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An Amish Sin – Review

An Amish Sin – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel is effervescent after her baptism and sees the world differently. Her mother, Sarah, is pleased because Rachel can get married and fulfill her duty of having a family and caring for a husband. Rachel helps her mother until she hears a horrible voice, Uncle Iddo. She keeps her distance when he is in the room. Rachel is relieved to hear Iddo won’t be able to stay the night. 

Later, Rachel cares for Sarah after Sarah has a dizzy spell. And Rachel hears a gut-wrenching song coming from upstairs. Sarah tells Rachel that Uncle Iddo decided to stay the night. Rachel goes upstairs and sees Iddo putting Rachel’s little sister, Bevin, to bed. And she hears Iddo singing the same lullaby he sang when he assaulted her at 8. He leaves Bevin’s room and confronts Rachel. He blames her for the assault and degrades her. The next night, Rachel goes to the barn to blow out a lantern for her father. Iddo waits for her inside and assaults Rachel again. She runs home and tells her father, but he blames and beats her. The family and church decided she should marry Iddo to remove her shame of tempting him. When she tries to run, they send Rachel away for re-indoctrination. Rachel runs away to Grace’s home. Grace is a friend of Rachel’s friend, Nate, and he met Grace during his rumspringa. Grace will help Rachel find the voice to speak out for herself, her sister, and Amish women like her.

This movie should have a trigger warning for the first hour. Inspired by actual events, it starts with Rachel’s assault at 8. Then she sits in church while a pastor forces a woman to forgive a man. Your skin will crawl while you get physically sick at Rachel’s family and congregation. Viewers will scream for Rachel to escape, but her indoctrination started at birth (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). She even reports herself for tempting Iddo. For women to feed into and propel this subjection in the name of religion is pure spite. It will break your heart to see Rachel return. But it serves a purpose, so hang in there if you can get past the first hour. And if you can’t, reach out for help.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I will execute justice for the needy – Rachel

Everyone’s watching. You can’t make a mistake – Iddo

We accept and we submit – Sarah

Show them who you are – Grace

I admire you, Rachel. I really do – Nate

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My Nightmare Office Affair – Review

My Nightmare Office Affair – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

During a business meeting, Nick exposes a security glitch in his company’s latest app. With brute force, a hacker can use the company’s app to access any device connected to a user’s Wi-Fi. Their boss, Lisa, asks the project manager, Bob, why he didn’t make her aware of the security issue sooner. Bob says it’s a recent find, but Nick alerted the team about it a month ago. Lisa isn’t happy, because this flaw can be detrimental if they don’t fix it before the release. Nick thinks he can find a way, but it will take time. 

Lisa invites Nick for drinks to discuss the product launch. She wants Nick to be the new program manager. It means longer hours until the release. Afterward, Nick can set his hours, choose his team, and get a raise. Nick smiles because more time at home will help his wife, Jen. Nick took on more work when Jen gave birth to their daughter, Julianna. Jen gave up being a yoga teacher and owning a studio, but now Nick believes Jen wants her job again. More time at home would help Jen restart her career. Nick comes home and tells Jen about his fortunate advancement but informs her his hours will increase for a while. 

At the launch party, Lisa gives Jen and Nick a toy bear for Julianna and introduces Nick as a genius. Jen starts to notice Lisa gets handsy with Nick. Bob confesses that Lisa and Nick spend a lot of alone time together. Jen comes over and alerts Nick that she’s ready to leave. Nick wants to stay because it’s his launch party. Later, Jen tells Nick that Lisa likes him, but Nick assures Jen that she is the only woman for him. Jen smiles, knowing her marriage is intact. But she is wrong. Lisa will hack, drug, and kill to get Nick. And not just for Nick but for what he offers: Julianna. Lisa wants to be a mom more than anything in the world. And the adoption agency turning her down left a damaged Lisa unhinged and ready to murder. 

