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The Perfect Mother – Review

The Perfect Mother – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Perfect Mother

Peyton is tired of living with an unattentive stepmother.  So she decides to end her stepmother’s wicked intentions by killing her.  Now, Peyton is determined to find the perfect mom.  She sees Stella’s blog about baking, sowing, and being a good mom and believe that Stella is perfect.  Obsessed with Stella’s blog, Peyton learns she lives close to her stepmom’s old boss Harper.  Peyton weaseled her way into Harper’s home under the guise that she was coming to take her stepmom’s job to save it when her stepmother if feeling better.  She uses this conniving charm meet Stella and be invited into her home.  Soon Stella and Peyton are sharing clothes, make-up tips, and advice.  But one person believes there is something wrong with Peyton.  Shay, Stella’s daughter.  And she is determined to find out the truth about Peyton, her stepmother, and Peyton’s stab wound.

While this movie has great acting, there are plenty of eye rolling and “really, you believe that” moments throughout this film.  It’s not surprising that a crazy person walked into their home because no one thought twice about confirming her story.  It does offer some suspense in the last 5 minutes.  But you spend the rest of the movie being angry at Stella for being so blind.  Even after Shay tries to point out holes in Peyton’s story, Stella keeps defending her.  This is a movie to record and watch on a rainy day.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

And they lived happily ever after – Peyton

I am going to destroy … did you get a makeover – Harper

Mom, I just don’t buy it – Shay

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Christmas Joy – Review

Christmas Joy – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Joy

Joy learns her aunt Ruby has broken her ankle.  She rushes to Crystal Falls, NC to visit and help.  Also, Joy offers to telework to help her company create the marketing analysis report.  Once in NC, Joy learns how much the town was counting Ruby for the holiday celebrations.  Ruby was defending her Golden Wreath for the Christmas Cookie Crawl.  This includes making hundreds of cookies from scratch with a theme.  In the hospital, she meets Shirley and her son Ben.  Ben is the hospital administrator and judge of the gingerbread contest.  He offers help but Joy believes she has it handled.  That is, until, she sees how much prep goes into making cookies.  She gets help from Ben but both are starting to give their heart.  Ben worries Joy is another city girl who will do him move.  Joy believes she must get back to DC and Ben will stop her from accepting a new job.  But one ultimatum will change them both.

Based on Christmas Joy by Nancy Naigle, this movie brings the small town feel we have come to know from Hallmark holiday movies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While Joy is a hard worker, it never categorizes this as a bad thing.  Joy works hard because she loves what she does.  So when her job is on the line, Joy has to make a tough decision.  But her decision is based around Ben, it’s based on her own happiness.  Ben is a bonus or the frosting on the cookie.  However, this movie doesn’t provide a subplot.  So, Ben and Joy are the solo act of this movie.  While it is fun to watch ( and will make you hungry), Hallmark has done better.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

This is north Caroline Joy, not DC – Ben

Is all this really necessary – Joy

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Til Ex Do Us Part – Review

Til Ex Do Us Part – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Til Ex Do Us Part

Sophia feels her life is back on track.  She and her daughter Emma are getting along.  Her ex Kyle is back in her life.  And she has gotten a big promotion.  Then Kyle’s enters Sophia’s office and tells her his next-door neighbor Claire is pregnant with his baby and she wants to keep it.  Sophia can’t believe Kyle was dating Claire while they were taking a break.   She throws Kyle out of her office and out of her life.  Sophia decides to start dating soon after.  But Claire comes up to Sophia and accuses her of attacking and stalking her.  Sophia dismisses Clarie as crazy and decides to leave.  Sophia wants to forget about everything.  That will never happen because Sophia is arrested at her office her attempted murder.  They believe she cut the brake lines on Claire’s car and there is videotape to prove it.  Now Sophia has to clear her name.

WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!! That had to come out at least once.  But back to the review.  This movie was pure insanity but in the best way.  Not once has videotape been used to set someone up in a Lifetime movie.  Normally it’s used to save them.  Also, unlike most Lifetime movies, you really don’t want to root for the bad guy.  Claire is devious but you are not annoyed with Sophia.  After finding out, Sophia doesn’t drown her sorrows for long, she picks herself up and finds a new guy.  You want Sophia to win and Claire to get what she deserves.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

And you’re worth the fuss – Claire

No Claire. I don’t think that is a good idea, things are complicated enough – Kyle

I don’t feel so good – Sophia

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Christmas at Pemberley Manor – Review

Christmas at Pemberley Manor – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

Elizabeth’s boss has put her in charge of the Lambton Christmas Festival.  Elizabeth can’t wait because she grew up in Lambton and knows how important this festival is to the townspeople.  She has a binder full of ideas.  She hopes to use the town square to be the focal point of the festival.  Then, she sees a nervous Travis.  He just got the new assistance job and his boss has threatened to fire him for a bad drink order.  Elizabeth, being an assistant, is appalled and walks over to Travis’s boss’s car.  She gives him a piece of her mind, only to find out his boss was joking.

Darcy runs a worldwide company and the board has come to a decision.  He needs to sell Pemberley Manor.  It was the home he visits for a few Christmas and he loves it.  But the board sees it as an unnecessary expense.  He goes back to the manor to close the deal but wants to be left out of the Christmas Festival festivities.  His hopes are cut short because Elizabeth, the same woman who yelled at him for being mean to Travis, is at his doorstep.   A sinkhole opened in the town square swallowing the gazebo.  This was the perfect place to hold the Christmas Festival.  The only place close enough to the size of the town square is Pemberley Manor.  After thoughtful consideration, Darcy says yes but he wants to keep his charitable work out of the paper.  Elizabeth and Darcy have to work together to create the festival and the sparks between the two.

This movie has romance, Christmas, Santa Claus, a love triangle, and a demanding boss.  But the standout moment is the connection between Travis and Jane.  So seeing their relationship build as a subplot is amazing.  Another important aspect of this movie is seeing Elizabeth grow.  Not as a woman in a relationship but as a businesswoman.  When her boss sees she is working for Darcy, she comes back.  She believes that having Elizabeth look like a figurehead is wrong.  She takes over and quickly makes changes.  When Elizabeth finds her voice, she will make you cheer.  This is a decent kickoff to the Hallmark Christmas Season.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’ve been known to get my way on occasion – Elizabeth

Oh Darcy, just accept the fact that you’re lousy at jokes – Darcy

Now I know why you wanted her to plan the Christmas festival, she gets things done – Jane

What’s the fun in that – George

Me. You think I look like Santa. I don’t see it – Chris

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