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Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Will to Kill – Review

Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Will to Kill – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Will to Kill

While reconciling her past and looking into Will’s murder, Hailey is intrigued by a missing classmate named Emma.  She was last seen the night Will died.  As a college news reporter, Emma has a list of enemies.  And her personal life wasn’t easier.  While Hailey barely knew her, she believes there is a connection between Emma’s disappearance and Will’s murder.  Hailey has her doubts about the case until a fake social media account appears, a mystery cousin was spotted the day after the disappearance, and she is almost run over.  Hailey knows this means she is close to solving Emma’s case but is she close to solving Will’s.

Based on the Hailey Dean Mysteries by Nancy Grace, this will finally answer the question Hailey Dean fans have had since episode 1.  But don’t worry.  This isn’t the end of the series.  With this good mystery, you also get a fun subplot about Fincher relationship and his strong ties to Hailey.  While this is a good story, it’s not the strongest mystery.  This final part of a three-part episode had fans predicting perpetrators since the first part.  And your prediction was probably right.  So watch this movie for the “why” not the “who”.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

But I like you for you. Not for the things we do together – Hailey

For what its worth Hailey, I am proud of you no matter what happens – Jonas

I promise not to be afraid of you – Clyde

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The Wrong Son – Review

The Wrong Son – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Wrong Son

A fun family day at the beach ends in a panic when Sara and Jake heard their son Ian screaming for his brother Matt.  Decades later the family believes Matt was swept at sea.  And the feelings of lost come back during Ian’s wedding, especially since his father Jake died a few weeks prior in a car accident.  After learning the will is to be split between Ian and Sara, she finds a young man on her front lawn. He tells her he is Matt and he came to find his real mom.  He explains he was found ashore after suffering a seizure, put into foster care, and then adopted.  His adoptive parents finally told him the truth and he came looking for her.  Now he is ready to reconnect and be a part of the family.  While Sara is accepting, Ian is cautious.  But Matt isn’t the only family member with a secret.

Slow build up, strong climax, with a lackluster ending.  You know something is off about Matt but you are not sure why he is in their lives.  As the plan reveals itself, it seems so ordinary.  There is one big reveal but it just isn’t wow enough after several murders.  While this movie answers every question you have about its characters, you don’t need to cancel plans to watch it.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Mom Help – Ian

It’s a lot right now but I’m managing – Sara

You don’t believe me – Matt

I’m too young to be a widow – Rachel

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Love At First Dance – Review

Love At First Dance – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love At First Dance

Hope is a free-spirited dance instructor at DanceTopia.  While she teaches children, she also helps couples prepare for the first dance at their wedding.  As she is hoping to get a loan to buy the dance studio, she is offered to audition for an assistance choreographer job in London.  She is now questioning where she should be in life.  Eric is preparing to be the head of a brokerage firm after his father leaves the company.  He will not be alone.  His fiance Adriana’s father is stepping down too.  She dreamed of running the firm since high school.  And doing it with her future husband is a bonus.  With his wedding and takeover just days away, Eric is wondering if its all enough for him.  He had a double major in college: theater and finance.  While he followed finance, his heart was in the theater.  To make the wedding smoother Adriana and Eric’s overbearing mothers sign them up for dance class.  With Hope.  As Hope and Eric work together, they confide in each other and connect.

The love story has a steady pace to allow you to believe the love is real.  And the divide between Eric and Adriana allows you to see the issues without hating Hope for their doomed relationship.  This movie follows the Hallmark formula to a tee, so you watch it for character development and the jokes.  The mother’s meddling will have you yelling at the screen but the wisdom of Eric’s father will bring you joy.  And don’t forget to spot the Hallmark card!

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Peter was perfection on paper. Reality was something different – Hope

Who is he guarding? Is Rihana inside? – Eric

Tell me these nerves subside – Cassidy

A 93. She must have liked you – Vanessa

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#StalkedByMyDoctor, #HaileyDean, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge – Review

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge – Lifetime – 2 hours and 4 minutes

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge

Dr. Beck was acquitted of all charges against him for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Sophie.  He can’t practice medicine but was hired as a professor at Southeastern Arizona University (SAU).  While his conscience tells him to ignore the young students in his class, he constantly fantasizes about them.  He hopes he can start a new life but old habits die hard when he meets an eager student named Melissa.  Meanwhile, in LA, Sophie still has the nightmares of her ordeal and can’t believe the jury didn’t send Dr. Beck to jail.  Her parents hope college will be a new start but she has other plans.  She lied to her parents about attending a local school and will be attending SAU.  She plans to make Dr. Beck’s life a living nightmare.

