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Labor, Lies, and Murder – Review

Labor, Lies, and Murder – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey stepped back from her store to focus on her pregnancy.  After months of debating, she decided to have her baby at home.  She wants to use the doula her sister, Nicole, used.  But that doctor is unavailable.  With her baby due in less than two months, Hailey has to come up with a plan fast.  In yoga class, Hailey sees a doula flyer and takes a tab.  The doula, Bea, comes over to Hailey’s home for an interview.  Bea tells Hailey they will need to work fast to get her ready.  So Hailey must follow all of her instructions.  Hailey asks for references, but Bea doesn’t want to distribute her patients’ personal information without consent.  In dire need, Hailey hires Bea.  Their first visit doesn’t go well because Bea’s pain threshold test goes too far.  Now, Hailey insists on having references, and Bea promises to deliver them.

In yoga class, Jade approaches Hailey.  Jade is a vet and a month shy of having her baby.  Unlike Hailey, Jade is alone.  The father stepped out when he learned of the pregnancy.  Hailey invites Jade over to her home.  During Jade’s visit, Bea comes over for another appointment.  When Jade sees Bea, Jade confesses a startling truth to Hailey.  Hailey is Bea’s first patient.  Bea has helped with lots of births but not as the primary doula.  Hailey needs a doula to give birth at home, so she keeps Bea.  And to add to Hailey’s stress, a fire started in her store.  Nicole blames Hailey’s friend, Lisa, for the fire.  Nicole thinks Lisa is flaky and should not be in charge of the store.  But the fire isn’t the last stressor.  Hailey’s jewelry is missing.  Hailey doesn’t know why everything is falling apart around her.  But someone is the cause, and that person wants one thing: Hailey’s baby.

This movie has some stunning twist and turns throughout that keeps you intrigued.  Just as you think you have a handle on the plot, something else throws you for a loop.  While it may feel outlandish, there are true-life stories of mothers targeted to obtain their unborn children.  Some women leave to tell the tale while others unfortunately die.  And each character plays a vital role in the wrongdoer’s plot, so pay close attention.  DVR this movie because missing a moment is critical to the overall story.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

As long as coffee exists, how bad can life really be – Joe

Yeah, I did that – Hailey

Us moms should stick together – Jade

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Killer Stepmom – Review

Killer Stepmom – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Brianna’s counselor caught her trying to blackmail a teacher after he asked Brianna about her failing grades.  Brianna got punished, and her parents, Daniel and Annie, fault each other.  Daniel thinks she is acting out because they don’t have a united front.  However, Annie believes her behavior is due to his new relationship with Susanna.  After a heated exchange, Brianna goes home with Annie.

On her dad’s weekend, Brianna goes out with Susanna to connect and have girl time.  A man crosses their path and calls Susanna Kate.  She tries to ignore him, but then she shoos him away.  Susanna tells Brianna the man was flirting.  But Brianna feels something is off.  When Brianna sees Susanna sneak out of the house, she calls her boyfriend, Jason, and they follow Susanna.  They see Susanna talking to the guy that called her Kate.  Susanna gives him money and kills him.  Susanna hears something and follows the noise but Brianna and Jason run before Susanna spots them.  When Susanna gets home, she checks on Brianna, feigning sleep.  Then Susanna notices mud on Brianna’s shoes.  She knows Brianna will be a problem, and she must stay a step ahead.  And Brianna, the girl who cried wolf, must get her parents to believe her stepmom is a killer.

It’s astonishing to see a con artist at work.  And Susanna weaves her deception like a tapestry.  She holds no regard for anyone’s safety or life.  She has one mission in mind and won’t let anyone stop her.  Daniel’s oblivious nature will frustrate you more than anything else in this movie.  As you watch, the plot gives little hints about why Susanna wants to terrorize Brianna and her family.  However, it will take a jailhouse visit for everything to make sense.  And the truth is worth a bottle of wine and a cup of tea.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

If you want money, this is where my husband keeps it – Susanna

I’m not making this up – Brianna

And since when do we believe everything she says – Daniel

The next person you hear from will be my lawyer – Annie

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Deadly Dance Competition – Review

Deadly Dance Competition – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Regan wants to win a social media dance competition.  Each contestant has to enter ten dance videos on their account, and the one with the most likes win money for a charity of their choice and becomes a brand ambassador.  In every post, Regan works with her best friend, Lina.  Currently, her stiffest competition is her classmate, Samantha.  Samantha wants to win so she can attend Willard College for dance.  Each day, Samantha walks up to Regan and gives thinly veiled threats so Regan will drop out.  In the library, Regan and Lina discuss dance moves.  Then, Samantha’s friend, Mona, overhears them.  Mona tells Samantha that Regan is stealing her choreography.  So, Mona and Samantha attack Regan and break her phone.  Regan worries that she can’t enter her final video into the contest.  Without it, the judges will disqualify her.  Regan’s mom, Beth, gives Regan her phone to finish.

