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Christmas Hotel – Review

Christmas Hotel – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Despite growing up in Garland Grove, Erin doesn’t like seeing Christmas decorations until 2 weeks before Christmas.  Each year, the holiday feels more and more like a chore to her.  No matter the chore, Erin is ready to make this the best holiday Wyndsor Hotels has seen.  She has her eye on the promotion for the Executive Manager position at a new Wyndsor Hotel in Rome.  She is ready for good news when Bianca Wyndsor calls her for lunch.  Bianca wants her to manage a new hotel.  Not in Rome, but in Garland Falls.  Erin is surprised that Bianca wants to open a hotel in such a small town.  But Bianca wants to find an untapped tourist destination.  She picked Erin to go because Garland Falls is her home town.  If Erin can get this hotel up and running in 3 weeks, she will lock down the job in Rome.  Erin is on the first flight home.  As she drives through town she sees protestors outside the hotel.  The locals don’t want this hotel in the neighborhood.  They believe it will drive business away from the mom-and-pop shops.  Also, it will make way for even bigger companies in the future.  Erin is shocked to see her former crush, Connor leading the charge.  Erin attempts to ignore it and do her job.  But the protest has forced the hotel’s star chef to quit.  A few days later, Bianca calls. The press has gotten wind of the protest and reservations are being canceled.  Erin has to fix this to get her promotion.  With a little holiday spirit and help from her enemy, can she get the hotel running in time?

Girl goes back home for work, sees a boy she liked, they are on opposite sides of a cause, the work together, and fall in love.  If you scroll down, you will find one or more stories that follow the same pattern.  With a predictable outcome, this movie has a few redeemable qualities.  First, the chemistry between the lead actors.  Second, how Erin’s changes have impacted the community. Finally, seeing your favorites from TV shows like Moesha, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Family Matters on screen again (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I know how to do Christmas – Erin

I never said evil – Connor

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Christmas Love Letter – Review

Christmas Love Letter – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Amalie writes a column called “Love Notes” and her boss, Karen is ready for her latest write up.  Amalie has the layout ready but her title story hasn’t happened.  Her title is “Proposal”.  Amalie has dropped hints to her boyfriend Bruce that Christmas is the best time to propose.  She has a good feeling he will propose tonight.  When she gets home, he has made dinner.  He mentions this is a good time for them to get married, gets a ring out of his pocket, blows off the lint, and hands it to her.   With a lackluster proposal, Amalie says no.  She goes back to work and Karen wants an update.  Amalie admits she said no but promises she can get the article done.  She has a folder full of ideas.  When she reads the ideas, she finds a card addressed to her with no return address.  She reads it and reveals a love note.  She can tell from the note the writer is from her home town and they dated in high school.  She will go to her home town, find the mystery writer, and find love.  She has her next column: The Christmas Love Letter

This is an original story we have been looking for this season.  With a hint of To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this movie takes a trip down memory lane (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  As Amalie talks to her 3 ex-boyfriends, she finds the pitfall in her own thinking about how to handle relationships.  She focused on being a perfect girlfriend.  So much to the detriment of all of her relationships.  She will learn how to be true to herself just in time for love

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I don’t need a backup column. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life – Amalie

I never took you for the romantic type – Bruce

You should see is everything – Demi

You and I, we need to have a little talk – Ian

I know about the internet. I am not 2 years old – Marty

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The Christmas Temp – Review

The Christmas Temp – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Starving artist, Cara is continuously working on her project “Still, Life”.  But she just doesn’t have the inspiration she needs to complete it. Her sister Hazel tells her that applying for and getting a temp job, to get her mind off the project, will help.  Cara dreads a 9 to 5 but Hazel promises she can use her artistic skills.  Jonah’s boss is reopening a hotel and wants the lobby decorated for the holidays.  Luca doesn’t want everyday decorations.  He wants something new, artistic, and one-of-a-kind.  Cara comes in for the interview and is mistaken for a room designer.  She corrects Jonah and gives her ideas.  He cringes at the word ‘artistic’ as she cringes at the word ‘traditional’.  It will take 3 tries, $300, and a wishing bulb for Cara to get it right and find love.

