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Breaking In – Review

Breaking In – Budget of $6 million – 1 hour and 28 minutes

Breaking In
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After her estranged father is killed in a hit and run, Shaun goes to his vacation home in Wisconson to settle his estate by selling his home.  She has not spoken to him in years but she knows he is not perfect.  Her two children, Jasmine and Glover travel with her but her husband will be joining the next day.  As the three walk around, they see a few things out of place.  A broken picture, cut wires, malfunctioning alarm system but ignore it because no one has been in the home for months.  Also, they notice the vacation home is now a fortress with a sophisticated alarm system, retractable window shades, and cameras everywhere.  While Glover is playing with a drone he is grabbed.  When Jasmine goes to find him, she is grabbed.  While Shaun attempts to order pizza in the driveway, she is attacked but fights back.  After the fight, she sees her children locked inside the fortress at the mercy of strangers.  She must find out what they want to save her children.

This movie shocks from beginning to end.  You will see Shaun risk life and limb, like most mothers, to save her children.  However, she doesn’t make typical movie mistakes.  Like wearing heels in the forest or calling for her kids in the dark.  She is smart and uses her knowledge of the house to her advantage.  The irony is the house meant to keep them safe is the same house that becomes a prison.  So how far would you go for your children?

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I am your mother. Is there a difference? – Shaun

So what does that make you, slightly paranoid – Glover

I’m your big sister. It’s my job to worry about you. Not your job to worry about me – Jasmine

Fear, I can manage. Desperation is a whole other thing – Eddie

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Life of the Party – Review

Life of the Party – Budget of $30 million – 1 hour and 45 minutes

Life of the Party
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Deanna has dropped her daughter Maddie off at the sorority house for Maddie’s senior year.  The school would have been Deanna’s alma mater but she left her last year. When she got pregnant, she and her husband Dan decided only one of them could afford to go, him.  While she regrets not finishing, she is proud to see her daughter go the distance.  As Deanna and Dan pull off, Dan says he wants a divorce, marrying a real estate agent, and selling the house.  In tears, Deanna goes to her parents’ house and looks through old photos.  She sees a photo of her in the archaeology club and gets an idea.  Deanna goes to Maddie’s sorority house to tell her about he divorce and enrolling in school.  At first a little nervous, Maddie sees this is a good thing for her mom and cheers her on.  Now Deanna has to navigate through the complicated world of college and divorce while maintaining a relationship with her daughter and getting her degree.

This is a love letter to mom’s who wondered if they could finish.  You will get the answer to your question.  However, it’s not without some well-earned bumps in the road.  While Deanna is trying to move forward, she is being dragged down by her ex and Mean Girls.  However, what makes this movie different is the relationship between Deanna and Maddie.  In most movies, Maddie would not accept her mom until the end.  But in this movie, Maddie takes a deep breath and accept her mother going to her school within 2 minutes.  This mature look at college women is a great contrast to the girls in Deanna’s class.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You are like my sexual Dumbledore – Jack

Wow, that’s a lot of text – Deanna

Mom, what are you doing – Maddie

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Overboard – Review

Overboard – Budget of $12 million – 1 hours and 52 minutes

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Widowed, mother of three Kate is working two jobs while in nursing school.  She tries to balance motherhood between studying, delivering pizzas, and cleaning carpets.  One day she is called to clean a yacht’s carpeting after a hard night of partying.  When she starts to clean, she bumps into Leonardo.  Leonardo is a playboy and heir to a construction fortune.  When Kate refuses to get him some fruit, he fires her; then throws her and her equipment off the yacht.  Kate is fired from her carpet cleaning job and her mom can no longer watch her kids.  Kate feels her dream of nursing going down the drain.  Then she reads a news article saying that Leonardo washed ashore and has amnesia.  Kate’s best friend Theresa comes up with a plan to trick Leonardo into thinking Kate is his wife so he can do all the heavy lifting while she studies.  Theresa sees it as payback for getting her fired.  With apprehension, Kate decides to do it.  Now Leonardo believes he is a married, sterile, recovering alcoholic, poor, construction worker.   However, his sister Magdalena wants Leonardo to stay gone.  She hopes to convince his father that Leonardo has died so she can inherit the company.  It’s only a matter of time before Leonardo learns the truth about Kate, Magdalena, and himself.

