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Vanished: Searching for My Sister – Review

Vanished: Searching for My Sister – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jada happily agrees to watch her niece, Olivia, while her identical twin sister, Kayla, finalizes her lease.  Considering Kayla’s past, this move is a big step in the right direction.  Since Kayla separated from her husband, Warren, her old habits returned.  A new place will be the fresh start Kayla needs.  However, Jada can see Kayla is holding something back.  Kayla admits that she owes the landlord $2000 for the deposit and first and last month’s rent.   Jada can’t believe Kayla is in trouble again.  Like Kayla, Jada is a single mom too.  Jada and her estranged husband, Terrell, co-parent their daughter, Meagan, during their divorce, so money in Jada’s home is scarce.  After a heated exchange about responsibility, Jada writes Kayla a $2000 check.  Kayla leaves and promises to return with the keys to her new apartment.  When Kayla doesn’t show, Jada starts to worry that Kayla gave into her demons.  After several missed deadlines at work, Jada decides to hand Olivia over to Warren.  Warren tells Jada he is going out of town on business, and he hasn’t heard from Kayla in days, too.  Jada agrees to watch Olivia while Warren is out of town, but something doesn’t feel right.  After a few more days, Jada goes to the police to report Kayla missing.  Two detectives take the case and promise to keep Jada informed.  But their investigation doesn’t yield results fast enough for Jada.  So Jada goes to Kayla’s apartment.  While looking for anything to help, Jada puts on Kayla’s wig and make-up and gets an idea.  Jada will pretend to be Kayla to find out what happened to her sister.  Even if that means she loses it all.

Loosely based on the story of Jody and Jenny LeCornu, this movie provides consistent entertainment with no lag and much intrigue.  Once the movie starts, the suspense keeps ramping up.  You will be fully committed to watching this film after the first 20 minutes.  Jada has to weave through exes, criminals, and party girls for the truth. But this movie is authentic because everyone doesn’t let Jada leave her responsibilities to investigate the crime.  Terrell, the detectives, and her boss hold Jada responsible when she endangers herself and misses work.  In other films, the main character does anything without real-world consequences.  This switch grounds the movie into reality.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I know things are bumpy right now, but things are going to get better – Kayla

This is the last time – Jada

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Killer Ambition – Review

Killer Ambition – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sylvia is a renowned jewelry designer who secretly dates a co-worker, Jesse.  One day, Sylvia gets an invite to join the Female Leadership Society.  Although Jesse tells Sylvia not to join, she thinks it can help her make connections, especially after the nerve-racking article about her came out.  It discussed the estranged relationship with her father, Earl.  And that she was willing to forgive him after his drunken ways tore them apart.  Sylvia thought that was off the record, but it’s there in black and white.  Against Jesse’s wishes, Sylvia accepts the invite.  

Before the Society mixer, a man grabs Sylvia off the street and throws her into a car.  They pull up to a house and the man, Russo, lets Sylvia out.  Make-up guru Kat introduces herself, Russo, and their leader, Elizabeth.  Elizabeth apologizes for their tactics but does it to protect the Society.  Rattled, Sylvia comes inside for a drink. During the party, Sylvia meets Becca and Vanessa.  A fashion designer and mobile app developer, respectively.  The women talk and notice Kat’s ring.  Immediately Sylvia recognizes the design as one of her rejects.  Sylvia stays mum but walks away to talk on the phone and call Jesse.  Vanessa walks up to Sylvia while Sylvia is on the phone and warns Sylvia that phones are not permitted.  Sylvia quickly hangs up.  

Sylvia goes home with a new fresh set of contacts and her nerves gathered, but her front door is open.  She goes inside to investigate.  A masked man pushes her to the ground and runs out, inducing Sylvia’s panic attack.  Years ago, someone attacked Sylvia’s mother on a boat.  Her mother died.  Sylvia calls the police and gives them the details.  Later, Sylvia tells her best friend, Claire, about the attack.  Sylvia hopes this is the end, but she is wrong.  

This movie mixes NXIVM with corporate espionage and embattled family ties to create a mystery.  While it starts strong, it does drag a bit in the middle.  But don’t write it off just yet.  The lag allows the script to unmask the attacker, like peeling back an onion.  As Sylvia digs deeper into her life and the others around her, she sees their secrets and hers.  She learns to trust herself personally and professionally.  And that’s the takeaway of this film, not the whodunit.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Your name isn’t worth trashing – Sylvia

I can’t wait – Jesse

Be careful that your troubles don’t become his troubles – Becca

Oh do tell.  Where will they be kidnapping you next – Claire

I told you, I’m a fan – Vanessa

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My Best Friend’s Secret Life – Review

My Best Friend’s Secret Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie helped her mother, Kate, during Kate’s depression after Maggie’s father died.  Now, Kate is running a successful bakery with her friend, Amy.  Nervous, Maggie enters her new school and meets Kurt.  He gives Maggie a few hot tips and leaves her heart fluttering.  Then Maggie runs into Laurel.  Laurel politely teases Maggie about liking Kurt, and they have lunch together.  Laurel wants Maggie to take advantage of the ‘new girl’ popularity and attend Kurt’s party.  At first, Maggie says no, but Kate urges Maggie to go.  The next day, Laurel talks Maggie into skipping school and shopping for the party.  Maggie begrudgingly goes to the mall but has a great time.  When Laurel and Maggie get back from shopping, Bridget pulls Maggie aside.  Bridget tells Maggie that Laurel is dangerous.  Laurel’s last friend committed suicide, but Bridget thinks it was murder.  Bridget tells Maggie that Maggie is going down the same slippery slope, and she needs to stay away from Laurel.  When Maggie talks to Laurel, Laurel explains it all away and persuades Maggie to go to Kurt’s party.  Then, she gets home.  The school called Kate about Maggie missing class, and now Kate is pissed.  Maggie throws caution to the wind and goes to the party.  However, plans change on their way to the party.  Instead, Laurel decides to go to a club because her friend, Dan, will sneak them inside.  Maggie has a great time making connections, dancing, and meeting new people.  But she doesn’t know that Dan has plans for her.  And he is using Laurel to reel Maggie into a trap.  

