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#YesIDo, #ANightToRegret, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Yes, I Do – Review

Yes, I Do – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Yes, I Do

Charlotte starts to itch as her fiance James talks about their upcoming wedding.  After she left him at the altar twice, he knows her scratching is a bad sign.  Since he worked hard planning the entire wedding himself, he can’t stand it when Charlotte ask to push it back.  So he cancels their engagement.  While she still breaks out at the thought of weddings, she is miserable without James.  So she asks her friend Hanna to help her plan a wedding for her and James in 30 days.  James tells her he MAY show up if she goes through with it.  Meanwhile, Charlotte enters into a chocolate competition with a New York storefront as a grand prize run by Nicole who publishes Chocolate Monthly.  Charlotte is ecstatic until James sees Nicole.  Nicole is James’s ex before Charlotte.  Now with a sweet smile, Nicole is determined to get James back.  While Charlotte is planning their wedding, maybe.

This movie is a true break from the Hallmark mold.  It is a fresh storyline with all the laughs, rivalry, and love you want.  Also, this movie is the true definition of “shade”.   These women will throw underhanded, backhanded, double-crossing jabs at each other.   No matter the cost or who it hurts.  While watching this story, you will only have sympathy for one person: James.  He is being pulled in 2 directions by two women who took him for granted.  This story proves you always want what you can’t have.  Watch this movie with a glass of wine, popcorn, and the record button on.  You will want to watch again.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I’m a reasonable person – Charlotte

I’ll give you a coupon – James

Everything fell into place after you and I broke up – Nicole

Nothing’s ever fair in love and chocolate. Is it? – Oscar

It’s my fault, bad intel – Hanna

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A Night to Regret – Review

A Night to Regret – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Night to Regret

Chelsea Bilson is a budding director and works hard to get money for her movie.  But all her hard work is met with being dumped by her boyfriend, so she decides to have a girls night out.  She and her friend Sara hang at the bar when they see Chelsea’s old friend Milla.  Milla was kicked out of school and ran off.  So Chelsea is happily surprised to see her and see she is doing well.  The girls drink, laugh, and party.  When Sara leaves, Chelsea and Milla go back to Milla’s place.  Chelsea finds out how Milla is making money these days.  She is a webcam girl.  As Milla, Chelsea, and several other friends sit around men watch and pay for them to do things.  On man is Jake Peters.  Jake was recently released from jail and has killed before.  And he has his target set on Chelsea.  He pays $200 to see her dance. Chelsea can’t believe she made $200 for nothing and considers creating her own channel.  That one decision will lead to several dead bodies, some kidnappings, and one night to regret.

Ten years ago, this movie would have seen far-fetched but with the boom of social media turning into social stalking this movie is all too real.  Now if you are looking for crazy, this movie kicks it up a notch with a dead body in the first 20 minutes.   Also, no one is “too naive” however they do make mistakes.  As soon as they see the error of their ways, they fix it quickly.  In addition, the cops aren’t useless.  They follow the leads and carry a suspension for everyone.  It’s nice to see this change in a Lifetime film.  This movie is a good way to kill 2 hours.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Just life – Milla

I love you. I want to marry you – Jake

She always “Thelma and Louise”s me – Chelsey

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Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New – Review

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New

Olivia and Mick try to get some time away and work on their relationship when they are derailed by an antsy bride named Amy.  Amy believed she knew what she wanted to make her big day perfect.  But as she spends time with her soon to be sister-in-law Kelsey, she starts to doubt herself.  Mick tries to handle all the bride’s changes but soon loses control.  And to make matters harder, Olivia becomes preoccupied with her newly engaged daughter’s wedding.  Even though its a year away, Olivia makes plans for her daughter’s wedding.  And her daughter’s head starts to spin.  She knows she has to rein her mother in before Olivia goes too far, too soon.  With Olivia already planning her daughter’s wedding, Mick tries to handle the load for Amy’s wedding.  But as the bride changes the dress, location, and flowers, Mick starts to crack under the pressure.  Mick has to pull it together so Amy can have the wedding of Kelsey’s dreams and Olivia can plan the wedding of her dreams for her daughter.

This Hallmark movie is all about communication between loved ones.  Whether it’s mother/daughter, lovers, or in-laws, communication is key.  Everyone is trying to spare each other’s feelings but its only making matters worst.  Once Amy has a real conversation with her husband-to-be and his family, everything is put into place.  It takes different events for each relationship to come to that point but they all do and it works out.   While this isn’t the best movie in the Wedding March series, it’s still a good stepping stone in the collection.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, romantic is what I do – Mick

Did you just snort – Amy

A June bride is always a bride – Olivia

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#ADangerousDate, #TwinBetrayal, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

A Dangerous Date – Review

A Dangerous Date – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Dangerous Date

Peter is a widowed, divorce attorney with a daughter named Julie.  He is happy spending time with her and working.  However, Julie wants him to start dating and ask him to sign up for a dating site.  After some time he meets Alexis.  Alexis is a strong, smart surgent with bad luck in the dating scene.  However, she and Peter feel the spark immediately and end up in bed.  Peter doesn’t know that Alexis has been watching their family for years and has stalked her way back into his life.  She is relentless in her pursuit of Peter but the motivation behind her persistence will leave you astonished.