The third movie in the Stalked by My Doctor series, this movie ups the crazy factor.  It adds a subconscious, murder, and explosion.  With a plot straight from of the ID channel, Melissa takes “ride or die chick” to a whole new level.  While watching this movie, you worry about Sophie.  Not as a victim but a perpetrator.  She gets closer to getting arrested, expelled, or locked in a mental institution each time she goes after Dr. Beck.  If you are a fan of this series, #3 will not disappoint.  However, new fans should watch #1 before seeing #3.  #2 is not necessary.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You said you’d love me no matter what I told you – Dr. Beck

Watch me – Sophie

That is so generous of you – Melissa

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Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder – Review

Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean: A Marriage Made for Murder

Well-respected art dealer Victor dies to leave behind an angry artist and a disconnected wife Christy.  It’s not until Hailey hears Christy arguing over the phone that she starts to look into his death.  Hailey learns the insurance company will not release the payment to Christy until they have a death certificate.  So she goes to her boyfriend Jonas to get the certificate.  Jonas finds out the nurse wanted an autopsy and the files are missing, so a certificate cannot be created.  When Hailey goes to Christy to ask her to request Victor’s body be exhumed for an autopsy.  Christy hands Hailey Victor’s ashes.  Jonas looks through the ashes and finds a bone fragment.  A fragment is loaded with arsenic.  Victor’s death is now a murder.  And by the end of this investigation, Hailey has to decide if she should do the right thing or follow the law.

Based on the Nancy Grace’s Hailey Dean novels, this addition fits in perfectly with the rest of the movies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While this 3 part series of movies focus on Hailey finding out who killed her fiance, each character has his or her own arc of growth.  The bonds between each character grow stronger as you learn how deeply they cared for one another.  And you will get a compelling mystery to boot.  It comes down to the ultimate question of ethics for Hailey.  What would you choose: Right or Law?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m so glad you said that because I was going to make your help me whether you wanted to or not – Sabrina

Just keep buying art – Christy

You’re so understanding, it makes me feel terrible – Hailey

I’m not forcing you to – Jonas

Don’t break the branch Hailey; be the breeze that bends it – Fincher

Ready, for what? – Danny

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The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells – Review

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells

Molly has been giving her bridal boot camp for years at the local gym.  But she wants to open her gym of her own.  She is ready to take the next step in her career.  While she makes advancements, Nick has switched from wedding photographer to gallery artist.  His photos will be admired by all.  With everything going on the right track, Nick gets on one knee and ask Molly to marry him.  Without a second breath, she says yes.  The two are happy to start planning their wedding until a mistake gives them only a few weeks to get everything together.  And if things can’t get harder for Molly, she learns the only person who wants to invest in her new gym is Stephen.  The man that left her at the altar.  She must navigate a bumpy present and a messy past while advancing her career.  Will Nick and Molly make it down the aisle?

The Perfect Bride will make your head spend in this new edition.  Often, Molly has fixed the lives of others while ignoring her past issues.  While she and Nick have talked about marriage, it hasn’t been at the forefront of any movie in the past.  Now, the past and present will collide for long awaiting fans.  While this does have its funny moments, it reaches a plateau and fails to entertain.  It takes the focus off of the wedding planning and puts it all in Molly’s relationship with her ex.  It feels as if the writers are trying to make him a major character.  Molly’s past relationship should be just that, the past.  Hopefully, this is the last of Stephen’s storyline.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Where’s Steven – Molly

Wow this guy sound really good looking. I should meet him sometime – Nick

Venue? Molly, I know you better than that – Stephen

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#GirlInTheBunker, #HaileyDean, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Girl in the Bunker – Review

Girl in the Bunker – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Girl in the Bunker

Elizabeth Shoaf was a happy, loving older sister that took care of her brother after school.  So when she didn’t come home one day, her mother got a sick feeling.  At that moment, Mrs. Shoaf had no idea Elizabeth was in trouble.   Elizabeth decided to walk the quarter mile home instead of getting into a cramped car.  On the way home, Elizabeth was approached by a man impersonating a police officer.  He told Elizabeth she was being arrested for marijuana plants behind her house.  Then he put a device around her neck and told her it was a bomb in case she ran.  After they walked past her home and deeper in the woods, the man told her the truth.  His name was Vinson and he was kidnapping her.  He created an underground bunker with explosive devices and booby traps all around it.  If she tried to escape, he would kill her.  Elizabeth will be tortured, raped, and beaten over a period of 10 days with only her wits to help her.