Before you get upset with Maggie, remember teens are aloof to the dangers around them.  One ‘friend’ can direct you down the wrong path if you trust them. It’s the tale of Zola.  One person convinces you to have fun with them and changes plans along the way.  You have no recourse or escape.  This movie shouldn’t be a cause of frustration but a warning for your teen.  Be careful of the company you keep.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Maggie, you can’t come to the party looking like the robotic’s team captain – Laurel

I think this may be my fault – Maggie

You know what to do – Dan

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Fishing for Love – Review

Fishing for Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Before the final toast, a man almost hits Kendall with a wooden plank.  The man, Zack, apologizes, and she takes a quick liking to the kind stranger.  Kendall can’t enjoy herself at the party because she is preparing for her next client, Edward.  Edward wants Kendall to create an interior design proposal for his fourth restaurant.  And he wants it by the end of the week.  Kendall knows the schedule will be tight because she plans to visit her hometown, Mystic Bay, for the Big Catch Festival.

After arriving in Mystic Bay, Kendall learns her father, Lee, is not in the competition.  He wants to sell his boat, Sweet Serenity, and retire.  Kendall never thought Lee would get rid of it, but she accepts his decision.  Billy, Kendall’s brother, worries that Lee hasn’t found the right buyer.  So far, everyone wants the boat for parts.  Kendall tells Billy not to worry because she will find the right buyer.  Later, Kendall bumps into a little girl named Arial, who introduces her dad, Zack.  Zack and Kendall laugh over their previous run-in, and he mentions putting in a bid for Sweet Serenity.  But Lee turned Zack down.  Kendall thinks Zack will be the perfect buyer.  However, Lee won’t warm up to Zack.  Kendall believes she knows the problem.  Mystic Bay is all about community, and Zack separates himself.  She tells Zack to help more around town, and the people will help him.  Once Zack integrates himself, Lee will come around and sell Zack the boat.  Will Kendall believe her ears or heart after hearing Zack whispering about boat parts?

Be warned: If assimilating into small-town life isn’t for you, this isn’t the film to watch.  Some people will applaud Zack for fitting in, but others will think he is trying too hard.  Whether Zack is bending over backward or making connections, he does everything he can to get the boat.  Don’t misinterpret Zack’s intentions.  He wants to provide a better life for Arial.  A life that he didn’t have as a child.  And that fact is the guiding light of this story.  Everything else is foreseeable.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I only eat what I catch – Zack

I’ll try to crack him – Kendall

It’s my dad’s, but I’m the captain – Arial

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The Perfect Pairing – Review

The Perfect Pairing – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cristina’s boss calls her into his office because he has a new assignment for her.  He wants her to go to Winter Wine Review and evaluate the recently developed wineries in the area.  Cristina agrees to do the review, but she refuses to stay at Hollingbrook Vineyard after giving the Merlot a poor rating.  Cristina’s boss assures her that she will be staying at another bed and breakfast, so Cristina comes up with a plan.  Since the trip is romantic, Cristina invites her boyfriend, Kevin.  When Kevin is less than enthused, Cristina worries he won’t come.  Kevin promises to join her at some point to spend time together.

When Cristina’s train pulls to her stop, she’s talking on the phone with Kevin.  Kevin tells her that he can’t join her.  Cristina is so enthralled in the argument that it causes an unfortunate chain of events.  Cristina loses her luggage and purse and catches the wrong car to the incorrect B&B.  Cristina wants more information, and her driver instructs her to talk to the B&B’s owner, Mike.  He is happy anyone came to his winery, especially after a reviewer named CJ gave Mike’s wine an unflattering review.  Cristina believes Mike is a bit unorthodox, but she goes with the flow.  Until she discovers he is Mike Hollingsbrook.  Mike thinks CJ is a man.  Instead, it’s Cristina’s pen name.  Realizing she is in the wrong place without a purse or luggage, Cristina introduces herself as Joy and makes a hasty retreat.  Cristina slips on ice, falls, hits her head, and breaks her phone.  When Cristina opens her eyes, she has retrograde amnesia.  Mike brings the woman he calls Joy back to the B&B and helps her settle.  He hopes he can help Joy regain her memory.  Joy sees the love and passion Mike puts in his wine, and she can’t understand why someone gave it a bad review because of one tainted batch.  Cristina and Mike start to fall in love.  When an old friend brings Joy’s memories of her life as Cristina back, will she tell Mike at the risk of losing him?

This movie captures your attention after Cristina forgets her purse.  Her persistence and confusion bring her to Michael’s doorstep, and you will laugh through each perplexing moment.  Also, you will sit on the edge of your seat, wondering what will make Cristina regain her memory and when.  It will surprise the audience that they don’t have to wait until the end for this reveal.  The writers carefully weave this unveiling within the story for maximum impact and emotion.  And just when everything falls, the boyfriend comes to town.  If that’s not wild enough, Cristina’s comments will have you reaching for the tea.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

We can’t control everything in our lives, Crissy – Phillis

So much honesty from someone who won’t review who she is – Eleanor

Dad, stop being weird – Britney

I thought ‘weird’ is what I’m good at – Michael

Well, they don’t sound like happy people. Always Looking for the negative in something can be exhausting – Cristina

You have to tell them the truth – Diane

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