If you watch this movie, stay until the end for the shocking twist of fate. Nick falls for every trick in the succubus handbook, and Lisa uses high-tech and low-tech manipulation to drive a wedge between them. And Nick makes multiple mistakes. He doesn’t stand up for his wife, speak up when he suspects Jen of cheating, or remove the hazardous app from his tablet. Lisa intrudes on their lives using text messages, a watch, and a nanny cam. Nick is so clueless, and it’s somewhat funny. For a moment, Jen holds him responsible for his actions but caves in the last 5 minutes. So don’t cheer for her too soon.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I bet you would make a great mother – Nick

I know you are – Lisa

I have ambitions too, Nick – Jen

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A Cozy Christmas Inn – Review

A Cozy Christmas Inn – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Erika gets a call that her boss, Sharon, is in the building and coming to her office. Sharon looks around and inquires about Erika’s office Christmas tree. Erika assures Sharon that she didn’t have time to decorate because work kept her too busy. Sharon asks Erika about Erika’s professional Christmas list, and Erika jokes about becoming a Vice President. Sharon tells Erika that Erika’s wish can be a reality if Erika helps Sharon get what she wants for Christmas. Then, Sharon hands Erika an InFlight magazine containing an article about Garland Inn. The Garland Inn is an Alaskan getaway with an observatory that tracks Santa’s movements in a blog. The blog has impressive traction, and Sharon thinks it would be a great addition to their vacation packages. They have a lot of well-known summer vacations but little for winter travelers. Sharon wants Erika to fly to Garland, Alaska, and purchase the Garland Inn. If Erika closes the deal, Sharon will make Erika a VP. Erika smiles but panic sets in when Sharon leaves.

Erika calls her best friend, Stephanie. Stephanie understands Erika’s reservations when she hears the town’s name. Erika dated a guy, Andy, but he moved to Garland to help with the family business, Holiday Shipping. Andy’s father, Frank, invests in Andy’s inn. Andy sold his plane to cover the mortgage, but now the money is almost gone. Frank wants Andy to consider the offer and return to the family business. Erika tells Stephanie that meeting Andy is no big deal, but Stephanie knows that’s a lie. Erika and Andy will work together, and Erika will learn there is more to Garland and the Holiday family than meets the eye. However, the deal is a lose-lose situation. If Andy sells, he will lose his dream, but Erika will get the job. If Andy keeps the inn, Erika will lose her promotion.

Ok. The movie isn’t bad, but it’s typical. A woman goes to a small town for business where her ex-boyfriend is and finds love and work. Now, holiday magic surrounds Frank’s business, and Garland is in on it. The plot doesn’t tell the viewer the secret but leaves enough hints to figure it out for yourself. The standouts are the townspeople, Sharon’s one-liners, and Stephanie’s naked truths. And let’s not forget the Apple and Pear Galette and sticky pudding.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You know what they say, Rome was built in a day – Sharon

Unless you do care. In that case, it matters a lot – Stephanie

I must say, the years have been kind – Andy

Why does everyone keep saying that – Erika

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The Podcast Murders – Review

The Podcast Murders – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chloe updates her podcast listeners on her latest findings about the Bombshell Murders. Chloe feels a connection to the victims because they all look like her. She doesn’t tell her name on the podcast, but Chloe promises to reveal it if the police capture the Bombshell Killer. Chloe shuts down the podcast and enjoys a drink. Then the phone rings. The caller greets Chloe by name and requests an interview. Chloe tells the caller they have the wrong number and hangs up. Later, the caller tries again. The caller warns Chloe that a reporter can find her if they can. Also, her editor knows and wants to run with the story with or without the interview. Chloe agrees to meet for coffee but off the record. The caller, Ellie, follows Chloe’s podcast and loves it. Ellie, like Chloe, was the victim of a crime, but neither a victim of the Bombshell Killer.

Chloe works out with the heavy bag and hurts her hand. Josh comes over and helps bandage it. He asks her out, but she is not ready. Ellie doesn’t want to wait for coffee because she is in the area. So, she asks Chloe to meet her at a bar for drinks. The two women bond about school, trauma, and work off the record. And Ellie gives Chloe advice about moving on past her attack, and Chloe uses this to accept Josh’s offer to date. Chloe has a new man, a new friend, and new information about the Bombshell killer. So she is on cloud nine. However, someone is in the shadows waiting and commenting. They want Chloe to stop the podcast, or they will end her.

