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Caught in His Web – Review

Caught in His Web – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Last year, someone posted Emma’s private photos on her Facebook account, and the entire school slut shamed her.  They don’t know that a harasser hacked her account after obtaining her photos.  Now, he continues to harass her for more.  When Emma says no, he threatens to release other girls’ images on Emma’s Facebook account to ruin their lives and hers.  Emma sends new photos and hurts herself.  

A few months ago, Olivia sent photos of herself to a guy who sent a picture first.  Now, he threatens to send them to her pastor parents if she doesn’t send more.  Olivia reported the person to Detective Holland, but it’s getting nowhere.  She takes pills to cope and never tells her parents.  She feels on edge every day to keep this mistake a secret.

Gabby sent photos to a guy she was in an online relationship with, and he threatened to release them.  She told her family it was simple harrassment, and they reported it to the police.  However, the demands keep coming.  She has panic attacks and night terrors.  And since she doesn’t sleep at night, she falls asleep in class.  If she can’t get her life on track, she could lose her chance at a prestigious photo program.  

Detective Holland wants her police force to take sextortion seriously.  But they laugh in her face.  She makes passionate please for more help and time on her cases, but no one cares.  She walks into her office and catches the eye of a young girl.  Olivia told the girl to go to Detective Holland for help.  Detective Holland listens to the girl.  The girl says her name is Emma, and a man, Blake, harasses her.  Detective Holland knows the name from two other cases.  Now, Detective Holland has renewed reverence for the case and vows to solve it.  And her enthusiasm makes Gabby, Olivia, and Emma join forces to put this psychopath behind bars.  

Based on an article in The Wired, this movie will send a chill up your spine.  From cyberbullying to sextortion to phishing, it covers everything.  You can feel the pain and panic in these girls each time the phone chimes.  Also, this film displays the frustration with solving these crimes.  Grown women end their lives over this; it’s hard to imagine young people dealing with it and suffering in silence.  The perpetrator can be your friend, family, co-worker, current or former partner, or a stranger.  It can start with lies, hacked cameras, stolen photos, or received photos.  But how it begins or who doesn’t matter; we shouldn’t shame the victims into silence.  For these attacks to stop, law enforcement needs to take them seriously.  You should go to CyberTipLine.org to report these crimes.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You know who says shit like that. People who are part of the problem – Detective Holland

Oh God, this can’t be happening again – Olivia

Mom, this isn’t your fault.  I trusted someone I shouldn’t have – Emma

Holland is on her own, but she doesn’t have to go to school all the time – Gabby

Oh, let’s get to work – Sam

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The Story of Love – Review

The Story of Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Ruby reads her favorite author’s latest book for her book club.  The book club includes her mom, Diane, and Diane’s two friends.  Ruby can see Diane is bursting with anticipation, so she asks Diane what’s happening.  Diane admits that she submitted Ruby’s book, Valhalla Calling, to a writer’s retreat competition in Lake Tahoe, hosted by her favorite author, Marcus Harlow.  The writers can pick Marcus’s brain and let nature inspire them.  Ruby thinks it’s a scam.  But Diane says Marcus only selects three writers out of all the submissions.  And the winner gets a publishing deal.  Ruby looks at her stack of rejections and says yes to the opportunity.

Dean puts Woody in charge of the retreat activities at the Westward Inn.  Woody doesn’t want to touch the retreat with a 5-foot pole.  He doesn’t want to cater to a hipster crowd that focuses on their phones instead of nature.  Dean reminds Woody that they should accept all paying customers, not just the wilderness lovers.  Then, Marcus and his assistant, Tim, arrive.  Woody makes quick introductions and brings them to their rooms.  Then, Ruby and Diane show up.  Diane innocently flirts with the lumberjack-esqe Woody, but Ruby is too moonstruck with Marcus.  Woody gives Ruby the room key and directs Ruby and Diane to their rooms.  Ruby makes an error and walks into Marcus’s room, and she accidentally overhears a conversation about movie rights.  Ruby concludes that a studio will adapt her favorite book into a movie.  She apologizes to an understanding Marcus and walks to her room.

Later, Ruby meets Rachel and Fitz, the other two writers in the competition.  Unlike her, they both published a novel.  Ruby thinks the activities will take away from their writing and doesn’t want to be involved.  But Ruby has to if she wants the grand prize.  The next day, Woody comes out and gets Rachel, Fitz, Ruby, and Marcus prepared for their next activity.  During prep, Marcus receives a phone call and abruptly leaves for LA.  Woody thinks this rude, but Ruby explains it away.  With each venture, Ruby sees the beauty in the surroundings and Woody.  But it’s all tested when Marcus comes back.  The movie executives decided to go in another direction because his book wasn’t epic enough.  They needed a more expansive story.  So Marcus pitched Ruby’s book.  Now he wants Ruby to focus on a movie and forget the book deal.  However, Woody found Marcus’s secret.  Will Ruby believe Woody?

