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Temptation Under the Sun – Review

Temptation Under the Sun – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cassidy’s boss, Detective Murphy, calls Cassidy into his office because she confronted and threatened a politician. Murphy’s boss wants Cassidy fired, but Murphy tells her to take a vacation to St. Luke because she has a lot of time off. Cassidy storms out of the office and books a flight.

Cassidy settles into her comfortable room and calls the concierge for advice on local restaurants. The concierge recommends Minerva’s bar. Cassidy comes into the bar and catches Travis’s eye. Minerva and Travis’s friend, Winston, see the hearts in his eyes. Before Travis approaches Cassidy, Sean introduces himself and acts like a jerk when Cassidy rejects him. Travis defends Cassidy and asks her out on his boat to see the coral reefs. Before the date, Cassidy asks Minerva about Travis, and Minerva approves.

After an uncomfortable encounter, Travis and Cassidy enjoy each other’s company and leave after midnight. Cassidy and Travis plan to spend the day together until they see cops outside Minerva’s bar. Inspector Dexter pulls out an evidence bag containing a knife and Minerva’s blood. Travis thinks the weapon looks a lot like his. Dexter puts Travis in handcuffs and plans to question Travis at the station. Cassidy tells Dexter that Travis was with her that night but can’t cover the murder’s timeline. Cassidy doesn’t believe Travis is capable of murder, and she will prove it.

This movie has a deserted island, explosions, and passionate love-making, but they couldn’t save this film. This slow burn of moronic actions makes viewers yell at Cassidy, “Just mind your business.” Winston is the saving grace of this plot with his on-the-mark comic relief. This movie tried to be a mystery, but the storyline gives away Minerva’s killer in the first half. The actors did what they could with a lackluster script and laughable fighting. Be assured that you can skip this film in the Love, Lies, and Seduction series.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

Easy. I don’t take vacations – Cassidy

I meant 10 o’clock island time – Travis

Best mistake of my life – Minerva

What the hell did I miss – Winston

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Secret Lives of College Escorts – Review

Secret Lives of College Escorts – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Eve urges her friend, Monica, to come home after a hard night of partying. Monica takes pictures of them at the club, and Eve tells Monica to stop. They are underage drinking and out past curfew. Monica says her account is private and to have fun. Eve pulls a drunk Monica towards the club’s door, and they argue. Monica leaves and apologizes to Eve while explaining that Eve has no idea what’s happening. Eve attempts to understand when Monica becomes a hit-and-run victim.

After Monica’s funeral, the university sends Eve a letter. They saw the pictures and revoked her scholarship and her spot on the volleyball team. If she has another infraction, they will expel Eve. Without that assistance, Eve needs $15,000 to pay her tuition for this semester in 10 days. It’s too late to apply for financial aid, but Eve’s roommate, Shiann, gives Eve an idea. Eve can get a job and use her proof of employment to defer payment, and then Shiann remembers an article about Carla Preston. Eve idolizes Carla and signs up for an interview. Eve aces her interview and gets the job along with Tamsen and Bryce. Isabella, the vice president, meets with all the young women to discuss the job. The company will pair the girls with a wealthy donor to convince them to give more money to Carla’s charity. Carla’s company pays $1500 weekly and a 5% commission based on donations. After their meeting, Eve pulls Isabella aside to get a letter for the bursar’s office. Isabella freezes and asks why. Eve explains her situation, and Isabella says they can’t give Eve a letter because Eve is a contractor. However, they will help.

Eve goes to the bursar with her mother. And to their surprise, an anonymous person paid Eve’s tuition. Eve believes it was Isabella’s fix and jumps for joy, but her mom has questions. Eve brushes off her mother’s concerns and vows to work harder for Isabella and Carla. And it’s what they wanted. Unlike Bryce and Tamsen, Eve doesn’t know she is now a high-end escort. If she goes against Carla, it will have deadly consequences.