If you are an experienced Lifetimer, you know something is afoot. Ellie and Josh coming into her life around the same time don’t bode well for Chloe. She gets threats on her podcast’s message boards and ignores them. Chloe believes it’s a troll trying to scare her. She investigates crime scenes, interviews people, and creates a murder board. It’s easy to dismiss this movie but watch until the end for the ultimate twists. This movie is slow and starts cliché, but the conclusion makes it worth it.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You know where I live – Chloe

Once it’s old news, it ain’t news – Ellie

It was nice to meet you – Josh

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A Kismet Christmas – Review

A Kismet Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sarah pretends to read an excerpt from her 2nd novel in the Isabella Kismet Cookies series. She hasn’t finished the book or figured out the ending. Her agent, Benny, tells the crowd of anxious tweens that Sarah selected the contest’s winner. And the winner lives in her hometown of New Britain. Sarah isn’t happy about going home to announce the winner, and Benny can see it on her face. 

Sarah pulls Benny aside to explain. Years ago, Sarah made Kismet Cookies with her grandmother, Mia. Mia’s grandmother found the recipe in a hidden cabinet. They baked the cookies and gave them to people in need. But not for food, for love. They told people to put the cookie under their pillow before bed. The person they dreamed of would be their true love. Without Mia’s knowledge, Sarah got a cookie and put it under her pillow. She dreamed of her best friend, Travis. Then ran to Travis’s home to tell him and barged into his wedding. No one knew that Sarah’s crush was marrying someone else. Sarah ripped up the recipe, left New Britain that day, and never returned. She wrote the first book, except the book’s cookies make you into a superhero, not find true love.

Sarah arrives at Mia’s home and gets a call from Benny. He reminds Sarah that she has until January 3rd to finish the book. So she should use the time away to write. Sarah goes to the town square for Dickens in the park. Everyone dresses up and re-enacts Dicken’s classic Christmas story. In front of the town, Sarah announces that Jasmine is the winner. Jasmine runs on stage and hugs Sarah. Jasmine tells Sarah that her father is Santa and points to the Santa standing behind her. Santa smiles and calls Sarah by her childhood nickname because Santa is Travis. He bought his parents’ home across from Mia after his parents retired. This time to write is colliding with Sarah’s unresolved past. She keeps remembering her dream but puts that aside until Mia tells Sarah that Travis is divorced. Could Sarah’s dream be true?

Based on The First Love Cookie Club by Lori Wilde, this movie follows the Hallmark setup. But it gets unintentionally scary (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). When Benny says the publisher wants to hire a ghostwriter, Travis drives Sarah to a cabin in the woods with no Wi-Fi and takes her phone. And he won’t let her leave until she finishes. It’s possible the movie’s writer never watched Misery (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Lifetime fans will get a bad feeling for a moment, but then you remember it’s Hallmark. This movie is a typical love story with Christmas, magic, and a cute kid.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Benny, I’m telling you the story once. You can listen, or you can interrupt – Sarah

Make sure you absolutely don’t believe in the kismet anymore before you do that – Mia

Father Christmas is my dad – Jasmine 

I remember that smile. Hey, Sarah bear – Travis

It’s Christmas Eve, you know. I have a life – Benny

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Star-Crossed Romance – Review

Star-Crossed Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Piper is a famous Denver sportscaster and loves basketball. Her son, Oliver, takes care of himself while she reports the latest scores. She instills an independent nature in Oliver so he can care for himself now and in the future. Oliver is the captain of the basketball team and a high-performing student.

Before a broadcast, Piper gets a call from Oliver’s principal, Joan. Oliver is in trouble for getting into a fight with a girl, Anya. Piper arrives at the school and bumps into Anya’s dad, Erik. They immediately point fingers at each other before Joan calls them into her office. Piper thinks Anya is acting out because Erik is too controlling, but Erik believes Oliver started the fight because Piper doesn’t pay enough attention to Oliver. Joan shooshes them and offers a solution. Both parents must work together and build the sets for the school hip-hop, steampunk rendition of Romeo and Juliet (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Piper doesn’t understand why she has to help the drama department. Joan tells Piper that Oliver got the lead a month ago. Piper had no idea that Oliver was into theater, but Erik knew that Anya got the role of Juliet.

So with the vision of the eclectic drama teacher, Leslie, Piper & Erik will work together to design and build the sets. As Piper and Erik bicker over the task, Anya and Oliver discuss the change in their parents. Piper is more involved with Oliver, and Erik doesn’t hover over Anya. They scheme to keep their parents together to enrich themselves. But when Piper’s boss, Christopher, dangles a promotion, will she drop time with Oliver for it?