Like I Am Elizabeth Smart and Girl in the Box, it’s easy to blame the victim.  But you should only villanize one person in this movie, Vinson.  He is the sick person that kidnapped Elizabeth because she was the easiest target.  She was alone and trusted authority.  You will quickly get angry at all the police missteps and Vinson’s accomplices.  As Elizabeth is trapped in the bunker, she never loses hope or strength.  She uses her brain to gain compassion and leave clues to outsmart her kidnapper.  This based on a true story movie did not have to happen, but this movie and Elizabeth’s ordeal can be a teaching tool for your children. Watch it with them and teach them how to stay safe.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

If that’s the attitude your gonna have maybe don’t bother coming home – Mrs. Shoaf

You need to calm down and accept the situation here – Vinson

Are you gonna kill me – Elizabeth

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Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder – Review

Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mysteries: 2 + 2 = Murder

Naomi just got a big promotion and ran a successful fundraiser to save her school.  So everyone is shocked when she emails her boss stating she turning down the job and not coming back.  Everyone including Hailey.  However, when Hailey’s niece Parker tells her aunt that Naomi wanted to talk to her at the fundraiser because Hailey once worked for the DA, Hailey starts to investigate.  Hailey Dean considers Naomi to be missing until she finds Naomi’s jewelry with blood.  Now, the police believe this missing person case is a murder investigation.  Hailey is determined to uncover the truth no matter who it hurts or who is hurt.

In true Hailey form, she is a step ahead of everyone.  But once again, she puts herself in harm’s way and almost gives Fincher a heart attack.  With this crime, Fincher and Hailey solidify their unique and strong friendship over a taco truck.  All the while, Hailey is dealing with a friend of her late boyfriend.  This is the first movie in a 3-part movie series, so a lot is left open-ended.  Instead of getting a list of possible suspects with an unlikeable victim, you adore the victim and there are no real suspects.  It’s not until the end that you get the final and only criminal.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Fincher, if you were missing, wouldn’t you want me to come looking for you -Hailey

Yeah, like I said more fun – Fincher

I have to fix this – Jeff

Now, who’s changing the subject – Sabrina

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Marrying Mr. Darcy – Review

Marrying Mr. Darcy – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Marrying Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth is floored when her boyfriend Donovan Darcy ask for her hand in marriage. She is excited to plan a small, outdoor wedding with all their close family and friends. She even decides to forgive Donovan’s Aunt Violet and ask her to attend the wedding. Donovan loves this idea, but Elizabeth regrets it instantly. Violet takes over the venue, date, guest list, food, flower, and even her dress. Soon Elizabeth doesn’t recognize herself or her wedding. She holds her tongue and keeps going until Violet tells her she will need to quit her job to be Mrs. Darcy. Newly hired Elizabeth panics and wonders if she is marrying her loving fiance Donovan or his job as Mr. Darcy.

This is the first Hallmark movie that will make you angry. As Violet takes over with “more suitable suggestions”, you will get frustrated.  But not only at Aunt Violet, but at Elizabeth’s lack of strength.  She just refuses to stand up for herself.  And it affects her engagement to Donovan.  While is infuriating to watch, it is a compromise some women and men make to appease their families.  Now like all Hallmark movies, this comes to a promising end, but with this promise comes the ultimate compromise.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

And they say wedding planning is hard – Elizabeth

You really have to thank Elizabeth for me being here. “Family” is really important to her – Donovan

So, I’m not our best friend – Brandon

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Nightclub Secrets – Review

Nightclub Secrets – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nightclub Secrets

Zoe Harrington happily teaches creative writing to her students and loves reading the classics.  However, her secret passion is for crime novels.  But when her sister Rachel commits suicide, she accepts the police findings.  Even when her alcoholic mother says otherwise,  Zoe believes her sister was unhappy.  However, when Zoe starts reading her sister’s journal and Rachel’s friend dies, Zoe decides to investigate.  Zoe believes the best place to start is Rachel’s job at a nightclub.  There, Rachel was a bottle girl who sold expensive bottles of alcohol for a 20% cut.  At first, Zoe is ignored but when she uses her sister tips written in the journal, she gets the job.  Soon, she is the #1 bottle girl and #1 target.

