott will learn the truth about the church, Mr. Nelson, and himself with one exposé and a black eye.

This movie will keep you interested while giving you a dose of actual religion.  This church helps each other, goes on missions to improve others’ well-being, and prays with each other.  Every time Scott wants to criticize, his small group proves him wrong.  But they humble themselves before him by airing their insecurities and worries.  Scott learns that the least religious person on his block has a kind soul.  This movie only has one villain, and it’s Mr. Nelson.  And his monologue about hurting the church will make you ill.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

This place is a dump – Casey

You were trying to cheer me up, unsuccessfully – Mary

I don’t feel guilty about untying ever – Nelson

I don’t want to trick people to suit your agenda – Scott

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Due Season – Review

Due Season – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Before singing in front of her graduating class, Vicky’s father, Robert, gives her a patch for Prestige School of Music.  She thinks it’s bad luck because she doesn’t have an acceptance letter yet, but Robert has faith in Vicky.  When Vicky opens her mouth to sing ‘I’m Every Woman,’ Robert has a heart attack and dies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  After some time in community college, Vicky is ready to apply to Prestige.  But when she gets home, she sees her uncle, Blake, with a For Sale sign.  Blake tells them that Robert’s insurance didn’t payout.  They will lose the house without the money, and Vicky can’t go to college.  Vicky’s mother, Gwen, tells Vicky to apply.  Gwen vows to fight the insurance company.

Vicky walks down the Prestige’s halls and bumps into the famed singer, Bryan Moore.  She tells the admissions administrative assistant, Junior, and Junior tells her that Bryan is their new teacher.  Vicky can’t wait to attend and learn from him.  But she worries Gwen won’t solve the financial issues in time.  So Vicky inquires about scholarships.  Junior tells Vicky that the school has one scholarship left, and that’s for the winner of Summer Fest.  Vicky wants to sign up but can’t.  Summer Fest is only for fraternities.  So the winner must be male, in a frat with two members and a student at the school.  Vicky doesn’t think that’s fair.  But she comes up with a plan.  Vicky will say that she is transitioning to create a frat on campus with Junior and a friendless, talented loser.  Junior says yes because he hates the chancellor, Mr. Davis, and knows the loser for the job: Mitch.  Vicky and Junior need to keep this from Mr. Davis, her family, and her church if she wants to get the scholarship.

This movie is cute but a little campy.  But in times like these, the depiction of faking a transition can be dicey.  This film felt too long but had a realistic ending.  The family guides itself out of grief with faith, banding together, and a strong church community.  And hearing Gwen stand up to a greedy insurance company will make you beam with pride.  Save this movie for a rainy day.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You got jokes – Vicky

Hard work, determination – Mitch

Wrinkle? Dog, that’s an earthquake Uncle Ken

Oh, honey.  Grandma got this – Grandma Ro

True musicians do everything to support music – Bryan

I’m not going to be a part of this – Junior

I want it killed as fast as possible – Chancellor Davis

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Faith, Hope, and Love – Review

Faith, Hope, and Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Demetra pulls the priest, Father John, aside and asks him to pray for her dad, Jimmy.  Her mother died a few years ago, and she wants Jimmy to date her dance teacher, Faith.  She thinks Jimmy and Faith are perfect for each other.  Father John warns Demetra that it may not work but promises to pray for them.  Later, Faith throws a silent auction fundraiser for her dance studio.  It needs retrofitting, or the government will shut the school down.  One of the prizes is a dance lesson with her, and Jimmy bids but loses.  Faith has a dance-off with the top 2 bidders when the previous winner cancels, and Jimmy wins.  

Jimmy goes to work unprepared for a presentation and his boss, Brian, fires him.  Jimmy haggles with Brian for a second chance because Jimmy has been at the company for 22 years.  They recently lost a large account, a dating app, and Brian extends an ultimatum.  If Jimmy can create a campaign to regain their business, Brain will let Jimmy keep his job.  

During their first dance lesson, Faith inquires about the writing on Jimmy’s shirt (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  He challenges her to find the meaning, and she takes it.  They go to dinner to celebrate their first lesson.  She reveals her ex-husband cheated after discovering she couldn’t get pregnant.  And it ended their relationship.  She tried all the dating apps but never made a connection.  As they dance together, Jimmy and Faith will overcome the pain of the past to create a future built on Demetra’s prayer.