After school, Regan deals with more of Samantha’s harassment and walks to the parking lot.  Someone comes out of the shadows, attacks Regan, and steals her purse.  All Regan remembers about that attacker is the bracelet on the person’s wrist.  At lunch, she sees Samantha’s boyfriend, wearing the same bracelet, and accuses him of attacking her.  Regan promises to expose Samantha’s secrets at 7 pm on her social media account after they deny attacking her.  Then, Regan travels to the store to get her repaired phone, but Samantha and Mona are behind her.  Regan drops her purse, and they pretend to help her.  Instead, they take Regan’s car keys.  Regan has to walk home.

In the morning, Beth calls Lina to find out when Regan will come home.  But Lina hasn’t seen Regan since school the day before.  Lina checks Regan’s messages in the cloud and sees that Samantha sent a text message about missing keys.  Beth confronts Samantha and Mona, but they swear they don’t know where she is.  Lina’s father, Kyle, teaches one of Regan’s classes and promises to help find Regan.  Beth will have to look deep into Regan’s life to find her.  But will Beth be too late?

This movie does a satisfactory job of throwing your suspicions in different directions, but experienced Lifetimers know they should keep both eyes open.  While you are trying to solve the mystery, the film points out issues with social media.  Influencers will join causes for attention with no intentions of helping.  This act is called clout.  While it’s not new, it’s gained popularity on social media platforms and helped develop fake social media warriors.  This movie is a fun distraction.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Your self-worth is not defined by the number of likes you get – Beth

I swear I will kill her if I don’t get that scholarship – Samantha

Yeah, you look really broke up about it – Lina

Thanks for the encouragement – Regan

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Eggs Over Easy: Black Women and Fertility – Review

Eggs Over Easy: Black Women and Fertility – OWN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Keisha Knight-Pulliam narrates the journeys and struggles of women as they navigate pregnancy through every angle.  Some women get pregnant and have uncomplicated pregnancies with little to no issues giving birth.  But other women hide their struggles because of sadness, fear of judgment, or misunderstanding.  They sit down to discuss medical biasendometriosis, and both sides of surrogacy.  As they discuss their pregnancy woes, others discuss that they never want children.  And how society, medical professionals, and their family quickly express their opinion about that also. 

While this documentary emphasizes women of color, all women can learn something from it.  One lesson is the eggs you are born with are all you get.  Women never create new eggs.  And this fact isn’t taught in sex education.  This movie even spotlights birth control and women in the workplace because it affects when a woman will want to get pregnant.  This film is an important documentary that should start a discussion, action, and a plan.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Do not ask a woman what are her attentions are about her uterus.  Why not? It’s none of your business – Keisha

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Deadly Garage Sale – Review

Deadly Garage Sale – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Trudee admires items in a garage sale.  Then she flirts with the owner and gets him inside the house.  When the owner hears a scream outside, he sees someone stealing his cash box.  Trudee catches up with the thief and celebrates their $2400 windfall.  The thief is her brother, Pete.  Afterward, Trudee goes to work, but Pete wants to score more.  So they decide to hit another garage sale soon.

Every week, Marcia holds a garage sale to help pay her bills.  But Marcia’s daughter, Candace, knows the sad truth.  Marcia is a hoarder.  She hosts and visits garage sales to feed her addiction.  Marcia asks Candace to help her advertise the next sale.  Begrudgingly Candace shows Marcia how to live stream to create a quick ad.  Their next garage sale runs smoothly until Evelyn, with the HOA, threatens to report Marcia again.  As they fight, Pete goes inside the home.  Marcia sees the curtains move and goes inside to confront Pete.  They fight, causing Pete to fall down the stairs and die.  Trudee sees Pete dead on the ground and leaves.  Trudee makes it her mission to get Marcia’s money, house, and life.  

This movie is a wicked tale of misguided revenge.  But it gives a glimpse of the devastating life of a hoarder and how it affects their family.  Candace begs her mom to stop, but she won’t and can’t do it.  Now, back to the revenge.  Trudee uses Marcia’s mental illness against her and pretends to be a thrift store enthusiast.  Trudee gaining Marcia’s trust while creeping into every aspect of her life will mesmerize you.  With a plan so wicked, Marcia will need to be devious to survive.  This film is one to watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

And I’m sick of living in a junkyard – Candace

Another woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure – Marsha

No, I blame her.  Entirely – Trudee

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Deadly Ex Next Door – Review

Deadly Ex Next Door – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Elise and her husband, Allan, wanted to buy their neighbor’s property after a loose wire electrocuted him.  But another couple bought Chester’s home from under them.  They dreamed of combining the properties to create a retreat.  Sylvia hears Elise moved into town, and Sylvia goes to meet her.  Elise is Sylvia’s favorite author.  While Syliva flatters Elise, Sylvia’s dad, Murray, warns Elise that Sylvia can fixate on people.  Then, Elise gets a shock.  Her former best friend, Geena, and ex-boyfriend, Lee, bought the house.  Lee and Geena started their relationship when Elise and Lee were still dating.  Elise wants nothing to do with either of them, but Geena wants to work things out because the affair happened years ago.  At first, Elise attempts to be cordial, but items in her home go missing.  Next, someone sets her up to fall.  Finally, Lee professes he still loves Elise and Geena is dangerous.  However, Geena tells Elise that Lee is a megalomaniac.  Allen starts to worry that Elise is preoccupied with Geena and Lee.  And he threatens to leave.  Elise needs to pull her life together before she loses it all, but who is trying to destroy her?