This movie has a very slow start to set up Peter and Julie’s relationship and his search for a new love.  This is a starch contrast to the fast pace that Alexis falls in love.  Julie plays the bratty but wise college student but this is typical behavior of high school student.  So its hard to take her seriously.  While the middle some great moments, you may become disinterested before you see it.  So leave this movie as background noise for the first 30 minutes, then give it your attention.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well, maybe I am just saving myself for someone special – Alexis

Are you always this aggressive – Peter

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Twin Betrayal – Review

Twin Betrayal – Lifetime – 2 hours and 4 minutes

Twin Betrayal

Jess is in the middle of a messy divorce and custody battle with her husband Lars.  She is happy to have a work conference to attend in order to get away from it all.  At the conference, she meets a kind stranger straight out of her cowboy fantasies.  Everything seems to be great until the next morning.  Her sexy cowboy admits she was hired by Lars to catch her on tape having sex with a stranger and taking drugs.  She has one week to get $70,000 or he will give the tape to her husband.  Jess knows she will lose her son if Lars gets a hold of the tape.  So, she asks her father for the money and he gives her a swift and firm no.  Then she learns her estranged, identical twin sister Ally is in town.  Jess’s best friend Maddy tells her that Ally looks well off.  So Jess goes to Ally for the money.  Ally doesn’t have it but she offers to help trap the cowboy.  But if Ally helps Jess, Ally makes it know she wants something in return.  When Ally calls in her favor, Jess will end up in jail, her father will be dead, and she will need to ask Lars for help.

Get ready to have your head spin.  Just when you believe you have a handle on what’s happening, you are completely thrown off guard.  This movie has so many WTF moments, you will not be able to look away or trust anyone.  The ending leaves you with a question and hoping for a part 2.  The lead actress does an amazing job separating the twins into their own distinct personalities, speech patterns, and gestures.   You can even see the change as Jess pretends to be Ally and vice versa.  It’s a great and difficult dynamic that she pulls off flawlessly.  DVR this movie and watch it twice.  See if you can keep up and have your good wine ready.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I saw a beautiful damsel in distress and I decided to impress her. That’s the way we do things here in Texas – Gordon

I don’t really know how to do this – Jess

Once you make a deal with me, you’ll have to stick to it – Ally

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Once Upon a Prince – Review

Once Upon a Prince – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Once Upon a Prince

Newly single Susanna is looking to get her life started.  She wants to be a landscaper but works in her parents’ floral shop to help them out and make ends meet.  While on a delivery, she gets a flat tire.  Nate pulls over to help her out and they hit it off.  The two start to date but don’t realize they are being followed and photographed.  When Nate learns of the photos he quickly puts an end to their sale.  He knows the photos will cause a scandal because he is a Prince and next in line to the throne.  It doesn’t take long for word to get back to the Queen.  She orders Nate home immediately and tells him to find a suitable woman to propose to at his coronation.  And Susanna, a commoner, is not suitable.  The Queen thinks Susanna is nice but they must follow tradition.  However, Nate only has eyes for Susanna.  So the Queen comes up with a plan.  Invite Susanna over and show Nate that she is not ready to be a member of the monarchy.  When Nate sees her crumble under pressure, he will get over her.

Based on the book Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck, this has a slow start that is saved by a conniving Queen (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With the recent royal/commoner weddings, this movie doesn’t feel like a fairy tale but a true possibility.  However, this movie just doesn’t grab your attention with the lead characters.  It’s just not a relationship you root to go the distance.  Since the leads aren’t exciting, the Queen must deliver.  While she is cunning, it’s just not enough to make you believe the relationship is at risk. Since you know how the movie will end, the plot must be strong.  This movie’s plot is just decent.  Use this movie as background noise.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Public relations. What do you do – Nate

I’ve never met anyone our age with a handkerchief. Are you a time traveler from another era or something – Susanna

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#EvilDoctor, #PartyMom, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Evil Doctor – Review

Evil Doctor – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Evil Doctor

Dr. Natalie Barnes is an OB/GYN who wants a baby of her own.  After a tough life, her father’s death, and a failed IVF treatments, she decides she can’t wait any longer.  She wants a baby now.  When Aubrey and Matt come to her office, she notices that Matt looks like her dad.  She decides that Aubrey’s baby and husband are hers.  She will do everything possible to have them for herself.  She slowly weaves herself into Matt and Aubrey’s lives with gifts, sex, and manipulation.  But Aubrey’s sister Janelle and Natalie’s mother see through Natalie.  And try to stop her but at what cost.

