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Safe Room – Review

Safe Room – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lila’s home falls apart around her as she helps her son, Ian, with his application for Space X.  Lila left home repairs to her husband, but he died testing a self-driving car.  While Ian looks ok on the surface, Lila knows his autism masks his pain. Ian likes to film vehicles as they drive past his home, but he catches a grizzly scene across the street.  Two people murdered a woman and saw Ian’s camera.  The woman, Rocco, threatens Ian if he talks.  Ian starts to panic but doesn’t tell Lila what happened.  She calms Ian down and convinces him to take a nap.  Then, she gets a knock at the door.  It’s the repair person, Dominic.  She tells Dominic that her neighbor, Neil, fixed the door, but there are things to fix around the house.  She shows Dominic around the house but tells him Ian’s room is off-limits.  So when she finds Dominic in Ian’s room, Lila promptly shows Dominic the exit.  Then, Dominic attacks.  Lila and Ian run to Ian’s safe space, a fortified room with food, video surveillance equipment, and no cell service.  Dominic tells Lila about Ian’s recording but not the contents. He promises not to hurt them is he gets the camera and sees her delete the copies.  Lila agrees to come out if Ian can stay behind.  Dominic agrees, and Lila gives in to his demands.  Lila sees Rocco standing in the kitchen as they leave Ian’s room.  Rocco thinks Ian will talk and wants him dead.  Lila tries to explain that his autism will hinder his police statement and credibility, but Rocco wants proof.  Lila and Rocco fight when Lila refuses to give Ian up.  Lila gets away and runs back to the safe room.  Lila and Ian have to find a way out before Rocco and Dominic injure them or any other good Samaritans.  

With a compelling backing track, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat.  Every item, action, or speech is a clue.  And the bond between Lila and Ian is lovely.  It’s Lila’s momma-bear instincts that keep her in this fight.  The script pulls viewers into Lila and Ian’s life but doesn’t drag the family history out too long.  You get a connection without getting bored.  If you want to know more about autism or would like resources, check out respectablity.org.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

And don’t you ever change who you are to make someone else feel comfortable. Normal is boring – Lila

You don’t have to trust me, lady. You just have to do what I say – Dominic

Never send a man to do a woman’s job – Rocco

I’m sorry for getting us in trouble – Ian

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The Wrong Blind Date – Review

The Wrong Blind Date – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Laura sits with her therapist, Beth, and discusses changes in her life.  Laura left her full-time job and opened a design firm with her business partner, Angela.  Laura filed for divorce, but her estranged husband, Michael, and her daughter, Hannah, can’t accept it.  Beth and Angela think Laura should try dating again because Laura and Michael separated years ago.  After thinking it over, Laura creates an online profile, and Michael walks into her office uninvited.  He notes her online handle and leaves.  In less than 24 hours, Laura has 20 messages.  It gives her an ego boost, but she deletes her profile.  One man, Kevin, finds Laura’s other social media account and sends Laura a second message.  Laura decides to give him a chance after a great phone conversation.  During their blind date, Kevin proves to be everything Michael isn’t, and Laura falls hard.  But she has no idea of the elaborate scheme someone crafted and how it’s unraveling.

This movie is another chapter in ‘The Wrong’ series with the classic tagline.  Experienced Lifetimers will know the Frankenstein behind the monster.  But what happens when a maker loses control of his creation.  It will make viewers question having blind faith in another person, even if that person brings joy into your life.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, some of us actually respect our elders – Hannah

That’s funny because I thought I was playing not to be gotten again – Laura

You worry too much – Kevin

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North to Home – Review

North to Home – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

It’s been five years since Beth, Posy, and Hannah came home, but Beth and Hannah made the trip with their families for their mother’s 60th birthday.  Beth is the mother of two girls, Molly and Ruby.  Beth got a call from her old employer, Corrina, about a newly acquired ad campaign.  Beth told her husband, Jason, she would be a stay-at-home mom once they had kids.  But Corrina’s call ignited her interest, and now Beth wants to go back to work.  She has to work up the nerve to tell Jason.  Hannah and her husband, Adam, always said they wouldn’t have kids.  And each time Hannah lets her nieces down, it cements her feelings.  Hannah sees a doctor after a few dizzy spells.  Hannah gets the shocking news that she’s pregnant.  Posy works in the family café, and Suzanne can’t wait to hand over the reins.  Posy feels fear every time Suzanne talks about it.  Posy dreams of climbing the highest mountains like her parents.  Suzanne’s renter, Luke, shares Posy’s dream because he is an adventure travel writer and smitten with Posy. 

Suzanne wants to smile on her 60th birthday, but the past keeps plaguing her.  Years ago, Suzanne and her husband, Stewart, went hiking, and there was an accident.  Suzanne and Stewart survived, but their friends died, leaving their children orphans.  Suzanne and Stewart adopted Beth, Posy, and Hannah soon after.  The girls love their adoptive parents, but losing their biological parents at a young age affects them to this day.  Now they will stop being polite and start getting real.  The tea will hit the fan.  