Talk about a slow burn. This movie sizzles for an hour and a half about the mystery of Rachel suicide, then it really gets going with a big reveal. This reveal will expose multiple crime syndicates going on in the nightclub. Although the perpetrator is exposed early in the movie, the motives and accomplices are not. So stick with this movie for a surprising and strong ending.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Still obsessed with books I see – Rachel

This is what she does. She uses people – Zoe

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#TheWatcherInTheWoods, #BachelorNextDoor, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

The Watcher in the Woods – Review

The Watcher in the Woods – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Watcher in the Woods

For the next 3 months, Jan and her sister Ellie will live in Wales, England with their parents for their father’s job.  Jan is not happy with the change and makes it known to the family.  The family must pick a rental home and soon.  The town will have a festival to mark the day of a miracle, causing every room to be booked.  When the realtor shows them a book of rental properties, they come across the Aylwood House.  Soon Jan hears of the legend surrounding the house.  Years ago, Karen Aylwood went into the woods but never came out.  Her mother was a suspect but never charged due to lack of evidence.  However, Mrs. Aylwood when into a mental institution after her daughter went missing.  The town avoids Mrs. Aylwood and her property to this day.  Once the family moves into the Aylwood house strange things start to happen.  They hear whispers in the woods, Ellie is sleep talking/screaming, and mirrors are breaking.  Jan needs to find out what is going on in the woods before it has a permanent effect on Ellie.

Based on The Watcher in the Woods by Florence Engel Randall, this movie will have you looking at trees differently (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie is better than its predecessor and strikes a cord of fear and kindness effortlessly.  It’s fun to watch and dissect the town’s past with the black plague and its connect connection to Karen’s disappearance.  Also be prepared to feel bad for Jan.  Her parent’s blame her for all the issues in the home because they think she is using it as an excuse to go back to the US.  This movie leaves no question unanswered and uses the landscape masterfully.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Wow, this place already feels like fun – Jan

What did you say to her or were you just singing your rhymes – Mrs. Aylwood

Yeah, she hunts me – John

Nerak, Nerak, Nerak – Ellie

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The Bachelor Next Door – Review

The Bachelor Next Door – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Bachelor Next Door

Alex is an unknown painter looking for her big break.  And while she loves her boyfriend Gavin, she isn’t ready to commit to him.  She worries that marriage will make her complacent in the housewife life.  She feels like she would stop painting or lose her edge.  As she is painting, she smells smoke coming from her kitchen.  Just as she runs out of the house, her neighbor Donnie runs in to put the fire out.  Even though it was a burnt-out extension cord, Alex is grateful Donnie was there.  When Donnie reveals he is single, Alex invites him to a dinner party with all her single friends as a “Thank You”.   Soon, Alex can’t shake the feeling she knows Donnie from somewhere.  But the closer she gets to Donnie, the weirder and more instructive he becomes.

This is another movie with very little to offer the audience.  While the actor’s tried to make it work with decent performances, the plot line is not new.  It follows the concept of many Lifetime movies.  The nice person becomes crazy, starts sabotaging the object of their desire, then tries to kill everyone, and finally reveals why in the last 2 minutes.  While this movie belongs on Lifetime, you should DVR it and save it for background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I know myself and I’ll get complacent. I’ll lose my edge – Alex

Picasso didn’t care about sales. Neither should you – Donnie

So, you’re an electrician – Gavin

I don’t know what’s going on between you guys but it’s over for us – Sage

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Psycho In-Law – Review

Psycho In-Law – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Psycho In-Law

Since losing her daughter, Joyce dotes on her granddaughter Harper and loves her son-in-law Brock.  She is an integral part of their everyday lives.  She even makes room for Brock’s girlfriend Tina.  But when Tina and Brock become engaged, Joyce is furious.  It took Brock 6 years to propose to her daughter.  But it took him 6 months to propose to Tina.  Also, Tina is starting to take over her family duties.  Joyce believes her time with her granddaughter will be taken from her and she must remove Tina out of their lives by any means necessary.  And no one will stand in her way.

