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Table of Reviews

Her Boyfriend’s Secret – Review

Her Boyfriend’s Secret – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Her Boyfriend's Secret

Melissa was recommended by her friend Travis (a contractor) to decorate John’s home.  She prepared several design options and he loves her work.  And her.   After flirtation exchanges, the two start to date.  Melissa thinks her new adventure loving, horse-riding, pilot boyfriend is a dream come true.  They are quickly falling for each other.  But when Carey, John’s ex, visits, she warns Melissa that John is obsessive and attacked her.  Also, he lied about his job and his name.  Carey informs Melissa that he is smart and dangerous.  Melissa blows off Carey’s warning until Travis warns her that John can be a little weird.  She decides to investigate John’s home, car, and past.  This “great” boyfriend has more than one secret.

Seriously, how many warnings do you need!! As Melissa gets more clues to John’s dark side, she continues to stay in the relationship.  While she tells Travis it’s to investigate, she tells Carey she still believes him.  Melissa makes so many dumb decisions while attempting to be a smart investigator.  It’s hard to care about Melissa taking John down because you are too busy yelling at the screen.  You just want to shake her.  Even though this movie leaves you wanting more from its protagonist, John can’t be ignored.  His charm is infectious and his lies will leave you up at night.  He is the perfect sociopath.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m not ready – Travis

I want you to know I’m not going anywhere – John

I’m gonna post something – Ashley

You still haven’t told me who you are – Melissa

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House of Darkness: New Blood – Review

House of Darkness: New Blood – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

House of Darkness: New Blood

After her husband left her a ‘Dear John’ letter and never came back, Brooke and her son Dylan are left to pick up the pieces.  With Judd’s proposal, she feels almost whole again.  She starts to fantasize about the perfect wedding when Judd’s mother Elaine’s nurse abruptly quits.  He wants to go back to his family home, find a nursing home for Elaine, and sell her house.  Alison feels this is too much for him to handle alone, so she asks Judd to bring her and Dylan.  Judd is happy to have the help.  On her first night, she hears and sees things in the night.  She explains it as a side effect of her medication.  But she decides to stay because her son loves being there.  However, the longer she stays the worse her delusions get until she can’t take it anymore.  Just as she is about to leave a picture, film negatives, and a file will expose the truth about the house.  And the truth doesn’t care about what you believe.

This movie has a very slow build to tell the back story of both Judd and Alison while creating a connection between then and Elaine.  The movie even sets up a reason for Alison’s delusions with her heavy sleeping medication.  So you start to wonder if she is having a mental breakdown.  To get in a few scares, this movie uses creepy figures, a sleeping child calling for its mother, and scary voices.  For seasoned thriller/horror pros, this movie is laughable.  The fainter at heart may jump once or twice.  But it’s the truth that will leave you with more questions than answers.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

It’s ok. It’s been a while since there were kids in this house – Dylan

It was Judd’s favorite and Michael loved it – Elaine

There’s no shame in being sensitive – Doris

Well, you better figure it out – Brooke

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The Bobby Brown Story – Review

The Bobby Brown Story – BET – 4 hours and 0 minutes (divided over 2 days, 2 hours each day)

The Bobby Brown Story

Part 1

In 1980, Bobby Brown rode bikes with a friend, within minutes that friend was stabbed to death in front of him.  When he comes home after being fired from New Edition, he walks past the foyer where his friend died.  He enters a state of depression and decides to get money any way he can.  When his mother Carol sees him looking for her gun, she calls Jheryl Busby to set him straight.  He gives Bobby hope by reminding him the company is obligated to give him a solo album.  With his brother Tommy as his manager, Bobby starts a solo career.   When his first album King of Stage gets mediocre responses, Busby convinces Motown to give Bobby Brown another chance with L.A. Reid and Babyface (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Motown agrees.  Bobby is happy with the second chance but he must be able to do this album his way.  That decision leads Bobby Brown to become the King of R&B.

This movie gives you 5 minutes of pre-New Edition Bobby Brown and the rest is after New Edition.  So, it’s a good idea to see The New Edition Movie first.  It showcases Bobby’s strong family ties and determination to make it as a solo artist.  However, he always did it with New Edtion in mind.  He always wanted to top them to prove he was needed.  That is the way Bobby handled everything in life. He was constantly proving himself to doubters.  While the first half will feel like a long music video with Girlfriend, Rock With’cha, and My Prerogative, it’s a testament to the career and talent of Bobby Brown.  In case you are watching for Whitney, the couple meets, gets engaged, and gets married in this part.  But their story was never a fairytale with drugs, infidelity, and two pregnancies before they even said ‘I do’.