Warning: Put the children to bed.  This movie is full of lies, innuendo, and sex.  Dr. Natalie is so bad, you love her.  With her style, intelligence, and grace, being evil looks so good.  You will start to feel little to no sympathy for the couple and cheer the Evil Doctor on.  This is the Lifetime movie you have been waiting for.  So, grab some wine, DVR, and watch it twice to relive the craziest moments.  But don’t miss one second, or you will miss the crucial set up for the entire movie.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s a bit much, just like me – Natalie

You sure are miserable for someone who got everything they ever wanted – Aubrey

She got everything she wanted. New house, new money, new baby – matt

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Party Mom – Review

Party Mom – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Party Mom

Brittany is the new girl in town but she has made a new friend Ashley.  Ashley invites her to a pool party at her mom’s huge home.  Brittany is in awe of the home and Ashley’s mom, Jackie.  Jackie has dubbed herself the “Party Mom”.  She throws parties because the sun came up, supplies alcohol, and has people over 24 hours a day.  Brittany loves Jackie’s carefree lifestyle and wishes her mom Caroline would be more like Jackie.  But Ashley has grown tired of her mom’s partying ways and want her mom to relax more like Caroline.  When Caroline gets a whiff of Jackie’s lifestyle, she restricts Brittany’s interaction with Ashley causing Brittany to sneak out.  When Caroline and her husband Gary discover Brittany is gone, they go to Jackie’s house.  They learn that Brittany left with some guys to another party.  Caroline and Gary find Ashley has been thrown from a crashed car and the only survivor.  Now Caroline and Gary are on the warpath to end the Party Mom’s ways.  Come jail or gunshot.

This movie will make you yell at the screen but in a good way.  You will be shocked at the party mom’s behavior before and after her trial.  Even after hearing the toughest news imaginable, her reaction will leave you stunned and dismayed.  This actress has succeeded in making you so angry at her character, you forget she is acting.  But while everything is going on, you see that Ashley is embarrassed and even disgusted by her mother’s actions.  Even though Brittany wants her mom to change. Brittany will earn that the grass may be greener but its loaded with manure.  So get ready to spit out your wine and get mad.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, now you’re getting it. I think I’m gonna like you – Jackie

That’s what I love about you. You are so unaware of everything going on around you – Ashley

Why does it have to be one or the other – Brittany

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Home By Spring – Review

Home By Spring – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Home By Spring

Louisiana tomboy, Loretta just go the opportunity of a lifetime in Los Angeles.  She will be working for the best event planner in the country.  She will be living in her hometown, job, and boyfriend Wayne behind.  Wayne doesn’t want to hold her back but he wants her to stay.  Two years later, Loretta is still in LA but with a new boyfriend. She is given the task of running a child’s birthday party in order to land a bigger job for her boss.  After saving the bouncy house, Paul and Michelle think Loretta is her boss and ask her to help deceive Michelle’s father for his blessing of their marriage.  Loretta, bitter that she was overlooked for a job, doesn’t correct them and pretends to be her boss.  Now to help Paul impress is “outdoorsy” future father-in-law, she will plan a guys trip to her hometown and ask Wayne and her mother to help with the lie.  With a pair of new boots, a woodpecker, a phone, and one overacting boyfriend, the truth will come to light.

To sum up this movie: Slow and predictable.  Even by Hallmark standards, this movie just follows the formula too much.  It offers little laughs and minuscule reactions to big reveals.  It just doesn’t give more than the expected “leave town and love behind to find them later” storyline.  This movie is background noise for your day.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

If I don’t do this, I will always wonder if I’m good enough – Loretta

No plan survives contact with the enemy – Ms. Bennet

Even though I am a lawyer, I hate liars – Paul

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My Husband’s Secret Life – Review

My Husband’s Secret Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

My Husband's Secret Life

After seven years of marriage, several miscarriages, and depression, JJ is still in love with her husband Freddy.  However, she is perplexed to see him arguing with a woman she doesn’t know it the park.  She tries to brush it off but she can’t shake the feeling that it looks like a lover’s spat.  Later that night, JJ hears Freedy talking in his sleep in a foreign language.   When JJ questions Freddy, he gives a quick and incomplete explanation.  Her suspicions get the best of her and she follows Freddy.  While in the park, she sees him arguing with a man she has never met.  She knows something is wrong.  And just when she gets the nerve to demand answers, Freddy is hit by a car and put into a coma.  JJ talks to her mother-in-law but it leaves more questions than answers.  JJ is determined to figure out what Freddy is hiding from her.  And when she does, her whole world will be turned upside down.