This movie is the A Cheerful Christmas and Rediscovering Christmas with a few more tries.  Only the other attempts of Christmas decorations stand out.  The rest of the story falls flat.  And is to no fault of the writers.  Its the fault of the networks putting out so many movies at the same time.  The stories become repetitive and lack imagination.  This movie is lost with over 50 movies being aired this season.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Those who can’t teach, crush the dreams of their young students – Cara

I think everyone has an artistic side. I just think yours is a bit muted – Hazel

The thing is that your artistic process and my process of not getting fired have to be in sync – Jonah

The whole world is watching – Luca

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My Mom’s Darkest Secrets – Review

My Mom’s Darkest Secrets – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


A recent law has changed and Ben is excited for his girlfriend, Ashley.  Ashley was adopted and her records were sealed.  The new law will allow her to unseal them and find her birth mother.  With $20, a form, and a few mouse clicks, Ashley gets her mother’s name and address.  Ashley gives Ben a letter to hand to birth mother Sara.  Sara looks Ashley up on-line and calls her.  Sara is happy Ashley finds her and wants to see her that afternoon.  Sara and Ashley have a great one on one conversation until Amy comes into the room.  Sara tells Amy that Ashley is a friend of hers.  Amy is Sara’s stepdaughter and Amy’s father, Trevor, doesn’t know about Ashley.  Ashley understands and Sara promises to tell Trevor that night before she tells Amy.  Trevor is not happy to learn his wife has yet another secret.  In the past, she hid arrests and drug abuse.  He has no ill will towards Ashley, just the matter she was introduced.  The four have dinner and Trevor walks away angry.  Amy warns Ashley finding her mother is not a good thing.  Amy says Sara is a liar and dramatic.  The next day, Sara sees red dots on the floor and realizes its blood.  She goes to find Trevor and he is dead.  It doesn’t take long for police to arrest Sara.  With Amy in the police’s corner, Sara says she is innocent and begs Ashley for her help.  Ashley will find her mother’s true nature.

This movie is not a bad mystery.  With so many adoption/murder stories, you assume you know who the bad guy is but keep watching.  The only downfall is the movie gives you the murderer a few steps to early.  They should have allowed the viewer to uncover the suspect with the characters.  Instead, a one-on-one conversation gives it all away.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t have much faith in the police – Sara

I don’t hate her. I just don’t trust her – Amy

Yeah and I think I mentioned that on our first date – Trevor

I want to get to know you. Be a part of your life. And not just the good parts – Ashley

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Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday – Review

Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Hanna wants to expend her parent’s publishing company but is not sure how to approach the idea.  She eases her mind at the town’s Christmas festivities and runs into her ex-boyfriend, Brian.  He lives in NY and has come to town to close out his family’s estate.  Hanna quickly brushes him off because he stabbed her in the back.  Over the next few run-ins, Hanna learns Brian rented his home to Tina.  Tina Finnegan wrote one of her favorite books and rumor has it she is looking for a new publisher.  Hanna believes this is the client her parents have been looking for but doesn’t know how to approach Tina about signing with them.   Each time Hanna tries to talk to her about writing, Tina becomes somber and makes an excuse to walk away.  She asks Brian for his help to break the ice and get Tina writing again for her parent’s company.  Good thing they have an angel helping them.

