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Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Review

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina: Didn’t We Almost Have It All – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Family, friends, and co-workers sit down and talk about Whitney Houston and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and their connection.  Cherrelle talks about Whitney’s inability to see life beyond the business and living off the music she created.  Brandi and Amber spoke on Whitney’s loving nature and around-the-way-girl ways.  Her sister-in-laws, Tina and Carolyn, exposed the depth of her drug habit and her love for Bobby Brown (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Rudi talked about Whitney’s admiration for Robyn and Bobbi ad he documented Whitney’s life.  Then, Nick Gordon’s brother exposes a small look into Nick’s world.  As Whitney dealt with her sexuality, public persona, molestation, and tumultuous relationship, she spiraled deeper into drugs but hoped to be a good mother to Bobbi Kristina.  While Bobbi Kristina wasn’t famous for her talents like her parents, she was infamous because of them.  She was the center of tabloid magazines and gossip as Whitney and Bobby’s drug addictions caused many to question their parenting skills.  And after interviews with Diane Sawyer and Wendy Williams, the rumors got worse.  With each reveal of abandonment, a need for love, and a need for comfort, the viewer gets a glimpse of how Bobbi’s life paralleled Whitney’s.  Whether by nature or nurture, fate doomed this pair.

It’s great to see people who never spoke about Whitney or Bobbi publicly speak their truth.  But you didn’t learn much that you couldn’t have learned from the TV movie or the theater movie.  This movie had more new information about Bobbi Kristina than Whitney.  Fans know about The Bodyguard’s importance in her career, the miscarriage during The Preacher’s Wife, and her stint with sobriety while filming Sparkle (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  But fans were so focused on Whitney they never understood the scope of Bobbi’s sorrow.  Bobbi was a tabloid sensation, a money-hungry people’s target, and a drug-dealer’s dream.  All the while, like her mother, Bobbi had a need to be loved, accepted, and herself.  This movie is the story of two women in pain that died the same.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

One of my goals is just to stay level-headed – Whitney

It’ll catch you and you will never go back – Cherrelle

That voice is golden – Randy Jackson

The difference between Nippy and Whitney is that Whitney is a make believe person – Tina

I just wanna be happy.  I just wanna live my life – Pebbles

She was forced to be happy every day and hid what she was going through – Brandi

She just lived what she learned – Rudi

Whitney was all she had – Sarah

No matter what we went through, we go through it – Bobbi Kristina

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Killer Advice – Review

Killer Advice – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After surviving an attack, Beth pretends to be okay.  But her husband, Nick, can see something is wrong.  Beth promises to get help, but she doesn’t want to disrupt her daughter, Jess, before Jess takes her SAT.  When Beth arrives at work, her friend, Simone, tells Beth to go to a therapist to work through the trauma, but Beth says no.  She plans to focus on her work and family.  However, her nightmares and panic attacks get worse.  So, Beth finally agrees to see Simone’s therapist and waits anxiously in his lobby.  A woman comes out of Dr. Marsha’s office and introduces herself to a nervous Beth.  Seeing Beth needs something to calm her nerves, Marsha offers Beth coffee in her office.  Beth takes it, and they begin to talk about the attack.  Beth leaves Dr. Marsha’s office with a renewed sense of self and makes another appointment.  Simone’s disappointed that Beth didn’t see her doctor, but she is happy Beth is getting help.  Later, Nick has unexpected news.  His boss, Trevor, invited their new client over to Nick’s house for a home-cooked meal.  With their business model changing, Nick needs this new client’s account to keep his job.  To keep things light-hearted, Beth invites Simone and Jess too.  Still, Dr. Marsha’s presence in Beth’s home confuses Beth.  Dr. Marsha is Nick’s new and most important client.  Beth thinks it’s a funny coincidence, but Simone believes something is wrong.  While Beth tries to assure Simone everything is okay, Beth couldn’t be more incorrect.  Dr. Marsha is a woman on a mission to destroy Beth’s life, and many will suffer so Marsha can get satisfaction.  

This movie has a plot that keeps you watching until the end.  You don’t know Dr. Marsha’s motive for ripping Beth’s life apart until Marsha starts monologuing.  During a slobber knocker fight, Marsha reveals her disdain for Beth, Nick, and Jess.  For the first few acts of the film, you wonder if Marsha was the original attacker.  However, that attack is the catalyst of Beth needing therapy, nothing more.  The middle gets redundant for a Lifetime movie, but the beginning and end are well worth the watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He’s lucky he ran or I would’ve smashed his face in – Simone

You know, helicopter parenting is a pejorative term – Jess

We can’t keep a lid on this – Nick

It sounds like you’re afraid to own your feelings – Dr. Marsha

Did I do something wrong? Did I do something to deserve this – Beth

You know, I thought I was wrong once.  But I was wrong – Trevor

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Love is a Piece of Cake – Review