This movie will have you guessing with every twist and turn.  You are in the dark with JJ and discover the clues as she does.  While the ending is a bit expected, it’s still fun to watch her journey.  It has action with fight scenes, a shootout, and a car crash will giving juicy tidbits about the real Freddy.  Some of the dialogs leave a bit to be desired but don’t let your mind wander too much or you will miss some great scenes and one-liners.  So if you can keep your focus, DVR and watch when you have some time.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

JJ, just put the gun down – Freddy

You gave me a chance to shoot my husband – JJ

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Royal Matchmaker – Review

Royal Matchmaker – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Royal Matchmaker

Kate is a hard working matchmaker with a happy clientele.  Her company “True Love Matchmaking” uses an algorithm to find the right people to pair up.  So with a royal ball in 4 weeks, King Edward wants Kate to find his son Prince Sebastian a wife.  While Kate believes 4 weeks is too soon, she takes on the challenge.  Upon investigation, Kate learns the Prince earned a Political Science degree, mother died when he was 19, is into extreme sports, and has never been photographed with the same woman twice.  When she finally meets him, she finds him to be ill-mannered and extremely guarded.   However, she is determined to find the Prince the right mate.  Her company’s good name rides on this match.  While Kate spends more times with him she begins to like him.  And as her feelings show, Kate’s analyst Britney reveals Kate is a 95% match for the Prince.  The only problem, Kate has set the Prince up with a 90% match that he likes.  Can Kate keep her feelings quiet for her company’s reputation or will she let true love lead?

This a sweet comedy with a secondary couple you will not see coming.  You won’t see it because you will cheer on another secondary couple but when a history is revealed; your dreams will go to the waist side.  Although it does supply the typical Hallmark romance, there is a lot to be desired with quick quips and jabs.  This movie is good for a quick laugh and a decent story.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Make sure he remembers to wash his hands – King Edward

A note, more like a symphony – Prince Sebastian

Um, no.  They would not let me take it through customs – Britney

Kinda hard to open up when you’re sitting in different time zones – Kate

There is a fine line between being helpful and being deceitful – Victor

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#POstables: Home Again and #HarvestLove – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again – Review

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

With a piece of abstract art, Shane tries to open Oliver’s mind to changes.  However, she opens up the wall.  Behind the wall is the Lost Mailbag of Harry Snap.  They start to go through the undelivered mail and find a vase with a letter.  The note was mailed by Peggy, Mary Lou, and Bunny 18 years ago.  The letter was addressed to an art dealer.  The three girls were selling the vase to save their family farm.  They were told the vase was valuable and should only be sold as a last-ditch effort for money.  The family called it their “Just In Case” Vase.  But when their father died, their mother became depressed and stopped working the farm.  As the bills piled up, the girls wanted to keep their farm.  So they decided to sale the vase without their mother knowledge.  Now that the vase is found, the Postables will do everything to find the owner.  But are the girls and their family the true owner?  You have to watch to find out.

This movie will draw you in.  As a viewer, you are shocked that they find the owner in the first 30 minutes but this is only the beginning of the story.  As the story continues, the love between both couples grows stronger.  And the subplot with Rita’s parents is the dose of comedy the story needs.  While this is a very compelling story with a Hallmark ending, it attempts to touch on a horrific topic.  But they never say it by name.  While the story is compelling and can lead you to tears, you keep waiting for them to mention the word.  So in the future, if you are going to focus your movie around an event, say the event and its perpetrators by name.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well, I believe it is already there – Oliver

Huh, there’s a new horizon – Shane

I think you need somebody like Shane to shake you up a little – Dale

It’s like being here 100 years ago – Norman

He milked it himself – Rita

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Harvest Love – Review

Harvest Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Harvest Love

Dr. Luna Gilson is the most respected surgeons in her Seattle Hospital. While she is climbing up the ladder, she has lo the connection between her patients and her son Andy. So, when she learned that Andy didn’t invite her to a school play because he knew she would be busy, she decides to take a vacation on her families farm. They grow some of the best pears in town and has owned the land for 3 generations. After a couple of unfortunate run-ins, she is properly introduced to Will, the farm’s manager. He is a scientist that specializes in farming. Luna is truly impressed. The more time Luna spends in the small town and on the farm, she starts to appreciate the lifestyle. She and Andy get comfortable. Now, Luna is considering staying. But her parents warn her to enjoy it now because they are going to sell the farm. Luna can’t imagine the family without its farm.  So she has to act fast to save it.