Based on The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan, this heartfelt film opens the door to so many emotions people struggle with while juggling work, family, and dreams (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). When the movie starts, you see each woman bury their feelings to get along.  However, they put that aside and get honest.  They are helpful in their honesty, not hurtful.  They acknowledge that losing their parents left an indelible imprint on their lives.  And covering it up with fake smiles isn’t healing.  Just as you recover from these raw emotions, you get one more twist.  Hold on tight.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You must have a strong scent – Posy

Besides, I’m not putting much stock in your promises these days – Beth

Nope 60 is still 60 – Suzanne

Watch them do what – Hannah

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Trapped By My Sugar Daddy – Review

Trapped By My Sugar Daddy – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Carly and her mother, Sarah, learned that Sarah’s competition, Amanda, lied about receiving a contract from Kyle.  Sarah calls Kyle and makes a consultation appointment for an interior design job.  Kyle listens to Sarah, but 18-year-old Carly attracts his interest.  Kyle gives Sarah the job but with the motive to see Carly more.  During their first design meeting, Kyle asks Carly out on a date.  Carly says no but a fight with her boyfriend and encouraging words from her best friend, Mel, change Carly’s mind.  Kyle takes her to an expensive restaurant and buys her an outfit.  It doesn’t take much for Carly to get caught in Kyle’s web.  While Carly believes she’s claiming her independence, Sarah sees the truth.  Kyle is a manipulator with plans to control her daughter.  But a gunshot will bring Kyle’s sick and twisted past and evil game to light.  

Let’s not be so quick to jump down Carly’s throat.  At 18, it’s easy to believe you know everything.  If you read the story Azriel Clary or Joycelyn Savage, this movie is a lesson in grooming.  The right manipulator can use a person’s need to be independent to control them and turn them against their family.  When Sarah comes around, you see Carly’s struggle.  She loves Sarah, but Kyle’s words ring in her ear.  So, Carly fights her inner voice to claim her womanhood.  While the movie doesn’t get to the heart of the issue, it does give Carly a reason to find them.  At first, Carly’s flippant ways will annoy you.  But if you watch as a naive teen, it gets easier.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I think I do want to – Carly

No, it’s a kiss-good-morning-in-the-sheets dress – Mel

Then, you don’t know her either – Kyle

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Love’s Second Chance – Review

Love’s Second Chance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rose travels to her hometown with work in tow.  She and her friend, Anna, want to start a nonprofit that offers dresses to underprivileged girls for dances.  But Anna’s investor, Lindsay, desires to expand Rose’s boutique.  Lindsay offered to read Rose’s nonprofit proposal if Rose reads Lindsay’s expansion one.  Although, Rose has another responsibility.  Rose’s mother is too preoccupied with the bakery to sell her grandmother’s store.  It’s been years since Grandma Rose passed away, but the family couldn’t bear selling the store.  Now, Rose’s mom thinks this is the best time and puts Rose in charge.  Rose walks into the store to find racks of old clothes.  As Rose walks to the back, Cole sees the front door is open.  When he lays eyes on Rose, he can’t speak.  She feels the same.  She remembers her crush as a loveable prankster, and Cole remembers Rose as pushy and uptight.  They make quick introductions and walk away.  Later, Rose goes to her parents’ home and sees an old camper.  She deduces it will be perfect for her nonprofit.  Rose can come to the needy.

Rose tells her brother, Rich, and her dad, but the camper needs a lot of work.  Rose asks Rich for advice, and Rich tells her that Cole is the best man for the job.  Cole matured over the years and now helps with the firefighter charities.  She calls Cole, and they begin to work on the camper.  Then Rose learns he needs help with his proposal, but he doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar shop for it.  Rose will hand off her grandmother’s shop to him if Cole signs the documents.  This way the store can stay in the family.  Will Cole’s old way end their budding romance as she sees the good in him?

While this movie tries to capture your attention, it’s a slow burn to a predictable ending.  The only moment of concern is when Rose chooses between an interview and her grandmother’s shop.  And that happens much later in the film. Otherwise, this movie becomes background noise.  

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Who are you trying to convince, me or you – Anna

No need to fight over us – Rose

That’s a whole lotta words and a lotta work – Cole

What just happened? You didn’t say anything. Did you both just short circuit – Rich

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The Wedding Veil – Review

The Wedding Veil – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Avery, Emma, and Tracy meet once a year to go antiquing in a new location.  While shopping, they walk into Hilda’s Hidden Treasures and spot a wedding veil.  Hilda tells the women that it is enchanted.  Every owner found true love, including Hilda and Hilda’s mother.  They believe it’s for Avery when they see an embroidered A on the veil.  At first, Emma and Tracy want to buy it for the lovelorn, romantic Avery.  But Avery tells them they should buy it together and pass it on when they find love.  They purchase the veil, and Avery takes it first.  Later, Avery attempts to catch a cab, but a man, Peter, jumps in front of her.  He decides to be chivalrous and gives Avery the cab.  When Avery arrives at the museum, Peter gets out of another cab.  They walk, talk, and see they have a lot in common, including living in Boston.  They go back to the hotel to retrieve their luggage, and Peter sees Avery with a veil talking about a dress and a wedding.  Peter can’t believe Avery never told him of her engagement.  He blows her off and heads to Boston alone. 

Avery goes to her job and learns her friend, Lucy, will wed in a month.  Lucy begs Avery for help, and Avery obliges.  Then, Avery’s boss, Sonya, puts Avery in charge of the gala and introduces Avery to the gala’s backer, Peter.  Sonya wants Avery and Peter to collaborate and create the best gala possible.  They spend time together, but Avery thinks Peter runs hot and cold.  She doesn’t understand that his demeanor changes when she mentions Lucy’s wedding.  He assumes Avery is talking about her wedding.  Will the veil work its magic, or is it all a fairy tale.  A painting will unveil the truth. 

Based on There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde, this film breaks down to one adult not talking to the other (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With his suspicions, Peter never asks Avery about her fiancé or honeymoon.  He gets mad and stomps off.  One question would narrow this movie down to 45 minutes.  This first part of a three-part series guides you to the veil’s magic.  When the next woman gets it, you will learn its Italian origin.  While the ending of Peter and Avery is foreseeable, the smaller stories are not.  And that keeps you watching and anticipating the next episode.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Well, then you get there first – Tracy

So, let’s buy it for each other – Avery

So, is this fate or coincidence?  – Peter

No, look.  This is just my face – Emmy

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