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Psycho Granny – Review

Psycho Granny – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Psycho Granny

Samantha should be ecstatic.  She is three months pregnant after suffering several miscarriages.  However, Samantha’s mother died before she had the chance to tell her she was pregnant.  Samantha regrets never telling her mother but her husband Brad tries to absolve her of her guilt.  Samantha signs the final paperwork for her mother’s estate when a woman startles her.  Colleen lets it slip her daughter died and wanted to see her.  Samantha can’t believe it.  Her mother was adopted and an only child.  Samantha’s mother never knew her mother.  If what Colleen says is true, it would make her Samantha’s grandmother.  This news couldn’t have come at a better time.  Samantha wanted a mother’s presence around her and now she has Colleen.  As they get closer, Brad and Aimee (Samantha’s best friend) believe Colleen’s is more than a nice old lady but a full-blown psycho.  And she is.  Colleen is obsessed with creating the perfect family.  If anyone falls short of her expectations, she won’t hesitate to kill them.

From Colleen’s first speech to her exit, you will be shocked and drawn into her scrumptious plan.  Colleen isn’t tech savvy or mechanically inclined, it’s her kindness and charm that gets her through the front door.  Colleen’s quip as she kills her prey will leave you inappropriately laughing.  You start to have compassion for her.  All she wants is a family to be grateful and perfect.  Is that too much to ask? Well, maybe a little.  Also, Samantha’s breakdown over Colleen will leave you dumbfounded.  You will never expect that reaction from Samantha at that time, albeit appropriate.  You have expectations for a Lifetime movie but Samantha’s reaction gives you something different.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I have an idea. You wear your sweatpants. And I will wear mine. A show of solidarity – Brad

There are very few perfect people no matter how hard we try to make them so – Colleen

Well, no one’s perfect – Samantha

I guess morning sickness is an all day thing – Aimee

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Deadly Assistant – Review

Deadly Assistant – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Deadly Assistant

Amanda is walking into a minefield.  She is returning to celebrate the grand re-opening of her sister Lauren’s wellness center.  Three years ago, Amanda saw Ian, Lauren’s husband, with another woman.  Ian denied it and Lauren believed him.  Amanda left the business to work in NY.  After she left, the business, their marriage, and their son Charlie started to fall apart.  Charlie became an alcoholic.   Now, he is clean and sober and the business is growing.  Lauren attributes that to Maya.  Maya is her assistant and Charlie’s girlfriend.  She admires Lauren’s business expertise and training ability.  At dinner, Lauren asks Amanda to stay and have 50% ownership of the wellness center while heading up the social media department.  Ian is fuming at Lauren’s decision.  He feels he should have a say because Amanda almost broke up their marriage.  Nevertheless, Lauren won’t hear it.  Her decision is final.  The next day, Lauren is ill but she attempts to give her grand re-opening speech.  Halfway, she collapses and dies.  After a toxicology report, it’s evident the fitness and wellness trainer was poisoned.  The ‘who’ is evident from the title, it’s the ‘why’ that keeps you watching.

Great audio choices in this movie.  As Lauren’s words reach from beyond the grave, they can be used to comfort, tear down, or strike fear.  It’s amazing how the same set of words, over the right scene, can convey such different meanings.  This was a great choice by the director and editor.  In addition, do turn on Ian’s so quickly.  He does have some redeeming qualities.  While this may look like the classic lifetime troupe, it does offer great acting and a decent script.  It could have been a mystery if the title wasn’t so obvious.  But it’s a good thriller.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Oh, that’s ok. I won’t hold it against you – Maya

Mya’s one restraining order away from being a full-fledged stalker – Charlie

You’re still mad at him, after all these years – Lauren

No, it’s not. It’s our decision – Ian

I knew coming back here was a mistake – Amanda

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Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder – Review

Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hailey Dean Mysteries: A Prescription for Murder

Hailey and Fincher are having a nice lunch when Fincher gets a call from Megan.  Erica, the CEO of the hospital, has died in her sleep while being a patient in the hospital.  Fincher goes to be with Meagan, Hailey goes to support them and offer her help to the staff.  No one believes Erica was this sick.  She had a physical just weeks ago.  So, it was unlikely for her to have a heart attack.  Jonas performs the autopsy and finds something irregular.  Erica had a large amount of digoxin in her system.  Jonas believes she was being poisoned slowly but the killer quickened the processes when Erica was admitted into the hospital.  The police ask around and uncover that Megan and Erica argued before she died.  Since she has access to digoxin, Megan is the number one suspect.   Hailey and Fincher will turn over every rock to clear Megan’s name and get her back to work.