Harvest Love is a nice Hallmark movie. And while Luna and Will don’t hate each other, they do annoy each other. The farm scenes are beautiful and picturesque. But that is taken away when the noticeable green screen is used. Since you know how the story will end for Will and Luna, their love story brings little to no interest. But the subplot of selling the family farm and the Harvest Fest Pear Contest shines through. This a movie you DVR and watch when you need to kill 2 hours.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You were working – Andy

It won’t be easy but I’ve known about working a miracle or two – Marcy

Well why don’t you show me how it’s done so I will know for next time – Luna

Just take it easy on the next guy – Will

These old bones did me in – Farley

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#WhitneyFilm, #GarageSaleMystery, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Whitney: Can I Be Me – Review

Whitney: Can I Be Me – Showtime – 1 hour and 40 minutes

Whitney: Can I Be Me

Whitney Houston was a diamond in the ruff when she first met Clive Davis.  As the only girl in a family of 5, she was the apple of her father Michael’s eye and fell under the tough rule of her mother Cissy.  She was trained to be a singer and take the reigns to become a global sensation.  Living through riots and drugs was not the image Clive and the record label wanted to present with their latest artist.  They wanted a polished pop princess.  And with a strict church going family, Whitney could play the role of All-American Good Girl.  In high school, Whitney kept her success quiet.  Only her friend Robyn knew the truth because Whitney had a lot of insecurities.  However, the turning points in her career both came at the Soul Train Awards.  The first turning point was getting booed while her nomination was announced.  She could not believe she was booed after years of success.  But she was too pop for the Soul Train audience.  The second turning point was meeting Bobby Brown.  The Bad Boy of R&B met his match with Whitney Houston.  While the outside world didn’t believe the Princess of Pop was with the Bad Boy, everyone who truly knew her understood.  She was a tough girl from Newark who needed a tough guy.  But as her relationships with Bobby, Robyn, and her family fall apart, so does Whitney.  At what point do you speak up?  Her personal bodyguard wrote a letter detailing her drug addiction and its effect on her performance.  He gave a sad warning of her fate and asked her management to bring in people to help.  But he was fired for his good deeds.  Her make-up artist was disgusted with people “compliments” on her appearance; she made sure she let Whitney know she was dying.  Robyn tried to stay in Whitney’s corner as a friend but as drugs and Bobby got in the way, Robyn left Whitney’s side.  This documentary reveals that drugs were not the real downfall of Whitney Houston, just a symptom of bigger issues.  She felt like she didn’t just let down her fans but she let down God.  That knowledge was the true fall of Whitney Houston.

This documentary is unlike others.  It doesn’t try to shine Whitney up or make her look like a villain.  It shows a woman falling apart under her own fame.  Now don’t be fooled, several people spoke up for Whitney and attempted to help.  But as people tried to help, even more, brought her down.  Unlike a lot of documentaries, they don’t place all the blame on Bobby.  While both had their demons before they first met, they shared their addiction when they were together and amplified each others habit. Also, this documentary goes deeper into the relationship of Robyn and Whitney; as well as the effect it had on Whitney’s marriage.  With never-before-seen footage of Whitney, this movie may be the first time Whitney could be Whitney.  This documentary was only missing current interviews from Bobby and Cissy to give it validity.  However, it’s obvious to see why they would decline.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I absolutely would – Cissy

She was trying t get my attention because I was fly – Bobby

He loved her as herself – Pattie

I’ve never seen nothing like it – Toni

Success doesn’t change you. Fame does – Whitney

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Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval – Review

Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval

While at a garage sale, Jenn finds a suit of armor that would be perfect for one of her clients, Mr. Bill Wallace.  He is excited to have the knight’s armor and names it Sir Rags to Riches (after Jenn’s store of course).  The next day another buyer, Prof. Robert McNary, comes into Jenn’s store asking to buy the armor.  Jenn informs him that the armor is sold and declines to give up the buyers information.  The next morning, Jenn and Dani notice their store’s front door is open and objects have been moved.  She doesn’t report it because nothing was stolen.  Later, Jenn goes to Bill’s house to appraise the armor but notices the sword has changed and there is blood dripping from it.  The open the armor to find a man inside.  It’s Prof. McNary.  Jenn tells Det. Lynwood about the break in and that she believes he was the culprit to get the armor.  After talking to Dr. Trammel, she learns he was murdered.  With a list of suspects (disgruntled student, an ambitious teacher’s assistant, a neglected spouse, and a romantic rival), Jenn and Det. Lynwood will have their work cut out for them.

