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Homekilling Queen – Review

Homekilling Queen – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Homekilling Queen

Her entire life Whitney has been preparing for the moment she would become Homecoming Queen of Chester Ridge High School Senior Court.  Her mother, Connie, and grandmother, Evelyn, were both queens.  She has been groomed to carry on the family tradition.  When the other candidates are announced over the PA, Whitney takes it as a joke.  Nonetheless, she is surprised to hear Natasha is in the running.  Two years ago, Natasha turned to drugs to cope with Whitney’s bullying.  High on oxycodone, Natasha crashed her car into the bleachers.  Whitney nicknamed her Oxy-girl.  Whitney believes she has the votes in the bag.  Until she catches a glimpse of the new and improved Natasha.  Natasha was inspired to run by Belle, another victim of Whitney’s bullying.  Natasha sees her run as a modern-day protest against popular kids winning the court.  The moment Whitney sees the new Natasha is a real contender, she looks to Connie and Evelyn for advice.  Evelyn tells Whitney winning is her destiny and she must do anything to achieve it.  Her grandmother believed being wealthy was her destiny and both of her husbands had accidents for her to achieve it.  Natasha knew Whitney would get dirty but she had no idea she would catfish, sext, manipulate photos, cyberbully, and kill to win.

This movie has such a strong premise and great story arch but falls flat in the last 3 minutes.  With everything Whitney has done to Natasha, you would expect somewhat of a fight or a small slap.  Not just an “I told you so”.  This movie does stand apart because Natasha is believed by her mother and the police the first time she speaks out.  They don’t call her crazy or paranoid for believing Whitney is evil.  This movie could have easily fallen into this trap because Natasha is a recovering addict.  Instead, her mother follows cars for her.  And the police offer hands over important information.  Seeing Natasha’s support system hold her up, gives you faith in Lifetime movies.  Watch this for the build-up, but don’t stay for the last 3 minutes.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I wish someone would just knock her off her stilettos – Belle

21,000 people in West Chester and everyone wants our lives – Connie

I prefer Kick-Your-Ass girl – Natasha

Everyone loves a good train wreck. It never lasts too long – Whitney

I changed our destiny – Evelyn

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Am I A Serial Killer? – Review

Am I A Serial Killer? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Am I A Serial Killer

Natalie’s nightmares and sleepwalking have gotten worst in the past few months.  Her therapist, Dr. Welk believes her mother’s pending execution is the trigger.  He tells her visiting her mother, Annie, and the scene of the crime may help her.   Until then, he prescribes more sleeping medication to help her.  Eight years ago, her mother killed 2 people living in their home with a meat cleaver.  Natalie witnessed the crime and it was Natalie’s testimony that sealed Annie’s death sentence.  Living with her Aunt Caroline, Natalie tries to live a normal life.  However, she is being tormented at school and work because of her mother’s execution.  She decides to get closure by visiting Annie in prison.  Annie is elated to see Natalie and asks Natalie why she never responded to her letters.  Natalie admits she never got them.  Hurt, Natalie confronted Caroline, who admitted she burned that letters.  Natalie’s hurt turns to anger.  The next night, Natalie sleepwalks again.  This time will be detrimental.  One of her bullies was murdered in the same fashion Annie’s victims were murdered.  Natalie becomes #1 on the police’s suspect list.  As her memories come back, Natalie wonders, “Am I a Serial Killer”.

This is a decent mystery with slight misdirection.  The viewer is given a stalker, bullies, crooked police, and a suspicious aunt to contemplate as potential killers.  Slowly as the mystery unfolds, experienced Lifetime viewers can see the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Natalie can only rely on herself to find the truth.  As per usual, it’s easy to get mad at the police.  However, when you learn that evidence was destroyed, you understand how they are lead down the wrong path.  At no point will you ever believe Natalie is the problem and that’s the true fault of the movie.  With the title, you expect to wonder if Natalie could have done it but that never happens.  More misdirection towards Natalie would have been a great addition to the movie.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You don’t have to do that – Natalie

Just no more punching people. Understood? – Caroline

Once people think you are something, that’s all their going to see. Trust me, I know – Annie

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Hailey Dean Mysteries: Death on Duty – Review

Hailey Dean Mysteries: Death on Duty – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mysteries: Death on Duty

Fincher and Hailey run into a friend of Fincher’s from his Marine days.  Kirk works as an inspector for U.S. Government contracts and came to town to inspect a few businesses.  Fincher offers to meet Kirk and his wife for dinner, along with Hailey, Jonas, and his girlfriend.  At dinner, Fincher can see Kirk and his wife, Kaylee, are having some issues.  When Kaylee excuses herself, Fincher offers to help.  Kirk doesn’t open up but promised he would if he needed Fincher.  They all part ways.  Later that night, Kirk calls Fincher and says he needs help and Fincher says he will be there in the morning.  When Fincher visits Kirk, he bumps into military police.  The MP states Kirk is missing and considered AWOL (absent without leave).  Fincher knows his friend wouldn’t just leave, he wants to find Kirk before the MPs and get an explanation.  Hailey refuses to leave his side.  She remembers Kirk was wearing a fitness tracker and hacks his account.  After locating Kirks last ping, Fincher and Hailey search the woods.  They find the tracker and Kirk … dead.  Masking his pain, Fincher will stop at nothing to find out what happened to his friend.  And Hailey will be there as a friend and his lawyer, every step of the way.