You know if you take that thing out of here, you probably gonna have to use it – Carol

For this to work, you need to get the right producer – Ralph

So fellas, who’re your stylist – Tommy

Y’all gotta let me be me – Bobby

Your son’s got a real head for business – Brian

I don’t know which show is better – Whitney

Oh, is that all I am? I was here before you and I will be here after you – Robyn

Part 2

Deep into his addiction, Bobby Brown is consistently on the wrong side of the law.  Drug use has made him paranoid, get in car accidents, and have a stroke.  As he lies in a hospital bed, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina, his daughter, are by his side.  They decide to stop using all drugs and get their lives back on track.  The first step, go on a vacation to the Bahamas.  The second step was to go to rehab but when the family lands, Bobby is arrested for a parole violation in Florida.  He is sentenced to a stint in jail.  It’s there that he sobers up for the first time and resist the temptation of drugs.  Meanwhile, Tommy has been working on a way to rehab Bobby’s image to get him back on top.  A reality show starring him and with his family.  This show solidified what their fans feared.  The world of the Browns was falling apart, no one was at the helm, and Bobbi Kristina was there for it all.  Bobby has to put his life back on track before he loses his life.

The second half of this movie is filled with so much pain and sadness, it’s hard not to cry.  This movie pulls no punch but doesn’t cast complete blame.  While Carol Brown refused to see her son’s faults, he saw them within himself.  The same drive he put into the growth of his career, he put that same drive into the downfall of his career.  The hardest revelation in this movie is the truth all addicts bare: just as they are getting themselves together, everything around them falls apart.  As Bobby finds love, a career, and sobriety, he loses four family members in 3 years.  The movie ends on one positive note: The real reason Bobby Brown is standing today.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’m a start without you – Whitney

We need to rehab your image – Tommy

It feels desperate – Bobby

Do I look like Whitney to you – Alicia

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His Perfect Obsession – Review

His Perfect Obsession – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

His Perfect Obsession

Allison and her daughter Abigail enjoy their time together while talking on the phone with their Aunt Charlotte.  Then they hear a sickening sound.  Charlotte was hit by a car and died.  At Charlotte’s funeral, Allison, Abigail, and Allison’s husband Wyatt meet Bart.  Bart was Charlotte’s accountant and want to help get her affairs in order as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Wyatt on the other hands sees something else, he believes Bart was hitting on Allison and wants him to stay away.   Wyatt’s possessiveness leaves Allison shocked because Wyatt is having an affair.   She and Abigail overhear him talking to his mistress, so she ends their relationship and kicks him out.  Wyatt goes to drown his sorrows at a bar and runs into Bart.  After they exchange words, Bart leaves.  Wyatt believes he has won but he doesn’t know that Bart has been quietly stalking Allison on social media and he feels now is his chance to make his move.   He will do anything to have Allison and Abigail all to himself.  Even kill.

With the era of social media, this story rings too true.  It’s easy for a stalker to watch your page, post, or tweets for years and you never know.  Quietly creating an obsession without you knowing they exist.  And with Bart being a quiet unassuming guy, Allison would have no need to worry about her or her family’s safety.  As things start to turn for the worse, Allison must count on her greatest strength: Abigail.  Being recently blinded to medication, most movies would have her be a hindrance.  But this movie shows Abigail as ABLED not disabled.  This is the most beautiful quality of this movie.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

She cries sarcasm instead of tears – Allison

Are we all going to pretend he wasn’t hitting on you right in front of me – Wyatt

I want you to leave – Alice

I may be many things but I am not clueless – Bart

Why did you park in the street – Abigail

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Dinner For Two – Review

Dinner For Two – TVOne – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dinner For Two

Chris prepares a soul food meal, pours a glass of wine, and plays a mix CD.  Then he hears a knock at the door.  It’s his ex Angie.  She knows Chris needed her so she came by to help.  While he cooks Angie’s favorite meal, the two talk about how they meet at Pierson University in 1992.  Chris was awestruck by Angie’s singing voice and beautiful looks.  While they eat, they discuss their first breakup over infidelity and how they got back on track.  Angie continues to talk hoping it will help Chris stop drinking and get his life back on track.  Chris continues to talk because he hopes they will get back together and have his family again.  Angie wants him to stop looking at the past and focus on the future.  Chris doesn’t see a future anymore and wants to end it all.