Unlike the other Angel Falls movie, you don’t know who the angel, Anthony, is helping.  He mentions that love is simple, so you know love is the key and you make assumptions from there.  Anthony’s job as a receptionist at the publishing company puts him in the right place to help but without interference.  With help, Anthony is able to complete his mission and have a happy accident.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

When will they learn? Love is so simple and so pure – Anthony

No, just some long-overdue errands – Brian

Oh no, you can’t retire.  The world needs more books like yours – Hanna

My advice to you is don’t settle – Tina

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Rediscovering Christmas – Review

RediscoveringChristmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Mia is a window designer in the big city.  Her father asks her to come back home to help her sister Sarah with the Christmas Festival.  Her father believes Sarah is in over her head with the planning.  Mia comes home to Connecticut just in time.  Adam tells Sarah and Mia the school cafeteria, where they host the party, has caught fire.  While it can be fixed, it can’t be fixed in time.  Mia met Adam earlier.   She called him Mr. Boring.  He reads the actual newspaper, hates e-books, and orders the same thing every day.  He doesn’t believe and doesn’t want the festival to be held at any other place.  Sarah doesn’t understand the problem but she comes up with the solution.  She decides to hold the festival in the local barn.  Adam, a lawyer, does research and discovers the town owns the barn.  So, they have a location.  Now they have to plan everything else.  Mia wants to add pop and flare.  Adam wants to keep it the same.  Mia will understand him once she learns the importance of the festival to his family history.  She will rediscover her connection to Christmas too.

Another girl meets a boy, have a difference of opinion, must work together, and fall in love stories.  It’s a Hallmark plotline on the Lifetime network.  In the end, you are curious to see Mia’s final window design for her big promotion.  Everything else is predictable.  This movie will be lost in the holiday movie avalanche.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Why do I see my promotion flying out the window literally – Mia

You mean the end of all civilized society as we know it – Adam

Every time we talk, it’s like you juggling 3 chainsaws and a tiki torch – Sarah

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A Cheerful Christmas – Review

A Cheerful Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Cheerful Christmas Final Image Assets

Lauren and Colleen run The Christmas Coaches business.  They help people with all their Christmas needs.  Whether you want snow in LA or baked ornaments on a tree, they are the women who get it done.  On the 4th anniversary of their business, they get an email from The Andersons.  The Andersons are 3rd in line for the British throne.  They jump at the chance.  Once at the residence, they are eyes wide for the property.   Inside they are given a strict list of guidelines to follow by Joyce, the head housekeeper.  And they are not allowed to decorate the bedrooms or the office.  The women are taken aback because they typically get to know the client and tailor the party to their life.  When they get 2 more jobs, Lauren decides to take the job with the Anderson’s while Colleen handles the new clients.  It won’t be long before Lauren meets James Anderson.  James is a busy man who forgot his Christmas spirit.  With Lauren’s Christmas coaching, he will find the magic of the holidays and love

There is nothing much to say about this film.  Girl meets a boy with a loss of some holiday joy, they have disagreements, find common ground, start to have feelings, miscommunicate, disconnect, then fall in love.  Typical Hallmark movie with no real conflict and a standard ending.  The actors have believable chemistry, allowing the movie to have some depth.  However, it’s still not a stand out this season.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Just do what you’ve been hired to do and stick to the list – James

But they hired us, bells and bows are what we are about – Lauren

We might have a little problem, kind of – Colleen

Don’t be a Scrooge – Joyce

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Snowbound for Christmas – Review

Snowbound for Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Rachel has put together a great marketing campaign for her boss Adrian Blackstone.  Blackstone’s company focuses on architectural restoration.  He wants to land the biggest account the company has ever had.  He feels like Rachel’s marketing campaign and Diane’s designs will win over the client.  Diane and Adrian go to meet the client and call with the update.  The client wants to see some tech notes in the marketing campaign.  The team stays all night to finish the new campaign.  The next day, Adrian has to meet the client at his new hotel.  Adrian invites Diane and Rachel to come along.  Rachel is surprised and happy to receive the invite.  Diane is not.  Diane and Adrian dated in the past.  She wants to use this trip to reconnect.  During the ride to the hotel, Diane tells Adrian he needs to start focusing the company on innovation, not just restoration.  He offers to think about it.  At the hotel, they learn that they are the only ones there, not including the staff.  As Adrian and Diane go to talk, Rachel takes advantage of picking the rooms.  Her room is adjoined to Adrian.  Later, Adrian has great news.  The client likes the proposal and he wants Adrian’s company to do build new luxury cabins.  Since innovation was Diane’s wheelhouse, Adrian wants her to leave in the morning and check out the area they will be building.  After Diane leaves the next morning, a huge snowstorm hits and the roads close.  No other guests will be able to make it.  Adrian and Rachel are the only two guests in a 350-room hotel.  Time to have some fun.

