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House of Chains – Review

House of Chains – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Laura gets off the bus with a book bag, dirty clothes, and a broken flip-flop. She hears a man, Tye, preaching to the homeless and watches. A man calls her over and tries to exchange drugs for sex. As she tries to leave, Tye jumps into the tent and fights the guy off. Tye tells Laura that in the past, her father abused her, and her mother allowed it. When Laura denies it, Tye says she refuses to remember. 

Today, Laura and Tye have four children and one on the way. River loves to sing, and Meadow protects Laura. Rain is Tye’s true believer, but Perry is the objector. Meadow jumps with joy because she will attend school with her siblings, but Tye warns them to be careful of the serpent. The serpent will trick them and keep them from the kingdom of heaven. 

The kids go to school, and the students tease them for being dirty. Tye doesn’t allow them to bathe and restricts their food. Meadow makes a friend, Andrea, and begs Laura to let the girl visit. After swearing Andrea wasn’t a serpent, the kids have fun. But Andrea goes into Laura and Tye’s room and finds their TV. Meadow says the TV is demonic and a window to the serpent. Andrea assures Meadow the TV isn’t evil and turns it on. Rain runs into the room, shielding his eyes, and fights Meadow over the remote. Tye runs in, takes the remote, and tells Andrea to go home. Tye says they let a serpent come into their home and fool them. He has decided the children will never go to school or leave the house. For ten years, Laura and Tye will have more children to mold, control, and torture. Social media will be their first step to freedom.

Loosely based on the Turpin Family, this movie will enrage anyone who watches. There will be plenty of trigger warnings throughout for viewers. Laura constantly ignores the cries of her children to please Tye. He instructs Laura to beat, chain, and restrain their children for days. As you watch, you will see Tye’s manipulation of Laura continues throughout their relationship. How much did she actually know in the end? That question will give you zero sympathy for this mother who ignored her children’s pain. Also, you will cry as Tye uses Perry as a scapegoat while favoring Rain and Meadow. If child abuse isn’t enough to make you scream, cherry-picking the bible will make you furious. Viewers should not be angry with the children because they are prime examples of Stockholm Syndrome and trauma bonding. Tye created a cult within his home, and social workers, law enforcement, and neighbors should work together to save children like these.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

You have no idea who you are, do you – Tye

You have no idea the hell I’ve been through – Laura

Momma, you have to go to a doctor – River

No – Perry 

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Husband, Wife, and Their Lover – Review

Husband, Wife, and Their Lover – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Veronica is an ad executive for her family’s 100-year-old cereal company with old fashion family values. Veronica wants to update their ads to show single mothers, but her father says no and tells her to focus on starting her family with her husband, Jordan. Veronica comes home and talks about her day with Jordan. They want one more year of freedom before beginning a family. With his 30th birthday coming up, Jordan has a special request: a ménage à trois.

Veronica discusses Jordan’s request with her trainer, Lexi. Lexi believes Jordan is a nice guy and brave to ask. Lexi tells Veronica to pick the 3rd and make it someone Jordan doesn’t know. Veronica turns around and asks Lexi to join them. Lexi agrees and meets Jordan and Veronica for dinner. Afterward, Jordan says yes to Lexi being their third. They spend a passionate night together, but Veronica feels elated and shamed. Jordan resides that it’s her religious upbringing weighing down on her.

Veronica meets with Lexi for a session, but Veronica sees something is off. She wants to report Lexi, but that will expose their past. So, Veronica ignores Lexi’s advances until Lexi shows up on their doorstep uninvited. Veronica decides to fire Lexi as her trainer. So, Veronica is stunned to see Lexi at her next session. Lexi gets in Veronica’s face, makes a scene, and complains to her boss. Lexi’s boss comes to Veronica and says that Lexi made sexual harassment claims. If Veronica wants to dispute them, she should go to the authorities. If not, Veronica must pay out Lexi’s contract or leave the gym. Veronica quits. As Veronica cleans her locker, Lexi says quitting isn’t enough to keep her quiet about the love affair. She wants $50,000, or she will go public. Veronica knows that public allegations will end her job and William’s brand. So she decides to pay. But Veronica will learn that Lexi wants more, including revenge.