This is the serious talk all couples should have before they decide to break up.  This couple doesn’t get loud, talk down to each other, or throw things.  They have a true heartfelt conversation.  Both have messed up in the past and married for a brighter future.  As they look back using objects, food, words, they see unfulfilled promises and multiple warning signs.  Each college scene is emphasized with wardrobe and technology to put you back in that time period.  While each is at fault, they have a hard time accepting those faults.  This movie should be used as an instructional video on how to correctly argue.  Sit back and watch with your significant other.  Have the conversation you have been too proud, too hurt, or too angry to have.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

It’s alright. People make mistakes – Chris

You know how we do. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there – Angie

You know you are a good guy Chris – Jay

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He’s Watching – Review

He’s Watching – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

He's Watching

After a few FaceTime calls, Angela is worried her boyfriend Michael is cheating and she just isn’t sure what to do without proof.  Then she looks up from her desk and sees Kyle., her old college boyfriend and famed photographer.  He wants help with his financial portfolio and has hired Angela’s company.  But only if he can work with Angela.  The business meeting evolves into a dinner out and drinks.  The two talk about the past and talk about continuing their friendship.  However, after Kyle’s art exhibit sparks fly and the two end up in bed.  The next morning Angela wakes up to breakfast by Kyle and a voicemail from Michael.  Michael’s voicemail is a “first date” anniversary message for Angela that leaves her in tears.  She regrets her night with Kyle and breaks it off with the hopes they can just be friends.  She is ready to trust Michael and make their relationship work.  Kyle won’t ever let that happen.

The story of Kyle and Angela is old and boring.  However, Kyle’s backstory holds more promise.  He is the Bad Seed all grown up.  His ability to weasel his way into Angela’s life is believable and eerie.  With just a smile and a camera, he can charm himself into anyone’s life.  Another saving grace is Laurie. The comic relief, best friend says all the right things at the right time.  Plus she his handy with a gun and a computer.  DVR this one and watch it for a rainy day.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

It wasn’t luck, Michael – Angela

I only care what we have now – Michael

Kyle, I only do elevators on the second date – Laurie

I’m glad we can have a different kind of future now – Kyle

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#GiveMeMyBaby, #DaughterForSale, and more – TV Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Give Me My Baby – Review

Give Me My Baby – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Give Me My Baby

Layla and Nate are a hard working married couple who want to have a baby. They have been trying for a while to get pregnant but with no luck. Layla decides to see a fertility specialist named Dr. Bianca Hartlin. Layla knows that Dr. Hartlin is one of the best, so she was ecstatic they got an appointment quickly. Dr. Hartlin assures them that pregnancy is possible with hormone treatments, egg implantation, and sperm deposits. Layla and Nate want to start right away. However with the possibility of pregnancy, Layla is very stressed. Layla’s stressed is trigged by her stepdaughter Allison (a college drop out and flake) coming back to live with them and landing a high profile, much needed client named Shannon. Layla tries to keep the peace at home while working with Shannon, but her mood swings go from calm to irate in 2 seconds. A chance run-in with her doctor gives them a moment to talk. Dr. Hartlin tells Layla she will be ok. Then a chance run in with Nate, ends with golf lessons. After the first set of lesson, Dr. Hartlin reveals that she and Nate once new each other and the two share a drink over old times. This drink may lead to the fall of Layla’s career, marriage, and motherhood.

This is a movie that will make you scream at the husband and wife for being so naïve. When your doctor walks into your home because the door is unlock, you do not say it’s ok. It’s not OK. You will sit and wonder how long it will take for them to get it. But Lifetimers, don’t give up on Allison. She will start as a spoiled, entitled brat but she will win you over. And not in the last 5 minutes, like most Lifetime movies. Also this movie has great resolution. No stone is left unturned and each character is given a real conclusion. Set your DVR and watch at your convenience.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I love her and I think we’re gonna have a baby – Layla

Layla can’t do it by herself – Dr. Hartlin

But you’re old – Allison

Yeah well, beggars can’t be choosers – Nate

Ah, I’m not an idiot even if I play one on TV – shannon

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Daughter for Sale – Review

Daughter for Sale – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Daughter for Sale

Annalise is ready to start her new job, judge. However during a her promotion celebration, she has a fight with her daughter Carly. Carly decides that her mother’s home is unlivable, so she runs away. Since Carly has run away before, Annalise does not put much thought into it. But later, she gets a sneaking feeling there’s more going on when her daughter does not call or text her. She ask her ex Detective Derrick to help. He tells her he will look into it but to leave it alone. Then, she speaks to John, he runs a youth center for runaways. He offers to spread the word about her missing daughter and put up flyers. Now, what Annalise doesn’t know is her daughter was kidnapped. Carly is being sold to the highest bidder along with several other girls. Annalise must find Carly before she is shipped overseas.