This movie feels like a lukewarm love story until it delves deeper into Christopher. He does what bosses have done for centuries, and it will make your skin crawl. While the movie mainly focuses on Piper’s shortcomings and Oliver’s resentment, the plot takes a moment to discuss Erik’s issues. Since his wife died, he did everything imaginable to protect Anya. And she is furious. She wants a little independence to exert her self-reliance. Oliver understands Piper has to work, but he wishes she would focus more on him beyond sports. However, Piper centered on being mom and dad after Oliver’s father left. This film may not be a favorite of the Fall In Love season, but it’s an enjoyable watch.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You pay me enough to say you’re always right – Piper

Hey, I wasn’t done making fun of you – Anya

You can stop thanking me – Erik

Please don’t do that – Oliver

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We Need a Little Christmas – Review

We Need a Little Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After losing her partner, Julie has to work overtime to keep her company running. She has to send her son, Gavin, to day camp so he won’t be home alone. Their neighbor, Irene, attempts to make small talk, but Julie rushes Gavin into the car. Julie tries to make Gavin see the bright side, but he is not interested in camp or their Christmas activities. At the community center, Gavin runs into Irene, who introduces herself with magic. 

Irene is counting the days until her grandson, Dr. Miles, returns from a military hospital. No matter his location, Miles returns home for Christmas. Irene raised Miles after his parents died and worked to keep their memory alive along with her late husband. She spends time baking treats for the community and volunteering at the center. 

Julie lost her largest contract to date because of their budget cuts. She goes to a local restaurant to figure out how to keep her company afloat. The owner, Peter, serves her because he let a staff member leave early. He listens to her problems and offers a solution. His restaurant needs a renovation because it’s been the same since the 70s. He wants to keep some things because the business has been in his family for years. Julie accepts the job and promises to incorporate the past. 

When Julie meets Irene, the bond slowly over Gavin and being a single parent. But when Gavin opens up to Irene, Julie becomes resentful. It will take Christmas, a community, two treasure chests, and a miracle for Julie to accept help from Irene, listen to Gavin, and receive love from Peter. 

This movie covers a lot of heavy topics for the holidays, including parental guilt. Irene and Julie express that they don’t feel like they are doing enough or doing it right. And Gavin and Miles suffering a parental loss exasperate this feeling. The pure emotion from Irene and Julie will bring a tear to your eye. Also, Peter’s understanding ways makes him loveable to any viewer. You should watch this movie with Kleenex and a loved one by your side. It has all the holiday magic you need.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I know you did you’re very, very best. So there’s no need to say I’m sorry – Irene

You are very much like a therapist – Julie

You’re not boring. You’re more fun than the kids at my school – Gavin

Yeah. It’s for the kids – Peter

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We Wish You a Married Christmas – Review

We Wish You a Married Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Robby and Becca sit with their marriage counselor, Lauren, and air their grievances. After they argue over the microwave placement in their kitchen remodel, Lauren suggests they go to Gracious, Vermont. They take her advice and travel to this remote town with little Wi-Fi. They ask their proprietors and spouses, Vince and Brian, for a 2-bedroom suite. Becca tells Robby she wants to avoid his snoring. Then she gets annoyed when Robby tries to watch TV, but it’s not working. Vince and Brian mentioned that Gracious had a lot of activities leading up to Christmas. And since they are in town until the 26th, they should partake in the festivities. After eating peppermint pretzels and touring Gracious, Robby and Becca have dinner and argue (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Becca didn’t notice Robby was gone for two days. And he didn’t know she stopped eating meat two months ago. They accept that they’re living separate lives and decide to have a legal separation.

Robby and Becca check out early and make arrangements for their separated futures in the morning. They leave the inn to find an enormous walnut ornament inside their windshield. They call Gracious’s only mechanic, but she says it will take a week to fix. Seeing the damage, Vince and Brian pay for the week-long stay. Robby and Becca decide to make the most of it and enjoy the town’s events together. The couple will learn more about each other in 1 week than their entire marriage.

While watching this film, you will be curious about this little town of mishaps. So, watch with a suspicious eye. Gracious has a pet artist, some famous animals, and enough pies to feed an army. But the people have a lot of heart and open arms for the lost couple. You know what will happen with Robby and Becca’s marriage. So, that storyline won’t interest you. The townspeople of Gracious will keep viewers in their seats and invested. Their subplots are funny, charming, and intriguing.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I can direct, but I can’t always control – Robby

And that is why the human leads – Becca

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