The movie starts with a loving push from Diane and Dean to get Ruby and Woody moving towards the proper steps in their lives.  For a while, this feels like the typical romance movie.  Then Ruby gives a speech about real love stories in books.  This epilogue feels like the writer is fighting for their film.  And it’s at this moment that Ruby pulls it all together, literally.  Be prepared to laugh at this conclusion harder than you have at any movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

So what? We’re just gonna start pandering to the pumpkin spice latte crowd now – Woody

You took my story, and you sent it to this pyramid scheme behind my back – Ruby

I like to make an entrance – Diane

May the best book proposal win – Fitz

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our curmudgeon – Rachel

Find the plot. Be one with the page – Tim

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The Wedding Veil Unveiled – Review

The Wedding Veil Unveiled – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tracy and Avery meet up with Emma before she heads to Italy to teach American art history for two months.  She plans to find the origin of the mythical veil in between classes.  Avery hopes it will work its magic for Emma as it did for her.  However, Tracy is not so sure.  Emma’s boyfriend, of four years, left her for someone else shortly after they started a long-distance relationship.  When Emma arrives, she checks in and meets Francesca, the concierge.  Francesca congratulates Emma on her wedding, but Emma tells Francesca the veil is research.  She grabs it and heads for the ferries.  Emma tries to buy a ticket, but the machine won’t work.

As the line grows, Paolo steps in to help.  He fixes Emma’s error, and they arrive at the small village.  Paolo attempts to spark a conversation, but Emma keeps her distant.  He concludes she must be an American.  Paolo tries to walk away but notices Emma may fall into the canal.  So he saves her again.  Paolo gives Emma space and makes a hasty retreat.  Emma tries to go to the lace museum, but it’s closed during business hours.  So, she goes to a lace shop instead.  Emma shows the shop owners the veil, and they recognize it immediately.  When Emma tries to get a word in, the women are too focused on it.  Then, Paolo steps into the shop.  He explains that his family owns the lace shop, and the veil was for his great, great grandfather’s sister, Arianna.  For years, the family believed it burned in a fire and now want to know how Emma got it.  Emma explains the backstory and wants to do more research.  After Paolo and Emma talk, Paolo tells Emma his family wants the veil back, and money is not an issue.  Emma explains she needs to discuss things with Avery and Tracy before deciding.

Emma gets Tracy and Avery’s blessing to give up the veil.  She tells them what she learned, and she found a book about the person who painted Arianna.  However, the book is in Italian.  Tracy and Avery perk up.  They remind her that Paolo knows Italian and has a vested interest in the veil.  Emma makes a deal with Paolo.  If he helps her discover how it got to the United States, she will help him with his proposal.   He wants to open a store in New York to sell the family’s laces.  But his family doesn’t see the value and puts off his ideas.  Emma thinks a PowerPoint without food will help the family see his point of view.  Will this deal be friendly, or does the veil have the final say?

Based on the novel Here Comes the Bride by Lori Wilde and The Wedding Veil sequel, this movie is a mystery with a love story on the side (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As you hear about Arianna’s past, your heart will break for her.  She sacrificed everything for her family and kept a secret until her dying day to protect them.  The mystery of the veil and its travels will have your eyes glued to the T.V.  The plot does try to add mystic because Tracy may not get her chance with it.  But the constant part 3 promos take the imagination out of that storyline.  But it’s interesting to see how the veil gets passed to Tracy after Emma’s done.  Enjoy part two of this magical fairy tale.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Remember we are always a video chat away, day or night – Tracy

I really believe everything happens for a reason – Avery

I’m on the fence – Emma

Anywhere can be a lot of places – Paolo

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  1. Can you provide the date and time of the showing of the TV movies. You give 5 out of 5 stars on “ Caught in His Web” but I don’t know when to watch it.


    • Soon it will be on the Lifetime App. As of 2/23/2022, it will be on March 6 at 4pm EST. I normally don’t give dates and times for repeats because they can always change and time zones can make things difficult. If you have a searchable guide with your cable provider, you can search for the movie and set it to record so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. I hope this was helpful


      • Thank you so much for the quick response. I do search and set to record movies I like but I thought it would be nice if you provided the show times as it is quite inconvenient to search using the remote.

        Also, sometimes my search comes up empty. I may be wrong but I think my provider (DirectTV) only displays movies that will be shown very soon.


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