Eve is naive to the 10th degree. No matter the warnings, Eve is too blinded by fame, prestige, and money to look into the company. Eve redeems herself by using her connections, friendship, and a client to bring Carla down. The movie is a slow burn. So you can have it running in the background while doing something else, it will cure the lulls. This film isn’t the best in the Stranger Danger series, but it has some great outfits.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Why do you have to be so skeptical – Eve

Your job is to impress them, so they donate – Isabella

I have a lot of faith in you, Eve. It’s ok to be nervous your first time. It makes you endearing – Carla

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The Journey Ahead – Review

The Journey Ahead – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Madeline was the top actress in Hollywood, but now Suze is taking Madeline’s place at the studio. Madeline knows her age is the reason. So when Madeline’s manager, Randall, suggests she plays the role of Suze’s mother in a film, Madeline vehemently says no. Then, Madeline’s husband, Richard, calls and says he is staying at the beach house for business. Madeline hasn’t told anyone that she has a doctor’s appointment today. Her doctor found a lump and wants to do a biopsy. Madeline requests they do it in New York because the paparazzi will follow her in L.A. Overwhelmed by the news, Madeline calls Richard and leaves a voicemail saying she is coming to the beach house.

To her surprise, Madeline walks in on Richard with Suze. Richard cheated in the past but crossed the line with the young actress. Madeline goes home and calls her assistant, Katie. Madeline is afraid to fly, so she wants Katie to find a driver to take her to New York and to schedule a locksmith to change the locks on all her houses. Madeline gets a phone call from an adoption agency and assumes it’s about her donation. The caller tells Madeline that this is about the baby she gave up in 1984. Her daughter wants to meet Madeline, but Madeline isn’t ready and says no. Madeline convenes in her foyer with Katie to discuss the trip. Katie regretfully informs Madeline that her luxury tour bus and driver aren’t available. Katie’s friend, Sarah, comes over to return an item before heading east. Madeline offers to pay Sarah to take her to New York. Sarah says yes to Madeline’s offer despite Madeline’s attitude. This cross-country road trip will be a path to healing for both women.

Madeline and Sarah appear as opposites until they start to talk to each other. Both women realize they are running away from something. Sarah thinks Madeline is too wealthy to understand her problems, and Madeline believes Sarah is too young. However, they guide each other to a new way of thinking. And forge a new chapter in their lives. This movie has pearls of wisdom for all viewers.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Did you ever care about me, or was I good for business – Madeline

Oh no – Katie

You and my grandma can get concert tickets together – Sarah

You’re only as good as your best work – Carl

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Sister With a Secret – Review

Sister With a Secret – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Tara and Jess help their mother, Janet, with her T-shirt business and gain a following. They shoot a reel as Janet’s ex-husband, Tom, walks through the door. Tom does all the accounting work for the business and treats Janet’s daughters like his children. The family is happy about the company, but they prepare to say goodbye to Tara because she is leaving for college soon. They start to plan to spend more time with her, but Tara leaves. Tara doesn’t tell her family that she matched with a 25-year-old man, Ryan, online. They meet in private and make out. She knows her family would never approve of Ryan. On their date, Ryan asks Tara about her recent outings because he pinged Tara’s location on her phone. Tara turns off her phone’s location services so Ryan can’t track her anymore. 

Tara and Ryan go to breakfast at a coffee house because her old friend, Alex, is working the counter. She walks over, gets their food, and converses briefly with Alex. Ryan becomes upset and tells Tara that he hacked into the community college near hers and enrolled himself. Tara thinks Ryan went too far and breaks up with Ryan. To Tara, this relationship was a secret summer fling and nothing more. Tara gets a phone call from her friend, Sharon, that evening for a party. Tara made plans with Tom. But cancels them and attends the party. Tara tries to have fun but gets a text message about her location. Upset, Tara leaves the party, and Sharon sees Tara walk away with a grimace. 

Janet tells Jess to check on Tara for breakfast, but Tara’s not in her room, and her car is missing. Janet calls Tara’s phone, but it goes to voicemail. Then Tara calls Tom and asks when Tara left last night. He says that Tara didn’t leave because she canceled. Tom runs to their house and looks into Tara’s room again. The family’s worst fears have come true. Their daughter is missing. 