Based on The Hailey Dean book series by Nancy Grace, this movie will give you a more in-depth view of Fincher (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  You have never seen this side of him and it’s amazing.  He dedication isn’t just for Hailey.  It’s for anyone he cares about.  The mystery is well written and will keep you in the dark until the very end.  As they find another body, affairs, and corporate corruption, you will need to take notes to keep up.  Seeing Fincher’s character grow beyond food and puns shows growth of the series.  New fans will become die-heart fans.  And die-heart fans will have their faith in the series renewed.  Hopefully, the growth of each character will continue.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I have to find out who did this to him. He would do the same for me – Fincher

It’s adorable that you think that – Hailey

You say exciting. I say terrifying – Jonas

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Psycho Stripper – Review

Psycho Stripper – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Psycho Stripper

Amber is excited to get married to Owen in one week.  Her friend and maid of honor, Taryn is more excited for the bachelorette party.  Taryn throws the party at Amber’s dance studio and hires 3 male exotic dancers to perform.  After some embarrassing laughs, Amber excuses herself to the bathroom.  On the way out, she bumps into Hunter, one of the male dancers.  They talk and Amber goes back to the party.  Hunter slips something into Amber’s champagne while she talks to her friends.  Before Amber can have a drink, her future mother-in-law, Margot, crashes the party.  She is ashamed of Amber’s party and the fact others could have seen it through the studios’ window.  After breaking up the party, Margot’s tires were slashed but Hunter offers to help.  She quickly declines his offer and Amber fixes it.  The next day, Hunter comes to her dance studio for dance lessons and Amber takes him as a client.  She thinks he is great until he starts to get too close.  Hunter explains he is trying to get close to Taryn and Amber approves.  Hunter is lying.  He wants Amber and will try anything to stop her wedding.  Even send his own wedding invitations.

The title is wild but Hunter’s pursuit is wilder.  While the story of a “craze stalker” isn’t new, it’s fun to watch Hunter’s manipulation of Amber and Taryn.  However, experienced Lifetimers can figure out Hunter’s motives when Owen’s backstory is revealed.  So, the enjoyment comes when you watch Hunter come unhinged as he tries to get closer to Amber.  In conclusion, decent acting, predictable ending, with a shocking journey.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh, congratulations by the way – Hunter

I am 100% not surprised that this is your idea, Taryn – Margot

I think you have the potential – Taryn

I don’t like the way he looks at you – Owen

That still doesn’t explain how he got to me – Amber

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Paris, Wine, & Romance – Review

Paris, Wine, & Romance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Paris, Wine, & Romance

Isabella has taken over her father’s winery, Ricci Ridge Winery, but she doesn’t want to run it his way.  She wants to be a national winery and tries to finds a distributor.  Her local distributor doesn’t want to sell her wine because it doesn’t have a big enough following.  He shows her bottles from one of the companies he works with and they all have awards from the Le Grand Prix De Vins in Paris.  She says she will enter.  He tells her that’s too much too fast. He encourages Isabella to enter some local wine competitions and build up a reputation before entering the Grand Prix.  Isabella is sorrowful and tells everything to her Uncle Travis.  Travis tells her to enter any competition.  Still, in doubt, Isabella focuses on her wine instead of entering any contest.  Travis takes the initiative and enters the Grand Prix for her.  Six weeks later, she is a finalist in the Grand Prix.  Isabella flies to Paris hoping to learn about manufacturing, learn about marketing, and meet important people.  She never thought she would find love with a competitor, Jacques.

Have a great glass of wine and chocolates nearby.  You will need it.  As Isabella displays her strong palate for wine, you will want what she is drinking.  The love story grows naturally alongside the competition.  It happens so suddenly but you will be more engrossed in the competition than the lover’s flame.  However, when Isabella makes a sacrifice to save Jacques, you will fall in love with their romance.  When the ultimate display of affection is given, your heart will melt for them.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Go big or go home – Travis

Merci beaucoup. Au revoir. And bon appetit – Isabella

You can’t mix business with pleasure? – Jacques

Life’s too short for bad wine – Maurice

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Pregnant and Deadly – Review

Pregnant and Deadly – Lifetime – 2 hours and 1 minute

Pregnant and Deadly

Jessica sits in a room hoping to adopt a baby of her own.  The social worker looks over her paperwork, takes a deep breath, and speaks the truth.  While Jessica is financially stable, she is divorced.  Jessica tells the social worker that she would be a great single mother.  Jessica lost her child and had to get a hysterectomy to save her life after a car accident.  Losing her baby ended her marriage.  Now, she wants to adopt a child of her own.  The social work points out that Jessica was charged with domestic violence and has a restraining order against her.  These felonies will always stop her from adopting.  Jessica becomes irate.  She can’t believe after Amber caused her accident, she was never going to have a baby.  She decides to get revenge once and for all.  She finds Amber’s location and follows Amber to her yoga studio.  Jessica arrives just in time to see Amber faint.  After Amber is rushed from the hospital,  Jessica snoops behinds the doctor’s office door.  She overhears that Amber is pregnant.  Jessica changes tactics.  She doesn’t want to kill Amber, she wants to take her baby.  Jessica will leave a path of destruction behind her for that baby.