This story is expansive, and Lifetimers can feel it. The movie sets itself up with a demanding father wanting a ‘wholesome’ image from his family and his brand. Veronica is ripe to seek freedom in some fashion. While you watch, you know there is more to the story because Lexi won’t back off. She comes to corporate events, prays, and kidnaps to get what she wants. This plot feels like a vengeful lover, but the character is more complex. You need to watch it from the beginning and give it your full attention to understand the holy sickness in her. This film is as frightening as it is sexy.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

You’re already 30 – William

I would be disowned, and you would be castrated – Veronica

What about me – Lexi

Everyone can hide their crazy to some degree – Jordan

The higher up you go, the bigger the target on your back – Donna

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Are My Friends Killers? – Review

Are My Friends Killers? – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Zoey calls her best friend, Lauren, all day to wish Lauren a happy birthday but doesn’t get an answer. Zoey assumes Lauren is busy with college, parties, and friends, but Zoey misses Lauren, so Zoey calls one last time, and Lauren’s mom, Mrs. Price, picks up and gives Zoey some unfortunate news. Lauren died of a heart attack that morning, and they are having services for Lauren that week. At the wake, Mrs. Price asks Zoey to come outside for a private conversation. Mrs. Price offers to pay for Zoey’s entire college education if she attends Lauren’s school, Woodford University. Zoey has no idea how Mrs. Price convinced the school to reconsider after Zoey’s rejection. Mrs. Price admits she paid a lot of money and pulled strings. Zoey takes Mrs. Price’s offer.

Zoey comes to campus, and Samantha helps Zoey with her bags while escorting Zoey to her dorm. Zoey meets her new roommate, Ming, and Samantha invites Zoey to an exclusive party. Zoey tries to make small talk with Ming, but Ming focuses on her studies. Zoey sees Samantha at the party, and Samantha introduces Zoey to David and Chloe. They call their club ‘The Select.’ Their members are a who’s who in the state, and the current members are legacies. Zoey doesn’t think she belongs because she comes from modest means, and her parents didn’t attend college. David assures Zoey that she fits into their group and kisses her later.

Zoey gets locked in the library and panics so loud Adam hears her. Adam completes his work-study program at the library but is in school for psychology. He walks Zoey out of the library and asks her out on a date. Later, Zoey goes home and prepares for the next day’s classes. After waking up late, Zoey runs out the door and sees Mrs. Price standing in front of the dorm. Mrs. Price interrogates Zoey about Lauren’s death. Mrs. Price believes someone murdered Lauren and positions Zoey in Lauren’s dorm and around Lauren’s friends to learn the truth. When Zoey declines to be an amateur sleuth, Mrs. Price threatens to pull Zoey out of school. Zoey hangs her head and agrees. Zoey will put her life on the line to enter a world of deadly deception.

Kudos to Lifetime for putting on an enthralling mystery for its fans. Normally, Mrs. Price would be hounding the teachers, dean, and students to find out what happened to Lauren. The twist is Mrs. Price is blackmailing Lauren’s best friend to do the work. Mrs. Price is the queen of delegating. Don’t worry because Mrs. Price redeems herself in the end. Zoey is a bit trusting at the beginning. Unlike the other films, Zoey’s friend harshly calls her naiveté out as a sad crush. And hearing the lead’s mistakes addressed is a refreshing change. This film is a movie meant for popcorn and tea.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t know how I’m gonna live without her – Zoey

You are so, so welcome – Mrs. Price

Something like that – Ming

Have I impressed you yet – David

Are you exceptional – Samantha

You slept with him already didn’t you – Adam

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The Bad Seed Returns – Review

The Bad Seed Returns – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma dreams about her father’s last days and wakes up with a smile. She lives with her aunt, Angela, Angela’s boyfriend, Rob, and their new baby, Gabe. Emma picks the perfect outfit and practices conversing and expressing emotions. Emma is on her best behavior because dance team captain tryouts are in a few weeks.