Based on the novel Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey, this movie has a quick wit and quotable one-liners (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It tries to drum up the tension with Diane’s scheming but the ending is too predictable.  Since you know how the story will end, you look for key characters you can relate to in the movie.  Natalie is the character.  She says what she means and doesn’t hold back. She is the best friend you want and the best friend you need.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

She definitely missed the workplace sexual harassment workshop – Natalie

Make sure my room is up to my standards, would you hun – Diane

Well, I guess you don’t get to be beside your Prince Charming, Diane. Me. I do heels and I do stairs – Rachel

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A Beauty and the Beast Christmas – Review

A Beauty and the Beast Christmas – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Ginger Holiday is a social media influencer that celebrates Christmas 365 days a year.  Fans watch her and obtain DIY ideas for Christmas.  Her manager, Derrick, tells her she needs to do something new and fresh because she is losing followers.  If she gets below 20 million followers, her biggest corporate sponsor will pull their support for her and her foundation’s ball.  The Christmas Ball is a fundraiser to build forever homes for foster kids.  So, Ginger can’t lose followers.  With the help of her assistant Kensington, Ginger was going to test dying her hair red with natural Christmas ingredients like cherry, peppermint, and holly.  But Derek convinces her to record it for social media.  During the process, Kensington and Derek see smoke coming from Ginger’s head.  She ends up with a large scar around her forehead.  Her doctor tells her she had an allergic reaction to holly and the scar may become permanent if not treated correctly.  Ashamed of her scar, Ginger hides and repost old videos on social media.  Her followers are dropping each day.  To save her ball, Derek comes up with another plan.  He calls his client Beau.  Beau, another social media influencer who skateboards for his followers, needs to change his image.  Derrick asks Beau and Ginger to pretend they are in a relationship.  They can double their fans by becoming a power couple.  Ginger says no but she is desperate to keep her sponsor.  So she tries to incorporate Beau in her Christmas state of mind.  Too bad he doesn’t like Christmas.

This movie is a funny representation of how sad our love of social media influencers have grown over the years.  They are self-made, modern-day celebrities but their fame is ever more fleeting.  With one hashtag, an un-follow, or the next “it” trend, they are gone.  Unlike regular celebrities, they can’t just do bad movies until they are liked again.  They have to sink to the lowest common denominator to keep the wheels of fame going.  No matter the cost.  While Ginger hates her looks, it’s laughable how trivial the scare is to the naked eye.  With one explanation video, fans would have understood and sympathized with her.  In the influencer’s trap-of-perfection, she falls down a rabbit hole of lies.  This movie will have you analyzing the part you play in this new role of social media, 24/7 celebrity consumption society.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s a life choice for me – Ginger

I live here.  Why are you here – Kensington

Wow, she got great engagement. I wonder who represents her – Derrick

Oh god, does my neck really look like that or is it just horrible lighting – Ms. Holiday

It looks like a reindeer threw up out here – Beau

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Christmas in Montana – Review

Christmas in Montana – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Sarah’s boss asks her to go to Montana and assess Carson Ranch’s ability to pay back a potential loan.  If the ranch’s owner, Travis Carson Jr, isn’t able to prove they can repay the loan, her boss won’t approve it.  Sarah is worried about leaving her daughter Chloe behind so close to Christmas.  Since her husband died, Chloe is still grieving.  Her boss suggests she should take Chloe with her and they can enjoy Montana together.  Chloe isn’t thrilled to leave, she makes the best of the situation.  When Sarah and Travis meet the first time, they joke and laugh at the general store.  But when Sarah meets Travis the second time, she is all about business.  Travis lets her know two things.  First, he is not going to get rid of any of his staff. Second, he won’t reduce the quality of his product.  Sarah is left with one option.  Find a new revenue source.  In Montana, Sarah tries to convince Travis to charge for the events he does for free but he refuses.  The townspeople are his friends.  So Sarah decides to stick by his side until they figure it out. The time together will create a solution and love.