How many signs does a person need to realize someone is crazy?  Amber’s mom, husband, and friends try to warn her about all the “coincidences” surrounding Jessica.   Jessica living down the street, adopting a baby, and working at her OBGYN is more than just happenstance. Jessica is up to no good and everyone can see it accept Amber.  It doesn’t matter that Jessica has a Freudian slip at Jonathan’s (Amber’s soon to be son) crib, Amber won’t believe that Jessica has bad intentions.  You will lose interest in caring for Amber and cheer for Jessica’s conniving ways.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I know. That’s what makes our relationship so special – Amber

Having a baby does mean everything to me. Just not your baby – Jessica

For a second there, I forgot who the real mommy was – Kyle

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A Mother on the Edge – Review

A Mother on the Edge – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Mother on the Edge

Blair wakes up her precocious daughter, Lorie, and reminder her its the first day of the 3rd grade.  Both are excited about the 3rd grade but Lorie’s sad that she had to move to a new house and school after her parents divorced.  After dropping off her daughter, Blair meets with her lawyer, Cynthia.  Blair is suing Harriette and her multi-million company for stealing her ideas.  Cynthia believes its an easy win.  After the meeting, Blair works and attempts to pick up Lorie.  When Lorie doesn’t come out the school, she talks to the teacher.  The teacher said Lorie was never in her class.  The school says she wasn’t enrolled.  Blair calls her ex, Simon, and her world comes crashing down.  He says Lorie died months ago in their car crash.  Blair can’t believe it but all the photos she took of Lorie is not on her phone.   Then, Simon takes Blair to Lorie’s grave.  Blair finally breaks down into despair.  She believes it all until she finds the picture Lorie drew that morning.  She knows Lorie is alive.  Now, Blair is on a mission to find her.

For a moment, you will start to wonder if Blair is crazy.  Her photos are missing, the school doesn’t know her, and there is a gravestone.  All this leads you to believe Lorie died.  The second Blair sees the drawing she knows the truth.  She has to fight everyone, including the police, to prove her daughter is alive.  Even her lawyer second-guesses her sanity.  This elaborate plan is the stuff of nightmares but perfectly plausible when you discover who’s behind it.  You will cheer Blair on as she fights, schemes, and double-cross anyone who gets in her way.  And you will have a soft spot for tough-talking Lorie.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Help me with what. We’re separated Simon – Blair

I’ve been hearing you’ve been having some trouble at home lately – Harriette

Night, night teddy – Lorie

Hey, what are you doing with a gun – Simon

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Morning Show Mysteries: Death By Design – Review

Morning Show Mysteries: Death By Design – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Morning Show Mysteries: Death By Design

Billie is throwing a party for Marian and Jasmine at her restaurant.  While they are identical twins, Billie is closer to Marian.  In high school, Jasmine was the trouble maker and the center of attention.  Marian is shy but loves being around Billie.  So, Billie is confused when she gets a text from Marian saying she won’t attend.  Then, Cassandra sees Jasmine kick her old friend Riley out of the party.  Jasmine enjoys the party while barking orders at the staff and her friends.  After the party, Maurice notices Jasmine’s purse on the table.  Before he can give it to her, he pulls Jasmine out the way of a speeding car.  Ian comes to question Jasmine and Maurice about the near hit and run.  Ian believes it was a drunk driver who drove away.  But he decides to question Riley, just in case.  Billie finally gets a chance to see Marian but the meeting interrupted when Ian walks in the room.  He tells Marian her twin, Jasmine, was murdered in a back alley and found by a homeless man.  Ian believes it was a robbery gone bad.  After the funeral, Marian pleads with Billie to help.  Marian’s mother told her how Billie has helped Ian in the past.  Marian only trust Billie and Ian to find the person who murdered her sister.

Based on Morning Show Murders by Al Roker, this mystery will take you around the world and back again (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With scheming friends, questionable husband, and an insurance policy, anyone can be a suspect.  One amazing difference of this episode, it allows the viewer to be a fly on the wall when Billie is not in the room.  Normally, the plot follows Billie.  However, when Riley, Lana, and Stacy speak privately and point fingers, you are there for it all.  You feel a step ahead but you are still behind.  You will watch it twice and keep it on your DVR.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Go home before you ruin the party for everyone else. Just go – Jasmine

Over my broken body – Maurice

Wait a minute, are you asking me to help you – Billie

As for Ian, don’t solve a problem where there isn’t one – Cassandra

You’re so Billie to not notice all these fine lines – Marian

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