This movie is the true Monster-In-Law movie (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).   This woman will go to no end to ruin Brock’s relationship with Tina.  Joyce will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to keep her life the same.  You will be shocked to see the level of crazy Joyce will reach.  But what makes her character perfect is that she is crazy with perfect poise.  It’s that poise that makes people trust her.   By being a fly on the wall, you know she is slowly unraveling. But when the film looks back on her daughter’s life, you see that Joyce has always been controlling.   This movie is a fun watch. So get your tea ready.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Miss you everyday sweet angel – Joyce

So I can come across as the needy “a” hole that is trying to get rid of his late wife’s mother – Tina

Oh no, preteen already. Ewww – Brock

You shouldn’t have done that. It wasn’t yours – Harper

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Hailey Dean Mystery: Dating is Murder – Review

Hailey Dean Mystery: Dating is Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mystery: Dating is Murder

Hailey is enjoying the adrenaline rush of a walk in the park with her friend Sabrina.  But that is quickly interrupted when she meets with her mother and her mother’s friend Regina.  Regina has not seen or heard from her daughter Miranda in days.  Hailey – town sleuth and therapist – promises to look into it.  When Hailey goes to the police station, she learns that several women have been disappearing for months and some have died.  However, they are a hard time finding a connection between the women.  So, Hailey and Fincher meet with some of Miranda’s friends and discovers a connection.  First, the women were athletic, smart, and fun.  Second, they were all using the same dating app: Penguin Match.  Hailey is worried that the killer is using the app to find victims.  But Hailey knows that she better find the killer fast.  Her friend Sabrina uses that app and fits the killer’s type.

Based on Hailey Dean Mysteries by Nancy Grace, this mystery has everything: lies, drugs, love, revenge, and envy.   Now, the experienced watcher can pick out the killer in 20 minutes.  But it’s worth it to see the mystery unfold.  There are plenty of twists and turns to make you second guess yourself.  And once again, this case effects Hailey’s life by making her boyfriend Jonas second guess their relationship.  But that is outweighed by her worrying about her best friend.  Dean fans, don’t worry.   The banter between Fincher and Hailey are better than ever.  It’s the comic relief needed in this tale of murder and love in the 21st century.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Admitting you need help is the first step – Sabrina

I don’t really know anything – Lisa

Call me old fashion but I still prefer fate over technology – Hailey

You need to have some barriers up sometime. You don’t want to hear your neighbors chewing their food – Fincher

You can see yourself out or have security escort you out – Wade

I know better than to think there won’t be – Danny

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Boy Bye – Review

Boy Bye – BET Her – 2 hours and 30 minutes

Boy Bye

Veronica Love is the CEO of a real estate company and author of the book “Boy Bye”.  She says the closest she will get to “love” is her last name.  She has several friends who have impacted her life.  Melanie, Love’s assistant, is there for her at any moment.  Charity, Love’s BFF, recently caught her husband cheating.  Beverly is completely in love with her new man.  Angela is Love’s therapist and inspired her to write her book.  When Love hears that Charity’s marriage is over, she swoops in to help.  She believes they should all get away.  So Angela tells the ladies about a retreat she speaks at every summer.  It is informally called The Break-Up Retreat.  Singles come to help their love lives.  Veronica believes this is the perfect place for Charity.  At the retreat, Veronica runs into Lance.  Lance quickly woos her and has her considering love.  And just when things are going great, Charity overhears Lance’s secret.  This secret will affect Veronica’s love, personal, and business relationships.  Veronica will need to summon all her strength to fix this.

This movie has some great quips and fun relationship plots but it isn’t anything new or special.  You can guess the ending even though there is a small twist.  The characters are not a challenge for these actors.  If you need background noise for 2.5 hours, this is the right move for you.  Otherwise, you have seen it.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Let me just say it feels good to be me – Love

You know money never sleeps – Lance

All you gonna do is reel him in like the rest, then drop him. You know how you do Love – Beverly

And I am moving the hell on – Charity

Enough with LOVE and her nonlove issues – Angela

I say we find her and make her disappear. Ya’ll know I got people – Melanie

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#KillerMom, #TheStalkerClub, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Killer Mom – Review

Killer Mom – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

Killer Mom

Jessica is having a hard time. Her husband was just arrested for investment fraud, she lost her home and possessions, and she moved into her friend’s parent’s home. Her friend Simone made a statement that got her wheels turning. “At least we don’t have kids to work about”. Jessica had a daughter that she gave up for adoption and her biological father Cameron has millions. When it’s reported that Cameron (a widower) died in a plane crash, leaving his 2 daughters alone with an inheritance, she goes to see her daughter Alison. After losing both of her parents, Alison is quick to invite Jessica into their home. But her big sister Sydni doesn’t trust Jessica. Sydni ignores her instinct for her sister’s happiness. But when their “Uncle” Aaron is caught with child porn, their housekeeper’s mother is attacked, and drugs are found in Sydni’s car, Sydni knows Jessica is behind it all. But its what they don’t know that will surprise them all.

