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Bombshell – Review

Bombshell – Budget of $32 million – 1 hour and 48 minutes


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In 2018, the world at Fox News was not ready for the storm looming behind the hills. On-air talent Gretchen Carlson was meeting with her lawyers to create an argument for her harassment claim. For years, she has put up with harassment on-air and did it with a smile. Now, the Stanford graduate has done her homework. She has decided to sue Roger Ailes personally for sexual harassment in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey has changed the laws to allow workplace sexual harassment survivors to sue the individual instead of their employer. Her lawyers point out that she does not live in NJ. Gretchen tells them Roger owns a house there. She is quietly starting a war. At Fox News, Megyn Kelly is trying to gain support from the network after a presidential candidate attacks her on twitter. During a political debate, she asked him a question because she thought he would like the challenge. She was 100% wrong. He went on a twitter storm against her. She goes to Roger to lobby support but he tells her to take a vacation. Roger believes it will all blow over with time. The candidate needs Fox News and they need him. Over time Megyn is treated like the plague and sent death threats to her workplace. She is belittled on social media but wants to stay above the story. When she sees Gretchen’s lawsuit on the television screen, she is awestricken. She wants to know if anyone else has come forward and told their stories. So far, 6 women have but they were before Roger was at Fox News. Megyn starts to investigate. She is warned: Roger is always watching. She will become the news story she hates so much. Kayla works for Gretchen Carlson but got offered a promotion to Bill O’Reilly. Gretchen warns her this is a bad move. She won’t be protected with Bill. Gretchen offers to give her the same promotion over time. Kayla thinks Gretchen is being ridiculous. And she refuses to wait. Once with Bill, Kayla tries to offer an on-air piece but she is shot down. Jess notices Kayla is freaking out and pull her into the ladies’ room. Kayla has only wanted to be on Fox News. For her family, it’s a religion. Jess, a closeted democrat, gives her pointers for a Fox story. Kayla watches for her opportunity to present a new story. As she rushes to Bill’s office, she is stopped by Roger’s assistant. She is told to come to see Roger because he is looking for new on-air talent. At some point, all 3 women get a call they will dread. A call to the second floor.

Based on a true scandal, this movie should be seen as an outline of the events, not gospel.  This is evident when you learn Kayla was not based on a real person.  She is the epitome of a lifelong Fox News watcher who achieves their dream of working for the company.  While her and Jess’s characters were fictionalized, all other characters are based on real people.  Their views on what happened and why can be derived from their real-life interviews.  This is the movie where you watch and do your own research.  While Fox News wasn’t the first, and sadly it won’t be the last, to deal with sexual harassment, how it was handled and the settlements are important.  The actresses did a great job of mimicking the tone, diction, and mannerisms of their subjects.  These women went from reporting the news to being a part of the story.  The Fox News scandal will be a case study for years to come.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I hate being the story – Megyn Kelly

I hate second base – Gretchen Carlson

That was weird – Doug

My parents would kill me if they found out I was sleeping with a democrat – Kayla

No one wants to see you sweat through menopause on-air – Roger

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Cats – Review

Cats – Budget of $80 – 100 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes


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Victoria is placed in a pillowcase and abandoned on the street.  Other cats see movement coming from the bag and take an interest.  So they surround the bag until she pops out.  The cats belong to the Jellicle tribe and today is a big day for them.  Today Old Deuteronomy, the leader of the Jellicle tribe, is going to pick one cat to go to the Heaviside Layer and start a new life.  Each Jellicle cat will show Old Deuteronomy their talent and she will use that as the deciding factor.  Victoria meets several cats with amazing gifts.  Rum Tum Tugger, a singing/dancing cat that makes all the girls swoon.  Mr. Mistoffelees a magician.  Bustopher Jones, a heavy cat, who loves to eat and share.  Jennyanydots, a house cat, who trains mice and roaches. Skimbleshanks, a cat that watches over the railways.  Grizabella, a cat who once worked for Macavity.  She had a glamorous life but lost it all.  Now, the Jellicles won’t accept her.  And Macavity, a magician that brings fear to the other cats.  He will do anything to anyone so he can be chosen for the new life.  As Victoria sees more talented cats on display, she doesn’t see that one by one, the most talented cats have gone missing.  Who will Old Deuteronomy choose for a new life in the Heaviside Layer?  And to where are all the talented cats disappearing?

Based on the stage musical Cats which derived from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, the graphic and motion capture teams have done A+ work creating this film (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With ballet, tap, break, and modern dance on display, this film is the definition of inclusion with movement.  Each cats’ essences, even down to the movement of their tails and their ears was perfectly in sync.  At a point in the movie, the plot starts to slow down and the songs were not distinctive enough.  With that being said Cats is fun at the movies with the whole family but only if you know the original play.  Others will be lost in the plot.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Its dinner and a show – Jennyanydots

Your work should be on center stage – Macavity

All that I wanted is to be wanted – Victoria

A cat is not a dog – Old Deuteronomy

Thank you – Grizabella

Practice, practice, practice – Gus The Theatre Cat

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