Based on the Garage Sale Mystery by Suzi Weinert, this tale has a lot of misdirects that will keep watchers guessing (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You will not be able to look away and you shouldn’t, missing one moment will throw you off.  For seasoned fans of the series, you will not be disappointed.  Dr. Trammel makes is famous dad jokes, while Jenn’s family begrudgingly supports and gets involved in her cases.  New fans will wonder if Jenn is so good at finding criminals, how come she gets gypped at finding antiquities for her clients.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Lives – Jenn

The last one I went to, I thought I was with all my classmate’s parents. Turns out, I was with all my classmates – Dina

Because the other guy got more votes – Jason

Don’t do this, I’m telling you – Tim

I would never hear the end of it – Det. Lynwood

I will be – Emma

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At Home in Mitford – Review

At Home in Mitford – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

At Home in Mitford

Cynthia, a famous author, has writer’s block. Since her divorce, a year ago, she has not been able to come up with a title, yet alone a book. Her publisher warns her that she has 45 days to turn something in or lose her deal. She decides to go to her uncle’s home in Mitford for inspiration. He encouraged her to read and write; along with being her biggest fan. She has been avoiding his home since he passed away because she knows she will have to sell it. But now she will go to Mitford, sell his home, and write her book. On her first day, she meets everyone in town. Everyone knows her and her uncle. Cynthia learns that in small towns, talk travels faster than the speed of light. While at her uncle’s home, she has an impromptu meeting with her neighbor Tim and “almost” his dog. She snaps at the Tim and returns to her writing. Later, Cynthia learns that Tim is the neighborhood Episcopal priest and the guy she almost ran off the road when she came into town. She instantly feels bad and starts to talk to him. She learns that he is the most eligible bachelor in town and is often visited by the town’s single women. Cynthia also meets Jack. An Atlanta relator that has his eyes on Cynthia and her property. He is determined to get the woman and the deal. When Cynthia’s friend Marjorie tells her to take the bull by the horns, Cynthia misunderstands and goes out with Jack. However, Marjorie wanted her to ask out Tim. With time winding down on her book and her uncle’s home, Tim knows he has to make his feelings known before Cynthia heads back to Boston or falls in love with Jake.

Based on At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon, this movie doesn’t feel like a movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). It feels more like a pilot to a TV series. It introduces a slew of characters and gives them back stories beyond normal TV movies. At times it’s slow and frustrating to see these two adults act like teens. They whisper to their friends and all the neighbors about their feelings but don’t talk to each other. And what makes it worst is they often complain about the town being in everyone’s business. This a decent start to a series but not the best Hallmark has to offer.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I was talking about Tim – Marjorie

Well she doesn’t know it yet, but she will – Jack

See you are acting like a natural dog owner already – Howell

That’s a classic – Tim

I know I over packed but you never know how many shoes you’re going to need – Cynthia

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Eat, Play, Love – Review

Eat, Play, Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Eat, Play, Love

Carly comes to her friend Michelle’s aid by volunteering as a vet for her dog shelter. Of course, Michelle didn’t tell Carly that Don (Carly’s high school sweetheart and Michelle’s brother) is working there as a dog/person match maker. Dan the Dog Man believes that dogs adopt their owners, not the other way around. Carly is quickly taken back to her high school feelings the moment she lays eyes on Dan. However, just when Carly builds hope for a second chance at love she sees Kristi. Her old high school bully and dog hater is the top correspondent for the local news channel and Dan’s girlfriend. Kristi makes her position in Dan’s life known before Carly can get one word out. When Kristi’s new job offer in New York brings a move and an engagement for Dan’s life, Carly wants to act fast. So, Michelle (the Meddler) offers to makeover Carly to get her brother’s attention. The two reconnect over dogs, duty, and the past. And just when Carly believes there is hope for the two, Kristi’s timing is impeccable. Kristi found a job for Dan as Executive Regional Assistant for the National Dog Rescue Association in New York. Carly knows Dan could never pass up that opportunity. But she refuses to give up. She decides it’s time to have a Countdown to Love before Dan leaves for New York and gets married to Kristi.

This is a cute story about dogs and love. This movie is good because a makeover isn’t the answer. It’s the connection between the couple and their love for animals that bring them together. But you must ask yourself, who is setting up who, who is training who, and who is teaching who. With so many players invested in this love game, it’s hard to understand who is running the board. While this movie has a predictable ending and villain, the subtle jabs and dogs are fun to watch. Also, the connection between Rita and Dr. Monroe is adorable.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh we have a secret weapon – Michelle

The might grow up and be accountants – Dan

Make man’s best friend, your best friend – Kristi

So will I – Carly

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#BritneyEverAfter, #LoveAtFirstGlance, and More – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Britney Ever After – Review

Britney Ever After – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Britney Ever After

Britney Spears was a girl from Louisiana set to go on her first tour and tour bus as an opening act for ‘NSync. She was instructed by her mom and manager to keep her boyfriend, Reggie, a secret for her image and brand. Britney is riding high on her success and loves being on tour with her friends. However, she makes a love connection with Justin Timberlake. With love in her heart, he helps her get through the hard times of her parents fighting and her dad’s drinking. But when they are both on tour, they question each other fidelity and their relationship falls apart. She tries to go on, but is still hurt. She reaches out to Justin when her parents divorce but gets nowhere. She then has a string of failed marriages, 2 children, and an epic breakdown … all in front of the camera.