This movie is a guilty pleasure with twists and turns for Jessica, Alison, and Sydni. Within the first 5 minutes, your jaw will hit the floor with one bang. In 20 minutes, you will be sipping tea on all the family secrets. Jessica’s character is maniacally delicious. As she manipulates everyone in her path, you will countdown to who will fall next. Also, don’t be fooled by Sydni. She may come off as a typical Lifetime spoiled brat, but that works in her favor. While it’s not the ending you expect, it’s definitely satisfying. Be sure to watch this with snacks, tea, and time to give it your full attention.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Because I want to know the truth. How much trouble are we in – Jessica

Ce can talk about this later. But in meantime, we have guest – Robert

At least we don’t have kids to work about – Simone

People don’t change. They get older – Aaron

Thanks dad – Sydney

You are my loose end – Cole

I may have lost a lot, but I have a lot too – Alison

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The Stalker Club – Review

The Stalker Club – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Stalker Club

Ashley left her friend Meredith behind for her new boyfriend Darren and his friends (Chloe, Sadie, Mark). Even though she hangs out with the group, she is still treated like an outsider. But during lunch, they discuss a text they all got asking them to join “The Stalker Club”. No one clicked the link before, so they all decide to join together. The game rules are:

  1. Draw a piece of paper from the hat. All but one will be marked a victim. The other is stalker
  2. If you get “stalker”, you have to stalk the others
  3. Stalkers are allowed to throw people off their scent
  4. If you unmask the stalker and you are wrong, you are out
  5. If you unmask the stalker and you are right, you win
  6. As soon as you join, you can’t tell anyone about “Stalker Club”

The club seems like a good idea, but Ashley is quickly scared by a mask, banging on the door, and text messages. She wants out but her friends think she is just being a wimp. So they start to work together to figure out who is the stalker. However, when the game goes too far and players are dying, Ashley (threaten by the group) still keeps the secret. What will it take for the group to ask for help? And who is the killer/stalker?

If you think you know who is the stalker, then you are most likely wrong. It doesn’t take too long for the body count to increase and accusation to fly among the group. As you get to know each group member, you learn they are all dealing with different issues (cutting, alcoholism, illness, criminal records). This is a fun watch for suspense lover but not horror. This is a Lifetime movie, so they can only have so much gore. And just when you think you figured out the stalker/killer, they will be killed. So don’t get attached. So DVR and watch in the daytime with the door locked. And yes, it looks like there will be a part two.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I have a note from my doctor that says I can’t do this – Sadie

I think we should do it, join stalker club – Chloe

It’s better. We’re not going to be playing a game, we are going to be living it – Mark

It’s just a stupid game. And I gonna win – Ashley

You know, we were best friends – Meredith

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Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate – Review

Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate

Hailey is trying a fresh start with her new beau when she is pushed into her past. Jonas unknowingly takes her pass the alley that changed her life. In that alley, her boyfriend William was murdered. Now her nightmares have restarted and she is trying to forget that night again. Because of this pain, Hailey is the best person to help her friend Pam. Pam’s parents recently died in a car crash and she has worked up the nerve to sell their worldly possession. While talking in a bar with Hailey and Fincher, Pam gets scared and leaves. Once Hailey talks to Pam, she reveals that she may have seen the man that stalked her. Fincher chases after the guy but loses him. Hailey calms down Pam and they leave. Later, Hailey meets Pam at her parent’s home while the auctioneer and realtor look through it. Pam reveals that she is dating Ryan, the realtor, and wants Hailey to get to know him. While at dinner, Ryan reveals that he bought them tickets to Aruba. But since they have only dated for one month, Hailey fears it’s too soon for Pam to go on a trip. However, Pam feels she needs this trip to escape her pain and decides to go. The next morning people are worried because they haven’t heard from Pam. Hailey goes to her home to find Ryan holding a note. Pam says she just can’t do it and that she left town. Hailey is a little concern until she gets a call from Pam. She knows Pam is in trouble and believes she has been kidnapped, can she convince the police to help? Why was she a target? Who has her?