This movie is ok. There is very little mystery because Carly’s kidnapper is exposed in the first 30 minutes. This is a “mom find her child at any cost” movie. Seeing the effect the search is having on her job makes it more realistic to the viewer. She is making excuses, not showing up, and stays home in a depression. The plot isn’t that original either. See this movie only if you need to kill 2 hours.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

She’s gonna take both of us down – Chelsea

I brought you on but we are not equal partners – John

I can’t believe its come to this – Annalise

Well we can’t pick and choose our genes – Donna

She’s probably discovering the joys of couch surfing – Derrick

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Secrets of My Stepdaughter – Review

Secrets of My Stepdaughter – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Secrets of My Stepdaughter

Cindy and Greg are creating a sense of normal for their two daughter, Addy and Rachel. Rachel has only lived with them for 3 months after being abandoned by her drug addicted mother. With only a few visits over the years, Greg wants Rachel to feel love and accepted. After school and work, Rachel was suppose to call home and let her parents know she made it safely to Leslie’s (friend and co-worker) home. But that call never came. Cindy uses the Find My Phone app to locate Rachel’s location. She is surprised to see she it located her at work. Cindy goes to Rachel’s job to find a bloody scene with Leslie dead and Rachel beaten and tied. At the hospital, Detective Pam gets Rachel’s account of the night. Rachel says she and Leslie were attacked by 2 masked men wearing gloves. Everyone, including reporters, are there for Rachel, but as time goes on Detective Pam realizes the evidence doesn’t match Rachel’s account of the attack. Cindy allows Pam to question Rachel again, but the story falls apart. After seeing Rachel’s attitude change, Cindy starts to question what really happened. As the story unravels, so does Rachel.

Ok Lifetimers, you won’t believe this, we have a smart detective. Detective Pam sees through Rachel from the beginning. It doesn’t take too long for Cindy to notice something off about Rachel, but she is in a constant battle with Greg. He wants to protect his daughter since he feels he abandoned her in the past. So he will say or do anything to keep his daughter out of jail. This is a cautionary tell to parents. Children should get the punishment for their crime. This movie, inspired by a true story, will make you love the tantalizing evil ways of Rachel. This bad girl takes psycho to a new level. This movie is worth the watch, so get your tea and popcorn.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Nothing is really common for us – Cindy

I’ve never been there – Greg

I’m just so sorry. Leslie was my best friend, my only friend – Rachel

I thought we agreed to stop – Leslie

I got nothing else to say here – Aaron

I didn’t want anyone to thing badly about my Leslie – Tess

She’s different – Martha

You are old – Addy

You got receipts for those – Det. Pam

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Cradle Swapping – Review

Cradle Swapping – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cradle Swapping

Ray and Alicia are overjoyed and anxiously waiting for the birth of their 1st child.  Soon they have a healthy baby girl named Hannah.  Ray follows his daughter to see her get footprinted, her hospital bracelet, and her picture taken.  Finally, Alicia gets to see her baby, she thinks the baby looks pale, however, she brushes it off and revels in Hannah.  As soon as Alicia and Ray get Hannah home, she won’t stop crying and won’t breastfeed.  Alicia feels like a failure and doesn’t understand why Hannah won’t bond.  Grandma Joan takes one look at the baby and doesn’t see a resemblance to either parent.  At first, Alicia ignores her mother but later she has a sense of dread.  They take Hannah to the hospital and realizes Hannah is going through withdrawals.   Alicia has had problems in the past but was clean a year before she got pregnant.  Doctors warn the couple that Hannah will get better but the long-term effects of NAS will not be seen until Hannah is a toddler.  They go home and decide to pray for Hannah’s development, but Alicia still can’t shake the feeling that her mother was right.  They take Hannah back to the hospital again to test the baby’s footprint.  The doctor notices the footprint is different and orders a DNA test.  The couple learns that Hannah is not their child and after looking at surveillance video, they see a man switched the babies.   Furious, Ray and Alicia must work to find their child and find Hannah’s parents before their baby is lost forever.

Always listen to Grandma!!! Within 5 seconds of holding this baby, Grandma knew something was wrong.  Even though she was silenced by her family, she stuck to her gut feeling.  As Alicia doubts her mothering abilities, your heart breaks for her.   So many parents doubt themselves because their babies cry a lot.  You will instantly want to hug her through this rough period.  Another plus, Ray is not the typical Lifetime husband.  He doesn’t call his wife hysterical or say “leave it to the police” while she hunts for her missing child.  Ray gets up and leads the charge.  Not even a concussion nor a fractured skull could stop him.  He supports his wife and will do anything to find his daughter.  The bond between the couple is magnificent and strong.  Also, it was great the swapped baby wasn’t forgotten as soon as the couple learned about the switch.  They still considered that baby to be their daughter too.  Now the only concern is what happened to Tony? Do you know?

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Please don’t take her yet. No! – Mary

I feel like I’m doing something wrong – Alicia

Taking care of a baby is not easy. Your momma was a nightmare – Grandma Joan

Are you trying to tell me something – Ray

To fix the situation you created – Tony

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