Based on the novel by Nancy Gracy, this movie provides all the mystery,  friendship, and food trucks you come to expect from a Hailey Dean Mystery (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Also, it delves even deeper into Megan and Fincher’s relationship. You know he is a loving, caring friend to Hailey, now you see the loving, caring boyfriend he is to Megan.  While the overall story is great, the true motive feels a little overdone.  You must pay attention to the subplot between Paulina and Clayton.  Paulina was able to get Clayton convicted for murdering his wife but at a lesser charge.  This subplot will be the focus of the next movie.  With that in mind, one question that needs to be answered: what else has happened in Fincher’s car.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Go ahead. I have nothing to hide – Megan

And that’s not the craziest thing that’s happened in this car – Fincher

You invested in my future. Now I’m investing in yours – Jonas

Maybe, but I still have that feeling in the pit of my stomach – Hailey

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Killer Grandma – Review

Killer Grandma – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Killer Grandma

When he was a child, Tom watched his sister, Megan tragically drown in a pool.  After years of therapy, Tom is a husband, father, and successful architect.  Melissa, his wife, creates jewelry and hopes it will become a successful business.  Melissa has her husband in her corner; along with her best friend/web designer Courtney and her caregiver Hailey.  Tom sits at the dinner table happily discussing his day with his family when he gets a knock at the door.  He is floored to see his mother, Yvonne, standing on his doorstep.  She has been locked away in a mental institution for over a decade to overcome the loss of her daughter.  He invites Yvonne in for dinner and she has gives Anne, Tom’s daughter, an early birthday gift.  Yvonne is out of the institution but has to get work done on her home before it is livable.  Melissa offers to let her stay.  Tom quickly pulls her into the kitchen and tells her to take the offer back.  He believes Yvonne is still sick.  Melissa convinces him to let Yvonne stay.  Against his better judgment, he abdicates to his wife.  It won’t be long before Melissa wishes she listened to her husband.  Yvonne wants a replacement for Megan.  And that replacement will be Anne.  No one will get in Yvonne’s way.

First of all, Grandma is super strong.  It must be all the crazy that’s driving her because pure adrenaline can’t do that.  She is taking down women, men, and kids with no remorse.  Now, this plot has been done with moms, dads, aunts, and uncles, but this is the first time we are getting grandma into the mix.  You will find yourself laughing out loud at some of the mayhem she causes but you won’t be afraid for her or her victims.  Any Lifetimer can pinpoint who will get on the wrong side of grandma’s knife.  There could be a part 2.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s my granddaughter’s 8th birthday and I think its time to reconnect – Yvonne

People buy Kim Kardashian perfume because they want to smell like Kim – Courtney

That’s ok grandma everyone makes mistakes – Annie

I don’t even know you – Hailey

Saddest thing about it, she never got to meet you – Melissa

That’s what I’m afraid of – Tom

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A Feeling of Home – Review

A Feeling of Home – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Abby is a lifestyle guru with her own internet channel called “New England, My Way”.  She has a huge following but she wants to expand.  Her manager and publicists, Gina, introduces her to Mr. Carrington.  Mr. Carrington runs the largest media company in Connecticut.  He wants to Abby’s face and name on his stores statewide.  He just wants to see more of her Connecticut roots.  And Gina promises she will do more web series about Connecticut.  Abby has two problems. First, Abby is from Texas.  Second, her father hurt himself and he needs help on the ranch.  Abby’s mother asks her to go.  Abby never felt good enough for her father and hesitates to give her mother answer.  Later, she decides to go.  Once landing in Texas, Abby discovers her father has hired help, from her ex, Ryan.  Abby gets back to her Texas roots while finding her old flame but has to keep up the Connecticut facade for Mr. Carrington watching back home.  That doesn’t sound too difficult.

Abby is a woman of two worlds.  She loves the fast pace, high earning lifestyle of the city.  But she loves the open spaces, quiet nature, and big skies of the country.  She never lost herself but she rediscovered it.  She even finds new ideas to create while she is in Texas.  This product can save Ryan’s family farm.  The script ensures that while she is talking about one town, she isn’t doing it at the expense of another.   She lifts up both.  That’s the true gem of this movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Her roots go deep into the Connecticut soil – Gina

Nothing I do pleases him. He finds fault in everything I do – Abby

I like watching you work. It’s something I’ve never seen before – Ryan

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