Sigh. If they don’t let you use the artist music, it’s a bad movie. The actors did what they could but nothing could save it. The actress does a great job getting Britney’s iconic voice but the story is lacking … everything. This biopic can be skipped and you will learn nothing from it. It’s based on nothing but tabloids and rumors. Watch The New Edition Story instead. This movie is a waste of time for you, the actors, and Lifetime.

I give it 0 out of 5 stars

Someone who loves me because I am Britney Jean, not Britney Spears – Britney

If it’s nobody’s business in the first place, it’s not really lying – Simone

I wasn’t talking to you – Jamie

I’m dreaming about boys but saving myself for Jesus – Larry

Their both adults, you’re not responsible – Justin

I think we need to humor this guy, Jamie. If he is willing to let me in, then we should play ball – Lynne

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Love At First Glance – Review

Love At First Glance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love At First Glance

Mary has a safe and comfortable life; but she tries to push for more in her job by pitching ideas to her boss,  Wally, and her boss’s boss, Mr. Chambers, of potential stories she can write for the magazine.  After another rejection, she meets her boyfriend, Carl, for dinner.  Carl breaks up with Mary because he wants more excitement and suggests she move out of the building they share.  Sadden, Mary rides the train home and eats cheesecake.  While eating she sees a stranger on the train and he helps her from a distance.  When he leaves, she notices he left his phone.  She decides to find him and return it; but … of course … after she looks through his pictures.  She sees that he is adventurous and decides to write about him.  The stranger, James, text Mary and gives her permission to do the story while he is in Paris until Valentine’s Day.  So she goes through his contacts and interviews them about James.  This one assignment will change her life and his forever and ever.

This is a well written story about loving your life but striving for something new.  Often stories about finding yourself have you hate yourself in the beginning, but this movie has Mary expand not destroy her old life.  Learning about how James has affected the lives of others, slowly makes Mary more outgoing, stronger, funnier, and more compassionate.  Just a few seconds of a wordless encounter has changed everything for Mary and James.  These stories about James and his life will inspire you and open your heart.  The only downfall is the lag.  The story does have a very slow pace at times, but hang in there.  And yes … you can guess the ending, but DVR for the journey.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You interviewed squirrels? – Mr. Chambers

Well at least he knows who I am – Mary

I think we’re going to get that to go, thanks – Carl

Predictably wonderful – Victor

Go for it – James

It just seems to me in your happily ever after, you lose – Mom

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While You Were Dating – Review

While You Were Dating – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

While You Were Dating

Nick and Julia divorced years ago after their marriage couldn’t withstand the distance of Julia’s job. However, both are in a big shock. Nick and Julia, have been conversing over a photo sharing site but have not exchanged pictures of themselves. When they make a date, at a friend’s restaurant, they attempt to leave. But their friend “encourages” them to stay and eat. During dinner, Nick tells Julia he knows a guy for her and wants to set up a date. But Julia will only agree if she can set Nick up too. Both dates go horribly for different reasons. Their family and friends hope they will get back together, but when Julia’s ex, Dylan, comes back & Nick starts dating Elsa, there relationship seems lost forever.

Weeeelllll. It’s cute … predicable … but cute. This movie has been done before. Nothing is really original. The actors even seem uninspired by the writing. The jokes are flat, the subplot is forgettable, and you don’t really connect to the characters. Hallmark has done better with less. This one can be skipped unless you have 2 hours you want to kill … and have nothing better to do.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I’m afraid I’m in the girlfriend zone – Nick

He had an opening and he didn’t take it – Julia

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An Uncommon Grace – Review

An Uncommon Grace – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

An Uncommon Grace

Levi comes home to see the front lawn in disarray.  He runs inside to find his step father, Abraham, dead and his pregnant mother, Claire, clinging to life.  Since they are Amish, he rides on a horse to Elizabeth’s home.  Levi knows Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Grace, is a military medic.  Grace makes it in time to save Claire and her unborn baby.  Once Grace is home, she learns more about Levi’s family from her grandmother and her sister, Becky.   Claire’s sister was shunned because she married an outsider and they have not spoken in 10 years.   Claire becomes more curious about the family, the murder, and Levi; and starts to visit more.  With a killer on the loose, strange things start happening to Grace: footprints are found on her property, items are missing, the shed is constantly left open, and her sister is constantly disappearing.  And things go to bad to worst quickly for Levi and Grace. Grace is forced out of the small Amish community by the Bishop and his daughter, Zillah.  Levi is told he will be shunned if he doesn’t marry Zillah.  With so many distractions, can Levi and Grace work together, find the murder, and each other.  Or will Levi stay with his community and marry Zillah, while Grace re-enlist and go back to war.