This is the typical Hallmark holiday story with a business lesson thrown in to add some drama.  It’s a sweet story but you know how every angle, twists, and turn will end.  Seeing the mother/daughter bond repaired is nice.  However, the overall story is flat and overdone.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Montana is like the wilderness. What if there’s on WiFi – Chloe

You say that like its a bad thing – Sarah

Yes my career in Christmas novelties was short and sweet – Travis

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Most Likely to Murder – Review

Most Likely to Murder – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Cheer captain Reagan notices her teammates, Hailey and Taylor, teasing Casey.  Reagan tells them to stop or she will pull them off the squad.   Casey has to wear a wig because all her hair fell out after suffering a tragedy.  Her home caught on fire and Casey was able to save her mother but not her father.  Hailey and Taylor tell Reagan that Casey is the original ‘Regina George‘ (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  She was a popular, mean girl that would destroy anything or anyone who got in her way.  Claire knows Casey use to make fun of Reagan and Hailey in the past.  Reagan refuses to believe anything they say and continues to help Casey.  Reagan’s kindness allows Casey to gain friends, confidence, and spot on the team.  But Taylor, Reagan’s best friend, thinks something is wrong.  She believes Casey’s friendship is developing into worship.  This former mean girl is about to show them her dark side, all for the title “Most Inspirational”.

This movie feels like it was inspired by the Christine Paolilla story.  The girl who was helped by kind friends only to turn on them and become a killer.   This story does allow you to feel bad for Casey as she cries at her own reflection.  Her wig is put in the toilet and she mocked relentlessly.  You want her to be the protagonist that gets stronger and comes back with confidence.  This self-confidence turns her into the antagonist.  This change in the main character makes this movie intriguing to watch.  So don’t judge this movie on the first 20 minutes, let it play out.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Karma’s a bitch – Claire

God, it’s so sad. I’m like not even enjoying this – Hailey

They don’t count. They’re not technically people – Reagan

Thank you. For helping me out – Casey

You better hope she forgives your sorry ass – Taylor

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Holiday Heist – Review

Holiday Heist – BET – 2 hours and 0 minutes


With the 75th anniversary of Holiday Jewelry store coming up, Jade Holiday is determined to finish the year on top.  The local developer wants to buy their store.  If they don’t come up with $73,000 by the 27th, he will be able to buy it.  Jade added an African Jewel Exhibit and her brother RJ has created an online store.  Jade is positive she can sell enough jewelry to make up the rest.  As she is talking to a potential buyer, who wants something cheaper, Devin interjects his opinion.  He convinces the customer to buy an expensive diamond ring.  Robert, Jade’s father, takes notices of his abilities and offers him a job for the holidays.  Jade is flabbergasted.  She can’t believe her father hired someone off the street without a background check.  The background check wouldn’t have mattered.  Devin lied about his last name.  Devin recently got out of prison and his old leader, Ponch, wants him back in the fold.  Devin doesn’t want to do robberies anymore.  Ponch doesn’t care.  Devin’s last job was a failure.  Devin went to jail and Ponch lost a lot of money.  He doesn’t plan on letting Devin go until he recoups his losses.  Ponch wants Devin to rob the Holiday Jewelry store for all their money, jewels, and the African Jewels Exhibit.  Devin has to get close to the Holidays but maintain his secret.