Before Angela drops Emma off at school, she tells Emma that Rob did Emma a favor. He got her an interview with a private school a few hours away. Emma could stay on campus during the weekday and come home on weekends. Emma hides her fury and goes to class. The teacher introduces a new girl, Kat, to the class. Kat knows Emma and makes snide comments about Emma’s past, but Emma doesn’t remember Kat.

Emma dances with her team, including her friends Steph and Lola. The coach pulls Emma off the line and replaces her with Steph. With Steph, Emma’s stiffest competition in the lead, Emma should polish her speech and routine. But Emma can’t seem to get ahead of the competition, so she talks to her therapist, Dr. March. The doctor encourages Emma to solve her problems with Steph and Rob. For Emma, murder is the answer.

Based on the play The Bad Seed and the sequel to The Bad Seed, this movie will have you biting your nails (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). The plot allows you to see Emma scheming and manipulating Angela to get her way. Emma looks like a spoiled brat who oversalts food if you haven’t seen the first movie. However, Emma is a born psychopath and proud. She will use flashing lights, Cheerios, and knives to get everything she wants. And she will bring on an inferno if she doesn’t. The body count seems low until the last 20 minutes. You will get a payoff and a glimpse into a frightening future. Watch this before someone ruins the ending. And yes, you do get to see the original Bad Seed.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Are we friends now – Emma

Emma doesn’t get nervous – Angela

Only stupid people get bored – Kat

Most girls in your position would be thrilled – Dr. March

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Love, Bubbles, & Crystal Cove – Review

Love, Bubbles, & Crystal Cove – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Gavin sits with his father, Vance, and talks about their latest acquisition, Crystal Cove, a shopping complex. All the stores are doing great, except one: Lather & Luxury. The store has been a staple in Crystal Cove for years, but they haven’t turned a profit and missed rent payments. Vance wants to evict them, but Gavin convinces Vance to give the store more time. Gavin will use his trademark strategy to improve the store. If he fails, Vance will evict the store.

Gavin walks into Lather & Luxury and sees a familiar face; his ex-girlfriend, Skye. He and Skye dated, but he left without giving her a reason. He offers to help her store, but she refuses because she thinks the store is doing ok. However, Skye’s mother, Linda, begrudgingly speaks the truth. The store has been in a steady decline for years. Without something new, the business won’t last. With the guidance of her best friend, Zoey, Skye decides to take Gavin’s assistance, but he doesn’t tell her about the impending eviction. However, Skye tells Gavin that he has to learn about the products before he can offer input. Zoey and Gavin’s brother, Cole, can see the sparks but will they last when Skye learns about the eviction?

Thank goodness for the comic relief of Zoey and Cole. They add moments of laughter to an unremarkable script. The actors tried their best, but it wasn’t enough to inspire interest. The couple will overcome all obstacles including the store’s future. So, you lose interest in the main characters. Although hearing about the different scents and their properties is intriguing, its not enough to engage the viewer. When Cole and Zoey meet, you see the love and want more. This film won’t be a favorite in the Fall in Love series.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

It’s time we root for the underdog – Gavin

Not for a lack of trying – Skye

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Love’s Portrait – Review

Love’s Portrait – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Curator Lily enters work and gets bombarded with questions about her love life from her boss, Michelle. Michelle wants Lily to go out on dates, but Lily is not over losing her husband, Greg. As Michelle hurls empty threats, Lily’s co-workers call her to the back office. They pull out a painting with her image wearing a flower in her hair. Lily never posed for a picture, and they lost the packing slip. Upon inspection, Lily can see someone painted it in this century, and they have a unique technique. After digging, Michelle’s assistant, Kate, discovered the artwork came from J. O’Brien in Ireland. Excited, Michelle sends Lily to Ireland to find the person who painted Lily’s portrait and why.