Love is a Piece of Cake – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

It’s the 65th anniversary of Miriam’s Sweet Treats, and her granddaughter, Jessie, inherited the bakery five years ago.  Her friend, Howard, took over the accounting duties from Jessie’s mother and her friend, Beatrice, helps with the baking.  While she has no plans on changing the bakery, Howard convinced Jessie to add custom wedding cakes to her repertoire.  She announces the change on a news broadcast about her bakery, and fashion designer Susan hears it.  Susan and her fiancé will get married in a few weeks, and Susan wants the perfect cake for their wedding.  Susan takes her brother, Aiden, and his daughter, Riley, to a cake tasting.  Susan loves Jessie’s cakes and orders 4-Berry Cake for her wedding.  A few days later, Susan invites Jessie to her home so Jessie can get an idea of the wedding’s theme, and Aiden drops of Riley.  After Riley met Jessie and Jessie gave Riley a tiny rolling pin, Riley can’t stop talking about baking.  Jessie offers to teach Riley how to bake cookies, and Aiden says yes.  Jessie tells Howard and Beatrice about the lessons, and they get two different ideas.  Beatrice believes Jessie is attracted to Aiden, but Howard gets the idea of selling baking lessons.  Jessie says, ‘no way’ to both.  Then Howard introduces Jessie to another opportunity.  A grocery chain wants to sell Jessie’s cakes, but she doesn’t want her baked goods to be too commercialized.  At first, everything is going well, but Howard gets unfortunate news.  The owner of the building wants to sell it to a developer.  The developer wants to tear it down for condos.  Now, Jessie will take any opportunity to get money to buy her building.  But she doesn’t know the answer to her problems is within Susan’s advice and Miriam’s history.

This movie does an excellent job of putting the inevitable love story in the background, which allows the audience to focus on Jessie and her business.  You worry about her ability to get the down payment so much that you don’t hear the connection Aiden will have to the sale later.  And let’s not forget one of the cutest kids in a movie.  You will want to pinch Riley’s cheeks each time she is on the screen.  She allows you to see the caring nature of each character.  You see the fathering side to Aiden’s business demeanor.  Also, the loving side to Susan’s demanding attitude.  Riley brings out the best in everyone, and she is the linchpin to each character in the movie.  Be ready to love this movie, and have some cake nearby.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Oh, maybe I’ll go to the gym.  Nah – Beatrice

It’s not 1955 anymore – Howard

I’m a firm believer that any occasion is an occasion for cake – Jessie

Life is never going to go to plan – Susan

Do you want me to teach you how to hammer – Riley

No, be a bummer. – Aiden

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Snowkissed – Review

Snowkissed – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kate’s boss, Francine, picked Kate to interview Kate’s favorite author, Owen Muller.  Owen wrote a book called ‘The Answer,’ and Kate lives by its words.  If Kate writes an intriguing piece, Francine will hire Kate as a staff writer, and Kate won’t have to freelance.  Francine even hires Kate’s friend, Jane, to take pictures for the article.  Kate wants to celebrate until Francine tells Kate that she must leave Manhattan to give the interview.  Owen wants Kate to travel to Banff, Alberta, Canada.  The thought of leaving Manhattan makes Kate uncomfortable, but Jane convinces her to go.  Kate freaks out every moment of the trip, and it gets worse when they land.  For a brief second, Kate loses her passport, and then she can’t find their driver.  Kate gets in line for coffee, and Noah interrupts her music listening.  She talks about Owen’s book and his philosophy of life.  Noah laughs, and she ignores him.  Noah walks away and grabs his sign.  Jane notices Kate’s name on Noah’s sign and realizes he is their driver.  Bemused, Kate sighs and gets into Noah’s car with Jane.  Kate and Jane sign into Noah and Simon’s Beachwood Bed and Breakfast.  They have been running their B&B for five years.  The business has been doing well, but with more competition moving into town, they have to find creative ways to appeal to new customers.  Simon is the numbers guy, and Noah is all about the people.  So, they decided to give activity tours to their customers.  Customers can learn about the history and myths while biking, skiing, and walking the town.  After Kate and Jane get settled in, Kate receives a phone call from Owen canceling his interview.  Kate wants to leave town now.  Simon and Noah beg her to stay and offer to help.  Noah gets on the phone and calls Owen.  He convinces Owen to reschedule the interview for Friday, and Owen agrees.  Since Owen agrees to do the interview, Kate offers to help Noah.  Noah wants to do a dry run of the tour, and Simon thinks it would be a good idea for Kate to give Noah criticism because she is a writer.  On the first tour, an uncomfortable Kate follows a nervous Noah around town.  She is aggressive, and he is prickly.  They must get out of their comfort zones to get out of their respective ways to find the love in each other.

While the leads’ romance is foreseeable, Simon and Jane’s romance will draw you into the plot.  Jane is upfront about her feeling for Simon, but Simon is aloof and unaware.  You sit back in quiet frustration as Simon just doesn’t get it.  With Kate and Noah, you can see yourself as one or the other.  The person who never leaves their four blocks or the person who never settles in one place for too long.  While both benefit from their lifestyles, they see the drawbacks when they start to open up to each other.  It’s great to see both of them grow and change while staying true to themselves.  This film is a great movie to end the season.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

They forced you to go on vacation? – Jane

What’s worse? Me or the information – Noah

I can’t sleep without city noises, you know that – Kate

He’s modest, doesn’t like to name drop – Simon

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