Get ready to get whiplash from all the misdirects.  Just when you think you have a handle on who did it, another clue comes into play.  You cannot miss a second or you will be lost.  DVR and watch twice if you can.  And the shade from Zillah is one for the record books.  You will love to hate her.  Now, it does feels like the love story was a bit rushed, but it’s for the sake of a good wrap up.  More emphasis was put on the mystery than the love story … and that’s a beautiful thing.   With less lighting and a cheating husband, this could have been a Lifetime movie.  However, HMM hit a home run with this mystery.  So, get some wine, sit back, and keep notes.  Did you figure out the killer?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s good to have family in these times – Levi

I just think I never really felt a connection – Grace

Do you ever get scared – Becky

Do you think I am afraid to stay alone in my own home, Grace – Elizabeth

I can have anyone in our church. Any man would be happy to be with me – Zillah

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Deadly Ex – Review

Deadly Ex – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Deadly Ex

Gary meets his ex girlfriend, Valerie, at a high school reunion and spark up a conversation about family, career, and frustrations. Gary is worried his wife, Jess, will ask for a divorce when he gets home, Valerie offers to “comfort” him. Days later, Valerie sends sexy pictures to Gary, but he turns her down to work on his marriage. Big Mistake! Valerie sends gifts to Gary’s daughter, Carissa, and text his son, Zach, about their relationship. Also, Valerie leaves hints for Jess to find in order to break up their marriage. Valerie is willing to do anything, to anyone, at any cost to get Gary.

The watcher may get confused because this story is not told in a linear fashion. It goes from now, to 5 days earlier, to the reunion, to 4 days earlier, etc. So pay attention to what each person is wearing to keep up with the timeline. The timeline is choppy in order to add mystery to Valerie and Gary’s first encounter at the reunion. You may be able to guess the end, but not the lengths Valorie will take to keep her man. And don’t worry about the texting scenes, they are voiced over, so you can look away. This is a great background movie. So DVR and watch at your convenience.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s not a threat – Valerie

When you want something, nothing stops you from going after it – Gary

What don’t you want me to see – Jess

I think this is going to be a bright future for both of us – Walt

Are you screwing around on mom – Zach

What do you think I think it is – Carissa

Winner takes all – Valerie

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A Dash of Love – Review

A Dash of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Dash of Love

Nikki is a hardworking cook, but she is having a tough time finding a new job because she didn’t go to culinary school. Her best friend, Ang, suggest Nikki swings by her job for a drink and some support. While tasting the cassoulet at Ang’s job, Nikki meets Paul. She tells Paul that the cassoulet is bland and the executive chef should be fired; but she doesn’t know that Paul is the executive chef. Paul is upset but never tells Nikki his job title. Later, Nikki meets the restaurant’s owner, Holly. Holly is a famous chef that Nikki idolizes. Nikki overhears that Holly needs an assistant (although Nikki didn’t understand that was office work not cooking work) and offers to do the job. One night while working, Nikki is locked in, sets off the alarm, and starts to cook a meal. Holly sees Nikki (after checking on the alarm) and tries her cooking. Secretly, Holly loves Nikki’s food, but tells her it’s amateur and allows Nikki to cook at night when everyone is gone. But what Nikki doesn’t know: Holly is covertly filming her and taking notes. After Nikki and Paul get caught eating dinner together to at Holly’s restaurant, Holly fires them both. Nikki is so devastated, she forgot her purse and sneaks in the next day to get it. It’s then Nikki sees Holly’s new menu with her recipes. Nikki is furious and must get her recipes back, but Holly will do anything to keep them.

This movie is like a lot of recipes, you have to let it simmer to enjoy it. It’s a slow build to a cute movie. While the romance takes a back seat, Nikki is fun to watch. He has traits like you or someone you know (clean when she is upset or rambling when she is nervous). You want her to succeed and have a satisfying conclusion. This is a good movie to have in the background, but don’t cancel plans. DVR and watch when you need a feel-good movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Not too late to take it – Gus

I’m a cook, not a chef – Nikki

Tips are fine, there is just not just enough of them – Ang

Something that pairs with frustration – Paul

Well I am desperate – Holly

I’m all ears – Henry

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