This movie follows the rom-com format, but it does have something special.  Faith has professional and personal struggles that rarely get coverage on this station.  While this movie has a religious undertone, it doesn’t alienate the viewer.  With the ‘accidentally on purpose’ inspiration of Joshua 1:9, Faith and Jimmy dominate Faith’s high school bully for a much-needed laugh.  And their final dance will leave love in your heart.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

That’s not the way it’s supposed to happen – Demetra

And you’re going to make me do a perp walk on top of that  – Jimmy

I won many-of contests with these butt-shaking moves – Faith

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North of the 10 – Review

North of the 10 – BET – 4 hours and 0 minutes

Cam is an aspiring model who worked with a photographer for weeks.  When her pictures were more artistic than flattering, she hands Cam his pictures and quits.  Shane is a dancer but has yet to get his big break.  He has another tryout soon and hopes to land the callback.  Levon is an actor.  While Levon’s best part was on a failed TV show, he just landed the lead of a lifetime.  Mike is a master chef with a passion for food but zero audiences outside his friend group.  He works at a bowling alley with little to no appreciation for his talent.  Brandon is a mechanic for an arcade, and, for years, Brandon worked on a game app.  However, he never finished with a host of excuses.  These five men live together and call their home Vision Central.  They dream of making it big and living north of the 10 Interstate in California.  If one of them makes it first, they will bring the others along.

Cam scrolls through social media and sees the Chicago Fashion Expo will be soon.  And a designer for the show is having a party.  They decide to use Levon’s fame to get inside the party.  They get in, and Cam spots Victor, a talent agent.  He approaches Victor with a shirtless polaroid with his phone number.  Victor embarrasses Cam for his unprofessionalism.  Cam walks away to restore his pride and crosses paths with Nefertari.  She is a socialite with a very wealthy family.  Nefertari came to the U.S. to have some fun with her friends but didn’t tell her parents.  Nefertari feels her father doesn’t think she is ready to take over the family business with her brother.  Cam lies and tells Nefertari that he is a successful model and does everything to keep her away from his friends and tiny apartment.  When his lies come crashing down at the high point of his career, Cam will have to go across the globe to get the love of his life back.

Because this movie is 4 hours long, it’s in your best interest to record it.  In case you get distracted, you can finish watching it later. While this movie follows the true story of these five men, they don’t have a falling out.  They do argue, but that’s not the cruxes of this film.  It’s their dreams and Cam’s relationship with Nefertari.  In all cases, they were the ones in their way.  Whether it was self-doubt, sabotage, or misunderstandings, they had to overcome themselves to achieve their dreams together.  And they did it for the whole world to see.  This movie shines a light on the industry and epilepsy along with these lessons.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Sorry to interrupt you, but fortune favors the bold right – Cam

First of all, I’m the only token in this apartment.  You can check the lease agreement – Mike

I wouldn’t be mad if you gave the manager, Paul, 1 star – Brandon 

Perhaps, I don’t like the way it stares at me – Nefertari

You got snacks – Levon

 You gotta take one for the team – Shane

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Love, Classified – Review

Love, Classified – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Taylor Bloom opens the doors to her flower shop and discusses how to get more foot traffic with her employee, Hannah.  Hannah shows Taylor a new app called Classify.  It allows people to promote their business, find connections, and date.  The app is a bulletin board for the community.  Taylor says she will think about it.

Emily Bloom is Penfield’s most famous author.  She writes adventure-romance books, and her latest is on the New York Times bestsellers list.  Emily is in town to do a reading for her new book.  She doesn’t like dating apps because they don’t allow accidental discovery and hinder real love.  By reducing people to checkboxes, they could miss out on someone important.  In the name of research, she creates an ad on Classify for a resident to show an old resident around town.  To Emily’s surprise, her son Zach walks into the bar.  He had no idea his mother was in town or that she was his match online.

For Zach, this match is another disappointment to his day.  Earlier, he tried to present a mural design to the local book store owner, Brian.  Zach hoped to hear back soon, but the cashier, Margot, didn’t appear to be excited about Zach’s effort.  He lives in his parents’ old home and invites Emily to stay there while she is in town.  But she says no.

Cardiologist Dr. Franchesca sits at a bar and laughs at the Classify’s romantic ads with her best friend, Dr. Max.  Calling her Frankie, Max can decern a lot about people from their posts, like if they are lonely, cheap, male, or female.  Frankie laughs at Max and replies to an ad.  It’s Taylor’s ad.  This one reply will have these people intertwined with family drama, panic attacks, and love.

This film requires your full attention to understand how everyone is connected.  While one couple falls in love with the app’s assistance, the others find each other organically.  It proves that both ways are possible.  Also, when Taylor and Frankie talk on the app, Frankie assumes Taylor’s a woman.  But Taylor thinks Frankie is a guy.  So, it opens a world of love for Taylor when her relationship with her mother, Emily, is so fractured.  Watching them fall in love is effortless.  This film deserves a part two to see how each new relationship grows.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Could I have my key then – Emilia Bloom

Gen Z digital native at your service – Hannah

Go. Make some questionable designs for the both of us – Taylor

You like being in control – Franchesca

I’d rather you fight with me than mom – Zach

Can you cut it with the PDA? People are gonna think we are a couple – Max

I think its a pretty solid proposal, and I’m in – Margot

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