This movie gets wilder with each minute.  Elise keeps digging herself into a deeper hole with Lee by letting him creep back into her life.  As viewers watch, you can’t figure out who is crazier. Is it Sylvia, the creepy neighbor obsessed with Elises every move? Could it be Geena, the kleptomaniac that sneaks into Elise’s home? Or it could be Lee, the self-important jerk that left Elise at the alter.  Regardless, with everyone being crazy, it’s hard to tell who means Elise harm.  But you will have fun watching while you figure it out.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

We hurt you.  I hurt you – Lee

Please Elise, can we just talk – Geena

You also seem to like her style too – Allan

There is no other man in my life, Geena – Elise

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Deadly Cheers – Review

Deadly Cheers – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After working and going to school, Brianna got the job of her dreams at Wilson High School as the assistant principal.  But Brianna’s daughter, Julie, isn’t as excited.  Julie left her friends and her cheer squad behind.  As Brianna settles into her new office, Julie walks around and finds the cheer practice.  Lexi thinks Julie is there for a tryout and pulls Julie onto the field.  Julie impresses Coach Allison and Lexi with her flips and dance moves.  But Captain Kelly thinks Julie is a far cry from their old captain, Vanessa.  Months ago, Vanessa ran away, saying the stress of the cheer competition was too much for her to handle.  Now Superintendent Vargas wants Allison to put the best squad together to win state.  Soon, Allison has special diets, protein powders, and rules for Julie to follow.  At first, Julie looks forward to winning it all.  But when she finds a ring and a diary, Julie will unearth all the dark secrets behind Vanessa’s disappearance, the Wildcats, and the school.

This film has every teen scandal in one movie.  You are not sure if it’s trying to make a statement or having fun with a mystery.  With that said, the movie is well-acted, and the storylines are riveting.  With a sleazy superintendent, crazy coach, and stage moms, these cheerleaders are living in a well-orchestrated nightmare.  While this level of deception is wild, it happens.  But not all at once.  This film is worth the watch, but it will require your full attention to keep up with the ever-changing plotlines and scandals.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What’s her problem – Julie

I don’t need confidence.  I need the new girl to lose 10 pounds – Kelly

Tell me what they did to you – Dr. Russo

Julie, where is this coming from – Brianna

I know, but you make me that way – Allison

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Where Your Heart Belongs – Review

Where Your Heart Belongs – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Mackenzie needs to get away from her ad executive job.  She keeps losing business to social media influencers.  Her assistant, Tristan, tells Mackenzie to use her vacation to build her social media presence.  She can’t wait to get back to her hometown.  And her visit is just in time.  Mackenzie’s best friend, Olivia, moved up her wedding to Stuart.  The wedding will be in 2 weeks.  Olivia asks Mackenzie to help her plan a small, simple but elegant affair.  And Olivia tells Mackenzie that Mackenzie will have help but hesitates to give Mackenzie a name.  Then, Olivia fesses up that Mackenzie’s assistant will be Olivia’s cousin Dylan, also known as Mackenzie’s ex-boyfriend.

The moment Mackenzie steps foot in Sweet Grove, she tells Dylan that she is in charge and he will do what she says.  Dylan agrees because he needs to focus on Mackenzie’s dad’s maple farm.  Mackenzie’s dad, Elliot, likes to do things the old-fashioned way, but business steadily declines and he could lose the farm.  Elliot kept it all from Mackenzie but got help from Dylan.  When Tristan discovers that Mackenzie is working on a small-town wedding, he tells her to use the wedding for social media likes.  It’s not long before Dylan thinks Mackenzie’s wedding plans are out of control and not in keeping with Olivia’s needs.  She considers his point of view until she discovers Dylan did the unthinkable.  Will their betrayal end their rekindling romance?

You will walk away from this movie with newly-acquired maple syrup knowledge.  It’s a lot harder to harvest than tapping a tree.  Otherwise, this movie follows the Hallmark format.  While you watch Mackenzie’s social media blunders, you pull off the layers of Elliot’s business and Dylan’s past relationship with Mackenzie.  Yes, they broke up for childish reasons, but they were children at the time.  Now Elliot’s business dealings will require more focus to watch and comprehend.  The business and blunders will keep you tuned into the story.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Talk about a low blow – Mackenzie

I guess it comes in handy for organizing flash mobs – Dylan

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