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Who’s Stalking Me? – Review

Who’s Stalking Me? – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Who's Stalking Me

Amanda talks on the phone with bestie Ginny when a man attacks her.  When the line goes dead, Ginny calls 911 for Amanda.  As Amanda hides in her bathroom, Detective Dawson appears and tells her she is safe.  He starts to take her statement but is interrupted by Detective Valencia.  She reminds Dawson that only women can interview women.  Dawson backs away but lets Amanda know he is available 24 hours a day.   Ginny and Valencia can see his real intentions but Amanda believes he is being nice.  Over the course of days, Dawson helps install cameras, patrol Amanda’s neighborhood, and walk her to work.  Amanda starts to feel safe until people start to die.  Even though Dawson is there for her, Liam (her ex and business partner) thinks he is getting too close.  Amanda, with a gun and mase, will battle it out to the end to find out who is stalking her.

This is one for all Lifetimers to watch.  It will keep you pulled in and then shock you to your core.  You will look at Detective Dawson as a sweetheart to creep in a few commercial breaks.  But stick it out to the end for the big reveal.  That’s all that can be said without giving too much away.  However, there was one question left at the end: Who was the true predator.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

That’s a really weird way to pronounce noon – Ginny

Off the record, you can shoot anyone who breaks into your home – Det. Valencia

After that, I made it a point to go after men who attack women – Det. Dawson

I wish every cop was like you – Amanda

It’s not about him protecting him, it’s about him having his way with you – Liam

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Love on the Menu – Review

Love on the Menu – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Love on the Menu

When author and restaurant owner, Hank hears a woman ordered 2 appetizers and 5 entrees, he believes she is the food critic that will renew one of his stars.  His 6-star restaurant has lost 4 of its stars.  So, he needs this review to go well.  Hank walks out and introduces himself to Maggie.  She is happy to see him and tells him she loves his foods.  After Maggie leaves, Hank’s manager Bernie tells him he lost both his stars.  Hank and his staff are taken aback with the crushing news.  It’s clear that when Hank sees Maggie in the restaurant the next day, he must get a reason why.  Maggie halts Hank when she explains she is not the critic.  She is the VP of Product Development for Flash Frozen Food International.  They want to create a gourmet frozen food line based on his recipes.  They want to offer him a “step deal”.  He gets paid for every recipe he creates.  Hank doesn’t want to do it but he owes $250,000 to the bank.  If he doesn’t take it, he could lose everything.   So he says yes.  Maggie stays on to oversee the process but Hank is dragging is feet.  After she gets to know Hank and his daughter Hannah, she wants to do more for them.  She offers to help restructure his restaurant so it can get his star back.  But he needs to start working on the recipes ASAP.  When someone has ulterior motives, can Hank and Maggie’s new connection withstand it?

This movie puts the Com back into Rom-Com.  It’s a smart, easy laugh for the whole family while giving business tips.  It will warm your heart to see the relationship between Hannah and Maggie grow.  Hannah loves her dad, but she has missed out on having her mom.  Her connection with Maggie gives Hank the boost he needs to connect with Maggie too.  This movie teaches the correct way for step parents and children to communicate.  FYI, have some Italian food or short ribs nearby.  You will need it.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Yes, I am – Hank

I’m just Maggie. Not just now. Always Maggie – Maggie

She is the one who’s going to save your bacon. Literally – Andrea

I see you found my accounting system – Bernie

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Instakiller – Review

Instakiller – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Harper’s checks her social media account and is surprised to discover she has 1000 new followers overnight with an addition to the hot list.  Now, more users will see her fashion creations and it could be a leg up when she applies to design school.  However, when she shows her mom her account, her mother is instantly worried.  Mrs. Williams notices that Harper has a lot of personal information and shows her face in every single photo.  Harper tells her mom that she is overreacting because of the past.  Less than a year ago, Harper almost died but she was able to receive a heart transplant in time.  Mrs. Williams overprotective nature hit DEFCON 1 during Harper’s near death experience.  On the other hand, Harper wants to enjoy every second of her life and live it to the fullest.  When Harper gets hundreds of thousands of followers, her friend Monica post a message that Harper is looking for a boyfriend.  Chad – Harper’s crush – replies that he wants to fill out an application.  Monica flirts back for Harper.  However, the poster reveals he isn’t Chad but an admirer that has been following Harper and taking photos without Harper’s consent.  Harper quickly blocks him but he refuses to go away.   Now the stalker will harass, attack, or kill anyone who comes in between them.

This movie may give a lot of good advice to tweens and teens about social media, it’s just not a great ‘who done it’ movie.  Even the average Lifetimer can spot the killer within the first hour.  You just wonder how long it will take for the family to figure it out.  This movie feels more like a PSA than a Lifetime movie.  The script setup was good but the overall mystery has been overdone.  There were too few suspects and not enough suspicious behavior.  The actors did an amazing job of displaying the emotions necessary to fill in the gaps in the script to make you care.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Aren’t you happy that I’m internet famous now – Harper

What did I say – Monica

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Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered – Review

Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered

Alex, a former business consultant, decided to start a podcast after Amy Montoya went missing.  She used her organizational skills to put the facts together and solve the case while gaining followers.  She may not have a huge following but she is dedicated to solving mysteries.   One mystery from her hometown of Harrington, PA has always haunted her.  The disappearance of Gina DeSalvo.  Gina was a hard-working college student with 2 jobs to make ends meet.  Before she disappeared, she worked a shift at the country club and collected her tips, then she got in her car.  She didn’t wave goodbye, which was unusual for her. She drove off and into a boulder.  Her car was found days later with blood on the windshield but no Gina.  Even with a large search party, Gina was never found or heard from again.  Alex has decided to go home and look into the disappearance of her friend with the help of the Harrington Chronicle’s archives.  Good thing her uncle Miles runs the paper.  But Miles worries Alex will get hurt.  So he asks his editor in chief, Drew, to keep an eye on her.  Alex and Drew offer each other exclusives to work together and solve the mystery of the disappearing lady.

This is a brand new mystery for HMM lovers and it doesn’t disappoint.  This movie series sets itself apart because you can hear the sleuth’s internal process with her podcast.  He doesn’t have to give an “I have a clue” face.  And the podcast angle lets you know her inner thoughts and hunches.  The viewer feels like a friend on the case, not just a fly on the wall.  It is easy to see how podcast listeners are drawn to Alex.  With 2 more episodes to go, keep your fingers cross that HMM will bring more episodes to this new series.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Take deep breaths, it won’t hurt so much – Alex

And FYI, if you’re going to be digging in the city. Just remember the Chronicle’s agreement with you does not include bail money – Drew

What if we could finish this meeting in peace – Miles

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