#Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story – Review

Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story – LMN – 2 hours 0 minutes

Abducted: The Jocelyn Shaker Story

Caitlin and Javier went for a simple business dinner meeting while on  vacation at a Colombian resort, when their lives were turned upside-down.  They discover that their 7-year-old daughter Jocelyn was kidnapped from her hotel room while they were  at dinner.  Then, the police find blood on Javier clothes that match Jocelyn and arrest him as the prime suspect.  They assume that this man was a hot head that did not want a step-daughter, just a beautiful, blonde, American wife.  Caitlin knows that Javier loved Jocelyn and would never hurt her.  So with the help of a female police officer, Susanna (who is looked at as another pretty face in the department), Caitlin will do anything to find her daughter and clear her husband’s name.

This story mirrors that of Madeleine McCann.  A little girl taken from a resort while her parents went to dinner.  In a flash, the media turned on them as bad parents.  But this movie is not a “based on real facts” story.  It is an emotionally wrecked mother fighting against everyone and everything for her only child.  It is a good suspenseful story.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.  No need for wine, but get some tea and pay close attention.  You don’t want to miss anything.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

They were supposed to help us – Javier

My daughter will have a someday – Caitlin

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