This story seems improbable unless you’ve watched Text Me When You Get Home. Clues to Tara’s life are in her text messages and digital footprint. The family has to dig through Tara’s secrets to find the truth. Each time Janet learns something new, it knocks the wind out of her. Janet thought she and Tara were close, but Janet uncovers Tara’s relationship, sadness, and stalking. This movie sums up the TV series in two hours.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t like the way he looks at you – Ryan

You don’t move across the country for some you’ve been dating a couple of months – Tara

That will never happen again – Janet

I am not controlling. I am paying attention – Tom

Just trace the call – Jess

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Love, Game, Match – Review

Love, Game, Match – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Liz, an economics teacher, beams with pride as two of her students, Dylan and Ariella, turn their class project into a real business. They created an extensive dating app but put all their money into research and development. So, they are asking teachers to sign up to spread the word and test the app. Liz tells them probably and leaves. Liz gets hit by a tennis ball on her way to an appointment. Ted, a coach, comes over, apologizes, and helps her cover the stain. Liz goes home and signs up for the site.

The teachers get together to assign events for the year. When the carnival comes up, everyone in the room is silent. So Liz volunteers. But when the principal asks Ted, he says he is too busy. Liz breathes an audible sigh of relief to her friend, Tammy, and Ted hears it. He changes his mind and joins the carnival committee. Then, Dylan convinces Ted to join the app too. With a string of bad first dates, a thirsty rival, and consolation prizes, will Ted and Liz find love?

This easy-going film makes you fall in love with Ted’s parents and the ’66 Mustang more than with the lead couple. However, it’s hilarious watching Liz go through her bad dates. Between momma’s boys and MLM distributors, she sees them all. This movie also sparks an ongoing debate between those who believe winners should get trophies or if everyone should get a prize. Ted and Liz have a spirited discussion with compelling points. But which side are you taking?

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh, and by the way, you’re not my type – Liz

She hates me – Ted

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Romance in Style – Review

Romance in Style – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Budding fashion designer, Ella, works as a seamstress for hire to make ends meet. Ella’s roommate, Katie, got Ella a job at The Look magazine. Ella loves the publication but dislikes that it doesn’t have plus-size models or designers. Throughout her childhood, Ella struggled to find clothes that fit and looked good. She let this drive her to become a designer. Ella stops at a coffee shop before her first day and has a rude man in front of her. He continues to ignore the barista for his phone call. Ella speaks her mind, tells him off, and forces him to pay attention to the world around them. They order their food and leave but head in the same direction. They have playful banter along the way, and he explains that it’s his first day too. 

Ella walks with Katie as Katie gives Ella the lay of the land. Katie’s boss, Liza, works for the editor-in-chief, Claudia. Claudia runs The Look with an iron fist by picking the models, designers, photographers, and advertisers. During their discussion about the magazine, Ella sees the rude man walk into the closet. Katie explains that the man is Derek, and he is a publishing extraordinaire. Derek’s father, Roger, owns The Look, but the magazine is losing money. Roger wants Derek to find a way to save it with a digital presence. Claudia wants Derek to stay away from her job and publication, so she conspires with Liza to make Derek leave. She tells Ella to fix the ruching on the fabric and ask for Derek’s opinion. He stammers, but Ella takes pity and jumps in to help him. 

Derek pulls Ella aside after the fashion shoot and asks her to give him a crash course in fashion. She says yes because she wants to save her favorite magazine. Elle tells him that the industry breaks down into four components – inspiration, fabric, fit, and financials. While The Look does two right, it gets the fit and financial all wrong. They don’t cater to the average size woman, and their readers can’t afford the magazine, let alone the clothes. Then Derek asks to look at her sketchbook, and he loves her work. So he offers a trade. If Ella teaches him about fashion, Derek will feature Ella and her fashion line in the digital magazine. Ella says yes, but everyone at the magazine isn’t on the body positive bandwagon. Liza and Claudia are ready to bring them down.

This movie speaks truth to the fashion world like none other. This mix of The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty points out glaring issues in the industry (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Fashion designers leave out most of the population based on size and income. While print publications slowly die and become accessible on the internet, the price point of the clothes remains high. Also, this movie spotlights another issue, Ella. She is body positive and speaks her mind, but she has a lot of self-doubt in love. She never believes Derek is attracted to her, although Katie and Derek’s friend, Aaron, point it out. Ella talks the talk, but she doesn’t always walk the walk. This film may spark some emotions for some, but the ending with Ella’s idol is worth it.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I’d rather have your respect than a paycheck – Ella

So you admit it. There’s an us – Derek

I can’t tell if she’s the boss or the assistant – Oscar

You tell yourself all that – Katie

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