With a nod to the remake, this version has a role reversal (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Even with the reversal, it’s still as funny and heartwarming as its predecessor.  Leonardo and Kate come off as convincing adversaries and a couple.  This movie had genuine laughs about everyday life.  And it was great to see that even with Leonardo loss of memory, he did not lose his taste in food, style, and music.  Now be warned, there are some subtitles.  But hearing the jokes in Spanish actually makes the comedic timing better.  So sit back and enjoy for an easy going, not vulgar laugh.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I am not being selfless.  I am thinking of myself less – Leonardo

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#Geostorm, #OnlyTheBrave, and more – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

Geostorm – Review

Geostorm – Budget of $81 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes

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Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, TargetVudu, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

After several horrific weather events, scientists from 17 different countries got together to bring Jake’s design to fruition.  That design is called Little Dutchboy.  Little Dutchboy puts a net of satellites around the world.  If any major weather event is detected, countermeasures are taken to stop that event.   Although the world loves Jake for his design, the government is not happy.  He turned on Little Dutchboy without government approval.  Jake feels that government red tape would have taken too long and lives were hanging in the balance.  So he took the initiative and started the program.  But since Jake refuses to play ball, he is fired and replaced with his brother Max.  Sadly, Max has to deliver the news.  Three years later, Jake has lost his job, home, wife, money, and daughter.  So he is surprised to walk outside and see Max talking to his daughter Hannah.  Max informs Jake of a malfunction in Little Dutchboy.  Somehow, it froze a small desert village in Afghanistan and killed over 300 people.  Jake has been asked to go up to the International Space Station and fix the satellites.  Once at the space station, Jake learns this anomaly was not a malfunction but a hack.  Jake, Max, and Max’s girlfriend Sarah (a secret service agent) must work together to save the planet.  If they fail, the satellites will make several murderous storms that will merge together to create a Geostorm.

This is a compelling story of Machine vs God.  Now be forewarned, this movie talks about global warming but doesn’t say the words.  While the story is a reminder of Armageddon, it is fun to watch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The graphics are amazing as lightning strikes hit Florida, searing heat melts Russia, and tsunamis take out Dubai.   The storyline of machines controlling the weather and sabotage is compelling.
However, the “why” the hack is being done, is not new or special.  On the other hand, how the hack is done and how deep the sabotage goes is impressive.  Also, the subplot of Sarah and Max & Dina and Max is witty and smart.  So, see this movie in theaters at the matinee price. If you love graphics, watching things blow up, and an okay storyline, this is the movie for you.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Are you seriously asking that question – Hannah

Just roll over – Max

I will not be the president to hand over damaged goods. Not now. Not ever – President Palmer

I observe. We are trained to notice disturbing details – Sarah

I got you – Jake

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Only The Brave – Review

Only The Brave – Budget of $38 million – 2 hours and 13 minutes

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Only The Brave
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Eric Marsh is the superintendent of the Prescott Fire Crew. They work on containing and stopping forest fires. While he loves his job, he hates the disrespect he receives from Hot Shots. Hot Shots are the top forest firefighters. They make the decision and the rules. And Marsh has seen their decisions cost people their homes and lives. He knows that he and his crew are the best and hopes they will be certified as Hot Shots. He has 17 great crew members but is looking for more. He gets 2 new men. He fills one spot with a Legacy and another with Brenden. Brenden is trying to trail a new path in his life since becoming a father. He has been sober for a few months and wants to provide a good living. Marsh’s men work hard and they get good news. The Wildland Division Chief, Duane Steinbrink, is going to fight to ensure that Prescott Fire Crew become the first municipal team to become a Hot Shot crew in the USA.

Based on Granite Mountain by Brendan McDonough, this ‘based on real events’ movie is a story of brotherhood, triumph, and pain (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). While you can’t get to know each person individually, you will see the real men at the end. It’s hard to see how much went wrong on the day of the Yarnell Hill Fire, but its great to see how one man honored so many. This movie has the same fight as The 33 but with a much different ending. You will leave with a heartfelt understanding of how firefighters view wildlands; not beautiful but as fuel. This should be seen on the big screen to appreciate the strength of the fire. It rolls through the forest like snow in an avalanche. It is awe strikingly disastrous. Be prepared to tear up dooming the end credits.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Cause you’re smarter than I am when we squabble and it pisses me off – Marsh

Can you get that can – Jesse

We’re a real family – Mac

If you give me a chance, I won’t let you down – Brendan

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The Snowman – Review

The Snowman – Budget of $35 million – 1 hours and 59 minute(s)

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The Snowman
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Detective Harry Hole wakes up from a drunken stupor in a shed during the dead of winter. He staggers into the Oslo Police Department with the hopes of getting work. His boss tells Harry he is lucky to have a job. He won’t give Harry a case until he cleans himself up. Harry tells his boss that having a case would force him to clean up his act. But his boss walks away. Later, Harry receives a letter. The writer states he will build a snowman for the next victim and how that person will be murdered. At first, Harry sees it as a prank but when he sees Detective Katrine Bratt confidential files, Harry concludes this the work of a serial killer. Henry and Katherine must work together to find the snowman before he kills another victim. But Katrina’s past will have a lasting effect on the case and herself.

Based on The Snowman by Jo NesbØ, this is a very slow, disjointed story with an unnecessary subplot about a man in the 2018 Olympic Bid (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You sit and hope someone will die just to get the story moving along. This thriller was better suited for the small screen. However, when you look closely, you will see this is book 7 of a series of 10 books. This was a horrible way to start a film series. Wait until this movie is on free TV.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars

You gonna lecture me about drinking – Oleg

I’ll take it – Harry

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