#NobodysFool and #DisneysNutcracker – Movie Reviews

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Nobody’s Fool – Review

Nobody’s Fool – Budget of $19 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes

Nobody's Fool

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Danica is the most successful marketing agent at her firm.  Five years ago, the day she bought her wedding dress, her fiance announced he was leaving her for another woman.  Now, she has been in a relationship with Charlie for a year.  Although she has never seen his face, she knows he works on an oil rig with bad reception.  Her mother Lola and her friend Kalli thinks Charlie is too good to be true.  Even though her heart belongs to Charlie, Frank – the coffee shop owner – still flirts with her daily.  Danica must come up with a new campaign when Lola calls her.  Her sister Tanya is getting out of jail after 5 years.  Since Tanya stole the copper wire out of her house for drug money, Lola doesn’t want her staying at her home.  So Lola asks Danica to pick Tanya up and house her until she gets back on her feet.  When Danica and Kalli go to pick up Tanya, she is preoccupied with a guy but quickly finishes.  She has some choice words about Danica’s life but even more about Charlie.  Tanya believes that Charlie is fake and goes on a mission with Nev and Max from Catfish to prove it (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And meeting Charlie turns Danica’s world upside down twice and in the arms of Frank.  But with Danica’s life out of control, who is the real fool?

So, let’s start with the pros. Tiffany Haddish delivers 100% on being wild, outrageous, funny, caring, and charming.  She says everything you want to say but even crazier.  Even rough around the edges, her character is perceived is lovely and heart-warming.  She stands up to her sister and quickly calls her out for being wrong. Frank is displayed as a man with flaws but 100% redeeming.  While some may call him weak, he is strong for pulling himself out of a drug addiction and jail.  Now with the cons.  Danica’s character is the most unlikable for being the lead.  She constantly uses and hurts Frank.  At one point, you don’t even want them to be together. But in true ‘Say Anything‘ form, On Bended Knee brings them all together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  So if you are a fan of romantic comedies, see this one matinee.  And overlook the 5-minute booty fest in the beginning.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Girl, you know I got IBS. I get bored – Kalli

Take off my dress – Danica

Dang, money take the gangsta out of you – Tanya

She got you in the door but you got the job – Frank

Hard pass but thank you – Nev

Is this happening – Max

The lines in the Serengeti are lined with the sands of time – Lola

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Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – Review

Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – Budget of $120 – 133 million – 1 hour and 33 minutes

Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

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Clara, a girl fascinated with science and mechanics, misses her mother. She has the love of her sister Louisa and her brother Fritz but she feels her father Benjamin only cares about appearances. After her mother died, Benjamin wants the children to dance and mingle. Clara wants none of that. She would rather stay in the attic with her machines. However, on this Christmas Eve, Clara’s godfather Drosselmeyer or ‘D’ is throwing a party. Every child will be given a gift. Before going to the party, Benjamin hands each of the children a gift from their mother. She wanted them to be given the gift on Christmas Eve after she died. Fritz got toy soldiers. Louisa got her mother’s favorite dress. Clara got a locked egg with a note. Clara looks at the lock and realizes it can not be picked, you must have the key. She is disappointed that her mother gave her a gift she couldn’t open. But with a magnifying glass, she sees a letter D. She hopes her godfather has the key. On the way to the party, Benjamin asks both of his girls to take the time to dance with him. And he requests that Clara doesn’t disappear. Of course, as Clara goes to find D, her father can’t find her. When Benjamin is finally face-to-face with Clara, she speaks to him with pain and venom in her voice because he has gotten over her mother’s death too soon. Then D announce the kids can get their gift. At the water fountain, there are strings with name tags. Clara finds her tag and follows it. In just moments, she is in another world, standing in front of a glowing tree with a key. She runs to get the key only to be thwarted by a mischievous mouse. She runs to catch the mouse and is stopped by Captain Phillip. He guards the 4th realm. However, the moment Clara mentions her name, Phillip calls her princess. After losing the key in the treacherous 4th realm, Philip takes Clara to her mother’s palace. She meets the leader of the other three realms. Clara learns the 4th realm started a war with the other realms. They need to project themselves with toy soldiers. They can be brought to life with her mother’s machine, but the machine needs a key. Clara sees the lock is the same as her egg’s lock. She must go to the 4th realm, retrieve the key, and bring it back; so the toy soldier army can be created to protect the other realms. Clara has to find a true sense of self to finish this mission.

Based on The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, this movie opens the visual world of the classic ballet (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The attention to detail with each set design is astounding. To make things even better, its hard to see where the set end and the CGI begin. Each costume is based on the different realms, making it easier to differentiate the characters. There is even a small homage to Fantasia as the orchestra plays. Misty Copeland performs the classic ballet of the 4 realms. While this movie is mostly entertaining, it is still missing the wow factor from the original ballet. Also, 3D is only necessary for the opening sequence as the owl flies around town. Otherwise, skip 3D. This movie is kid friendly and funny. If you are a fan of the ballet, see it at full price. However, if this is your first experience with the Nutcracker, see this matinee.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Who will dance with me – Fritz

I don’t speak rodent – Captain Phillip

You will not leave my side. And that’s an order – Clara

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