This twist on the holiday romance movie adds a bit more edge to the story we know so well.  As we are introduced to Jade, we see her dreams go beyond the store.  She loves to design dresses.  While her passion is there, her responsibility is with her family.  Devin is being pulled into an internal struggle too.  As a foster kid, he dreamed of having a family.  When he aged out, Ponch was the person who took him off the streets and gave him a home.  Although the bond with Ponch exists, he sees a true family with the Holidays.  They both have to choose between the paths they know or something new.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I won’t disappoint you, Jewel. I promise – Robert

The only goat I like is curried – Jade

Don’t make me ask you twice – Tre

You’re not out the game until I say your out the game – Ponch

That’s not true she was already stuck up before she left – Racquel

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Holiday Date – Review

Holiday Date – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Brooke can’t wait for her family to meet her boyfriend Ethan.  He is a handsome architect who she coined Mr. Christmas.  Brooke is elated to finally bring home a boyfriend for Christmas.  At dinner, Ethan dashes her dreams.  He believes the relationship is moving too fast and she only cares about him being her date.  Sad, Brooke goes to her friend, Megan’s ‘Friends-mas’ party and tells her that she dreads seeing her family alone.  Megan tells her husband and he gets an idea.  His client, Joel is an actor.  He is up for a role as a guy going home to his small town to celebrate Christmas.  Going with Brooke will be great research for the part.  Megan and her husband talk Brooke pretending Joel is Ethan and bringing him to her parents for Christmas.  He can do research on his role and she can have a boyfriend for Christmas.  After Christmas, she will tell her family they broke up before Valentine’s day.  This seems easy enough.  Just one small thing, Joel is Jewish and has never celebrated Christmas.  Let’s see how this works out.

The predictable ending overshadowed by the humor in this story.  You cringe as Joel’s good-natured initiative tramples on Brooke’s family traditions.  You will close your eyes every time they try to kiss.   And when the real Ethan stands on Brooke’s doorstep wanting to know what’s going on, your jaw will be on the floor.  As Brooke’s family opens their home to Joel’s traditions, you will want to incorporate some of them too.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Yeah, it’s a seasonal thing – Joel

The fact that I am even considering this is kind of unnerving – Brooke

Glen, we got some work to do – Walter

I don’t think gingerbread is his medium – Glen

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Best Christmas Ball Ever – Review

Best Christmas Ball Ever – ION – 2 hours and 0 minutes


Amy is upset to be without her brother Daniel during the holidays.  But she is happy he is discovering their father’s distant family in Vienna.  Amy plans on spending Christmas with her boyfriend Roy.  She is on cloud nine when Roy asks her for dinner to talk about their future.  At dinner, she sits and Roy talks about being open-minded.  He wants to add his other girlfriend to their relationship.  Amy is disgusted and walks away.  She calls her brother Daniel and he gives her a solution.  Instead of being alone at Christmas with a broken heart, she should fly to Vienna and spend it with him.  It doesn’t take much convincing for Amy to pack her bags.  Once in Vienna, she meets with Daniel and they talk about the local festivities.  The Christmas ball is all the rage.  She goes to a dance studio because she heard they have tickets.  She witnesses Lydia and Lukas arguing and Lydia storming out.  She approaches Lukas about the tickets and he asks her if she has dance experience.  Amy has taken ballet but she hasn’t danced in a while.  Lukas asks her to be his partner in the competition.  If they win the first round, the next round is at the ball.  In exchange, he will give her a tour around Paris.  She agrees to dance and, later, be swept off her feet.  When jealousy leads to a twisted ankle, can Amy and Lukas get in step again?

Good chemistry and even better choreography between Amy and Lukas.  However, Lydia and her snide comments were the overall stand-out.  You will be left in disbelief as her confidence leads her to say the rudest and most inappropriate things.  But deep down you will love her shady behavior.  Seeing Daniel connect with his long-lost uncle is a beautiful addition to the story.  Midway through the movie, you will start to lose interest.  Lydia brings you back.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Why would I be ok with this – Amy

Wow, I did not think that was going to work – Daniel

Don’t look at me – Lukas

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