Based on characters by Nancy Grace, Hailey provide enough mystery and intrigue to keep you watching. The one liners of Doris will leave you laughing and amazed at her audacity. The nosey, not nosey, Sarah, will remind you of the gossiping auntie we all have. You must pay attention to understand the full story and there are 2 twist fans will not see coming. With a hit and run, poisoning, and a stalker, this mystery has everything. This is one to watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Where you to married in a previous life – Pam

Forgive me when I say, with love, I don’t believe you – Fincher

Define ok. Her parents died in a car crash 2 months ago and now this – Hailey

Well not yet anyway – Sabrina

Yeah I am sure that’s written into the Georgia penal code – Jonas

Please tell them I wouldn’t harm her – Lance

Yes and we also have to handle you – Danny

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The Psycho She Met Online – Review

The Psycho She Met Online – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Psycho She Met Online

After Karen’s husband Andrew has an accident, she looks through their finances. With Andrew unable to work, their house underwater, and maxed out credit cards, Karen knows her EMT job won’t cut it. She must find a way to make another income. Her friend Aubrey shows her that she can make $7500 a month by renting rooms in her home to vacationers looking to skip hotels. She is skeptical, but when she sees landlord reviews along with an easy payment system, she posts her rooms online. Within 24 hours, she has several renters. She weaves through the renters and her first selection is Miranda. Miranda is in town on business and wants to rent for a week. But that’s only what Miranda tells Karen. Miranda has been stalking Karen and Andrew online for months and uses this opportunity to get closer to them. Soon, she is placing hidden cameras, canceling other guest rental agreements, and stopping anyone who may come between her and the family.

This thrill ride is delicious. Especially if you like rooting for the psycho with an amazing wardrobe. In Lifetime movies, it seems to be standard that the best dress person is the craziest person. The difference in this movie is Karen’s response to finding out the truth about Miranda. She doesn’t give Miranda the benefit of the doubt, she just kicks her out. This is what you scream for in other movies. “She’s nuts, why do you keep forgiving her!!!” Not Karen. Her friend Aubrey is quick to see the crazy in Miranda as well. Having protagonist that are not idiots is great. Lifetime struck silver with this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

There you are. I finally found you – Miranda

Please give me good guest, soon – Karen

That you are. That you are – Andrew

No Karen needs to know what kind of liar you are – Aubrey

I don’t believe this. Ok, I’ll try – Tyler

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Moonlight In Vermont – Review

Moonlight In Vermont – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Moonlight In Vermont

Fiona loves the fast paced life of New York and her job in real estate. She’s juggling everything when her boyfriend Nate decides he has had enough and dumps her. Seeing Fiona is still hung up on her ex, her friend Angela tells her that they should take a vacation. Angela believes the best place to go is Fiona’s father’s B&B in Vermont. Even though she has issues with her dad, Fiona decides she needs to get away from lovestruck New Yorkers. Once in Vermont, Fiona still can’t slow down, which irritates everyone, including the new chef Derek. Derek thinks Fiona is a New York princess and she thinks he is a Vermont lumberjack. She tries to steer clear of the tightly wound chef and attends the Maple Fair with Angela. While at the fair, Fiona sees Derek cooking and Nate … with his new girlfriend Hailey. She is floored by Nate presence and quickly lies. She tells Nate that she is there with her boyfriend Derek. Derek doesn’t want to go with the lie but when Fiona offers her real estate skills to get him a coveted piece of land, he agrees. Derek and Fiona spend time together to keep up the ruse but will being fake make love real.

With the Moonlight in Vermont by Frank Sinatra playing it the background, this love story is typical. Two people can’t stand each other, have to deal with each other for a lie, make a deal, and fall in love. For Hallmark, this is the same story with a different location and a different fair. There is no real surprise in this movie. Even when Fiona and her father talk out their differences, it’s the same old song and dance. The story is not interesting, but the actors did a great job. This rating was only saved by the acting. DVR this movie and watch when you need background noise.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

We are a great couple when we see each, but I am not dating your schedule – Nate

Men are like melons, it’s tough to pick a good one – Angela

Ok. Just think about it, but not for too long – Irwin

We left the big apple and ended up in Mayberry – Fiona

You and father are going to leave this tiff behind you – Delia

The world can’t survive a day without your input – Derek

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