Lily arrives in Ireland and runs a bicyclist off the road while fidgeting with her GPS. The bicyclist walks his broken bike to Lily to confront her. Lily’s face leaves William, the bicyclist, speechless when she turns around. She asks him for directions to the post, and he points, mouthing jibberish. Lily enters the post office, and Saoirse greets her with a slack jaw. William enters the post office from the back and tells Saoirse, his sister, that something spectacular happened. Then William sees Lily standing by the desk and stops talking. They don’t have computer records, so it will take time to find the sender. Also, O’Brien is a common last name in Ireland. So, the list will be extensive. Since addresses are not exact in Ireland, William offers to help Lily in her search. Saoirse stands in awe with William after Lily leaves. William painted the mystery woman from his dreams years ago and now she exists. Years after he painted the artwork, he threw it out. He never knew that Saoirse rescued it from the trash and sold it because it was too beautiful. Saoirse wants William to tell Lily the truth now, but his broken heart is holding him back. He plans on telling Lily when the time is right, but until then, he will continue to help her find the sender. 

This movie is the most sincere display of loss, hope, and love set in a breathtaking backdrop. Lily and William are on an adventure giving them time to connect. They meet a lot of riveting and hilarious people. And we all understand how Saoirse feels as she stands outside a door hoping a meddling relative won’t open it. It’s refreshing seeing sign language represented in Ireland and America. Viewers know William painted the portrait, but we don’t know how it got to Lily’s museum. Also, you want to see Lily find out, and it’s a magnificently gentle reveal. Sit back and get lost in this heartwarming story.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

If there’s a such thing as a soul mate, then mine’s died years ago – Lily

Your version of happy makes me sad – Michelle

Well, I already know your crazy – Saoirse

What if she turns out to be crazy – William

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My Perfect Wedding – Review

My Perfect Wedding – BET Her – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Since Trisha was seven, she dreamed of and pretended to have the perfect wedding. Today, she has a great career and success but hasn’t had a wedding. Trisha attempts to hide from her best friend, Stephanie. Because Trisha’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Keith, made a hasty retreat in the wee hours of the morning. Trisha thought Keith would be her happily ever after, but he won’t get serious. However, she can’t let Keith go because they have so much history. Stephanie understands but thinks Trisha should keep her options open. Keith sends Trisha a message apologizing for leaving and asking for dinner out that night.

After a romantic dinner, Keith walks Trisha home and gets down on one knee. She thinks he will propose, but he stuns her when he asks to date her seriously. Upset, Trisha breaks up with Keith and applies for speed dating. Speed dating looked great, but Trisha gets duds until Carter sits down and introduces himself. Carter is there to find a wife for his boss, Benjamin, and Carter thinks Trisha is perfect. And Benjamin is willing to pay. Trisha laughs and goes home to tell Stephanie. Stephanie looks up Benjamin online and sees he is real, so Trisha decides to meet with him.

Benjamin could lose his inheritance if he doesn’t get married. So, he offers to pay for the wedding and give her $500,000 if they stay married for a year. Trisha is happy to have a fully-paid dream wedding and signs the contract. It doesn’t take long for her to regret it. Benjamin focuses more on his phone than on her or their ceremony. He sends Carter in his place to make plans. As Trisha spends more time with Carter, they start to fall for each other. And if that isn’t enough, Keith wants her back and continues to call. So will Trisha pick the man she wants, the man she chose, or the man who chose her?

Trisha is a woman between three men and an annoying little brother, JJ. It’s pretty easy to see where the plot is going, but the movie is funny. Steph and JJ provide the much-needed comic relief. However, don’t forget Trisha makes one common mistake throughout her life. Trisha is bothersome sometimes because she focuses more on the wedding day than the man she will marry. Since she was seven, Trisha thought about the flowers, dress, and food but not her future husband. It takes a contract for her to see the truth. Also, Benjamin becomes very possessive in a fake relationship. Keith is the typical ‘love-you-when-you-leave’ type. If you want a relaxed watch, this is the movie for you.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Well did you tell your lower half – Stephanie

I’m ready for the next level – Keith

I’m done. We’re done – Trisha 

Plus, he look like he wanted to kill me – Carter

Talking? It looks more like a date to me – Benjamin

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