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A Mother Knows Worst – Review

A Mother Knows Worst – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


After bonding over becoming first-time dads, Glen sees Harry in the hospital hall with tears in his eyes.  Harry and Olivia’s baby girl died a few hours after being born.  Glen is happy for his daughter’s birth, he feels for Harry.  Six months later, Harry is working for Glen at an accounting firm.  Glen and Brooke invite their friends and family to meet their new baby girl, Sienna.  Harry worries it may be too much for Olivia but she believes she will be ok.  At the party, Olivia sees her birthing nurse, Nancy, leaving.  Nancy thought she was invited but was asked to leave.  Nancy tells Olivia if she ever needs to talk about losing her baby, Nancy will be there for her.  When Olivia sees baby Sienna, something washes over her and she tells Harry she wants to leave now.  Olivia has made it her mission to be near Sienna.  Nannies, restraining orders, embezzlement, and sexual harassment claims won’t stop her.

This movie is like 5 Lifetime movies wrapped into one.  It will keep you guessing with secret text messages, missing money, and one baby in the balance.  Just when you believe you have it all figured out, another curveball is thrown at you.  And you have to stay until the end for a recap of all the clues you missed from the beginning.  Don’t worry, everyone gets what they want in the end.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

When I think about having children, all I can see is her – Olivia

Like you’ve read a parenting book – Brooke

You’re stalking her, aren’t you – Zoe

No, I would’ve put my golf clubs in the trunk – Glen

The baby will probably grow up with an English accent – Harry

We all have rough patches. You’re going to get your life back on track – Nancy

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Killer Dream Home – Review

Killer Dream Home – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Josh and Jules are home flippers with lots of success.  Jules has her eye on a sprawling property with an elevator, large gate, and garden.  Josh believes it’s out of their price range, she convinces him to take a look at the property because its the dream home she always drew.  Realtors Renee and Desi show the couple the property and they both fall in love.  Before they make an offer Renee discloses the previous owner died in the home.  However, they make a bid below asking value and wait.  They are stunned to hear they got the house.  They decide to move in for a few days to make some changes and updates to the home.  They have Edgar to help with gardening and other handyman duties around the home.  Josh is a licensed contractor with a company.  Bliss, Josh’s friend, is moving in to help.  As they walk into the house, they find a flyer for an interior decorator named Morgan in the mailbox.  This came in the nick of time because Josh and Jules wanted to hire someone to help them with the large home.  Jules loves Morgan’s work and Josh trusts Jules’s taste.  Things are working great but they don’t know the evil lurking under the surface.   Morgan only wants the house.  She will lie, steal, bribe, and kill to get it.  Her plan goes into full action when Jules and Josh decide to keep the home for themselves instead of flipping it.

If something seems too good to be true then it probably is.  Morgan’s portfolio is phenomenal until you learn its all lies.  She seems great on the surface, but she will blackmail anyone to get what she wants.  She will even use sexual harassment, domestic violence, and workman’s compensation to get her way.  Nothing is too far or too dirty for her.  If you want to know why she thinks the house belongs to her … well, you have to watch to find out.  This movie does follow the normal Lifetime tropes but the characters are getting smarter faster with each movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Maybe you can work your magic on her. Take one for the team – Jules

I love it when you threaten me like that – Josh

Do the new owners know who you are – Edgar

Get over yourself – Morgan

You can’t reason with the unreasonable – Bliss

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Diagnosis Delicious – Review

Diagnosis Delicious – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Nina, a cardiologist, cares deeply about her patients.  She plans to do more at the hospital if she is promoted to Chief Resident.  Her boss, Ed, believes she is the perfect candidate.  However, some on the board doesn’t feel like she has enough experience to hold the position.  With the vote being split, Ed tells Nina she needs to shmooze Beverly for the job.  Beverly will be the deciding vote on the board.  The best way to get in Beverly’s good graces is to back her plan for a healthy eating seminar in the hospital.  Beverly invited her favorite chef Dave to cook.  While she wants Dave to teach the seminar, he doesn’t want to do it.  Nina remembers bumping to Dave in the hospital and getting powder sugar from powdered donuts all over him.  He asks Nina to assist but he can see she knows little to nothing about cooking.  But she signs up for his cooking class to asks him to agree to do the seminar.  As she and her friend Olivia – the neurosurgeon – put on their aprons, Nina tries to talk to Dave.  He abruptly cuts her off.  He will only talk after class is over.  After class, it’s clear to Dave that Olivia did all the work.  Dave doesn’t want to hear Nina’s proposal because she doesn’t respect the process.  Self-assured, Nina bets she can cook anything. She did survive medical school, cooking should be easy.  If she can, he will teach the seminar.  Confident, Dave takes the bet.  Dave never thought he would be teaching.  Six months ago, he was a world-renowned chef with the best restaurant in town.  One viral video ruined it all.  His recent cookbook hasn’t gained steam.  He is just biding is time until something better comes along.  While they cook, Nina will learn that cooking is not only good for the body but good for the soul.

Based on a strong premise, this movie could have been an enjoyable TV series.  This movie sets itself apart because you get pulled into the lives of Nina’s patients.  The pull is so strong, you will need tissues.  Olivia is going through her struggles with love too.  She feels ignored by her work-focused boyfriend Luke and starts to look elsewhere in her cooking class.  With so much going on in one movie, the love story between Nina and Dave take a back seat allowing it to evolve naturally for viewers.  This is one to keep on the DVR.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I didn’t hit him. I threw it and his face got in the way – Dave

You’re better than that – Olivia

I know you’re good at your job but don’t pretend you know anything about mines – Nina

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In the Key of Love – Review

In the Key of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Maggie is walking with Sasha to meet their clients at the dock.  Sasha is the assistant wedding coordinator and Maggie is a wedding photographer.  They both work for Maggie’s grandmother, Evelyn.  As the boat docks at Piedmont Island, Maggie recognizes the surname of the wedding party.  She is shocked to see her ex-boyfriend Jake disembark the boat.  She congratulates him and asks about his bride.  Jake laughs and tells Maggie he is not getting married, his sister, Jennifer, is and he will be walking her down the aisle.  For a brief moment, Maggie is relieved but she continues with her wedding duties.  As Jack settles, he tells his future brother-in-law, Kyle, what happened between him and Maggie.  They were a singing duo named Colby and Case, making their way through Nashville and ready to hit the big time.  The music was going well but he stressed out so much.  Causing him to constantly made changes.  The constant changes made Maggie clam up on stage.  They lost their record deal and the relationship soon followed.  Maggie retreated to Piedmont Island and Jake became a producer in Nashville.  While helping Jennifer with the wedding, Jake is trying to put the finishing touches on Ashleigh Z’s album.  With the slow internet connection, he may not get it done in time.  Maggie can see history repeating itself.  Maggie will help him see that relaxing is key by dancing, singing, and the guitar.  They will find love and their path while making beautiful music together.

Following the Hallmark format, this movie does have some differences.  In this movie, the male is overstressed and the female is telling him to relax.  She helps him see how slowing down can help him see the beauty around him and be more creative.  The scenery and wedding decorations are exquisite.  Have a pen and paper ready to jot down some fun wedding ideas and games.  With all that, it’s the last few minutes of this movie that truly make you fall in love with it.  So, stick with the movie until the end.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It can’t be – Maggie

I didn’t hate it – Jake

Here’s a heads up. Maggies gonna be here – Jen

I had a client that required amenity and that’s what I provided – Evelyn

They write their own songs – Sasha

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